Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
They try so much
But they can’t touch
My inner mystery.
When I try to show them
They say they still can’t see.
I say,
It’s in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,
The grace of my style.
I’m a woman

Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It’s in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
‘Cause I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

Analysis, meaning and summary of Maya Angelou's poem Phenomenal Woman




  2. jazmin says:


  3. Tyoane Simpson says:

    This is a awesome poem I am a young, beautiful,black full figure women. This should not only inspire black women but all women. Black, white, spanish, asia, indian women. Beatiful women,ugly women , big or small
    women. You can have snaggle tooth and one eye. But after reading this poem you will feel like the most beautiful, one eyed snaggle tooth women there is. A
    Phenomenal women that’s me.

  4. Sophia robinson says:


  5. Tearrah Wilson says:


  6. Carmen Rosa says:

    I am a puertorican woman who is proud of my race, I adore the fact that 1/3 of the blood that runs in my veins is the blood of my ancestors who were black slaves. Maybe many people in the world don’t know that “boricuas” are a race that comes from three, spanish, “tainos (indians)” and black. And let me say that our Flavor and Heart is all black…
    It is incredible how you write Miss Maya, there is nothing that you had wrote that I don’t applaud with every fiber of my heart and soul.
    Thank you Miss Maya for sharing the wonderful talent you have with all of us and for making the women who read your material feel ….Phenomenal

  7. Tiffani W says:

    When I read Phenomenal Woman I was moved ,because as a young African American Woman I feel that we dont give ourselvs credit as to how beautiful we are. Honestly I can Say that thanks to Maya Angelou being the voice of black young ladies all over we no longer haft to hold our head down. I can now walk high and talk low and still be heard by all man and woman alike. THANK YOU MISS ANGELOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Marki says:

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  9. LaVada Frazier says:

    I really enjoy everything that you do, I love your

    stationary. I am using your poem at present entitled “phenomenal Woman” to aid in teaching an eleventh grader to read. Thank God for you.

  10. Tiffany Gibson says:

    Phenomenal Woman has become my mantra. Like Dr. Angelou I am also of exceptional height and size, something that people never failed to bring to my attention and not always in the positive either. Reading that poem gave me a new outlook of myself…I embraced my inner woman, I now walk taller, I feel beautiful and I am phenomenal. God Bless Dr. Maya..A Fabulous Phenomenal Woman

  11. Julie ODonnell says:

    this poem was inspirational to me because after a certain age, and having children your body goes through many changes so you dont always have the confidence that you had prior, but Phenomenal Woman reminds me that it is not the exterior it is what you carry within. The self confidence,strength, and wisdom

  12. Ali Ottum says:

    When I read the poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelo it sent a message to me. She expresses her thoughts about her life and her looks. They give you self confidence and help you to feel less self-conscious. You can tell she has a feeling about racism. She inclines that it doesn’t matter if you are black, white, or even purple!
    She says she is phenomenal, you can tell she is. She thinks highly of herself, to make the right decisions and how even if she isn’t “a fashion model size” boys can still drop to their knees when they see her.
    To other people she may seem like a mystery. But to me, Maya Angelo, is one who already has life figured out. When someone is so sure about everything she says she doesn’t care what other people think. She has “the grace of her style.” She knows what’s in her and she knows how to tell it like it is.
    The ways she thinks is so proud and courageous! She can certainly say with a smile that she isn’t perfect. She’s, “not cute or built to fit a fashion model size.” She may not be perfect but maybe she likes it that way. She doesn’t have to be loud or jumpy to be someone special. She can be liked just the way she is.
    She won’t change for anyone. She won’t change her looks or her ways. “It’s the fire in her eyes.” She can make a room smile by just telling you her confidence-boosting advice. She is a woman, phenomenally. And guess what? Maybe that’s me too.
    Maybe all girls are phenomenal women! Maybe we can all stand up and say “I rise!” And we ALL can feel good about the way we look and the way we are!
    She is a phenomenal woman. If you don’t think so, take it up with her. But I promise she will tell you, “It’s the click of my heels, the bend of my hair, the palm of my hand, the need of my care. ‘Cause I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman, that’s me.”

  13. Angel Price says:

    I love this pome I read it every night. I seems like the pome was made for me. When I read this pome it made me see that people can love me for me because I am a Phenomenal Women.

  14. Roxanne barrett says:

    this poem discribes me in so many ways thats why i love it so much

  15. Jessica Collins says:

    Ilove poem so nice how did youcome up with this poem

  16. Kia says:

    I absolutely love this poem. It’s stayed with me from the first time I read it. Well done. Much praise.

  17. Kia says:

    I absolutely love this poem. It’s stayed with me from the first time I read it. Well done. Much praise.

  18. Danielle says:

    I can re-late to this poem in a number of ways..I myself like you know that i am a phenomenal woman.I follow my dreams and i dont let anyone tell me i cant be any thing.Like i said before you are my of my life time goals is to meet you and perhaps have a cup of tea.!!

  19. some guy says:

    that was good

  20. Tsion says:

    It made a lot of sense. usually when i first read a poem i dont get it or i dont 0like it but this has become one of my favorites. It changes the everyday ideal of the envied woman.

  21. Shilpa says:

    I love this poem. Being a woman, it really speaks to my heart. Today, many people do not understand that a woman does not have to be beautiful only on the outside, but on the insides as well. It is what she has to offer of herself that makes her Phenomenal. I live by this poem as I am this woman:strong, passionate and beautiful. Thank you Ms. Maya Angelou, these are truly words to stand by.

  22. cynthia lynn stigger says:

    First of all I would like to say, God have truly blessed you with a gift of words. Phenomenal Woman is a poem that speak for me and other women as well.

    I’m also a published author of poetry, with a desire to meet you in person, and to share a spoken word or two with you.

  23. Niasia Gregory says:

    This poem really inspires me to know that know matter what people say about me to keep my head up and I can do anything I want in life.

  24. Brit says:

    poem is wonderous and it touched my heart =]

    Me & my friends are doing a project ont his poem for english…. we are inspired.

    you are splended.

  25. Lisa Farkas says:

    Today was the first time I had the pleasure to hear the poem “Phenomenal Woman”. I am familiar with Maya Angelou, if you live in this world how can you not! What an impact she has made on so many people. I am an anglo woman from the Southwest. We have a very diverse culture and I am proud to have many friends from different cultures, countries and religions. This poem was read at a funeral today for a dear friend of my mothers. As I listened to the poem I thought of what a strong statement the poem made. We live in a society of only looking at physical beauty and forget the inner beauty in women. The funeral of Saundra Beard spoke volumes of her inner beauty, although, she was also beautiful on the outside too! As women we should always imbrace that beauty that is inside. Thank you Ms. Angelou for giving us such wonderful words to live by! May God Bless!

  26. Maria says:

    i luv this poem even tho i dont no anything about the author i luv every poem i have read from you!!!keep writing poems….

  27. Jasmine says:

    I love this poem it is an inspiration to me because i too write peorty and it just let me know that woman are the new meaning of something right

  28. Iesha says:

    I love them poem. I am going to be in a paegant in a few days and I am going to act it out. Keep up the good work.

  29. christian says:

    wat up shorty

  30. cristie says:

    i’m doing a report on amreican poems and your poem inspired me most as a young woman. i wish to live up to this poem as i grow older and you are great at what you do!

  31. bessie says:

    this poem never ceases to amaze me and i think this definitly shows the tru meaning of women. even tho im jus a middle school student it amazes me

  32. Ray Dees says:

    I love this poe because it shows some of the true values of a woman. I love your poem Ms.Maya
    great reading!!!!

  33. Addisalem says:

    it is so nice…it shows that we need to be nothing more than what we are…i love it…

  34. Maria says:

    I love this poem.I read it the first time when my siseter bought me the book and dedicated this poem to me. Thank you Maya

  35. carlos says:

    thank you for making this poem

  36. Amanda Whitlock says:

    Im Seventeen with alot of boy problems. I use to think if i followed the crowd that i would fit in. Now i know that i dont need no boy to tell me that i am beuatyful. Thank you for writing this amazing poem.

  37. c says:

    her poem clothes is veyr good it explain to me what the clothes i wear and shoes i wear really mean and it’s a good thing to know for us black people what’s going on and to learn what the real deal is and she explained it very clearly and she told the truth

  38. chloe says:

    that is a awesome poem! it makes me feel like no matter what i am beautiful! thank you thank you

  39. karen says:

    this poem is pretty much my role model i try to live up to it ever day. i’ also reseaching it more for a english III research paper.

  40. Laheede Dudley says:

    this poem has made me more confident about myself and i really feel where you are coming from. i have love your style and class. the poem is the BOOM!!!!!

  41. Kailah says:

    I really like this poem because it made me look at myself in a whole different perspective, I feel pretty now.

  42. Lee Berry says:

    Ms. Angelou Phenomenal Woman is the poem for all women. I am not a model type and for a long time had low self esteem. I no longer think I am not worthy and reading this poem helps to reaffirm my new found self worth so thank you for putting into words what we as women truly are PHENOMENAL WOMEN THAT’S US.

  43. Amanda Smith says:

    I love this poem because it explains me so well. it makes me great about myself i am a phenomenal woman yes thats me

  44. alysha says:

    i love this poem coz it hows that you can be proud of yourself even if you dont have the perfect body image.

  45. Brittainy White says:

    i love acting this poem out and it feels so good for a girl to say that about herself cause we need it.
    to all my laidies out there be strong!

  46. Jasmine mitchell says:

    you have inspired me as a young child to be a poem writer. I hope someday we can meet and talk about certain ideas

  47. Jacara says:

    Dear,Maya Angleo love this poem it really speak from the heart every time i read this poem it inspired me to write poerty because of you that is what I’am going to do.

  48. Chelsea Reed says:

    I have to do a report on Maya Angelo. I had a choice of her or Lena Horne. I picked Mrs. Angleo because I like to read poems. I took intrest in it because I like to know what people think sometimes. The first time I heard this poem, I was watching Poetic Justice. Im pretty sure that there are alot of people that know your poem. I would say that it’s the most famous peom that you have. I didn’t quite understand it but now that Im older, I get what you are trying to get out there. Be proud of yourself. All women of differnt ages are phenomenal in there own way and no matter how you look carry yourself proudly. You don’t have to be a super model.

  49. eunice says:

    this poem is sooooo great. maya really shows you don’t have to be pretty or skinny. just b u and people will like you for who u r. and i just love the sass in her poems and her repititions for emphasis.

  50. DESTINY PETE says:


  51. tashari bargainer says:

    i am deeply in love with this poem i rehearsed this poem for my 6th grade graduation evryone was astound. im just 14 and i can relate to this poem deeply.

  52. Sharnell Johnson says:

    I love this poem so much because it reminds me of ME and always will love this poem too……………ALWAYS

  53. Ashley says:

    Maya, i love this poem so much…it really describes a lot about me and i can really relate…thanks a lot for just writing it. You probably have no idea how many people it have touched over the years!

  54. shiela says:

    well oh this poem is so great this os what im looking for it looks so cool…yeah it really is a girl’s poem i love this piece its so nice…im so pleased to read a poem so cool like this…keep it up!! girl power!!

  55. shawdyah says:

    this is a very inspirational poem for women but alot of people think its for African American women only it’s not to understand this poem you really have to think deep, i think this was just telling women in general no matter what you look like, what race you are, or where you from you are a beautiful women and should be well respected. This poem was to make all women have high confidents in themselves.

  56. Dina says:

    This is a very deep and passionate poem of how a woman that’s not the prettiest thing in the world has confidence of her appearence.The way she feels is so inspiriring that it brings others that are the same to have confidence in themselves also.

  57. Breanna Reeves says:

    Maya i love this poem so much.You really touch on true issues and things that go on everyday.This poem is such an inspiration to me.I can’t tell you how much I love this poem.You really are a phenominal woman.

  58. Deja says:

    This poem could inspire any africian Americian to do anything, and not to be ashamed of their colour. The first time i ever heard this poem was from a movie called poetic justci and the reader in that movie was janet jackson. From then i always wanted to read this poem myself only because it could inhance a black womens self asteem, and i thank you for showing us that we are worth a whole lot. Thank You

  59. Shauniece says:

    As a fan of poetry, I would say this poem is one of the best ones I have read. This can and will build up a woman’s self-esteem. Yes, this poem is indeed “Phenomenal”.

  60. Shavonda G says:

    This poem brights up my day everytime i read it. It makes me proud to be in my skin

  61. Uchechi says:

    That peom is so sexy and flow so smooth.

  62. Shalonda says:

    It’s such a blessing to hear, rather see, words that inspire, edify, and encourage. I’ve never really heard all the words to this poem, but I was lost for words when I did. May God continue to bless Ms. Angelou for her aspirations. Thank you Ms. Angelou, though you may not read this.

  63. marc says:

    i am blown away by the many layers of finely integrated perspective in this poem. i think it’s fantastic when you can compare yourself to others and realise how much BETTER you are than them. and i know i get a real bang out of walking into a room and understanding that i can CONTROL people in it. i think those two traits together are the cornerstones of not only real self-confidence and great self-esteem, but also of a very special personality. maya whatssername is a totally inspirational artist and PHENOMENAL WOMAN should be adapted to a pop song. it would definitely go to number one, and it would be fantastic to hear of it being broadcast all across america.

  64. kimberly aniag says:

    Well regina green just to inform you maya maybe thinking of black females when wrinting this poem but my philippino/ecuadorian/italian behind as well, was touched by this poem to claim exactly who Maya was reffering to takes away from the beauty of the poem as well as the feeling for non-black females.

  65. Maria says:

    I loved it. Phenomenal woman, that’s me =)

  66. DEYSHA WRIGHT says:


  67. Briana says:

    This poem is very inspiring to women everywhere!It’s really great. This past July, my cousin competed in the Miss New York State pagent and as her talent she did an interpertive dance to this poem. She recieved a standing ovation from all the women in the audience and everyone came up to her after the performance and told her how great it was. She came in first runner-up.

  68. Erinn says:

    Anyone can relate to that today. Ms. Angelou should go down in history for the sensational poems she has written. She has already left her mark in my life.
    With lots of love…

  69. Alecia says:

    I believe that this poem is a great and wonderful poem for many many types of woman. I think any woman can learn and receive a lot from this poem. It is touching and inspirational. I also did this for a school project and everyone loved it and I had people asking me about it for days. I love Maya Angelou

  70. Brittany says:

    i think the poem is a nice and its a interested peom and i think its beautiful and i think its the best poem other than “i rise” i am doing a article about you in class.

  71. Brea says:

    i love this poem i did it for my school and they loved it i make sure i’ll do it again

  72. RACQUEL says:

    when i read this poem i learned that confidence is from within and it outshines what is on the outside. I you think it you are it. we all have what it takes to be phenomenal

  73. abigail says:

    i was very touched by the poem and now i know that i can achieve my aim no matter my physical beauty but rather my inner beauty and my determination.

  74. Millicent Barrett says:

    This poem is an inspiration to me. I know that others will be inspired as I have. Thank you Maya Angelou

  75. Jacqeshia Miller says:

    This poem is phenomenal. I love it! I Love it! I love it! It really helps left your sprits when something gets you down. You know it just keep on giving. Me being a young poet it gives me inspiration.

  76. Tasha says:

    I think this poem is so inspiring. Its a great poem i would recormend young women like myself to read this poem.!

  77. MaghanMurphy says:

    The first time I heard true poetry was on Poetic Justice.I researched her statments.I felt so beautiful after hearing Phenomenal Woman.That is truly my favorite peom.

  78. farah says:

    it required a great woman to write such thing!
    god bless u!

  79. ross wiley says:

    why are any womyn so phenomenaly trite, hokey, and insecure that they could ever find even a glimpse of value in this maya angelou saturday night masterbation of a poem?
    its form, its rhyme, its metaphor, its language are all the stuff of undergraduate poetry workshop fodder and nothing repeat nothing more. gross.

  80. Olivia says:

    Dear Ms.Maya Angelou,
    I was(and still am)touch by your words in this poem.Phenomenal Woman is something I truly can relate to.It takes a true poet to really be inspired to write something so True! I just thank God there are people like you who can really make people feel good about themselves just from a few words.But of course thats not what I see your poems as. I read this poem in school and everyone loved it. Thanks to only you(I got an A+). From one of your fans always.

  81. Dintle says:

    WOW!the poem made me look at my womanhood in a new light.Its inpirational in every sense and im thankful for women like you that dares to claim their stand as are phenomenal!!

  82. juanita rodgers says:

    I first heard this poem in the movie “Poetic Justice”. I didn’t realize that it was written by Maya until i took an english lit course in college this semester. however, when my professor assinged it to another lady in my class to work on, i imediatly intercepted. i love this poem because it relates to me in so many ways and i have always admired maya. to me this poem is like a verse from a womans bible. it insipires those who feel that beauty is on the outside and remind those of us who are not models that beauty is at its best when it comes from within.

  83. jess says:

    this is a really good poem, and i love the i rise one too!

  84. xiomara says:

    this poem is the best poem i’ve ever read in my life.It has given me strengh to move on and realise that we are all woman of all kinds and we are all beautiful in our own way. thank u maya angelo u changed my life.and i believe so many others aswell. god bless u

  85. Mia says:

    hey, maya i love this peom. for my history fair, i going read and act the this peom and i hope they are amased like me. i love this peom alot and i proud and honred that u did this peom.

  86. kim says:

    that poem is very inspiring. It makes me feel strong like the one “i rise”

  87. jan says:

    wow!! .. this poem is truly phenomenal! it gives me such confidence and joy.. and for that i wanna thank u!

  88. MsKing says:

    -Thank You Nubian for such an insprational poem.-
    I feel that every young lady should read and discuss this poem begining with middle school because she portrays how confident she is about her womanhood but is not cocky with it or loud about it. She UNDERSTANDS she’s not perfect but KNOWS her worth. She LOVES herself which I believe that is always the begining.
    -Thank You Again Ms. Maya Angelou, for sharing your knowledge-

  89. Farida el Y says:

    I’m lost for words..truly..All I can say is thank you.

  90. Christine says:

    I can’t express the feelings I feel when I read this work of art, it is beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the love I share with my dearest Vincenzo the person from whom I received a link to view and read this poem.

    The poem, author Maya and my dearest Vincenzo are so very insightful about the inner thoughts and feelings of a woman’s perception of one’s self and the true inner beauty of a woman that many people never come to realize or see.


  91. Anita says:

    This could very well serve as the definition of “phoenomenal”, because every one of us here felt the word reverberate in her pores, her collerbone and down through the soles of her feet. Thank you Maya.

  92. Honesty says:

    I would have to say that this is one of my favorite poems. I love the way the poem makes you sound so confident.Even from a readers expression it makes me feel strong like I can conquer any task at hand. This poem has truely inspired me to become a better writer and has put some enlightment on my work. Thank you MS. Angelou for being an inspiring woman.

  93. Kimberly Ruth Everisto says:

    im 18 yrs old and i heard this poem a few years back recited by janet jackson in a film. wow i cant even begin to describe the way it encourages and inspires me to want to be more and be proud of being a woman no matter what state i find myself in. truly beatiful.

  94. Nori says:

    I am a single female and I use this poem to inspire me in my christian walk. I am a PHENOMENAL WOMAN for CHRIST JESUS.

  95. Caitlyne says:

    Im only thirteen but this poem is such a inspiration to me. It taught me not to judge on beauty! This poem always brightens my day!

  96. Lizzy says:

    I love this poem,I have never felt more beautiful. and from now on I will exudes confidence. I love you Maya.I just pray that oneday I can be the woman that you have grown to be.So Humble and full of wisdom.

  97. Kay says:

    I have to say you have done it again you have brought a tear to my eye.That poem was great,you are my inspirsation. Though I am young, I already know what I want to be. I want to be another Maya Angelou because you are looked up to by many and hated by few. I hope one day that I could write something as great as Phenomenal Woman because THATS ME.

  98. NIKKI says:


  99. XIARIA says:


  100. Ashley key says:

    This poem tells all woman and young ladies how great they are, that we are all phenomenal. We dont have to look a certain way, or speak a certain way, we are all Phenomenal woman like maya angelou states Phenomenally, Phenomenal woman,That’s me!

  101. Tatiana Vinzant says:

    this poem iz so beautiful it shows that we are beautiful 4rm tha nside out that we cn do anythang we put our minds 2 as woman.

  102. tinka says:

    Maya Angelo is great Im only sixteen but i feel like this poem was wrote for me. It always can help me build my confidence up when Im feeling down

  103. Brenda says:

    Wow.I am going to give a copy of this poem to my daughter for her graduation from highschool. It is strong. It is bold. She will grow into it.

  104. shaz says:

    This poem is such an inspiration to young females all over the world! It just shows that you don’t have to look like a super-model to be beautiful and should encourage women to be proud of who they are! Always remember- beauty comes from within!

  105. Natasha says:

    Women are the giver of life, first teachers, they are the salt of the earth, we are special. Go Maya

  106. Pamela says:

    It should make a lot of woman feel proud about themselves. It builds up my confidents when me and my boyfriend get into arguments. I love this peom

  107. Pamela says:

    It should make a lot of woman feel proud about themselves. It builds up my confidents when me and my boyfriend get into arguments. I love this peom

  108. Corey says:

    This poem is an inspiration to all young females and I just enjoy reading all of her excellent work. It shows how creative just one person can be. Kudos to the one and only, Mya Angelou.

  109. Rebecca says:

    you are an insperation to me so thank you i want to be a poet also

  110. Rebecca says:

    I think u are an insperation to every one i know you are one of my role modles I want to be a poet myself

  111. John says:

    Another great, inspirational, hold your head up high, be glad of who you are poem by Mayaa Angelou.

    P.S. My name really isn’t John…its Scgmidty Jekins Winhimer III

  112. Brandi says:

    I’m only 15 ,but i realy love your poem. This poem tells that i can become that and not show self off.And that we come in different shapes and sizes.

  113. cpg says:

    i love this poem, its great. It reaches out to me, as me being a women.

  114. L. Lorencen says:

    Maya Angelou is an amazing poet. She truly captures the spirit of a woman. Reading this poem made me stand taller and walk prouder. Thank you Maya!

  115. William.A says:

    This poem is amazing and i love Maya Angelou alot keep up the great work …..

  116. Michelle says:

    this poem is the best one I have ever read and i am only 14 and i don’t read that much but i do like poetry and thats the best i have read yet!

  117. Miss Howard says:

    First this poem is mainly about who you are i am a women with attitude. this poem is dealing with men also and i no that this poem was good and it inspired some of the ladys if a nigga treats you wrong and hits you get out of that relation ship now becuae you deserve better youre a women and phenomenal woman thats me!!!1

  118. yalinne castillo says:

    its a really nice poem it spired me to do a really inportant dessition in my life ,thank you maya angelou

  119. severiamurphy says:

    the poem is so right i really like it.i first read it in 5th grade and it really really inspired me to slow my ways so thank you


  120. elana moseby says:

    the poem really hits at home with me. Iam a very strong women my self raising six kids an lone. I have went back to school so that i can make something happen for them and then me. The peom made me just want to go on foever with my dreams and make them happen. Little Rock, AR

  121. Lisa K. says:

    After reading Maya Angelou’s life story I can understand this poem on a whole new level. She was a strong and inspiring woman of her time and she continues to touch and help people (especially women) with her poetry. As a high school student, I can truely say that (although I hve not really experienced life as Maya Angelou has) I have a different perspective of myself and the way I carry myself.

  122. Kelli says:

    This poem is an inspiration to women everywhere….. All women are Phenomenal in their own rights. God made each one of us special and unique remember the bible says you are wonderfully and fearfully made. Each and every woman should hold there heads up proudly.

  123. Iishia says:

    The Poem “Phenomenal Woman ” was so inspiring. It show’s the beautiful side of a woman. I don’t really think that words can describe how good the poem is. But Maya Angelou is a graet poet.

  124. lady says:

    This poem is beautiful. The first time I heard it I didn’t really appreciate it, I just read it because I had to for school.Now i’m a bit older and I fully understand the words and it’s meaning and I love it.

  125. lizard says:

    I thought this poem was beutiful, and i choose to recite it for a speech class becuase it maybe me think of why a man would look at me the way he does.thank you for this poem!

  126. Alex M. says:

    My Comment should be more interesting because I am man. I really enjoyed this poem and you feel the confidence is were the real beauty lies. In a women’s soul is where men should start looking, if they want a real women.

  127. Nancy Kinsey says:

    I was most fortunate to be in an audience in Winston Salem and hear Ms. Angelou deliver her poem “Phenomenal Woman”. She is the most inspiring woman I have ever met. I have read several of her books and I am so inspired and impressed with her success given all the difficulties she had to overcome. She is the best example of and truly is “a phenomenal woman. As I reread the poem I could hear her magnificent voice saying those words. Truly an inspiration.

  128. shameka says:

    i thought her poem was good marvelous i think shes the best poet alive thats my opinion

  129. Maxine says:

    My friend Pam sent this poem to me. I’m going through some personal things right now. I just want Pam to know that I thank her so much for this. This is what I needed to read. Thanks for being my friend for over 25 years. Yes I moved away 17 years ago. And your still my sister and my best friend. Love Ya!

  130. michelle says:

    this poem is such an inspiration to women of all ages and teaches them to respect and love themselves!!

  131. Alicha says:

    This poem is awesome.It really lets women know that they do have a voice. Maya you are one of the most intelligent and unique women that I have ever known. You’re a good example of a strong women. Because when you write you write with courage and strenght.

  132. A simple girl says:

    i love this poem. It just makes me feel so good. It says that iit’ snot the way you look it’s the way you act. If your proud of your body then people can tell. THere is just something about tha’s different. Differnet is good.

  133. berica evans says:

    i love your poem phenomenal woman it describes how a woman actually works. you inpired me to write peoms now i never used to like poems but now i know that a woman can be anything she puts her mind too all thanks too you!!

  134. Tanganika says:

    mrs.Angelu this is by far my favorite poem of all times and this poem has inspired me so much

  135. Nicole Jones says:

    this poem has shown me you are not phenomenal just because you look one way it shows me you are phenomenal because of the way you act the way you show your self.

  136. Kenyanna says:

    I first heard this poem in the 7th grade,it really did stick with me.I have to do an asssignment on maya angelou. We have to chose any litery work on maya.As a nineth grader I think this is one of the best if not the best poem written with a women in favor.

  137. Paul Bard says:

    This poem is about two things at once.

    Firstly it is about grace. Physical grace is just the embodiment of the ability and capacity to love. Not the sentimental love that is a mishmash of desire and resentment and novelty that is peddled in the mass media. This poem is about the REAL DEAL: the ability to uplift a man to know that they are perfect, just as they are.
    Secondly this poem is about America. It is no longer acknowledged commonly that all humans are equal in God’s eyes in America. It is taken as gospel truth. But in the past, and in many parts of the world still, WOMAN cannot be gracious. They must be silent. They must stay covered up. So this poem is a celebration of Freedom. But what kind of Freedom is it? A uniquely American style of freedom: the freedom to be who you want to be. So I celebrate this poem, and graciously thank it’s creator, Ms Angelou, and bless America in my heart for the blessings of freedom.

  138. kell says:

    what about the people who dont have that kinda body dont you think about them

  139. QUANESHA says:

    This poems give self awareness to women its saying i think that we are great and a gift and that we should believe we are. It saying that we a strong and able to adabt to anything. That if we believe what we are we are what we believe. I believe I am PHENOMENAL WOMEN A WOMEN PHENOMENALLY thanks MAYA.

  140. felicia coolidge says:

    you are so talented and god has created a wonderful angel out of you. much love

  141. noor says:

    All women are phenominal, I just don’t understand why we don’t let each other shine. A beatiful, confident woman is the most lonely creature…. I know.

  142. Tarah says:

    i loved the poem. it was amazing and made me feel like girls can be respected without being trashy. it was awesome

  143. Samadas Williams says:

    Dear Mrs.Angelou,I just wanted to say that your poem(s) are all good they all have a diffrent meaning and they say a lot!!!!!!!!!!!
    So keep doing what you do best

  144. Domonique says:

    i think this poem is so beautiful it really touched my heart i have like this poem since i seen poetic justic and janet jackson recited it i thought it was so nice and i truly do belive i am a phenomenal woman.

  145. Lisa Jackson says:

    My is Lisa Jackson, and I’m presently in a drug rehab. Your poem has blessed me, and I now I feel like a Phenomenal Woman, and that’s me.

  146. shortylihtskin says:

    I feel that Maya angelo is a honorable respected and wise women in my eyes, i may be young but i feel the deepest feelings when i read her poems, that relate in strong positives ways that touches people such as me, i honor her and , wish her luck along her life

  147. Dee Smith says:

    I am a Spoken Word Artist and have followed Maya Angelou’s poetry most of my life. This is by far the most inspirational piece anyone has ever written. It is my life at a glance. Thank You Queen Maya for being a part of my life and such a strong influence in our History!!!!

  148. Quinn says:

    I am doing a speech presentation and I chose this particular poem, because it is beautiful to just read the words and if there are any peom songs that you have, I would love to share it with my class. Please write back soon

  149. Keisha says:

    I love this poem! When i read this poem, it brings the meaning of life and a strong woman to existence

  150. Zenobia says:

    Well the poem is os cute I really love it maya you so nice with your peoms I had the peom at my wedding I reed it myself.Wll all I wanted to say that is is so cuyt and Thank You

  151. Holly says:

    This poem has made me realize that every woman is beautiful in her own way- that you don’t have to have the tabloid image to be beautiful.I am twelve years old and this poem has finally made me realize and be proud of what it is to be a woman.I too, do not have that “perfect” image. A woman is a great thing to be- we have a sort of feminine greatness and silent grace about us that is what truly makes us women Every girl should read this poem! And Maya, you have inspired me, thanks girl!

  152. Rashina says:

    I attended a wedding on Feb.26,2005. As I danced alone on the dance floor, men wondered, “who is that?” The way I move is so graceful. I sometimes think, what is it about me that men see? A friend of mine asked, “have you ever read “Phenomenal Woman”,by Maya Angelou?” I said,”maybe once or twice”. He said, “you need to read it again, and memorize it. As soon as I got to work, I looked it up on the computer. When I read the poem, it was like I had never read it before. I felt every word.A “Phenomenal Woman” is exactly who I am. I Thank You Maya Angelou for this poem. It has given me such an inspiration, and I have a confidence that I have never had before. AWSOME POEM, I LOVE IT.

  153. Leslie Hill says:

    this poem reveals the inner beauties that all women have, meaning that it’s not about the outer appearence of one but, true beuty is based ob the way in which one carries herself

  154. Leslie Hill says:

    this poem reveals the inner beauties that all women have, meaning that it’s not about the outer appearence of one but, tue beuty is based ob the way in which one carries herself

  155. Adama says:

    This peom has helped me through the toughest times in my life when people put me down. This poem is telling me that I AM A PHENOMENAL WOMAN.

  156. Willie says:

    Personally, I love this poem. I am a plus size woman myself and my self esteem was very low. After reading Ms. Angelou’s poem, my whole attitude changed. I look at myself different now.The person I see in the mirror is BEATIFUL. My smile can light up a dark room. It’s all because the powerful words in this poem, that made me love myself for who I am not who I wanted to be. Now if anyone want to know why my head not low, it because I am a PHENOMENAL WOMEN no matter where I go!

  157. Janelle Scuggs-Bagley says:

    I love your poem!You see I am a phenomenal but than they (boys)don’t get point of when I just don’t wanna talk to them but they try so hard.From your poem I learned it’s harder to be a thin type then a phenomenal woman.All because of the fact of when a man trys to hit on them and they say no the boys just don’t listen.You made me and my friends that we should be proud of our self of the way we look.Your poem really expired me. My boyfriend says thank you because now we are both comfortable about the way we look.Mostly me!!

  158. Rashida says:

    I want to thank Ms. Maya Angelou for writing this poem. Every woman should have a copy of this somewhere in her possession. It is powerful, inspirational and most of all the TRUTH. Not all women are cut from the same mold, but each one of us has a uniqueness about ourselves and so what if no one else can see it, we can. Women be proud and know that all of you are Phenomenal!

  159. Britany says:

    What a great poem. The most perfect use of words to describe how pothetic men really are. Maya Angelo has brilliant eyes; she sees things like stanzas in her poetry. She is the best! And “Phenomenal Woman” is the most uplifting poem that any women can and will read in her lifetime. ThanXs lifting my self-esteem Mya. You are a very powerful voice in my life and I am amazed by the strength in your work.

  160. Brittney Epps says:

    i love the poem, i recited it in an oritorical contest at my school. she inspires any woman with that poem.

  161. cheree says:

    i really like it.

  162. Brittany says:

    This poem should be inspiring to all women who really want repect for themselves.Mayo Angelou really told and showed the world that she does not have to be loud or put on a show to get what she wants. All in all I think she was telling us women that we should be seen not heard.I give her 10 thumbs up. I lofve u. #1 fan

  163. Tiffany Campbell says:


  164. Joselyn says:

    I really loved this poem. It is really intence and beautiful, I am so glad that your self esteem is high and that you feel that way about yourself or the person you were talking to. I lOVED It!

  165. janell b.k.a nellypoo says:

    this poem was beautiful and it made me feel good please make another one Maya i hope you should

  166. carolyn says:

    Maya after reading this poem it gave me the strenth to walk away from an abusive relationship and regain my self worthfulness i have gone back to school and have now married a man that treat me like the phenomenal woman that i am keep doing what you do because you are awesome. may god continue to bless you and everything that you do!

  167. Sheniqua Smith says:

    I love this poem it mkes me feel like a young woman because ever since i was little men always had something to say bout me, but now that i read this poem it makes me feel like ive been born again

  168. Wizza Bean says:

    Maya, I appreciate all of the uplifting words despite right now what this country is going through. I copied down this poem and took if home to let me mother and sister read it they both fell in love. Maya, I just honor your name. Thanx

  169. Caity says:

    this poem means so much to me. As a young girl who is not like the norm and does not have the model body, this poem makes me feel proud to be me. I read this poem over and over again and each time i can feel my head rising a little higher. This is a woman’s anthem.

  170. angel mason says:

    i like the poem phenomenal women because i think it show that you are phenomenal and sometimes women don’t. also, that you dont have to be a super model, fashion model, or super star to be phenomenal.

  171. Kara Schlabach says:

    I don’t know where to start! This poem has totally changed my perspective on life. It seems as though it opened a new door somewhere where I have never been. Maya hits the nail right on the head by saying that we are phenomenally a woman! Ladies we are so fearfully and wonderfully made, let’s not take that for granted.

  172. Kaylen says:

    Hi mya I really love all the poems i’ve read by you an as for this here poem I read this poem in the 5th grade and 6th I just want to say tha i’m proud of you and your work.

  173. dana says:

    when i got the movie “poetic justice” with janet jackson and tupac shakur, i’ve heard all the best poems that maya angelou wrote. i’ve feel in love with phenomenal woman. cause i can relate to it. i’m 18 and i feel like a phenomenal woman. i’ve written 10 notebooks filled with poetry. and i love them all.

  174. Jennifer Becker says:

    this poem was very good. Not being a perfect size or the girl that gets alot of attention at school it really encouraged me to fell good about my body and whop i am . i have a much higher self asteem after reading this poem.

  175. Ariel says:

    Maya Angelou’s “phenomenal women” is so beautiful. For the brief time I read it I feel as if I am living her expirences. She is so strong and has such an amazing essenence to her.

  176. Ms. Michelle says:

    I was wondering if all of maya angelos’ books are just poems or is there actual story writing.. I was just curious, so maybe if you could email me and let me know , that would be wonderful!

  177. morgan says:

    Nothing but the truth, strengthing, breathtaking, and emotional are some of the words that describes this poem. It truly is “One in a million” and I think Maya for writing it. I’m looking forward to more poems of this nature. Thanks Maya!

  178. Dana H says:

    The poem is one of my favorite poems because when I first read this poem I felt like this was written about me. And I believe that any true women would feel that unbelieveable feeling of coinfidence after reading this wondeerful poem. This poem allows young ladys and women to understand that your own individualality is the most gorgeous this thing in the world. And when you have this aspect in your life it’s something that not only you will notice but people will unexpectly notice too.

  179. Dominique says:

    this poem really helps when I am feeling down. I am a 13 year old and sometimes, or all the time I feel I am not good enough. this poem is so beautifull.

  180. rece says:

    i have read over a thousand poems and this is my all time favorite

  181. Racharr says:

    I love Mya and Phenomenal Women is my favorite poem. It’s a poem that should be shared between every women in god’s eye. When I read that poem I feel deep and emotional because it has me imagining this phenomenal women. I too am a phenomenal women and I face the same problems. I’m not cute nor do I have the perfect body but there’s still something about me that is very attractive and I feel it’s the realness of me. Thank you Mya.

  182. Kaseana Stubbs says:

    This is a great poem that has inspired alot of people including me. I love Maya Angelo and her poetry. Alot more young people should read this poem because yuoung people have not yet experienced being a woman and this poem may give a child taht feels like they have no hope alot of hope

  183. Kerri says:

    I have to say this is the most beautiful poem that Mya Angelou has ever written. She knows how to go deep in a young woman’s mind. The depth of her words tells no boundies. I was able see her in a lecture not long ago, not only is she a beautiful woman. But she has a craft like no other. Keeping it real its what makes Mya a Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  184. Stephany Fuentes says:

    I think this poem is a great come back to all those evil men that look down on us because we’re different. I’m resently finishing a research project on Maya Angelou and reading how her life was at such an early age this poem shows curage and demonstrates what a real woman should be like. I’m 19 and these types of poems do help to become a strong independent woman.

  185. lauren anderson says:

    Your poem is phenomenalkeep it going and keep on rising up.

  186. kiyla says:

    i may live in Japan but i will be in the states in 3 days
    this is a beautiful poem i think it is a good way that young girl see them self as not just being a model but just deal with what you are born with

  187. Darcy Anderson says:

    I am a college student who is researching your work for a finals projects Maya. I think you are a wonderful poet with a great deal of thought behind your work. Any woman who feel women need to announce that they too have power in the world get great thoughts and ideas out of your poems. I loved them!

  188. Missy says:

    This poem is so good!!! It shows girls that you don’t have to be perfect to get a guy. Girls are too caught up with how they look, but guys will like you for you. Guys like confidence, and Maya’s poem shows that you don’t have to be the “ideal woman”. This poem is the best!!!!

  189. Gabrielle Chiddy says:

    i love this poem!!..i actually get it, unlike some of the others! i love your work..and this goes for all of your other poems!..they are amazing, and really touched my heart. for our english class, i am reading your poem!

  190. net net baby says:

    Queen Maya, i just have to let you know i love your work that it just grow on me.. I also love to write i’ve been writing since i was 9 years old and now im almost 18.. your work is the reason why i write … thank you

  191. nina says:

    this poem is a very beautiful poem and i like how it expresses us women in a positive way.

  192. camellia Williamson says:

    This poem is my very favourite, there are many ways in which my life was an is still touched by the contents of the poem. The first time I read it, I was about thirteen years old. AS a teenager growing into a woman Wearing a

  193. latisha says:

    I really think this is a very good for young girls to look at.

  194. Emily says:

    Mya’s poems allow me a glimps of what it’s like in this world for an African American woman. She has such a beautiful way of describing objects and feeling. Phenomenal Woman has inspired me to start a “keepsake box” for the women in my family. Her poem represents an image of strength and beauty for all women, of all races, of all sizes… and is very inspiring. =)

  195. Dannielle Austin says:

    I didn’t understand this poem at all.i just don’t get what she is trying to say.

  196. Sharifah Zaleha Syed Hassan says:

    This is what I have been looking for to send to my 21 year old daughter now studying in USA so she can see that womanhood is not just about looking physically great but also radiating confidence and compassion. Terima kasih (thank you in Malay language) Maya dear.

  197. Sidney Watson says:

    I love the poem so much that created a male version of it entitled “Phenomenal Man.” Go to publishedauthors > sidneywatson to view poem.

  198. america says:

    I loved this poem.When I read this, I felt like it was telling a story.It truely made me realize what a phenomenal woman is. Thats for writting this its beautiful.

  199. nikita says:

    i love this poem. this is actualy one of my favorites. i first heard at a church conference for young adults. to me maya was letting every female know that they are worth something. she wants us to understand that we stand at a certain level that know who think they are higher than us, put us down. she wants us to build a high self-asteem in us that we could stand tall outbeat all of our boundaries…

  200. regina green says:

    Rev. Regina Green

    September 2004

    Maya Angelou

    Phenomenal Women is ringing with the essence of many beautiful black women. Emphasis must be placed on Black American women, do to the concept of American beauty. Black women are rarely identified in the category of American beauty ,except they look like tinted Caucasian women such as Halley Berry, whom the white boys call a “Babe”, she is synonymous with white beauty, while being identified as black do to her mixed parentage.
    The strength and dignity defined in the poem “Phenomenal Women “leap gracefully from the pages almost deitizing , the natural electric beauty of a culturally refined dark women of the African American race. It is like a contemporary cry of Sojourner Truths “Ain’t I Women too” She eloquently describes the essence of her being,pinpointing the strength of the dignity of the female soul of a human a species thought as less then;Yet hoarding the truth that “Ain’t I a women too. This to embraces the beauty of character, while sharing the vulnerabilities of her femaleness, that was overlooked, She defies the social classism do to her phenomenal conviction of soul while maintained at the base of her character, in a society that tried to make her insignificant as a women American further attempted to strip her of all that identified her as a female. This was a prevailing fact in American Culture. The legacy was received and recomposed in the writing of Maya Angelou whom describes the being of a cosmopolitan contemporary black female. Not respected for her natural beauty but oozing a magnetism that is unavoidably phenomenal

    This particular piece is not multicultural but unique to the black female experience. Especially those of dark hue. While her beauty has been undermined, the clarity of her grace and savee screams through halls of history as it did bellow in the lyrical discourse of Sojourner Truths “Ain’t I a Women too”. This piece does not add to the multicultural contribution of the writer ,but heighten the identification of a black females soul. The writer,has evolved and grown to incorporate the human cry, as seen in the piece written for the presidential inauguration, suggesting that growth and exposure outside her vacuum allowed her to identify the tender humanity that crosses cultural lines.

  201. kisha says:

    I enjoyed reading this poem in class because it makes one think that if they have low self-esteem then they should not let anyone put them down. Just by reading this poem it would raise your self esteem and make you look at yourself as a better person. No matter how you look men should judge you by your personality. After i read this poem i realized that the most of the things mentioned are true about a lot of women.
    Thanks and good jog Maya Angelou your the best……

  202. kirsty jasper says:

    IM a thirteen year old girl and im also a plus size girl mya angelous poems really inspire me to do something positive with my life I love to sing and write poetry and when I need some insperation I just read one of myas poems I am a young black women and proud of it. thank you mya

  203. denisha says:

    this poems is one of my favorites i love it it expresses how i fell about men i like and all most love

  204. ANNETTE says:

    I’ve loved this poem since the movie “POETIC JUSTICE” when Janet Jackson read it. Not knowing that it was one of Dr.Angelo’s poems when i saw the movie seeing it here just gave me chills.

  205. Ophelia says:

    the frist time i heard this poem i cried. its because some one that i didnt know that well gave it to me and i didnt have a clue that this person thought of me that way. Much Love

  206. Amber Martin says:

    This peom has touched me in a way that no peom has touched me before.I am a peom writer and I don’t think I would have gotton that deep. But the delicate of the peom is so beutiful and every woman, child,mother should be proud of their outer features. I know I am and a Phenomenal Woman I shall be

  207. candace dash says:

    I love this poem so much because it got my sister to be the Queen of Meigs Gs. Know im finna do this poem in a school show and from what i have heard so far, im going to win this little school project. I have been expericing Maya Angelo every since i read her book. Maya this peom is the best. Out of all your peoms i would rank this one as being the best. i love all you peoms its just this one is my favorie. Still I Rise is one of my favorites to.

  208. Pretty woman says:

    I think that this poem si great! it tells about things that u wouldn’t rthink other people talked about.other wise this peom is vert inspirational.

  209. Gisele Barlow says:

    I enjoyed reading this peom because some poeple just dont uderstand that you dont have to have a model body or the prettest girl to be beautiful

  210. Stephanie Baker says:

    I love Dr. Angelo she is a breath of fresh air, she is inspiring to anyone who is willing to listen to her. She to me is like an earthly angle just looking to give knowledge to anyone who is willing to listen. Listen to her tonation and pitch and you to can hear her sincerity…give me more Mya.

  211. Dana says:

    I love this poem, it is my favorite poem by Maya Angelou. I read this poem to my girl scout troop and had them tell me what it meant to each of them. I was suprised at what each girl took away from the poem. I think its a great coming of age poem for young girls to read. A big “Thank you” to Maya for her works.

  212. phyllis aaron says:

    this is a true poem that every young girl,women,or child should read when a man makes them feel like they are all we have phenomeal woman lets the trueth be told and its one of them poems that gives women all around the wrould high self asteam so read it if you cant take the true point of life.

  213. monique says:

    This poem should be very touching to young females because if they read this poem then they should understand that all Mya is saying is that with respect for yourself then you are all the Phenomenal women that any REAL man will need. Take your time and read this poem and see if this is the women that you consider yourself to be because I know that is me, Phenomenal Women.

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