The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

Analysis, meaning and summary of Robert Frost's poem Dust of Snow


  1. edwardo says:

    This poem is like a beautiful woman in the sense that if I see one she will die. That is my feelings towards life because I am very depressed always. This plane of existance is too much to BEAR. grizzly like my mother. BEAR. life is too much to bare.

  2. KMBHB says:

    To David from the Phillipines and Mike from the United Kingdom:
    Thanks for your comments! I hadn’t lingered on the wording in that first stanza long enough to pick up any symbolic intent. Maybe a “dust of snow” sent by the crow in the hemlock tree could represent a brush with death that helped the speaker appreciate life a little more. The beauty of poetry is that we can take from it what we need at the moment, and/or interpret it according to our own life experiences.

  3. KMBHB says:

    To Kyle:
    Shame on you for denigrating Sam’s interpretation of this poem. Next time you want to try to feel superior at someone else’s expense, check your spelling! (You dare to call Sam ignorant?) Next, you have the arrogance to speak for all by implying that we couldn’t relate to the character in the poem because we never reach optimism (your interpretation of what the poem is about). I’m sure many readers will agree with me that they themselves have been filled with optimism, or perhaps rescued (my interpretation based on the word “saved”)from their pessimism, which appears to be your negative inclination.

  4. Tonie Arckless says:

    this poem is difficult to understand however treying to understand how Robert Frost feels when writting these is slightly easier

  5. harry says:

    i think kyle from the us needs to chill out. you dont understand that none of frosts poems are written with one specififc meaning or connotation in mind, and, Frost surely intended the readers to seek their own personal interpretations of his works. Maybe Sams plain grapgological interpretation of the poem didnt fit what you had in mind, but it doest mean you have to be a stuck up twat about it.

  6. casey says:

    I’m not a poet nor an english student but I have a great respect for poetry. After reading this poem I have come to a different understanding of it’s meaning but please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. The poem seems to deal with the positives found in negatives. Much like the wisdom gained from disciplin, I love it’s possitive out look and am greatful to find others who agree. Thank you

  7. kyle says:

    Sam –
    that was by far the worst assesment i have ever read. i am aware that you were only trying to help but it would have been more help if you would have just shut your ignorant mouth. First of all tere is know way of assuming that the 4 lines represent the seasons for there is no corralation. Also, you stated that we can identify with this character which is ironic because this poem really represents optimism, which is by far what people never reach in their lives. This may be your favorite poem, however, you dont understand it at all.

  8. lucy f says:

    i love robert frost he has helped me through depression. i love girls. i love reading poems in spare time. all my love girls xxxxx i love ema.

  9. sam says:

    some of the comments made are particularly helpful for my a level assesment on robert frost. i have a number of comments i wish to share on the poem to help people like me who are studing it.the abab rhyme scheme sounds very like the pattering of the crows feet on the tree. the 4 lines rep the 4 seasons. thge 4-4-4-5 syllables reps the change of mood. the black crow reps misfortune and the white snow reps good. i think this poem is quite catchy as even me as a v literal person am getting into it and know it almost off by heart. my fav frost poem so far is the most of it because the man is someone we can all identify with at some stage in our lives.

  10. gordon says:

    i luv rob frost. this poem has helped me through my suicidal days

  11. gordon says:

    this poem helped me through rough times in my life. I feel like a better person from it. I love Robert Frost.

  12. stuty says:

    This poem reminds me the gloden days of my life.The moments which i cherish till now.And makes me feel proud of achievements personally.

  13. GM says:

    Everyone is sayin stanza 2 is positive but if you read it carfully there is nothing there to suggest that. The poem has been cleverly writter so it can be taken either way.

  14. Captain Lovemaker says:

    dont forget about the contrast in the possitive and the negative, 1st stanza being negative and 2nd being possitive

  15. Kyla Bryant says:

    To be honest, i don’t real;y like this poem of Frost’s. It’s plan and boring, he has written so much more better work for example The road not taken. It’s more deeper than this poem.

  16. Rachel says:

    I had to analyze this poem for my English II Honor’s class and I think this poem can be so deep if you just stop to read read it through a few times. Don’t let things in life get you down, but when they, let simple pleasures like nature’s snow life your spirits.

  17. Chen Bo says:

    what a nice poem s

  18. ankit kumar jain says:

    this is the very good poem written by sir robert frost as i concluded by it that it is quite useful for that kind of person that got depressed by taking some small things & it give a very high confidence & boosting power for them.

  19. miss penny says:

    Reading this poem has been very timely for me. The season of life I am walking through right now is winter. It seems as though my life is barren and unfruitful and the days are gloomy. Yet, there have been stimulating and surprising moments along the journey. Some of the freshest, purest encounters have been unexpected, from above, and even arranged by the most ill-regarded people. Like crisp new snow, these encounters have awakened me from the doldrums, caused me to look up, and triggered a smile. Even the darkest days seem so much brighter when you’re looking up and smiling.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Robert Forst’s poem Dust of Snow reminds me when I am having a terrible day and when I think things can’t get worse, I see someithing or experience something that puts the importnat things into perspective.

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