Earth Water Air and Fire my beliefs and an Incantation

Stretching across the landscape
of blue mountains
topped with snow covered glaciers;
of soil lava and dust
molding the earth’s crusty surface.

Showing us our mortality,
giving us a view
of what time truly means.

Down the valley’s of Nature’s history
the running waters
of winter’s snow,
passing through the rock ledges of tree memories.

Earth’s, immortality giving us the boundaries of our existence…
Natures breath,
a thundering violence
reminding us that there is a force even greater than our own.

A living identity that is watching us
waiting to see what we will do:

A force capable of destroying us if we venture too far
if we jeopardize it’s tranquillity.

The sky’s wind
bending God’s tree tops
scattering the seeds of life across the pollen fields,
of daffodils
and fairy dreams.

The whispering messages
from one generation to the next
changing the course of mans destiny.

Day to day.
Season to season.
The sun fire flames
heating the heart
of the meadow stems that grow stretching
across the sea lands.
Night’s rainbow horizons.
The settling body of a world that has survived
for millions of years…

Life the shinning ray color of warmth
that from the beginning
has given us the opportunity to go
where ever we wished.

There is a force in the world we live in,
one, that we should be aware of, and caring for…
I believe,
anything we can imagine
is possible”
I also believe,
we are on the verge of destroying ourselves
if we don’t start taking care
of our planet,
If we don’t start looking for
alternative sources of energy,
we could eventually distort the air we breathe
to a degree of Fahrenheit,
where our planet will become uninhabitable.
If we don’t stop the senseless killing
of our own selves and
the other animals who share this planet with us
will we find ourselves inheriting Nature’s
total wrath of vengeance.

We live at a time
where the solutions to the problems
by our need to modernize in the past
are now available to us.
For the first time in our history
we have the ability to do anything we choose to do
do it in away
consistent to Nature’s Laws .

I can’t help but wonder why the individuals
in charge are balking at ideas like
solar technology:
to light our streets or
mass-transit to link our cities.

There are concerned, knowledgeable, caring individuals
and many companies out there who have worked relentlessly
to make these products accessible.
Why aren’t they receiving the proper funding.

I can’t help but wonder what’s happening here and why.

Toad in the stew
the hair from a Cat
a pinch of Hemlock,
the tail from a Bat;
let the man
living behind the closed door
only his money
turn into a Rat.

Analysis, meaning and summary of Joseph Mayo Wristen's poem Earth Water Air and Fire my beliefs and an Incantation

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