This quiet Dust was Gentleman and Ladies

This quiet Dust was Gentleman and Ladies
And Lads and Girls —
Was laughter and ability and Sighing
And Frocks and Curls.

This Passive Place a Summer’s nimble mansion
Where Bloom and Bees
Exists an Oriental Circuit
Then cease, like these —


  1. Rich DeLuca says:

    This poem is so beatiful. The beauty in everything Emily shows in not in sounds and sight but in the souls of all of us! Our memories will be quiet dust, but in the minds of those that love us we will be Gentleman & Ladies….

  2. Steve Hayes says:

    I don’t know that I have a comment about the poem, but William Styron did use its opening phrase as the title of a book of short stories he wrote, and he commented on the poem, as I recall.

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