I have come to bury Love
Beneath a tree,
In the forest tall and black
Where none can see.

I shall put no flowers at his head,
Nor stone at his feet,
For the mouth I loved so much
Was bittersweet.

I shall go no more to his grave,
For the woods are cold.
I shall gather as much of joy
As my hands can hold.

I shall stay all day in the sun
Where the wide winds blow, —
But oh, I shall cry at night
When none will know.


  1. michelle says:

    i can so relate to this poem. i have buried love. the guy i feel for but he shows nothing for me. i can tell by the way he acts. this poem makes me feel better and i hope other people see it that way like i do.

  2. mystique says:

    i think this poem is about someone who she used to love but they must have grown apart or something b/c she says their lips are bittersweet…maybe they raped her

  3. Susan says:

    This is one of my favorite poems that Sara Teasdale has written. The first time I read it, I felt like she was talking for me. Although many may think it has to do with the death of one she loved. I think that it also can mean she had to leave her love behind and bury it

  4. Iccess says:

    the poem Buried Love is so deep that even if you dont relate to it this pome has its way of still getting to you I Love this poem I to have Buried Love

  5. shane says:

    this poem is relly deap thow it doesnt relate to me i can still understand it

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