We learn it in Retreating
How vast an one
Was recently among us —
A Perished Sun

Endear in the departure
How doubly more
Than all the Golden presence
It was — before —

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  1. Maurício Cléto says:

    The absence emphasizes the value. We can not realize how important a person close to us is. His/ her presence is enough, so we do not keep philosophical thoughts. The sun image is negative in the retreating moment; it is the sunset: “a Perished Sun”. The sun warms us; it is shining bright and it is a life center. The hugeness of the metaphor “a Perished Sun” give us the drama of the rupture and leads us to a blank: there is no more “Sun”, no “center” – “the planets” do not know where to go. “The Golden presence” is “doubly more” seeing because our eyes is staring at the Sun, because in our hearts and mind it will never be a “a Perished Sun”. Even in the absence we still feel its warmth.

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