In a lonely place,
I encountered a sage
Who sat, all still,
Regarding a newspaper.
He accosted me:
“Sir, what is this?”
Then I saw that I was greater,
Aye, greater than this sage.
I answered him at once,
“Old, old man, it is the wisdom of the age.”
The sage looked upon me with admiration.


  1. Stan says:

    luv these poom

  2. Subrata Ray says:

    The information of the modern world outdoes the ancient one . The poet in Crane , installing the image of the news paper artistically does this .

  3. Nimal says:

    compare with: “the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first” JC
    Also: collective social progress vs individual advance (however great)

  4. ashley says:

    this peom off your is really good i wish someday i could right poems like you

  5. Brian says:

    I like this pome because it says the truth about what we all feel when we ar alone.

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