My friend attacks my friend!
Oh Battle picturesque!
Then I turn Soldier too,
And he turns Satirist!
How martial is this place!
Had I a mighty gun
I think I’d shoot the human race
And then to glory run!


  1. marwa aziz says:

    i liked ur poem its intrested . especaily the war part .and it is in a funny manner . if any one has an intrested poems send t o my mail .
    good work !

  2. Jakima Davis says:

    A great story of war told in a funny manner

  3. shimon weinroth says:

    How very tragic the civil war that Dickenson is so disturbed that she fervently speaks out her disgust and torrid anger ” i would shoot the human race”
    I am more stoic and in this short poem ask

    are friends of my friends
    necessarily friends of my own
    can I accept one
    and the other disown

    Shimon Weinroth

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