are in a room’s dark around)

(are all dancesing singdance all are

with faces made of cloud dancing and
singing with voices made of earth and

six are in a room’s dark around)

(six are in a room’s)

is red

and(six are in)
four are


(three singdance six dancesing three
all around around all
clouds singing three and
and three dancing earths

three menandwomen three

and all around all and
all around five all
around five around)

five flowers five

(six are in a room’s dark)
all five are one

flowers five flowers and all one is fire

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  1. George H. says:

    i think bonjorno is a little to hyper and odd, griffin is too comment on the poem, the simplicity and form of the poem develops and makes the poem what it is griffin has a poem too

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