Top 40 Poems

There are over 8,000 poems on the American Poems website, but a number of them have proven to be more popular than the others. Specifically we have picked out 40 poems that are read, analyzed and enjoyed above and beyond the rest.

Poem Poet
1 Picture Puzzle Piece Shel Silverstein
2 Ghost House Robert Frost
3 dying is fine)but Death e. e. cummings
4 My Butterfly Robert Frost
5 Into My Own Robert Frost
6 After great pain, a formal feeling comes Emily Dickinson
7 supposing i dreamed this)… (IX) e. e. cummings
8 maggie and milly and molly and may e. e. cummings
9 i have found what you are like e. e. cummings
10 A Boy Named Sue Shel Silverstein
11 between the breasts e. e. cummings
12 i shall imagine life e. e. cummings
13 The Starry Night Anne Sexton
14 Your Dog Dies Raymond Carver
15 Edge Sylvia Plath
16 Asking For Roses Robert Frost
17 The Death of the Hired Man Robert Frost
18 Love is Enough Ella Wheeler Wilcox
19 in spite of everything e. e. cummings
20 As I Ponder’d in Silence. Walt Whitman
21 Storm Fear Robert Frost
22 The Span Of Life Robert Frost
23 I died for Beauty — but was scarce Emily Dickinson
24 all which isn’t singing is mere talking e. e. cummings
25 Heart! We will forget him! Emily Dickinson
26 Boa Constrictor Shel Silverstein
27 Remembrance Maya Angelou
28 The Demiurge’s Laugh Robert Frost
29 you said Is (XIII) e. e. cummings
30 A Conceit Maya Angelou
31 I Hear America Singing. Walt Whitman
32 (will you teach a… (12) e. e. cummings
33 Sometimes I Am Alive Because With e. e. cummings
34 Wild Nights — Wild Nights! Emily Dickinson
35 Little Tree e. e. cummings
36 A narrow Fellow in the Grass Emily Dickinson
37 The Great Fires Jack Gilbert
38 nobody loses all the time (X) e. e. cummings
39 An Old Man’s Winter Night Robert Frost
40 To You. Walt Whitman