You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don’t you take it awful hard
‘Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
Diggin’ in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise
I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.

Analysis, meaning and summary of Maya Angelou's poem Still I Rise


  1. rajesh says:

    poem is strong anti racism and liberation from the negative definitions of blackness.

  2. Naveed Amin says:

    Phenomenal!!! My, My, This work is LIVE; LIVING!!!! Not just lines of words; One can feel the pulse, like the ebb and swell of the oceans!!! History in song, SUBLIME!!! Best of wishes to Maya in her future endeavors; when her soul is touched and she is inspired to give us more,….

  3. Rhonda Baptiste says:

    Maya Angelou is an inspiration to women the world over. Her poems always inspire me and makes me proud to be a WOMAN. Thank u Ms. Angelou. May God contine to richly bless you.

  4. nasiphi phakade says:

    thank you to Maya angelou she has lifted ma spirit thank you so mch

  5. .ra.ra.cakesx says:

    ilove her poems Still I Rise,Alone,nd&: Phenomenal Woman she ihs a qreat peotry writter good bless her,her poems has really help alott of people ghett dru stuff dhey are quiin dru!!!!

  6. keelan mobley says:

    her poem is very good one i like what she talk about in this poem nd i love her attitude whem she say this stuff. keelan mobley

  7. Tyonne Presley says:

    A girl is not going to letyou or anybody bring her down and she is going to to rise.I and i fill that I am not going to let anybody bring me down or make me fill bad.

  8. Antonio says:

    It made me feel happy how she stand ud for what she believed

  9. dharsini says:

    it make people to know about the character of Maya Angelou

  10. Ashutosh says:

    It is something that really touched my heart(especially the 1st stanza )

  11. Ibraheem O. Rasheed says:

    am a student of english presently studying african america literature. Each time I lay my hand on the poem *still I rise* by maya, i always give kudos to the poet. In no doubt, she is a poet among others

  12. Bert says:

    Teh poems are cool and are abouts the linkin parks.

  13. Asad says:

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  14. Rama Subramanian says:

    i’ve been teaching this poem to the senior classes for the past four years. Each time i find myself loving it more and more. It inspires one and makes one believe that anything is possible as long as one has the strong will and determination of a MAYA ANGELOU.

  15. Dario says:

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  16. ofentse habana says:


  17. frieda says:

    for a person breaking free from a self inflicked slavery n finding myself it is food for my soul


    “I am the dream and the hope of the slave”
    “I rise”
    “I rise”
    Thank you Madam Angelou for this great poem that mean so much to all of us. Although we might have been slaves for many years sometimes our own thoughts and choices we make are still enslaving us till today.

  19. Brandi says:

    I just wanted to say that this poem is very good, I always get an unreal feeling when I read her poetry. She is an inspiration to me and as I can see, a lot of others too. Shooooootz haha:)

  20. Exquisite says:

    Well, I guess in Maya’s eyes you have to do what you got to do to get where you want to be , and don’t be ashamed along the way.

  21. v.frenche says:

    This poem should be apply to our daily lives to rise each and every time, to the occassions of life it is hard at time,but we have those who have walked before us like Maya Angelo and that alone is one of the many inspiration.

  22. Christina says:

    I think that still i rise is very inspiring to young black people. She’s a black lady who was very feminist, she believes in female rights.

  23. seli says:

    this poem is so, oh i dont know, it encourges me. it makes me feel like we can do anything XD no matter what gets in your, for a female. anyways i love this poem just so little words and its says a whole LOT!

  24. Felicia says:

    This poem is really really good.LOVE IT!!

  25. Andrea says:

    I like how she, instead of making it specific to her life, used broad simple words to enable any and everyone who reads the poem to apply it to their own lives. Although she has faced many adversities as an African American growing up and it radiates in the works she does, you do not have to be an African American to relate to it.
    I also like the fact that she has sort of a defiant tone in this poem. She uses naturally negative words like “sassiness” and “haughtiness”, and owns them to become positive characteristics. Then she aims rhetorical questions towards the “you” of the poem in almost a comical way, suggesting that they are almost offended and upset because they don’t have those characteristics; as if they are jealous almost.
    There is a lot going on in this poem, I can talk for days. It is really empowering and uplifting towards all women everywhere and it instill hope for our future.

  26. micah battles says:

    i love this poam it reflects to true african american black power. It makes me feel like i can be stronger than i am!! i just want to say thanx to maya angelou!! yours truely,seamone

  27. latonia littlejohn says:

    I love the world out of this poem, because it reminds me of my own life because people are just obstacles in my way but…STILL I WILL RISE!!!!!

  28. Isabelle says:

    i am doing this poem for my english GCSE and i am so glad that it is in my anthology because i think that it is beautiful and i find it amazing how she can say so much, so powerfully in so little words

  29. Cheyenne Singleton says:

    i think that poem is teaches people to rise when they try and put you down. i learned that poem and still keep it in me. that poem is an inspiration to me and im a young person. it tells us that just because our ancestors went through certain things we don’t have to go through it we should learn from it then use what we know from their mistakes and overulation to get through life.

  30. Cayla says:

    Although this poem is about the struggle of Afro-Americans, this poem can also be applied to the simply down-trodded, the people who feel beaten down – people of all ethnicities.

  31. Jim Crow says:

    9VAeZu The Jim Crow rules for the public bus system in Montgomery almost defy belief today. Black customers had to enter the bus at the front door, pay the fare, exit the front door and climb aboard again at the rear door. Even though the majority of bus passengers were black, the front four rows of seats were always reserved for white customers. Bennett wrote: “It was a common sight in those days to see Black men and women standing in silence and silent fury over the four empty seats reserved for whites.” Behind these seats was a middle section that blacks could use only if there was no white demand. However, if so much as one white customer needed a seat in this “no- man’s land,” all the blacks in that section had to move. Bennett concluded: “This was, as you can see, pure madness, and it caused no end of trouble and hard feeling.” In fact, Parks herself was once thrown off a bus for refusing to endure the charade of entry by the back door. In the year preceding Parks’s fateful ride, three other black women had been arrested for refusing to give their seats to white men. Still the system was firmly entrenched, and Parks would often walk to her home to spare herself the humiliation of the bus.

  32. Roden,Conny,White,Echo,TUTE,Tiajin,0402,group2 says:

    From this powerful and meaningful poem, we can be overwhelmed with the strength of the Afro-Americans, fighting for the prosperity of their nation. Although they’ve suffered so much, and been discriminated for centuries, they never gave up hope. They have endless passion and power to fight against the injustice. No matter how slim the hope was, how difficult the condition was, they could endeavour to overcome them. Especially the Afro-American women, they shocked and suprised the whole world with their powerful spirit and outstanding talent.
    Holding hope, we can realiz our beautiful dreams! Let us all rise, and never say die!

  33. Wendy,Felicia,Linda,Loretta,TUTE,TIANJIN,0402,Group5, says:

    Throuh great tenacity and inflexible will, Maya Angelou became a famous poet. ” Still I Rise” is an important representative work about Afro-Americans fighting for their cival rights.The poem portrays that poeple are full of pride and hopefuness about futrue life.The whole poem is filled with excitement and encouragement.It impels this minority to rise with force and spirit to work hard for the porperity of the courntry.It also reflects their strong desire for freedom and equality.

  34. Shirley, Tess, Anna, Irene---TUTE,Tianjin0402, Group 3 says:

    The best way to defeat opponents is to do what they think you cannot complete, so believe in yourself, probably sooner or later, you will succeed. It is a world full of possibilities, the greatest possibilities of our country, our dreams and our hopes are just waiting for us to grab onto them. So we must keep on trying to get what we want.

  35. Katie, Coral, Dorothy,Buck -TUTE,TIANJIN,0402,group6 says:

    Firstly,in this poem the poet articulates the Afro- American revolutionary spirit and aspiration for equal and just treatment. Yet with this powerful setences, the poem is very motivating, and afrer reading it, we are filled with passion to struggle for a better life.The poet wrote it in great cofidence and optimism which will render the same to the readers.

  36. lynn ,Jordan, Tiffany ,Jane ,Alexandre, 0402--group 4 says:

    The black suffered from being enslaved, fighting for freedom, human rights and equal rights. What the author wants to do is to arouse this generation to sacrifice themselves for the freedom. She insisted that the blacks were doomed to win the revolution, set a goal on further education and become the pillars of the state and make some contribution to the society, at the same time, to win honour for the American nation, especially the society of the black people. The poet was delighted for the effort the blacks had made and achieved freedom.

  37. Edwin, Lily,Miranda,Sylvia---TUTE,TIANJIN0402Group 1 says:

    This poem is full of energy, spirit, firmness, which calls on all the black people to stand up against their miseroble life, and for their equal rights. The younger gemeration is the future constructor of the society. As the author says “into a daybreak that’s wondrous clear”. She believes all of them may have a bright future and still rise up.

  38. M.Mary Chikkala says:

    Maya Angelou’s poem “Stiil I rise” represents the whole generation of suffering, downtrodden women whose cry rises above “Like the dust” and “Like air”. It not only stirs up the oppressers for their cruelty but also lets them reflect that they have a responsibility for women’s concerns. Angelou cries for equal partnership in life together with men, for what they are meant to be by birth.

  39. Angel Price says:

    When I read this pome it made my day come to life. This pome to me means that no matter what happens I can always rise up and overcome what happened.

  40. Brittney says:

    This poem is very encouraging and when you are down you can always relate to Still I Rise.

  41. mickey 252 says:

    This poemmhas taught me a lesson from day one and still i still love to read this poem:)

  42. Blake says:

    This poem still i rise taught people a lesson.

  43. Jacob says:

    Hey i thought this was a really good peom!

  44. Sarah says:

    The poem is okay but it dosnt make much sense because who is i and you?

  45. matt guilds says:

    it is very inspiring, and it made me change my whole perspective on life.

  46. Roxanne Barrett says:

    i love your poem i still riese i describes my life as a teenager ,when i feel horrible inside i read your poem and it makes me feel happy inside.keep up the good work love roxanne a.k.a. roxy

  47. karmen says:

    Mya Angelou has been such an inspiration to be growing up as an aspiring Writer and Poet….
    I feel that I can do anything and move any mountain by working hard showing my tenacity to overcome all onsticle….
    Mya Angelou had many tragedys and trials to overcome even through her silence, she was able to arise and sing melodies of music through her poetry.

  48. Arianna says:

    this is very emotional very touching thanks for writing that

  49. LiZMARiTTE says:


  50. Danielle says:

    This poem is great…Maya you are a hero and a role model to me..You are like the mother i never had.. Keep up the good work!!

  51. cordeirdre says:

    i like all your poems but this is my favorite one out of all them i also read this at all my ceremonies

  52. dionna says:

    this a very nice poem can you re-lt to it????

  53. Tsion says:

    I am not going to be overly emotional or sound scientific like some of these people that commented but say what i feel about this poem.
    i think it is one of the best poems that i have ever read and i have heard it performed many times at school and places with much emotion and when there is a speaker saying this poem in the right way it truly sounds amazing.

  54. Karl Dean says:

    This poem is very interesting and very confusing. What dose it mean how dose it mean? only she will know.

  55. bianca jones-edelen says:

    i like this poem because i can re-late to it. this poem is life like.

  56. shanicia Hughes says:

    OMG Maya i bow down to you because some many people can relate to this poem, and you are by farthe most WONDERFUL poet i have ever heard of. you really do give inspiring words and I appreciate all of them

    may GOD bless you, and again

  57. Alexis Dalton says:

    I really like that poem I can relate. I have some people who don’t like me they can say stuff to me and about me as you said I will rise.

  58. Alexis Dalton says:

    I really like that poem I can relate. I have some people who don’t like me they can say stuff to me and about me as you said I will rise.

  59. Connie Davis says:

    One of my teen students,(bible/Sunday school) read this poem and immediately knew she had to recite it doing the Black History Program at my church.The meaning is clear. Keep pushing for your beliefs and never give up. Thanks Web and Mrs. Angelou

  60. tray says:

    this is a great poem for all ages

  61. Adriana says:

    This is the best poem I’ve ever read in my life.
    Favorite line:
    Does my sexiness upset you?
    Does it come as a surprise
    That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
    At the meeting of my thighs?

  62. Humaira Masood says:

    this a a truely inspirational poem.a universal poem that tells us to move on with our life and live it fully according to our own desires and wishes no matter how much one is discouraged.we should have a firm belief on our own abilities.set a goal and go on to get it ,noone can stop you from gettin it.

  63. varlina says:

    maya bi loved your poem right when i read the first line!you are the best poet eeeeeeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!

  64. joanna brown says:

    i love ur poem so much i wish i can meet with u someday i admired u every since i was six years old now i’m sixteen and i promise u this poem made me relize no matter how much people talk about me still i rise i love ur poetry so much i really hope 2 meet with u aka sincerly Lady (kisses)

  65. THOMAS B. says:

    This is a Great poem, i read it when Im feeling down ,it reminds me things always get better .

  66. Marie Kellam says:

    “Still I Rise” is a very straightforward poem. This poem reminds me of all the jealousy and hatred that I have encountered during my lifetime from so-called friends and also family members! But still God let me rise!

  67. kk says:

    ms.maya angelou,you are the best poet in my book. because if i could i would sit & read your poems all day long, you were (& still are)my insperationto become a poet and i am also really good @ it.but i just
    wanted to let you know what you have done & been to me & i just wanted to tell you (thanks)ant that you are now and always will be aq phenomenal women and you have always rised above. thank you very much!

  68. Imani Overton says:

    Ms.Angelou you are my inspiration truely, I love reading your poems and in fact I am going to read my favorite poem “I rise” at my forensics meet next year and dedicate it to you:)

  69. Sierra says:

    Mya Angelou your poems are so inspiritional .Just by what you say helps people to rise.I hope you continue rising and helping other people rise you are so special u are like an angel except an invisble one who help people rise in good times and bad just by looking at u and and listening to your true words is the greatest.U rise Mya Angelou rise rise rise

  70. chunkee says:

    I really love this poem it’s so enlightining, inspirational and influentual,i really get the message that she portrying to her audience no matter what she went through in her life after it all still she rises above and beyond the rest.

  71. cristie says:

    this was a beautiful poem!

  72. Joi Stepney says:

    Maya Angelo’s poem still I rise is truely and inspiration for all african americans in todays society.We as a people must over come all obstacales and strive for the best that there is. We must rise above the sterotypes of america, and prosper as Angelo has by taking the storms of the world by force. We must laugh in the faces of negative people and say, “You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still like air I rise”

  73. Samantha says:

    wow that was an amazing poem. It gave me goosebumps!!

  74. ingrid hallberg says:

    This poem was brought to me by the late fine actress Margareta Krook on Swedish televsion 15-20 years ago. That was the first time I heard of you Ms Angelou. You read the poem and went through the screen. Since then i have read it for my students, given it to my friends and they all have been utterly moved by the amazing energy it brings. Thank you so much for a poem that gives empowerment and strength to people all over the world!/Ingrid Nyström-Hallberg

  75. Samantha says:

    WOW!!! this poem blew me away! ie been looking for a poem for a speech contest one that would touch everybody and one that i can really relate to and I think that this poem is just that!!!!!

  76. trisha says:


  77. whitney says:

    I love her words..the way she so inacently uses her past, growing up in a segreqated era. she simply states that if people would only see past the color of her skin and listen to her words she has a powerful message and she wants all to her it so she will perservear until she is heard! Maya Angelou is a role model for all who want to be heard.

  78. Dana says:

    This poem as touch me in a way i have never been touch before.And if any and everyone take the time out to read it i’ll bet them it will make them feel the same way. It has so much life to it that it made me think twice about who i’m am and what my purpose in life is .So to you Miss Angelo I say Thank You

  79. Korrow says:

    This is an amazing poem. I find it to be extremely taunting and triumphant. It just radiates empowerment and self-worth. A lovely bit of art.

  80. Nabila says:

    The Poem is an anthem for the supressed everywhere, and goes beyond its intended message to all people in all times of history who have suffered, and are expected to appear bowed down. I do like the defiant and unpretentious air of this poem.

  81. young writer says:

    oh my gosh! i may not have had ancesters that were slaves, but i absolutely loooooove this poem, and many of Maya’s others.

  82. shakima says:

    man here africa we dont really hear cool poems like this one!!!! man,,, i want to live in california. but ok i have to go to my tree now!!! c u later alligator!!! do u want some coconuts???

  83. Kestrel says:

    I’m writing about this poem for my GCSE coursework and it gives me such an amazingly motivated feeling. I adore it. Me loving this poem and poet shows how shes even inspired the younger generation. I’m 16 and I adore it.

  84. Tashundra says:


  85. Erica says:

    i like the poem it helps me rise to the occasion makes me stand up for my belives

  86. Lisa says:

    This is my favorite poem by Maya ANgelou. she is my favorite poet and I happened to come accross this site on doing research for a presentation on Maya Angelou. I love her and so should every other black female!

  87. takyah says:

    what are gold mines and what do you mean about diamonds at the meeting of my thighs

  88. cali says:

    it think this poem was expressed very well and she ment what she was saing and it came from Maya heart! when i read it i thpught that she put it in GOOD words

  89. almas says:

    i think that the way the poet has presented her veiws of the africamn slave past is exemply

  90. Shay says:

    i liked the poem because it a my heart

  91. dede says:


  92. T.Thompson says:

    this poem is one of the best poem i have ever read, i am a writer also and Mya inspires me alot. Keep it up yu a di best mon

  93. NICHOL COOK says:


  94. claire says:

    wow! i may be young but that is a great poem! all i can say is wow! wowowowowowoowow

  95. CAMILLA says:


  96. DESTINY PETE says:


  97. pajamaz the clown says:

    is this about racists or guys???? cuz some of the comments say no man can bring me down and others say stuff about the power of black people.

    and nick wants to know what the dimonds between youre thighs is all about???

  98. sarah says:

    i would really appreciate it if i can get the
    real, deeper and more precise meaning of the poem since i will be using it for my project work
    thanks alot

  99. chika says:

    i really like this poem as it encourages me to grab
    the opportunities i have now n make very good use of it despite the struggles this is truly an inspiration
    to all readers n as such im gonna take this as my project poem keep on with the good work Maya Angelou

  100. Oey says:

    this is a pretty poem and i like it!

  101. berlynda l guriras says:

    maya you know just best how to inspire me with your outstanding artistic skills. the poem signifies alot issues in my life as a young black are and will remain my no.1 poetry writer, novelist etc.

  102. Carolyn Edwards says:

    Maya Angelo is my favorite poet. Maya’s writing is often poignant, sassy and sensous, yet always insightful. “Still I Rise” I consider my personal mantra. It gives testimony to the tremendous struggles being faced by African American women. Maya gives hope and encouragement to millions.

  103. lauren says:

    i did a poem analysis on this poem and it turned out wonderful! awesome poem to write about and talk about taught me a lot!

  104. Ashley Colon says:

    I am 15 years old and i am in love with your work!! Its amazing!! Keep it up!!

  105. Stevie & Claire says:

    Wow that poems deep. We’re doing it for some english assignment and yeah, we think it’s cool. I think both of us have already learnt that no mans words or actions could ever put us down. We love you!

  106. danica says:

    this poem really made me think about the struggles african americans had to go thru to get where they are today … it shows that no matter who put her down or who treated her badly she had to ignore them and overcome the obstacles of growing up in racially divided society in this poem maya clearly states that no matter what she does she will rise on top

  107. Kiara Torres says:

    This poem is so good i can feel what she is trying to say!!!

  108. Aye says:

    Still I rise is a great poem that I think everyone should read. It is about the struggles of people on a whole and no matter what is in their way they rise. This poem is really deep and is worth the thought.

  109. jessica barber says:

    Maya I love all of your poems expecially still i rise and Phomenal woman

  110. Joe says:

    For me this poem is one of the best i have ever read so i chose to write a paper on it but i dont noe wat the meaning of the poem is just that if you listen to wat others say about u, u will be holding ur self back from something way better .If this isnt the write meaning please write to joe before february 13 2006.
    thanks love,

  111. Ri says:

    This is the most inspiring poem i have ever read and i also think its the most inspiring ever wriiten. I have chosen to do this piece in my country in celebration of black history month. As a young black person myself this poem has touched directly in my mind and inspired me to be great and to know and love myslef. This is an exceptional piece of work…a timely treasure and one that will live on in the future for GENERATIONS..Great things to Maya Angelou

  112. Josephine Munfrod says:

    Every year at the black history program at my church,
    Someone reads Martin Luther”s I had dream,But this year I’m reading I Rise,BecauseIt has Always Inspired
    me to keep my head up,no matter what my problems are.
    For I know with this poem and God on my side I wiil rise.

  113. Cassandre says:

    Actually, this poem has been rewritten and adapted into a song: Still I rise from Ben harper (really marvellous)

  114. Lucy* says:

    i think this poem is awesome!! i’m hoping i have to do it for my english exam!
    Mayo Angelo shows shes not scared to voice her opinion and doesn’t take nothing off us whites
    she is amazing!!!! xxx

  115. Lashonna Westbrook says:

    This poem to me is very influential im only 14 years old but the meaning of this poem touches me. Mayo Angelo shows shes not scared to voice her opinion but it dosent have to be in a loud crazy way its like she has a seceret but she shares by the stide in her walk or her body language. What i get from the poem is that people are always going to try to bring you down but if you like believe in yourself and you know that you got it going on it shouldnt phase you. All these things are already set against her being a woman then add a ton more tribualtions because shes black but despite all that still i rise

  116. smiley d says:

    Wow for me as a young black teenage girl it is amazing to hear a black woman to talk with so much power after all she has been through it makes me realise that her and so many other black people have paved the way for young black youths to make something of our lives and after reading this poem i know that through whatever problems come my way whether they would be racial or sexism i know that i will rise because after all the pain, suffering and tourture my ancestors have been through i have not come this far to let them down as the poem says I am the dream and hope of the slave i rise i will rise and i will keeep on rising

  117. Erica says:

    This is a wonderful poem and i plan to recite it.

  118. jcwang says:

    I knew few years back in Houston the Asian community made this poem into a Play….Did any songwriter adapt this poem into a song?

    Especially the following sentences are so powerful …

    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may trod me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    You may shoot me with your words,
    You may cut me with your eyes,
    you may kill me with your hatefulness,
    But still, like air, I’ll rise.

    I wish that I can sing it.

  119. joy says:


  120. Brittaney says:

    this poem really makes you think…

  121. jcwang says:

    A lady friend of mine who used to be slim, attractive with soft white skin and beautiful smiles told me that she once thought that she would never be discriminated, even from time to time she would get some sexual harassments from ADMIRER but deep down inside of her she felt NOT TOO BAD. What she really tries to say is that the kind of discrimination I faced as a minority she has never experienced in her lifetime. About three years ago she quitted smoking and her body weight went of control, she gained about 150 pounds. [She did] Her daughter’s boyfriend started calling her Fat Cow and so did some of her neighbors whenever there’s a conflict. Discrimination against her weight was something she cannot imagine ever, now she can expect this wherever she go in public places. As time go by, this year she make her half centry mark, she told me that Age discrimination is coming on her way also.

    No matter you are Black or White, Male or Female, God is treating us the same way, sooner or later we will face some kind of discrimination, if is not your Skin, it may be your Age eventually.

    Still I Rise is not just about Race and Sex discrimination, from Maya’s bio and her public speech we can understand this peom has much greater meaning….

  122. jcwang says:

    celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

  123. Shalonda says:

    AUTHENTIC–in every aspect of the word.
    Great author and poet.

  124. Joanne says:

    i read this poem and have interpreted it in many ways. currently i am writing an analysis of “Still i Rise” and would appreciate any personal interpretations of the poem for examples in my paper. Thanks

  125. YASMEEN says:


  126. mattie says:

    Very inspiring for African American woman. This poem pionts out all the segragation and racism and sexism our counrty deals with today. I truly loved it and i even think it should be talked out and shared in all schools for all children to understand that in thhe future when they are adults that they dont want all the segragation, racism, and sexism, like we have today. WORLD PEACE IS WHAT WE REALLY NEED!!!!!!!!


  127. jcwang says:

    Sorry the title should be:
    Still I rise is about being a black, especialiy black woman?

  128. jcwang says:

    Famous Quote from Maya Angelou:

    “As far as I knew white women were never lonely, except in books. White men adored them, Black men desired them and Black women worked for them.”

    In Maya’s poem “Still I Rise” is a cry out for standing up for yourself whoever you are under any circumstances. From Maya’s point of view in this poem, a black female is on the bottom of our social level scale in our society/country. It definitely represents two major discriminations in this world among us, one is racial and the other is sex discrimination. From her quote above, she ironically makes a comparison between white woman and black woman in terms of loneliness. I am not trying to say that who’s more deserved to make a complain on discrimination here, I just like people to be more focus on a bigger picture and that is NO Discrimination under any shapes of forms.

    To be honest, in most eastern culture, female often were discriminated by their society and the major reason is from their thousands year’s traditional culture. Things are more different now than it used to be in many eastern countries such as Japan, China and Korea. There are still no improvements in most of Arabic countries these days. Unfortunately on the opposite, I have a white lady manager she uses this poem very wisely, not only she continue to discriminate against minority but also she ONLY hires white woman since she becoming my manager and there are five already, she also uses woman minority business[white woman OWN only] for selecting a vedor for the company. Is this the attitude and reaction Maya Angelou would like to see from her readers? No, we must look at the bigger picture and that is No discrimination under race, sex, sexual preference, profession, age, nationality, culture background, etc. Next time before we cry and scream for justice, we must try to stop those biases and discriminations from us first.

  129. Glenice says:

    I am truly touched by Maya’s Poem. So many times I’ve tried to write in words what I feel inside when I’m confronted with Negative Vibes from those who do not take the time to understand the woman that they see before them. On this day I’ve asked myself why people don’t accept us for who we are instead of what they want us to be. Our strengths as women to not be beaten down and ignored are a struggle that strains the very essence of who we are. Yet because of this constant struggle of the challenges only makes us stronger to achieve, to be believed, and to gain what we as women deserve—to be respected in our own right. Maya wrote “You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies, you may trod me in the very dirt but still, like dust, I’ll rise.”
    This is the more or less the thoughts that I woke up with this morning. I give my love, I give my support, I ignored my own needs and desires to be there for you and yet, you lie and chose to ignore me as a woman in my own right when you’ve reached your plateau through my strength the one who choose to believe in you when no other took the time.
    “Does my sassiness upset you?…”In this I could relate because once I allow you to see that no matter what you say to me I will still hold my head up high and not your self-doubt of your self become the target of who I am not.
    “Just like moons and like suns…” I’ve listened to the heart of my mother and her mother and continue to listen of my grandmother telling me of the heart of her mother in the struggles that they endured to remain the person who they knew they were. From generation to generation this struggle to love and be loved regardless of the conflicts they is and are put on us because we are females.
    “Did you want to see me broken…?” Love is given freely but with a cost. And because I allow myself to freely love you; you choose to beat me down with words, with negative actions of not accepting calls, not being there for me when I needed instead of you needing me or because I’ve take matters into my own hands because you were not strong enough to stand by my side. With words you belittle the very person who I am and get mad because your action doesn’t destroy the person who I am.
    What I feel at this moment because I still choose to rise will lead me to write what I understand Maya to be saying to me. You must rise, you must rise, you must rise above anguish, you must rise above self-doubt, you must rise above those who try to knock you down. Because you may not know where your strength comes from to endure, accept the many people who are inside of you to maintain, to fulfill, to accomplish, to take pride in who you are, and must of all regardless of all else to continue to love yourself as you continue to learn yourself because as she so beautifully put it, “ I am the dream and the hope of the slave…. Up from a past that’s rooted in pain….still like the air, I’ll rise…’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines diggin’ in my own back yard…Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear…I rise.

  130. Nela says:

    Maya Angelou’s words are so empowering. As I continued to read on, I felt so strong and beautiful. I love all of Ms. Angelou’s work, especially Phenominal Woman. Her words are so powerful. She says alot of things that most women can’t say out loud, but are thinking.

  131. Catharine says:

    Great for abuse survivors. Very helpful and inspiring

  132. nikki says:

    like a phoenix, we (black women) will rise…this poem is very impressive.. it truely shows the African mind set…if the sun comes out tommorow, that means we still have hope… hundred years of oppression through slavery, apartheid, historical and present lies…we still rise…thumbs up for Maya Angelou..i’m a different woman after reading this poem…thank You..

  133. Shayna Capers says:

    I think this poem ibesides maybe phenomenal women is the most inspirational and outstanding poem I have ever read. i would recommend this poem to anyone who can read. From my perspective I think the message Maya is tring to prtray is focused on the struggles of African American women. maya has away to really reach people me especially partly because I am a female and also because I am still a child growing into a woman.Still I Rise. 🙂

  134. Haruka Fukuda says:

    I like this poem sooo much and I m trying to analyze this. so If anyone who analyzed this would tell me something. especially I m interested in the style she write this.

  135. Tamara says:

    this poem is really good im going to read this poem to my school class for a assignment

  136. Lauren Wilmer says:


  137. Devin Gladney says:

    Still she rised even though everyone put her down. She is really a phenomial women if I were her age I would be with her.

  138. AJ says:

    This poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou is a very inspiring poem and I believe she is very gifted at poems. This poem can easily be taken two different ways, one being that its completely about slavery and the other being a view on women through the centuries through someone’s eyes who knows the danger, and knows what it feels like to have all the freedoms that women have now. I think that the second one is probably more of what it has to deal with women in general weren’t exactly treated like queens all there lives they have had to endure hardships just like the rest of us, its barley been one hundred years since all there rights have been recognized by men, its always been a mans world and men have always thought of women to be inferior until now, This poem is bout the triumphs of women all over the world, about how they were put down, rapped of there minds and torn to shreds by the ever powerful man, not now women have become equal to men in every way, surpassing most men in many ways women have risen from the bottom to the top and should be proud of the fact that they can no longer be put down by man who had no equal till now.

  139. ElsaRuiz says:

    In past society African American women have centered themselves as targets unwillingly through hardships of abused slavery. However, in the world today as Maya Angelou describes in her poem ,“Still I Rise”, women have rose from the grown they were thrown to. Maya Angelou’s poem revolves around the theme of independence and rising when fallen. Angelou uses metaphors and similes and well as other literary devices to help the reader understand the struggle she reflects on from anger and pain. The title implies that Angelou has the ability to rise above anything that evokes to her down.
    In the first stanza Maya Angelou uses metaphors to describe the evil thoughts that
    people have against her and how she overcome them. Angelou, the speaker, starts out saying “ you write me down in history” and “ bitter, twisted lies” representing that textbooks sometime never hold all truth of history and that certain things are left out for the sake of children. Unremarkably, there is a sense of lies and silent discriminations that border African Americans that are not mentioned in the scripts of history. Maya immediately makes the reader think twisted of history lessons that have been lectured over they year. Thus, reviling hundreds of blacks who had to be killed throughout wars and misfortunes. Through a simile ,“ but still, like dust, I’ll rise”, Maya displays how her ancestors were put down, forced to be slaves, but however she has carries herself as a strong women indicating that although past history has been devastating the spirit in her will triumph.
    In the second, fourth ,fifth , and seventh stanzas Maya uses different questions to analyze her thoughts. In these questions Maya acknowledges her good qualities as well as those she is not too in favor of, and she turns them into positive ones, because it is just she, and no one can change her way of being. These questions are spilled out to those who apparently can be targeted at a husband, betrayed friend, or even the enemies of the past. The technique of asking questions is a way that Angelou pulls the reader into the poem. With this tactic in mind the reader is obligated to examine Maya and also their own opinions.
    In the first ,third, and sixth stanzas Maya doesn’t question the reader but however the stanzas end with the phrase “I’ll rise”. The alteration of questions and the confident phrase “I’ll rise” lets the reader know that the questions are open minded and that it is the job of the reader to fill them in. In the third stanza Maya uses literary devices to help the reader understand her thoughts. Similes in the third stanza describe her inner self. “ Just like moons and like suns” and “just like hopes springing high” show how she is an equal to all and all that surround her. In the sixth stanza her sexual appeal is reference through a simile, “I dance like I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs”, demonstrates a sign of natural sense of pleasure.
    In the rhyming of the poem each stanza except the last two follow a constant pattern of ABCB DEFE GHIH. With the last two stanza their format of claim changes. Angelou begins to emphasize the rising the title implies, instead of talking to the reader. In the last two stanzas Angelou mentions “ rooted in pain” reference of the issue of slavery. Instead of these troubles hanging on her shoulders, “shoulders falling down like teardrops” (simile references in the 4th stanza), she brings about the strength her ancestors gave her, “gifts that my ancestors gave”, to encourage her own spirit. “ I am the dream and the hope of the slave”, Maya makes reference to the last stanza that she is obligated as an descendant from them to carry out their dreams for an opportunity to succeed as a African American in the free world. Maya creates and poem as a voice for all people, and not just her own individual story.

  140. Mik says:

    I checked out Dr. Pockless’ views, and I think you really have to weigh what he said. She also wrote a poem about Africa, but I don’t think this is the same one. If you read her biography, you will see that she had a really hard life, she was constantly told that she was nothing, and made to feel like she didn’t matter. Yes, Africa and her roots played into it, but I think it was more personal than that.

  141. Keke says:

    This poem is very inspirational.

  142. Johnathon says:

    This poem is inspirational

  143. Mikel says:

    It’s obvious you have inspired other poets such as Tupac which have inspired myself so I just had to say thank you.

  144. MISEDUCATED says:

    believe if u may dat this is about love for da essence ta me is a symbol of a evalastin hope dat shall neva die. Triumphant as we feel we may be maya is onli allowin our oppressors ta c dat with each fall an expected uprise shall equal da conditions in which which strive ta suppress but not witout srong will or hope…..

  145. shawn says:

    i think that the poems are to much about love.i really don’t understand them,and i don’t really like them.But Maya Angelou is a great person.

  146. kian cindy torres says:

    it’s so wonderful!! i love it so much!! i think this poem helps me to be stronger!!=)

  147. Erinn says:

    That is a sensational poem.
    Ms. Angelou is a fenomenal poet!
    With love

  148. cece says:

    i love this poem i think you should keep up the good work dont stop dont let anyone stop you from what you do best love caria

  149. Billy says:

    This Poem is SO amazing and touching of those going t hrough hard times. It has helped me realize no matter what I may be going through make the best of it.

  150. ADMIRING M says:


  151. Kristen Lewis says:

    Yes Lord YEs Lord I too shall continue to rise….
    When i read this peom I was going through some stupidly difficult times.. I was told to choose a peom to anaylze and write a paper on and i was searching and searching and I ran past this one and read it and reread it and re read it and so I was like yep i found my poem and i was like damn I can’t avoid it. But know I am having troubl with the whole analysis process anyone with help for me please respond to me before wednesday…. I love this poem it represent to me a reminder that I am beautiful, black, and capable….1 Luv Krl

  152. Nono says:

    This poem seems to have a very complex people inwhich it is written for.On one hand it evokes a feeling of great human spirit and will but you can’t ignore but pay attention to the possibility that it is dedicated to one particular culture or race when it makes referrences to slavery being black makes me read it totaly diffrent.

  153. taylor says:

    this poem tells all about me

  154. Shalima Boatwright says:

    I love this poem it’s inspiring poem and it inspired me to write some nice poems but this poem i said it at my fifth grad grduation but keep on written some good and insparational poems

  155. M. Safiya Varswyk says:

    This poem brings out the strength within, even if you don’t know that that strength exist.

  156. Lashawn says:

    Wow!! This is such an amazing poem!!Our grade 12 class was given a poem assignment and we had a choice between this poem and another poem. I didnt know anything about maya or havent read any of her work. After reading her poem i was astounded, and this poem is so complex and interesting it makes me want to read more of her work. Being native american, our culture is very similar to african americans, in the way we are treated and looked at. So when i read this poem it gave me confidence in my own culture and to look past people who tear us down. Thank you Maya Angelou!!!

  157. Ashley W says:

    This is one of the most touching poems i have ever read.

  158. MOTG says:

    My class is reading Maya’s Poem ‘still i rise’ this semester and i in partcular find it soo heart warming. it a good work and the personality of Maya should set examples for the coming generation of black women in general! God Bless You ALL

  159. melissa says:

    ive never read a poem that touches me like this one.
    Its so true because there are so many people out there wo love to hate on other peoples achievements,and i read it at the right time because still i rise.
    Maya Angelou is a wonderful poet and the fact she can touch a 17 year old like me shows her poems have no age limit.
    i rise, i rise, i rise.

  160. Allie Hostler says:

    I always thought that was Ben Harper’s work because he made such a beautiful song out of Maya’s poem. It’s grand that I am able to give credit where credit is due from now on. Kudos to Ben for putting music and voice to Maya’s poems and more so to Maya for her empowering poem.

  161. Lawan Randall says:

    Still I Rise!! Thank you Maya Angelou for this wonderful expression. Still I Rise!!

  162. stem marks says:

    I love this poem because when all is not going well and you feeling like you are worthless or experiencing jelous, resentment from others its a great feeling to resort to maya STILL I RISE. When you are being told you are not worthy or feel isolated in your job feeling left out, its a great feeling knowing you can turn to Maya angelou’s STILL I RISE
    I RISE
    I RISE
    I RISE

  163. jackie marshall says:

    A raw poem of a woman expressing pride in her self, recognising her worth to be more valuable than gold.
    It’s an inspiration to one to rise above despair…shake off a defeatist attitude and make yourself become ‘Somebody’ special!

  164. Kendall Wilkins says:

    Thanks, so much Maya, this poem “Still I Rise” has a meaning that can show an individual the way to go. As I was reading this poem, I thought to myself, that you are really talented and know how to make a person feel blesses.

  165. vicky says:

    still i rise is such a beautiful poem and made me look at poetry in a new light (not something to only be understood by those special few, but by everyone)

  166. jasmine teemer says:

    Yes I do like your poem and I believe it is true and I do believe I rise I rise I rise

  167. Sunny says:

    I have always read Maya, but this past Sunday (26/6/2005) I heard the poem “Still I Rise” recited by Adelaide Tambo, one of Africa’s great women. She was reading the poem at the 50th celebration of the adoption of the Freedom Charter
    Sitting there hearing Mama Adelaide giving thanks to Maya and than reading this poem, i was mesmerized with emotion. Thank you Maya for this poem!

  168. Michelle says:

    Thank you, Thank you! I’ve always loved poetry but have never known much about the authors. I havent done my research and have never had one “jump off the page”, like this one just did today. I like “Caged Bird” and “Men” as well, but I am totally enspired by this one & feel “PHENOMENAL” for the first time in my life. I now recognize Maya and will continue to research, learn & enjoy my now, favorite poet.

  169. talissa smith says:

    your poem has inspired me to be who I am today and i just wanna thank you 4 letting your poem reach the hearts of adults as well as children.

  170. Melissa says:

    A poem filled with hope,courage and depth. A life lived to the full against all odds! One cannot read this expression of passion without fervor. All power to the underdog who comes out tops!

  171. Rebecka says:

    Does everyone know this poem, Still I Rise, is actually about the fall and rise of the country Africa? This may help some of you doing research papers. Do a search for Dr. Pockless’ views on this poem. He is a smart man. And even though the poem is about Africa it still gives strength to women!

  172. Katherine says:

    My 10th grade English class is doing poetry projects and we hae chosen Maya Angelou. This poem was one chosen by my partner and I to analze and talk about. Maya is AMAZING and probably on of the most interesting people. We really got into this project of ours because we can relate so much to her poetry. She sets a great example for those who aren’t as strong of a person as she is. More power to her. Thank you Ms. Angelou.

  173. Juliet says:

    I love this poem because the indomitable spirit of the black race is brought to the fore.
    Her stories are my stories. I can identify and know that I am not alone and find strength to continue.

  174. Corey says:

    This poem is the best poem I have ever read. She lets us know that she is not ashamed to be who she is, A strong African-American woman and I give Kudos to any woman no matter what race they are that can stand up and say that they are proud of who they are and who they have become.

  175. Khadya says:

    I greatly admire you and your poems. They are so touching and they are also from the heart. You are a wonderful woman and your experiences make you stronger and benefits you in the end. Many people in this world strive to bring others down but you stand up and say no matter what, I’ll rise. Far and wide your work has travelled, thanks for giving others encourage by your work. Greetings from St.Lucia ( a beautiful island in the Caribbean)

  176. Vanessa says:

    This is a magnificent poemm.Your poems are the reason I admire you.Also, you are a phenomenal women.this poem is one of my favorites.

  177. erin says:

    i think that this poem is very strong. as i was reading it i straightend my posture and raised my head. it was like i was being posesed by some greater force. i realy love her works and i really love poetry in general. i think if everyone wrote like this or even thought like this the world wouldn’t be so filed with people with drinking habits and smoking and all the other things some people look down on. i really think the world be better and if it needs to be done person by oerson so be it. but try. try. try. i will try. try to fly. try to fly so high that i can’t look down: nor do i want to see what i have left behind all i want to do is fly. fly. try to fly. fly. away.

    that is my new poem i jsut wrote. like it?

    thanks for listening erin, 13

  178. peaces says:

    I like this poem, i like the fact that you can say that what ever u do to me i’m gonna get up and rise.
    That you will not be in shame that your ancestors were slaves. that u will take that knowledge and use it.

  179. Cereather K. Monroe says:

    I admire this women for the strength she has and her writings describe her inner feelings. When I read this poem I saw myself very clearly, all my life I have had obstacles in my way but Still I Rise, when I read this poem I cry often, she evokes feelings that I have held in for so long, being a Black Women, I can truly feel this poem and I reach down deep inside and I feel the pain and joy of rising when people, the establishment and the environment tries to keep me down, I Still Rise. Thanks for letting me feel free to express myself. “Still I Rise” Cereather

  180. Nadja Müller says:

    I got to know this excellent poem as Ben Harper made a beautiful song out of it (it’s on his album “Welcome to the Cruel World”). These words have such a strength, reading them they give me strength, too.

  181. Gwen says:

    This poem is strength to those weakened by a world darkened with hatred and prejudice. This poems encourages one to be proud of who they are, dispite the ignorance of others.

  182. crystal says:

    i love this poem its so beautiful real and true and i feel the mood in my heart and can visualize the pictures

  183. Jeff Debigare says:

    I realy love to read the poems of maya angelou. She is one of the insperational writers i have ever read.

  184. Joanne says:

    This poem has encouraged me to be strong in all my struggles big or small. Maya Angelou is a true hero and inspirational human being. Rock On!!!!

  185. chad B says:

    this poem is the best poem it really touchs peoples heart it says every thing

  186. kiyana powell says:

    i think this poem,is a beautiful work of struggle,only the poeple that went through hard times can really know the meaning of this work of art,she gives such hope to the demise of pain,this poem can make anybodys day

  187. Patrica says:

    i enjoyed this poem a lot. it has inspired me to let me know that i can make it. i love this poem and i think everyone who has be told that they are nothing or won’t make it should read still i rise.

  188. Whitney Harrell says:

    This point was the one that shined over every other poem to do an poem analysis over it reached me because of everyday life situations that people come across and this poem just might help them through it might not change much but beleive me it will change something.

  189. Leo says:

    Some of us awaken in this world which we where delivered into with a struggle that at the moment of our birth, was going to stick with us for a majority if not all of our lifetime. A new day, that same struggle. People…always keep your head up.
    “Bowed head and lowered eyes?” NEVER

  190. Vanessa says:

    I love this poem it helped me deal with everyday life. its so touching, i think everyone should read this.

  191. deangela j. says:

    This poem is one of the greatest that Maya Angelou has written. Not only does this poem expresses a womans rise and determination, but also African American people as a whole. It has really touched me, to see how Angelou has produced imagery with her words.

  192. ana says:

    this is a very good poem

  193. alex says:

    i really like this poem. At school we had a black history show and they read this exact poem and it tuched a lot of people.

  194. Soua Lor says:

    To be honest, reading this poem is sort of boring to me, but as I carefully think about the meaning, this poem is getting better as I read on.

  195. Janae Potts says:

    Your poem is so popular in my 4th grade class. I memerized your poem. You go girl!!!!!

  196. kell says:

    i liked you poem i thought it was aiight there are some parts i disliked though but its coo

  197. Kate says:

    I have loved this poem for many years. I first heard it as a song covered by my favorite artist, Ben Harper. I loved the song and then discovered it was a poem by Maya Angelou. The words in this poem are very powerful.

  198. Anna Doughty says:

    Maya Angelou is absolutely amazing!!!! Her poetry is the most touching poetry I have ever heard. I love reading all of her poetry but this is my favorite because it is so meaningful, and the images are so amazingly clear!

  199. kmwilliams says:

    Iloved this poem its like when this man is trying to put her down but she rises aboes his head.

  200. Quanesha says:

    Still i rise has always been a poem that hold so much power especially for me as a african american women. Its an inspiration that whatever i go through i can overcome it,it makes me want to work when others have written me to fail. Still i rise is a gesture saying to those who assume and dare me to fail that no matter what live throws at me i will stand because i am strong willing and able

  201. margaret says:

    im 12 and in the 6th grade ALL of my friends ditched me and i come home crying every night i loved this poem and for once im actually happy (a little):/

  202. Nikki says:

    This poem provides everyone with inspiration, and its been written from the heart. ‘Still I Rise’ displays confidence and pride in the sense that she will never accept defeat.

  203. theAmAn says:

    Maya is simply wonderful. She expresses her feelings so powerfully in this poem. The human spirit can overcome all adversities AND RISE if one is totally committed and determined to achieve that end. Thank you, Maya.

  204. Mara says:

    Maya Angelou is one of the BEST authors that I have come across. We took her up in class several times. She’s truly a phenomenal woman.

  205. Miss Jamie says:

    This poem was just what the women of the african culture needed. It is very motivational, it inspired me to never let anyone walk over me or make me feel as though I am any less than anyone else. It has taught me to secure with myself and to always set and achieve my goals. It was absolutely phenominal!!!!

  206. Liz batiste says:

    i loved this poem from the first time i read it and my friend did something for her drama class. she used this poem and she loved it to.

  207. Madme Watson says:

    When I began to read the poem, it made me think she was speaking to some slug of a man. Bitter lovers. It was quite a turn in my brain, when her true meaning came through.

    What a fine poem

  208. Leticia says:

    The first time I heard it was in my English class and it really made feel better because I was going through a tugh situation, after that I started to look for this poem until I found it. And now everytime I feel down I read this poem

  209. Queens says:

    i think this poem is a good poem, it makes me feel good when i’m down.

  210. Kellie DeVoe says:

    I think that this poem has very inspirational words and i love it.

  211. candy richards says:

    I like this poem because it helps me to be myself and express my feelings out and open.

  212. Diamond says:

    I think that these poems by maya angelou are the best poems that could ever be read. I think that the young and old should read them

  213. Tanasia says:


  214. Natalie says:

    This is a very good poem. I don’t like poems usually but this is very good. Very interesting and motivating. Keep up the good work Maya.

  215. Olivia says:

    In my class we are studing poems and i had to ask my parents for their favorite poems. my mom told me her favorite poem is still i rise.i had never read it before and when i read it, it made me feel like i knew what she was talking about.

  216. Rebekah says:

    I didn’t think that I was going to be able to handle coming back to school. But a lady from my church read this poem to me and it was inspirational. And now I am getting ready to graduate from Indiana Business College. All because I knew that I could rise out from the dirt of oppression and become a diamond in the rough.

  217. Anonymous says:

    I love this poem and I can relate to what she is saying.

  218. David says:

    This is a very insperational peice of poetry that any person should enjoy reading.

  219. Garvin Daniel says:

    This is one of the many gems of American litterature.
    It is the essence of reconciliation and motivation for the less fortunate who have refused to give up or give in. It pledges Freedom.
    Thank you Maya

  220. Jasmine says:

    This Poem is like no other. this make’s women all over the world proud of who they are.also this poem makes me think of things that people uses to say to me when they i start to say some parts of this poem and when ido I feel so glad inside and it brings a smile to my face thats why i love this poem

  221. Paige Oates says:

    This poem is an inspiration to every one I think.Iwill never forget this poem because no matter what you go through u will still rise and as i always say never give up hope for hope will never give up on you because its used to be an inspiration to every one

  222. kabelo says:

    Maya speaks in a tone of pride and confidence in herself which I believe young black women in South Africa must come to a realization of for the very survival of our country and it’s new identity.

  223. Lyndsae says:

    I loved this poem it was so awesome!!!

  224. Ashley says:

    I feel that this is a very inspiring poem.It really relates to me because people will try and put you down but when ever they try to do that to me I just think about this poem,”still I Rise.”

  225. Brittany says:

    I reall enjoy reading this poem. It is one of the most inspiring things I ever read. This poem encouraged me to keep my head up when things go wrong. It taught me to keep my sense of humor through all the rain and pain.

  226. Shirley Wade says:

    This is one of my Favorite Poems for me it is poem of Encouragement when I’m feeling down and low. What a “Distinguished Woman” we have in Mother MIA ANGELOU!

  227. Krista says:

    I tip my hat to Maya – she is an inspiration to everyone. Not only is this poem moving but her entire career has been incouraging. She is a role model of stregnth, confidence and good old fashion tenacity.

  228. Anonymous says:

    OMG this poe,m is really awesome it really speaks about true things and is down to earth Maya you have really inspired so much to write poetry the way you do!

  229. josefina says:

    i read this poem in class and everyone loved it. it is very buetiful

  230. keldrick says:

    this poem help young and old people around the world to believe in there self it inspires you that one day u might be a great leader like martin luther king jr. or teacher, soldier, doctor to me there is someone in your home that you might admire like your parents. so maya you did a good job on this poem and i read all your books and poems and i hope one day that i will be just like you cause i been though some of the same thing you been though an i feel you so thank for the poem to tell the true your biggest fan so email me some time

  231. piglet says:

    Did anybody else see the possible reference to a woman being left by a man when she discovers she is preganant? ” Did you want to see me broken? … eyes lowered ( in shame?)
    Constant referneces to the moon and tides and the connection to women’s menstruation? “I am a black ocean … swelling tides’? To me it is almost like a strong women refusing to be ‘broken’ when she discovers she is preganant and erjected by a lover … Still I’ll rise

  232. kaiesha says:

    love the peom still i rise because it remind me of myself I read that poem for black history

  233. Stephanie says:

    This poem let’s people know. No matter what you think of me or what you say about me I will still rise through the pain and headaches of the world I will still rise. I will be triumphant. I will still be successful no matter what you do to me. So say what you want, do what you what. I don’t care I will succeed anyway. That’s Awesome. Great words of wisdom

  234. Mr. Educated Black Man says:

    I think this poem is above all the best work I ever seen with so much dignity and with so much class she presented herself in this poem and made us visualize the experiences faced by every black male and female who troddens upon the grounds of this earth every single day of thier lives. That’s why above all we are great and superior and for the one’s who hatin keep on hating because she’s something that you’re not and for that you are pitiful. We the Black people rise, we rise, we rise. HA HA HA! WE WIN.

  235. yonga says:

    quoute : My native country spits on stuff like this, if you want my opinion try some other type or literature. Perhaps comedy/drama for short stories. this person is not from iraq hes a lieing git

  236. me says:

    it started off badly leveled of in the middle and the less said about the end the much bloodly better. ps why the hell did you vote bush what were you thinking. who ever invented this website is a gay. and i havent finished yet draging us into every war. what were you thinking.

  237. Emily says:

    To the person who says that this poems seems to be amateurish and lacking emotion, I say, not when read by the author. There was a public service announcement, I believe for the NAACP or teh Negro College Fund, in which Angelu very simply reads the last part of the poem (from ‘Out of the huts…’). It tended to air late at night, so whenever I heard it from the television, it resonated in the stillness of the night and commanded your attention. Try finding some live recordings to change your perspective. Have you ever experiences that sensation on a dance floor when you know you are offbeat and you feel like everyone is watching you? It’s teh same feeling I’m sure you have when you read this poem, because you just don’t get it.

  238. Tasha Colburn says:

    I love this poem it means a whole , lot to me. She has raised my esteem by at last 12 noches.

  239. selese smart says:

    great great great

  240. morgan says:

    I receited this poem in February at our church Black History program. I really enjoyed reading and speaking this play and I encouraged women who are “struggling” to read this poem, I guarantee you, it will give you “strength”.

  241. debbra says:

    This poem speaks to me of integrity, strength and the ability to stand up when you feel like staying down. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, it speaks to women and the power they possess, must retain, and to continue to gain. Maya, you speak for women everywhere, of all races and stations in life.

  242. Shlynda Askew says:

    This poem really did some to me Maya.After all I have been threw this poem let’s me know that still I rise.Maya aslong as you live you best belive you will always rise.I love you.

  243. Kenitra says:

    I agree with most of the people who wrote a comment. to me she saying that no matter what anyone do to her she is going to rise and be on top.

  244. SGT. Ward, Christopher says:

    MS Angelou,
    I have enjoyed your poetry for years it has help through my deployment. It has given me hope that one day I will be home laughing and talking with my wife and kids, some day,some day soon I pray.

    Hope you get this
    SGT. Ward, Christopher
    514th Med CO (GA) HOOAH

  245. angelica says:

    I really love this poem;it expresses the physical acspects of myself. Everytime I read this poem it always make me think how people actually feel.

  246. Tweetyboo says:

    I love your poem “Still I Rise” all I wont is to see u in person 1 time.I wont to wrie poems but I don’t think poet is for me, but I LIKE TO sing
    write me back

  247. sharee says:

    i love mya angelou and i give her the up most respect as a poet my self i bow down when i see a great poet such as herself.

  248. andrea says:

    this is the latino queen
    finest girl you have ever seen
    i have been a player since i was thirteen
    my height is 5ft 2
    even though im short dont mess with me
    but incase you do
    you will be meeting my shoe
    up you ass it will go
    so dont mess with me you little hoe
    i have nice eyes
    cute lips and big thyze
    nice light brown skin complection
    dont you think my parents made a beautifull invention
    no i dont mean no machine
    i mean a human bein’!
    i fuck better than anybody in this world
    so holla back at your girl!

    newayz i loved the poem, she is really good

  249. Shantavia says:

    This is a beautiful poem. It incourages me to be all that I can be and never let anyone put me down.

  250. meghan says:

    To Eric and Abdula…both of you are pretty gay for taking the time out of your apparently pretty boring lives to diss Angelou. she’s pretty dank…and you’re both pretty pathetic. props to Opinionated…but Kerry’s a douchebag:)

  251. deborah says:

    i really did enjoy this poem it helps me out on my bad and sad day it gives me the strenth i need to go on day by day it lets me know no matter what i go throught i too will rise.

  252. emma says:

    when every am feeling down and read this poem it give me courage “STILL I RISE”. THANK MAYA

  253. aisha says:

    This is an awesome poem! It gives me strength and courage!!!

  254. Debbie says:

    These words speak to anyone who has had to pull themselves up and out from under. thank you Maya.

  255. Adriana says:

    I really love and admire the work of Maya. This poem has reminded me that I can be successful despite all the opposition that I may face along the way. Thank you Maya for such powerful words.

  256. Dee says:

    Although I agree that the message of this poem is absoultely beautiful, the way in which the poem is written seems extremely amateur. There is not nearly enough deep emotion to this poem – just angry words and sarcasm. She might as well be yelling this at some racist she meets at the grocery store; writing a poem in this voice is not effective at all. I personally don’t like it.

  257. Latisha says:

    I really injoyed reading all of your poems. you are an inspiring women and know how to keep other people feeling your words and were you are comming from. keep it up!!!!!

  258. peta-gay says:

    This ia awesome poem .Maya Angelou is a great poet.She is one of my favorites.Her poems always touch me in a way like no one else.This poem is telling me that no matter what she went through,no matter what people said, no matter who tried to put her down, she rose.She kept her head up high.

  259. emma says:

    i liked it a lot

  260. sonia says:

    i love this poem and helped me understand more about how the slaves felt like when they were living . this was so wonderful and just by hearing her poiem i understood more about slavery.also useing her poem for homwork and i’ll bet i ‘ll get a good grade on this assignment . i’ll try my best to grt in-touch with her to see about the rest of her poem and her .

  261. Opinionated says:

    Absolutely, phenominally excellent! I LOVED this poem! It was so unbelievably incredible!

    TO:Eric and Abdula from Iraq
    Eric, I highly doubt that anything from a mind as shallow as yours obviously is could ever come CLOSE to being a fraction’s worth as great as this. Women are strong… DEAL WITH IT!
    Abdula, Sorry that your country spits on freedom and the right to get over it, but American’s don’t! We like our freedom of speech so move on! *vote Kerry*

  262. Jonathan says:

    That is real poetry. Unbelievable. Incredible.

  263. Robert Frost says:

    Hope springs eternal… This poem does celebrate the very human ability to rise above horrid situations. However, it belittles the true evils of the institution of Slavery. Please compare to Longfellows “The Quadroon Girl”

  264. Abdula says:

    My native country spits on stuff like this, if you want my opinion try some other type or literature. Perhaps comedy/drama for short stories. Vote Bush!!!!

  265. Eric says:

    This poem was seriously lacking flavor. It was short and pointless, further more my poems are far better than this crap. Love Roger

  266. Tierenny says:

    Very Inspiring Words

  267. melissa says:

    This poem is like no other. This poem is like women anthem, it gives women around the world “STRENGTH”. That way there would never be any poem like this again.

  268. livia says:

    i was required to read this poem and to study it.i did my study .i’ve learned poems for one year.i’ve read a lot about shakespares or so .they are hard but i understand .however i read this poem many times but can’t understand .i wonder how did it be done .it is like a mystirous that i can never understand but that may be the best thing for the best writing is a recreation .every time you read it you learn more about it .just like still i rise.

  269. Frenchie says:

    This poem gives a new meaning to the word “STRENGTH”!

  270. Zulma says:

    Back in 1996 when I graduated high school I receited this poem in one of our black history plays. IT took me a while to memorize it but I have never forgotten it, It’ll be with me a lifetime….

  271. francina says:

    that peom was beautful that one is one of my favorites i in courage everyone that is going through something to read this poem.

  272. KHEMARE says:

    This poem brings tears to my eyes when Maya speaks it her voice is so earthy and one can feel her conviction in every word. It is wonderful. Does anyone know her link to Malcolm x

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