C.J. Sage (? - Present)

C.J. Sage is the editor of The National Poetry Review. Her poems have appeared in numerous magazines including Shenandoah, The Antioch Review, Black Warrior Review, Verse Daily, The Threepenny Review, Smartish Pace, Poetry East, 32 Poems, Weber Studies, Iron Horse Literary Journal, Chautauqua Literary Journal and The American Poetry Journal, among others.

Her collection of poems is Let’s Not Sleep (Dream Horse Press, 2002). In 2003 she edited the important anthology And We The Creatures, which contains poems from fifty contemporary American poets including Stephen Dunn, Jane Hirshfield, Bob Hicok, Sarah Lindsay, David Baker, Scott Cairns, Gregory Djanikian, Joseph Duemer, Ted Kooser, Jane Mead, Wesley McNair, Lawrence Raab, Diane Thiel, Chase Twichell, David Wagoner, and Charles Harper Webb.

Poems By C.J. Sage


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Let's Not Sleep

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Let's not sleep (Dream Horse Press)

. Fawn Ghazal (No Comments »)