There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another sunshine,
Though it be darkness there;
Never mind faded forests, Austin,
Never mind silent fields –
Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is ever green;
Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been;
In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:
Prithee, my brother,
Into my garden come!

Analysis, meaning and summary of Emily Dickinson's poem There is another sky


  1. jacob says:

    i think i fell asleep doing reading the poems

  2. filippo says:

    emimly, always the best… never read this poem before.. now… just found it by chance… I have a book but it was not in… stupid biographer .-p

  3. Liu Xiaoling says:

    I like this poem. And I was impressed by the poem when I read it at first sight. I hope there is really another quiet sky ,where people can have a spritual rest.

  4. Dick Hammerstein says:

    This poem is super great. It reminds me of my native country of Tongo, which you all shud visit. Pls visit it or else i wil bee saud.

  5. Emile Moelich says:

    “There ia another sky.”
    Emily Dickinson was a great poet.

  6. christina says:

    i just want to say it’s so sweet

  7. Timothy says:

    In this sweetly charming poem Emily Dickinson is declaring — albeit to herself — that the incompatibility her brother discovered with his wife should be put into perspective. “… another sky” and “… another sunshine, Though it be darknesss there” means the Universe and the insignificance of our problems. “… faded forests” and “… silent fields” suggests thoughtful lonely walks her brother took in his anxiety. Then she concludes by stating that he can always find true loving solace and understanding with her his sister.

    I would very much like to thank qirobin for the highly kind Chinese translation so that many others can read this remarkable poem!

  8. sima yari says:

    I think that Emily Dickinson is the best poet,in English Literature.

    • Arman Najmi says:

      Yes the poem of Emily Dickinson appeals to all of has got a universal elements embedded in its word fibre.She has always touched a deep cord inside me.But dear Sima Hari your poems so simple and somuch in it that they can not be explained fully.if I am a great fan of yours it is your creative genius that has mismerzed me. Arman Najmi

  9. natalie says:

    i love this poem because it’s just great. i love the way she includes her brother in this one

  10. story says:

    i love that this poem talks about our world around us and nature.its lovely

  11. Isabel says:

    Wow.This poem is absoulty amazing! I love the type of poem you’ll think about after you read it and it makes you want to read it over again and again. She is such an amazing writer. Aboustly B-E-A-utiful.

  12. Megan says:

    I think this poem deserves some recognition! It’s /beautiful/!

  13. James says:

    I think this is a high quality poem

  14. Adrian says:

    What does Kosovo and Albania have anything to do with this poem?

  15. Genc says:

    First of all, Im from Kosovo and not Yugoslavia. I ask the administrator to put Albania and Kosovo as a country. Thank you for your understanding!
    Now, let me explain my feelings about this poem. Personally, I think that she is writing to someone she loved or a relative. She is buried next to him or her.

  16. Juan says:

    To my mind, in this poem Dickinson is offering all her support and sisterly love to her elder brother Austin. She is obviously trying to boost his morale. Maybe he was going through difficult times when she wrote this. Or who knows? Maybe this was an invitation to share her world of art and imagination. That was certainly a good way to escape routine! He being a lawyer he may have been more matter-of-fact than she was or his life was just too hectic and through the images in this simple and beautiful poem she wants to bring him loads of optimism and hope for a better future.
    and maybe build up on his confidence at a rough time. She might also be referring to the Garden of Eden. You can never forget religion and spirituality when reading Dickinson. And in the Garden of Eden, unlike in our world, everything is supposed to be perfect. She, as a believer, knew that very well.

  17. Ellie says:

    This poem is fanatastic! I’m working on it for an essay with a mate 😀

  18. Chris says:

    Very well written.Everyone needs a peaceful “garden”

  19. Vanja says:

    I could cry.This is magnificent.She is my favorite poet in english language.This is pure religion in verses.Like Marina Cvetaeva but softer.

  20. emma says:

    This poem is perfect for a project!!!

  21. lily says:

    I understand Emily wanted to tell her brother that although there is pain in this life, there is also beauty in it as well. She offers her brother insight,by sharing her optimism in the midst of this sometimes mad world, extending him some hope. I pray the same for all of us in this world. That true peace enter our hearts and our mind. focus on the goodness, focus on the beauty within yourselves, we all have a light inside, we just need to silence our minds and reach deep inside. get in touch with our sacred selves. Then all hostility will disappear. It is better to be kind, than it is to be right. Love not war. Love not hate….I dream of world peace…and so I pray. I do not know you and yet I love you still.

  22. Kate says:

    I just love those lines “nevermind faded forests Austin,nevermind silent fields” as someone else said this poem provides a high level of comfort and was probably meant to comfort her brother.

  23. Emi says:

    It should be noted that, in “The Complete Poems Of Emily Dickinson,” as edited by Thomas H. Johnson, this is the second poem in chronological order. Obviously, it’s not as complex and interesting to dissect as some of her other, later works, but it’s certainly a sweet poem that is especially important in establishing the themes that run throughout the rest of her poetry. There is the concept of platonic relationships (Austin Dickinson was actually her brother) and the importance of males and females interacting on an equal level, something she found especially important as a woman who wanted to be an active member of society but was restricted by societal norms. She deals with this in other poems, ranging from “My Life had stood–a Loaded gun” to “I died for Beauty–but was scarce.”
    Biographically, it is also important to establish the connections she had to her family, between her, her brother, and her sister-in-law.
    While this may not be a great work of hers, it is certainly an important thing for anyone to read before reading any large amount of her poetry.

  24. chicken butt says:

    I chose Emily Dickenson for my project at school. I would have to read it agian to understand it ,but I feel it is a really good poem. She wrote a lot of Poems!

  25. chicken butt says:

    I chose Emily Dickenson for my project at school. I would have to read it agian to understand it ,but I feel it is a really good poem. She wrote a lot of Poems!

  26. Jesse says:


  27. sfiawong says:

    In her ‘There is another sky”, I like her last four sentences:

    In its unfading flowers
    I hear the bright bee hum:
    Prithee, my brother,
    Into my garden come!

    She heard the bee voice of humming….. so nice to express her feeling.

  28. Bob says:

    This poem is terrible

  29. starburst* says:

    This Poem Is Beautiful*

  30. Monica says:

    Emily’s poem is nice and a little boring, and my friends said that too.

  31. Whitney Sellers says:

    This poem is just amazing and it really seems to reach out to people. I mean just look at how many comments there are on this one poem. But i mean every poem has a great or magnificient poet behind it and this one awesome poem has one really wonderful poet behind it. And of course its Emily Dickenson.


  32. alma says:

    this poem was amazing!!
    i’m going to use it for a project!

  33. Emily says:

    I really like the poems that emily wrote because they kind of explain life and they dont make you feel so lonly because you realize that you do have somthing in commen with someone else.

  34. NORma says:

    Hey this poem is tight yo!!
    I gots to tell all of my homies all about it!!
    I want to make a shout-out to LUgo!!

  35. zippy says:

    ilike this poem.ive used it on my project thank you!!!!1!1!1!111

  36. EMILY says:

    Hello my name is Emily tellin
    Hey we hav the same name
    well anyways i am writting you because i LOVE YOUR POEM


  37. megan says:

    yeh! poems rule. And this one rules them all

  38. yasmine says:

    I think Emily was a great poem writer I LOVE this poem

  39. Natsuki says:

    if you are looking for a good poem to analyze, i suggest you do “Im Nobody” if you are in 5th-7th grade.

  40. Natsuki says:

    what is the “hidden message”?

  41. juliet says:

    i really like that poem. it made me see things a diffresnt way.

  42. Lily says:

    I’m on here for a project on Emily Dickinson. Though I’ve been known to have a lewd and disgusting sense of humor, I don’t understand the hatred on this site. People saying that this poem “blows” and “sucks” and whatnot just furthers Emily’s view on life and publication. People could not appreciate her poetry in her own time period, for she was too ahead of her time. Now, more than a century later, society has become too ignorant to accept her poetry. As for the sexual overtones, they were obviously not intended since Emily addressed her brother, Austin. These perversions were simply conjugated through your own mind dosed and poisoned by the over-sexed media. “Into my garden come!” could mean “Come into my garden.” and nothing more or less. In addition to that, while i skimmed through the previous comments, I found many people called her a “depressing goth” or something of that nature. It is unfair to label her (or anyone else) that, because, under the circumstances, it was almost mandatory to be paranoid of death. Women and children always tended for the ill and dying, and they were taught that there were little graves in the graveyards because little children died as well. She watched people around her die, mostly from comsumption (better known now as tuberculosis). Every funeral in town passed her house as well – so, naturally, death was something she pondered excessively, and she incorporated it into her poetry. Death is something we all wonder about at one point in our lives, and the occurence is something none of us fully understand. All in all, death is a perfectly reasonable topic to write or think about. As for this poem, it is clever, yet simplistic and easy to understand. My interpretation is that yes, there’s misery and darkness in the world, but she wants to turn her older brother’s head away from that, and escape to a surreal little forest of purity. For people of modern times, it may be a lover, but it can be anyone.

    As for the rude remarks, even I’ve toned down the immaturity and opened my mind to accurately understand Emily’s writing. I’m 12 years old, I listen to rap music, I have a foul mouth – I’m a parent’s worst nightmare! – yet I understand everything she says, about life, death, and love, as well as other topics. Her writing is truly universal.

    P. S. whoever is regulating these comments is slacking off… some random girl is begging for an orgy on here somewhere and they haven’t done anything yet.

  43. Tawnee says:

    i think this poem is so beautiful!I really didnt expect to understand any of her poems since she was from in the 1800’s most kids my age arent interested in this stuff. i really like her poems. i was looking for my favorite one in the world i memorized it. “i shall not live in vian” that one has the most meaning to me. i think the whole purpose of this poem is to teach other people and childeren my age that there is a imaginary garden to escape to and it will always be there when things arent so great. and for you guys that r being very rude i though adults were more mature than that. wow i guess i was wronge! sry didnt mean n e thing bi that.

  44. Katelyn says:

    i think this poem is beautiful….it really has a hidden meaning…and it really reminds me of myself, because i think she is trying to tell someone how she sees the world through her eyes and how beautiful it is to her. but no one can see the world the same way you do….

  45. ok says:

    this makes me think of me and my brother and how i reashure him that soon one day everything will be ok

  46. alyssa says:

    OH MY GOODNESS….this poem is gross and stupid. i think she molested her brother….how sad.

  47. sfiawong says:

    *** Starry Night ***
    By: sfiawong

    Trinkle, trinkle little stars
    How many there are in the sky!
    Let the children try to count!
    I remember this starry night.

    Trinkle, trinkle little stars,
    Seven children we sit on a bench.
    Our little fingers point and count.
    Sit close friendly and talk.

    Trinkle trinkle little stars,
    Talk about cowboy and a weaver stars.
    They’re lovely meeting once a year.
    On many birds built bridge sing with quitar.

    Trinkle, trinkle little stars,
    At a quiet night only with stars.
    Seven we sit on the stone bench.
    Our little fingers point and count.

    Trinkle, trinkle little stars,
    Oh honey, For your Love,
    Mother can tell you different stars;
    Your lover can swear towards stars and seas.

    Trinkle, trinkle little stars,
    Mom or beloved may talk with you.
    Tell how many different stars,
    For an ever love your honey can swear.

    Trinkle, trinkle little stars,
    How great you are helping love?

  48. Megan says:

    ok look, Austin, yeah its her OLDER BROTHER. and there were no sexual inuendos in this poem either. this was not a romance interest. Keep in mind when reading her poetry that most of it was found on napkins, grocery list, in letters and on other random things and was only published after she died by her family. (which is a shame because they changed lots of it) Oh yeah, and one other thing. SHE IS DEAD. so stop trying to encourage her and stop saying stupid things like “keep it up” or “You rock” because she won’t be reading it. I mean really, she died before the internet was even imagined.

  49. Angelica says:

    I think this poems is weird. I don’t get it….

  50. Morgan says:

    I love Emilies poems. I just move to the UK from Cal. I really miss talking about great american poems in school.

  51. dively says:

    oi think Emily is just using this poem to encourage her little brother to be optimistic and always look things on the bright side.

  52. Tessica says:

    i love this poem so much it is so good

  53. john says:

    this poem is really bad and boring

  54. Mick says:

    The garden must be the garden of Eden…

  55. michelle says:

    wow, emily is one of my favorite poets! and i absolutely adore this one, since i am in a hurry, i better memorize this poem for my poem recital at school.

  56. OMG says:


  57. Wyatt says:

    Who are you to talk to the people in such a way. Opinions are one thing, and everyone is entitled to them, but who are you to call people “stupid” (and that has to be the most ignorant and simple use ever. Get a thesaurus!). Emily Dickinson is famous, yes, and she does have talent, but she is overglorified. I bet there are some people in this forum that can write a better poem than Dickinson. Poetry is an art, fame is relative.

  58. Gary says:

    Stephanie, before you get so high and mighty about those of us who don’t appreciate Dickinson poems, you might want to address your own shortcomings. For example, there are rules of capitalization for proper names and there is a very distinct difference between “your” and “you’re”. Personally, I’d rather be “damn” stupid than either damned illiterate or damned self-righteous . . . or worse, both!

  59. Stephanie says:

    Umm… the comments made on this site are very rude. I hope emily dickinson is cursing you from her grave! Sorry, but this poem is pretty straighforward if you have any smarts whatsoever. Whoever said they dont get this poem is pretty damn stupid…. to disrespect such a renowned poet is pretty immature and shameful…like you could write a better poem… HA! yeah right…obviously your just too damn stupid to do anything

  60. Marlene says:

    I just love this poem it has such meaning in a hidden sence. Its beautiful!!!

  61. alyssa lucido says:

    i really thaught this peom had meaning, i write peoms myself and my peoms meant alot to me and i am sure they could mean alot to her and the funni thing is im only 15.

  62. Jaqueline says:

    i think that this is a great poem…it shows that different peple have a different point of view…emily dickinson has some really great poems, u just have to understand them!

  63. penguin poems says:

    emily dickinson is a great poet, and anyone who mocks is a bastard that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. go to hell pual emily and bobby!!

  64. Megan Smith says:

    This poem expresses how much one person can think of the world being different. She sees it through her eyes

  65. Suada Numanovich says:

    I like this poem very much “There is another sky”.
    Her poems are absolutely GORGEUS.I think she is talking here about heaven by symbolising her LOVE and SADNESS.
    Please be kind while making your comments about her….

  66. emily says:

    i am 18 annd i am doing a report about emily it is very boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love ya paul,mason and bobby!!

  67. emily says:

    i aggree with bobby, mason, and paul
    i want to make out with you and have a 4 way i’m so horny!

  68. Gulzor Nazarova says:

    I think that peopel shoud lissen to Emily when she was life now nowbodu really can tell what is her poems about. But she is really good writer and every person that rides this poem think that Emily thoud execly the same way as they do.
    But shi is still good poet.

  69. paul says:

    i agree with bobby and mason, this poem sucks, maybe if someone would explain it to me it would be better

  70. sfiawong says:

    I like this piece of poem, because it looks so simple but with full of sexual love. Why most of us can’t write such simple poems can express freely with our mood?

  71. Jane Austin says:

    THis Poem is so wonderful.It’s in my belief that she’s talking about death and entering a new world,a spiritual world.And since around the time she wrote this there was a religous debate happening it probilly written to show HER beliefs.This poem is so deep i abostly love it!

  72. Bobby says:

    this poem blowses

  73. T-sizzle says:

    this is ny favorite poem I have ever heard, I love emily dickinson and she is my idol so good luck

  74. R. Smith says:

    There are several comments that would not even qualify to grace the walls of the world’s sorest latrines.

  75. nicole says:

    emily dickenson is an awesome poet!

  76. Mason says:

    I dislike this poem greatly

  77. Julie says:

    After my first reading of this poem, I thought she was speaking of death. Entering a brighter forest, where the leaves are always green and no frost has come.
    Just a thought….

  78. says:

    So are we shepherding a flock of silly words and thoughts seeking to get off the eminence?
    Is that the gist? – to keep both of your flesh and mind exalted?
    Along with feelings and words? Just words… and words… and words…”

  79. Dave Rogers says:

    i love this piece, as i do all Dickinson’s work

    This maybe a tad cliche …
    but what about ‘There is another sky’ at a postmodern electra complex?

    lonely recluse, misses her brother, but to what extent?

    Here is a little forest,
    Whose leaf is ever green;
    Here is a brighter garden,
    Where not a frost has been;
    In its unfading flowers
    I hear the bright bee hum:
    Prithee, my brother,
    Into my garden come!

    massive ammounts of sexual undertones here …

    or maybe im just being smutty!

  80. leah says:

    this poem rocks its pimpin yeaha partner im a redneck!!!

  81. Min Yee says:

    You wrote: ‘I think Emily Dickinson is way overrated and i can’t believe that I found a poem of hers that makes a little sense. When you look at it, she lived a pathetic life and in my opinion is a worhtless piece of gothic trash’

    Amazing, since most of the literate world would probably agree that Emily Dickinson is the greatest female poet — at least in the English language.

  82. Min Yee says:

    “During the time area where she could have possibly written this poem, Emily Dickenson’s brother Ausin married her best friend.”

    This poem was written about 1851. Austin and Sue became engaged in 1853, were married in 1856.

  83. Min Yee says:

    This was written about 10 years before the Civil War started. Also, her brother Austin outlived Emily, so Austin is neither in the army nor dead.

  84. emily says:

    i thought the peom said alot about garden and it was very postive and it had nothing to do with death it was happy and colorful and it helped me oven my eyes to knew things in life.

  85. Andy says:

    Emily Dickinson was a complete waste of space. OK maybe she came up with some good poems, but I think I would be able to think up some good lines if I was a hermit and stared at a wall for days on end. She was a depressing load of junk and I can’t stand to even think of how boring her life was.

  86. sarah says:

    i think that this is quite a lovely poem and i am doing a school project on her and this is one of the best poems i’ve read so far.

  87. sammmm says:

    this poem is really encouraging. its really helped me to make some desicions in my life. :/ 🙂

  88. Brittany says:

    I interpreted this poem as Emily Pleading with her brother and society as a whole to learn to think out of the box and not conform to what society/media tells you to think. However I have only read a brief biography on her so I’m sure it could be interpreted any number of ways.All in all i think it served its purpose.

  89. joe says:

    i think this peom incourages death

  90. Daisy says:

    i like the fact that everyone who commented (postivly) actully enjoy reading and interpetating the poems. i partiuculy dont like to read, or interpert poems, yet i am on this site because i have to read/interpert a poem everyweek and write 2 pages on it! basically wut i wannted to say wass that good for the peaople who actully care about poems and stuff…….and ur comments really help me with figureing out the poem cuz all i care about is skateing,music, friends, and guyz 😉

    i got A on my last one with you guyzez help!!
    thanks so much!!


  91. Laura says:

    People who can’t spell should not comment on the works of an intelligent, emotional women.

  92. ross wiley says:

    dear young girls,
    i fear that if you are reading this entry i am too late, still i must implore you all to stop before further exposure to e. dickenson causes your entire sense of poetry to slip into neo-femisist sloppy rhyming emotional heavly edited and propagated retardation. her entire body of work is devoutly void of even a sembalence of worth, except that it offers a very distinct contrast with other female american poets like plath and sexton who managed to produce poetry that matters beyond the world of folk loving hippies and sophmore year english classes with vocab lists consisting of words like bouquet and defenestration.
    with the utmost of concern,

  93. Greg says:

    she built a world for him with her words, after his death, that is so powerful wow

  94. stephanie hernandez says:

    i thought the poem was really great

  95. rachael says:

    emily wrote this poem as if she were all ready dead telling her brother that heven is better and he should come and be with her.

  96. Callie says:

    i love this poem. so totally cool

  97. Barboxacon says:

    Well. A. Austin is Emily’s brother. B. Yes. Emily Dickison is dead. Anyway, these are my thoughts –

    “There is another sky,
    Ever serene and fair,
    And there is another sunshine,
    Though it be darkness there;” – Austin, Emily’s brother, married one of her friends, Sue. I am quite certain that Sue is being refered to, as the other sky.

    “Never mind faded forests, Austin,
    Never mind silent fields –
    Here is a little forest,
    Whose leaf is ever green;” – Emily’s plea to Austin, to not care so much about Sue, to come back to her, and her garden, evergreen, as is her love, as he is family.

    “Here is a brighter garden,
    Where not a frost has been;
    In its unfading flowers
    I hear the bright bee hum:
    Prithee, my brother,
    Into my garden come!” – No frost there has been, Emily and Austin appear to have had a loving brother/sister relationship. Emily cared alot about her brother, and misses him not being about.

  98. Tiffany Dunham says:

    this poem is great your a great wrighter…. And i want to be just like you….. thanks

  99. well says:

    well i think that the poem is just like other ordinary poem, not like what people said…

  100. othusitse says:

    am also caught by the use of contradictory adjectives used in this poem,just as Jude from India poited them out.otherwise the poem is a marvell to read.

  101. rachelle says:

    nice poem realy has a deep meaning

  102. Sabrina says:

    I like this poem. I cant discribe it, but I think it is beautiful.

  103. Lasah says:

    Oh! this is vey dramatic, mysterious poem, it touched my heart very much, I loved it, because it’s so clear describing her feelings, which were so sad, nice and thoughtful. I think it’s one of the best American poems.

  104. Andy says:

    I think Emily Dickinson is way overrated and i can’t believe that I found a poem of hers that makes a little sense. When you look at it, she lived a pathetic life and in my opinion is a worhtless piece of gothic trash

  105. taylor says:

    i think this poem is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for some strange reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but it’s ausome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. neen n kt says:

    These poems by this wonderful lady just touch our hearts and souls. We have never read such astounding work. And yet, we haven’t even read the damn poem! Oh, dear. I joke, I joke with you. I hope she will write more of theses gorgeous masterpieces.

  107. Rachel Winter says:

    Many of you, as I have noticed, seem to think that the person Austin mentioned in the poem “There is Another Sky” is some sort of soulmate or lover or long- lost friend. If any of the people who mentioned something like this, then you should have read at least the first couple of paragraphs on her biography presented on the home page. It tells of her family and of how she just so happened to have one older brother. Guess what his name was? Austin. Yes, that’s right, Austin. As Jon (below) has also mentioned, it is her brother. I think that she may have missed her brother terribly when he left to start his own life and family, so it is like a plea to get him to come visit more or to move back in.

  108. jon says:

    And also, Emily Dickenson is DEAD. So, she can’t write any more poems or read your encouragements. LOL!

  109. Jon says:

    During the time area where she could have possibly written this poem, Emily Dickenson’s brother Ausin married her best friend. Now, after this fact the analysis of this poem differs from person to person but here is mine: she does not like that her brother is with another woman, and that she has left her in her own world, or “forest.” That is what I see withiin the first 6 lines of the poem, the “faded forests” and “silent fields.” She wants him to come back to her forest, or world, where they can be happy forever in a perfect world. This perfect world is with her, and it is a “brighter garden, where not a frost has been, in its unfading flowers.” The last two lines finish the poem with a plead that her brother leave her traitorous best friend for her instead.

    It’s a beautiful poem, written in loneliness, jealousy, and sadness.

  110. Jude says:

    what caught my attention in this poem was the use of contradictory adjectives and words: fair/bright
    x darkness/faded; sunshine x frost. The reference to skies and gentle yet firm hint of possessiveness with my and here and a note of allurement with “Here is a little forest”. Dickinson’s father had built an extensive garden and conservatory for her.Nextdoor lived Austin in a house built by their father, the two houses seperated by a narrow path “just wide enough for two who love”. The poem, to me reads like a supplication against isolation and alienation.

  111. Lacy says:

    i liked this poem i think it was to show her brother that theres alwasy a better day and something to look forward to in the future

  112. Lindsay says:

    I think this a great poem! I also think its talking about her brother.

  113. Unknown Hero says:

    well to each his own. What it means to you is what it means to you. To me, looking into her past, this poem still focuses on death/life after death. All the things mentioned in the poem seems to me to be refering to heaven. So more or less what i got out of it summorized is this life his hard heaven awaits you dont get down you’ll get your reward.

    If any of you feel this is what she is saying say so if not say no. Get back to me thanks for reading: Unknown Hero

  114. harlan says:

    This was to her older brother Austin one of the few close people who was not taken from her. She was trying to comfort him. One of her not so mysterious poems actually rather straight forward, still great.

  115. S. Schuhmacher says:

    I use tihs poem for my essay, I think the content is very nice!

  116. isadora quiñonez says:

    I think Emily Dickinson is the best poet of all times but I really try hard to understand her poems and this poem I think she is talking to her brother telling that there is another world.

  117. Natalia says:

    this is a great poem for all ages and, depending on how old you are, it holds a different meaning for everyone. Even though Emily Dickinson is dead, her soul lives on through her poetry.

  118. Dunia says:

    i really like this poem. it means a lot to me. i thnk Emily Dickinson is the best.

  119. Alexis says:

    i think that this poem means that there is another world waiting for us

  120. amanda Hindahl says:

    I love this poem cause she always has a way with words when it comes to poems.I mean she talks about her brother and all that stuff I think that it is really neat that you can turn your feelings into a wonderful poem and what not

  121. Macey says:

    I think she is talking about is wherever there is darkness their is light, and wherever there is light
    their is hope for her brother. Well like saying “We
    fall down but we get up”.

  122. Michelle says:

    If one thinks about what Emily Dickinson means when she writes there is another sky, then maybe one can get a better understanding and interpretation of a true meaning. Now obviously, no one can actually say this is exactly what the poem means, because we didn’t write it, these words only came from the hands of Emily’s – no one elses’. However, we can develop some sort of interest in this poem because Emily’s words capture the light and want to bring forth a true defining identity of the poem’s meaning. What I believe the poem means is that there is another place somewhere in this world that is so serene and fair, a place that treats people with respect and dignity, no fighting, no harsh feelings, no humiliating actions, no decieving individuals – a place where there is another sunshine – another atmosphere- another envrionment for people to live about although there may be darkness there- although some bad may occur and yet she is talking to someone as most of us noticed. His name is Austin. Could he be her long-lost husband? A friend? A soulmate?And where is he? Maybe he is lost or in another place. But then later on in the poem she says “Prithee, my brother, Into my garden come!” Maybe she is talking to her brother …. who knows? ONly she.

  123. Lindsey says:

    i love your poems…i thought they are really emotional…i liked all poems you do they are just so entertaining!

  124. Michelle says:

    I think this is a very beautiful poem. I believe it talks about that she is very sad that a loved one is leaving her but that she will see him in a better place. That her loved one will never see sadness or darkness there. I really loved this poem and I chose it for my homework in theatre !!

  125. belinda says:

    i think she was talking to a brother or close friend that she loves to be with. it is very beautiful…

  126. Dawn says:

    I really think that Emily Dickinson wanted to symbolize love as saying “its flowers never die” I think that the name “Austin” may have been her lover. I could be wrong but its my oppinion! This is really great poem! Her choice of words was amazing….!!!!!!!!!

  127. Kelsey says:

    I could be way off. But i think this poem is written to a person close to her. I believe she is calling to him to say that there is no other place she would rather be then with him. It is a great poem!

  128. pia says:

    I always take her garden in this poem as her poetry. The whole poem is an invitation to read her writing, her OTHER self other than her actual one in life. She has a real garden,but this garden in this poem is an artistic garden. For her, art lasts forever.

  129. Adamu Ibrahim says:

    I really enjoy this poem because, this poet Emily is not only talking about her brother or what.Due to the fact that poem can mean different thin to people,but for me it means that when you fall down in life and there is a long way to go, just dust your self and start again.

  130. Audren Glass says:

    R. Mahlstedt is right, I think. But perhaps she is also consoling the brother, if he is dead. Somehow this poem projects a very high level of comfort.

  131. Monica says:

    It’s a good poem having an under current of spirtuality.She wants to meet hert brother but realizes that he is somewhere in a different world having a different sky ,sun ,forests. World which is free from frost symbolising coldness of the hearts of the people

  132. LP says:

    What a beautiful poem!

  133. Robert Mahlstedt says:

    The poem is to her brother who has seen service in the Union Army. At its writing he is either in the army or dead. She is mentally calling him to her.

  134. jessie says:

    i dont no wat its about and i have an iq of 146 so that can’t be good, it should have a clear message but it doesn’t

  135. Lucas Newton says:

    I actually used this poem for and essay because I thought this was inspirational!

  136. danike says:

    I think your poem is absolutely gorgeous hun! youv done well with your work and i hope your continuing on with your poetry! well dont girl! xox

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