O chansons foregoing
You were a seven days’ wonder.
When you came out in the magazines
You created considerable stir in Chicago,
And now you are stale and worn out,
You’re a very depleted fashion,
A hoop-skirt, a calash,
An homely, transient antiquity.
Only emotion remains.
Your emotions?
Are those of a maitre-de-cafe.


  1. Sheryl Skoglund says:

    The poem is an insult to France. Viva la France. chan·son   /ˈʃænsən; Fr. ʃɑ̃ˈsɔ̃/ Show Spelled
    [shan-suhn; Fr. shahn-sawn] Show IPA

    –noun, plural -sons  /-sənz; Fr. -ˈsɔ̃/ Show Spelled
    [-suhnz; Fr. -sawn] Show IPA
    any of several types of song with french lyrics, occurring from the Middle Ages to the present in a variety of musical styles

  2. dwayne shedrack says:

    nice thinkin ……great mind …. great poem

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