A rumpled sheet
Of brown paper
About the length

And apparent bulk
Of a man was
Rolling with the

Wind slowly over
And over in
The street as

A car drove down
Upon it and
Crushed it to

The ground. Unlike
A man it rose
Again rolling

With the wind over
And over to be as
It was before.


  1. Catherine says:

    I don’t think it is my dilemma
    It looks like software’s dilemma
    When comments are reached to twenty-two
    It also becomes a mistake too.

    It starts all over from one
    But, poor readers stuck with this one
    Cannot read the rest but only one!

  2. Meghan says:

    I like this poem because one day i was assigned to write a book report on a certain poem so i chose this one…it has a great meaning and i LUV IT!

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