Head of a White Woman Winking

She has one good bumblebee
which she leads about town
on a leash of clover.
It’s as big as a Saint Bernard
but also extremely fragile.
People want to pet its long, shaggy coat.
These would be mostly whirling dervishes
out shopping for accessories.
When Lily winks they understand everything,
right down to the particle
of a butterfly’s wing lodged
in her last good eye,
so the situation is avoided,
the potential for a cataclysm
is narrowly averted,
and the bumblebee lugs
its little bundle of shaved nerves
forward, on a mission
from some sick, young godhead.

Analysis, meaning and summary of James Tate's poem Head of a White Woman Winking

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  1. angela says:

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    My name is Angela Smithson,
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    I contacted HR by phone on 4/22/05 with intentions of filing a complaint I was hung up on by the Assistant VP of HR. I then sent her an email which I still have explaining the whole situation. She did not take action. She has been in complete control of this investigation since June when I requested a formal complaint be made against this employee as she was harassing and threatening me.
    It was not until a few weeks ago when I finally had enough and asked to file a formal complaint did they look into this. Their investigation was unfounded and as a result I was told to move on. I had explained to them since day one that this conversation was held between myself, this employee and my son and that I did not think anyone else heard. Their final decision was that My allegations were not proved, disproved or cooperated. However two members of management had told me that ‘I don’t think she meant any harm by that she had an exboyfriend who was black.’. This statement alone first shows that management is not shocked that she said something like this as she has a very foul mouth (she swears all day every day and also uses racial and homophobic remarks) and that they are protecting her for what ever reason.
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    They have silenced me after putting up a long hard fight however they can not take away my freedom of speech.

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    Thank You
    Angela L Smithson

    Please sign Cullen’s petition at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/Cullen and

    Amica Insurance contact:
    CEO Robert Dimuccio [email protected] (who never returned any of my calls,letters, emails or requests to meet with him personally regarding my son’s pain)
    Assistant VP Suzanne Casey [email protected] (the HR employee who was sent to investigate and made the final call)
    Anthony Noviello III, Branch Manager Southeastern Massachusetts Office
    [email protected] (who tried to be my friend during the investigation just to find out my next move, he has children himself that went to bring your child to work day)

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