The thread or the theme
That holds this tune
Together is the same
One that rips it open–

The initial guitar
Continues splitting
The whole thing apart–
It is the lightning

Which Jagger complains
Of and which he seeks
Shelter from the rains
Of when it breaks–

We ourselves will shut
Our deepest sills against
His common cries but
There is no defense

To keep out that other
One behind him twinned
His starker brother
Whose keening strings skein

Hymns from one more
Murderous composer
Whose cause is war
Who tears down our door–

Shelter/the home
Is made of language–
But music sunders the poem–
Its rift is like a tongue

Trying to compile all
Words into one word–
One Babel whose walls
Fall beneath its standard–

What the fuck did that flag
Say–the opposite
Of peace/of the page
Is what I must write.

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  1. jagger gravning says:

    I was just goofing around and I typed my name “Jagger Gravning” into google and it said the name Jagger Gravning appears on this site. I clicked on the name “Jagger Gravning” and this poem gimme shelter came up. I was wondering what is going on? I can hardly imagine that there is another Jagger Gravning out there. Any explanation would be great.

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