Patricia Goedicke

Patricia Goedicke (1931 - 2006)

Patricia Goedicke (1931-2006) is the author of 12 books of poetry, the most recent of which, As Earth Begins to End, was recognized by the American Library Association as one of the top ten poetry books published in the year 2000. She taught poetry writing in the Creative Writing Department of the University of Montana, where she has been named one of its “Distinguished Scholars.” She is the recipient of many awards for her poetry, among them a Rockefeller Residency at its Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio. Recent work may be seen in The Hudson Review, The Yale Review, The Denver Quarterly, Gettysburg Review, and Volt, etc.

Poems By Patricia Goedicke

No More Masks, Harper Perennial, ISBN = 0-06-096517-7

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