America, you ode for reality!
Give back the people you took.

Let the sun shine again
on the four corners of the world

you thought of first but do not
own, or keep like a convenience.

People are your own word, you
invented that locus and term.

Here, you said and say, is
where we are. Give back

what we are, these people you made,
us, and nowhere but you to be.

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  1. Martin Kent says:

    Finally a poet prepared to criticise the inconsistent attitude of his own country.

    The world does not accept that America is the “great democracy” or the world’s policeman. Neither should it.

    Whenever the US talks of the war on terror or nations in the axis of evil, it talks of danger to the US and its people who have died, and NEVER its allies and unwilling hosts who have lost as much if not more.

    Thank you Robert Creely – you are a true global patriot.

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