By June our brook’s run out of song and speed.
Sought for much after that, it will be found
Either to have gone groping underground
(And taken with it all the Hyla breed
That shouted in the mist a month ago,
Like ghost of sleigh-bells in a ghost of snow)–
Or flourished and come up in jewel-weed,
Weak foliage that is blown upon and bent
Even against the way its waters went.
Its bed is left a faded paper sheet
Of dead leaves stuck together by the heat–
A brook to none but who remember long.
This as it will be seen is other far
Than with brooks taken otherwhere in song.
We love the things we love for what they are.

Analysis, meaning and summary of Robert Frost's poem Hyla Brook


  1. Annie says:

    I am studying Robert Frost Poetry for a level and so far i have really enjoyed it. He shows deep meanings throught his poems which has a real affect on the reader.
    I think hyla brook represents the change in his life, which is shown through the changing seasons.
    Good lucky everyone with all the poems!

  2. Shirley Eliakis says:

    There are brooks. There are raging rivers. Some are life out loud. Some are quiet. Some demand attention. Some command attention and deeper thought. Robert Frost has always spoken to my heart!

  3. sophie says:

    i think hyla brook is based on the recurring theme throughout alot of frosts poetry which is the changing of seasons and how this reflects of human life!(human life hyla breed brook was life brook gone therefore so has that human life) the brook shows the continuity of not only the cycle of the seasons but also the cycle of life and how life has to continue. the fact that its death is in june is noteable in many of frosts poems, spring is the time for rebirth and renewal where as summer is the decline into death, the new has come and is now dying off again.
    this poem is frost stating we should be happy with the way our lives are dealt.”we love the things we love for what they are”

  4. rose says:

    As in The Oven Bird, maybe frost is commenting on the cessation of Victorian poetry and it’s embellishment. It will always be enjoyed for what it is, but poetry is evolving. It can also link to “Out, Out”, as is is also about the acceptance of circumstances, and the continuance of life.

  5. Tom says:

    I too am studying this for A.S!
    i think it links with the Oven Bird, and the whole ‘diminished thing’ theme. In the case of the Oven Bird one interpretation is that Frost is alluding to contemporary world affairs, but in the case of this poem all of the verbs used that are usually associated with people, like ‘sing’ and ‘shout’ make me think he is talking about a personal relationship of his, perhaps marriage, and the final line sums it up, he loves the relationship for what it is; that supporting force, not because it is fresh and exciting and nourishing in itself, but just to honour his memories of it, and the good times that have been had.

  6. Ray says:

    Frost reminds the individual that he/she is part of a natural cycle. Frost encourages the reader to view loving something or someone not just for what they are in the present. When you get to be older, hopefully you will love your life’s partner for not only what your partner is, but also for what your partner has been to you in the past and will be to you in the future.

  7. Rachel says:

    i think this is sooo difficult!my teacher teaches out of a book n we have 2do this one ourselves!howver u think that no matter how much somethimgs changes it is still beautiful to the person who loves it and deep down it hasn’t changed!hope that helps xox

  8. Rianne says:

    I’m studying this poem along with many other of Frost’s poems for A level. I think Hyla Brook is about human memory. I think Frost uses memory to transform things and create love. The idea of the frogs (Hyla’s)are the memory of the human. Has anyone got any other ideas?

  9. Gina says:

    I am studying this for as level as well and i think the deeper meaning is that the brook represents a poet entering the mid-summer of his life and he has lost his inspiration. Therefore we are to remember him and to love him for what he once was, not the ordinary diminished thing he has become.

  10. Sara says:

    I think the meaning of the poem is to look at things in a different prospected than what it really looks like and to love the things not by what they look like but by what they are

  11. sara says:

    I think this poem is about to look at thingd in a different prospective then what it looks like and to exept things for what they are not how they look. I’m also stuck to !

  12. janice says:

    I can find nothing that indicates the poem is about ugliness. More about transformations- the brook delves underground and reappears as jewelweed. It also becomes a memory.

  13. ELLIE says:

    i have read all your thoughts on the poems, but i think there must be some more to the poem than just this. if any of you can help me by telling me what else the poem is about, please email me!! let me know, cos i have to do a presentation on this for As level, and im soo stuck as to what to write!!

  14. charlotte says:

    im meant to be doing this for as level and doing a presentation about it imj finding it pretty hard to do but ive got so far as the brook is running dry because the summer months r coming but yet it will no die and no matter how many times this happened we will still love the brook for what it is and what it once was no for how it looks

  15. Alex & Amy says:

    We’re doing this poem for our AS level a year early 😛 and well here’s what we think about it:
    – we believe that it is about the brook running out but we still know that it will be back again. it may appear to have gone in different ways but it will always come back. we also think that the last line signifies that we dont like things to change because we already love them for what they are and that is how we’re supposed to view it.
    Hope this helps folks 😉 Alex and Amy 🙂

  16. sophie says:

    im also doing this poem for a levels. its about a brook which dies in the summer (june) but it says just june so maybe it comes back to life when it starts to rain again?? i dont know. i agree with isha. its about uglyness. even though the brook maybe ugly you can still love it. and there is a deeper feeling. the last line seems to sum up the poem.

  17. isha says:

    hey im also doing an essay on it, it is about a brook and he is telling us that no matter how horrible this brook may seem he will always love it, and in the last line he also says “we love the things we love the most for what they are.” not only is he refering to the brook but there is a deeper meaning as well. Good luck, i know its hard and i do feel your pain

  18. hazel says:

    hey, im also studying this poem for a-levels, and i also dont understand it at all. i have to right an essay about it. i think i may just ramble for 1500 words….. good luck

  19. jaide says:

    Hey im studying this poem for Alevel as well and i don’t understand it. i have to write a easay on it, im finding it hard. Please help!

  20. Becky says:

    I am studying this poem for my ALevels and I am doing a presentation on it. I was just wondering what other people thought Frost was talking about and refering to in this poem. If you could help me that would be really good.

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