She laid her docile Crescent down
And this confiding Stone
Still states to Dates that have forgot
The News that she is gone —

So constant to its stolid trust,
The Shaft that never knew —
It shames the Constancy that fled
Before its emblem flew —

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  1. Nicckky says:

    This poem is about a girl who buys a crescent roll for brekfest, and then puts it down so she can throw rocks at her car mechanic, who forgot the date that her car was supposed to be fixed by.

    She was all like “great, this is just the NEWS I wanted today. I can’t TRUST any of you mechanics, becasue you just give me the SHAFT”

    She gets so angry, that she rips the emblem off the hood of her car and flings it across the gas station, and then she fled.

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