My friends do not know.
But what could my friends not know?
About what? What friends?

She sleeps late each day,
stifling each reason to rise,
choked into the quilt.

“I’ll never find work.”
She swallows this thought with pills,
finds tears in the glass.



  1. shamona says:

    this poem was very truth ,when i read this poem it touched me in a way that i have never been touched before i mean i felt it througth my heart

  2. Hatsumiyo-chan says:

    This poem really touched me…I have felt exactly like this poem descibes. Often it is hard for me to understand poetry (even though I take great joy in reading and writing it) but this poem…I understood the importance of each word immdeiately!

  3. jacqueline amos says:

    oh the darken of the night, the depress within the dark, the arms lean out, oh dear God end this hell which I live, the dark gets darker the day never comes, oh the hunger that I long for to free this pain that stands before my door. Oh the wisdom of the old souls this is excellent.

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