Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Analysis, meaning and summary of Robert Frost's poem Nothing Gold Can Stay


  1. diya says:

    This poem is great:)but confusing

  2. lauren says:

    i love how simply the poem states that nothing can remain great, or at least the same forever.

  3. lauren johnston says:

    I am reading this in my 7th grade language arts class right now. The book it has to do with is the Outsiders. The book is absolutely amazing, i would recommend it for anybody 7 and up

  4. James Randall grade 11 says:

    one of the truest poems i have ever read

  5. Frank P Mora says:

    Frost observes a dawn and writes about the experience. That is what poets do. Write what they know or experience. “Nature’s first” is the morning’s early and special light. It has the astonishing effect of turning the first green leaf it touches gold. Look out at dawn and see.

    Almost immediately though he is thinking about the end of marvelous event with “Her hardest hue to hold.” The dawn and it’s, uh, Her chromatic magic is only temporary. Understand that this is not some deep seated commentary on transitory nature but instead the inability of the poet to focus and enjoy fully what is before him. His mind uncontrollably jumps forward to the end. It is quite humorous.

    There are two positive and six negative lines in the poem. Each positive line, the first and third, are coupled with a negative. The negatives take two forms. The first is preoccupation with the end of the dawn’s special light and wonderful effects and the second, expressing and proving his value system negatively. How does her prove the value of something negatively? One method is to show that if one object of two is proved incredibly bad, it somehow raises the other to the highest level of good. Is this poetic license? I don’t think so but it is funny as hell.

    The last positive line is “Her early leaf’s a flower;”. The leaf is magically turned shimmering gold by the dawn’s early light. With a tinge of imagination, it is now an enchanting flower. This positive line is, of course, coupled with a negative of the first form with “But only so an hour.” Again he reminds us of the end. The marvel of the dawn and it early, transformational light does indeed last one hour. Is that what we or he should be thinking about though?

    No, we are not allowed to enjoy the incredible and enchanting effects of the early light. We, instead, are carried again to the end where he says it will be very bad (and that’s why we are going). He tells us “Then leaf subsides to leaf,” When the special light of the dawn ends the leaf will again look like a leaf. It is curious, however, that he uses the word “subsides”. It is negative and denotes a recess or reduction of something of a higher value to something of lesser value. A flower ranks much higher than a leaf in his value system.

    Are we convinced? No. He feels the need to prove to us and to reaffirm to himself that his value judgment is correct by showing us how very despicable the leave is. By desecrating the lowly leaf he thinks it somehow raises the value of the flower. He proceeds to tells us “So Eden sank to grief,” (because of the terrible leaf.) It was the the leaf and not else that got them cast out of Paradise. How despicable the leaf therefore how very wonderful the flower. He is so very funny.

    So the end has arrived and is no longer merely anticipated. “So dawn goes down to day.” The dawn has now become day and the wonderful effects have ended. But, the first sun rises to day not “goes down”! How very odd. Again, in his value system, the dawn ranks much higher than the regular day. In his system, “going down” from high ranking “dawn” finds low ranking “day”. This also connotes the dawn is “dead” and has gone down as if into a grave. In both meanings it is readily apparent that he thought very highly of the dawn, its special light and transformational effects. He most definitely did not want it to end as none of us want anything so very wonderful to end.

    He tried to tell how very wonderful the effects were and feels a great sense of loss at its end but the emotional impact is even more than any of us could have guessed. He chimes “Nothing gold can stay.” This is totally a neurotic and very funny reaction. It is a generalization to everything gold not lasting because the gold of the magical dawn didn’t. It’s inappropriately fatalistic as there are gold coins, nuggets, bullion and a never ending dawn that moves from place-to-place around the Earth with each hour. Very many gold things will be around much longer than any of us. Woody Allen, beware.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    This is one of my Favorite poems of all times. I love how he refers to the fall of the Garden of Eden as the end of a beautiful day. Nothing beautiful can last forever.

  7. Kyle says:

    Robert frost was a genius a dreamer, a writer, but if not all those things he was a GAP(Great American Poet) This poem was his greatest work to me =D

  8. Rup rasik says:

    its really gave me feelings of life how we compare with happiness comes and how long itcan be so every thing is changable even nature so we also can be changed i felt it when i read this poem..

  9. BZarr says:

    Frost uses a great deal of imagery in his poems. This poem specifically takes the way colors change in nature to show the passage of time. Since the flower dies after a short amount of time and the Garden of Eden also falls, Frost refers to how no good thing lasts forever. When Frost uses the seasons as a metafor, it can also mean that those good times will eventually return.

  10. sam says:

    This poem has a great deal of imagery. I think that the imagery is used to describe how good things in life dont last forever. The poem is not just about nature but about life. Its a wonderful poem.

  11. Eric says:

    I believe that humans use more than they need. And that we use nature’s resources so much that it cannot reproduce its resources to keep our needs. Humans need to be careful with what we use because nature will eventually stop giving.

  12. Zeff says:

    I believe that this wonderful poem describes that human s and nature are innonence aand that everyone must try to keep this innonence that is the gold

  13. Jack says:

    After reading this peom, i came to a realization that this poem is closely related to Kanye Wests song “Gold Digger” its almost exactly the same

  14. noley says:

    I love this poem! I ts describing more than nature. Its describing life! His Life!

  15. ZAINAB says:


  16. lasey says:

    I luv this poem! it is so totally rad!

  17. Wani says:

    a friend sent me this poem, and i think it perfectly describes how the high moments in life can never last long. it can also descirbe ppl, r/ships, or even life itself… tht we can never expect a good thing to last forever. we should cherish it as they come. it’s a gorgeous piece of literature. and robert frost is an amazing poet. 🙂 cheers!

  18. Elina says:

    In this poem nature refers to human beings and beauties of this like flowers are properties of humans and the word “Gold” here refers to Autumn that the nature lose her beauties in it, this season like all seasons is short, it means that our time like autumn is so short,maybe the early leaf here refers to Adam who fell from Eden and that is why heaven sank to grief,all these points in this poem want to show us that no pleasure ever lasted forever.

  19. jane says:

    This poem is sweet and short i love the way that it explains something like this in such amount and words its like an onion with many layers it has differing meanings but the general thing i think its trying to give you is that everything must come to an end life,youth,beauty,materialistic items its a great poem.!

  20. lara keyworth says:

    I really liked this poem. I think he is referring to how things are constantly changing all around us and that good things cant last forever. He uses just the right words paint a beautiful picture in your mind, a picture that wont last very long but you will probably remember forever.

  21. Justin VanderVeen says:

    This instantly became one of my favorite pieces of literature. A poem that can invoke so many ideas and stir 308 people to comment with such an array of ideas inspired after being posted for only 18 days is incredible. I have just started to read Mr Frost, but the mood that he sets in many of his other works including this one comes across to me as lonelyness. He begins with a feeling of fresh, clean life and transitions into borderline despair and has the courage to end his poem this way. He uses such powerful and vibrant objects and places and themes in vibrantly contrasting ways. I especially like the innocence of nature’s first flower and purity of gold fading away to the melancholia of eden.

  22. Chelsea S. says:

    I love this poem soo much!

  23. chris cardinale says:

    In the poem nothing gold can stay is a very short but meaningful poem. he uses the line: “Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour,” to show that in the begging of something that you are doing seems so right and the good thing to do but sometimes when u get to know the thing you are talking about it isn\’t what you thought it was. The main point of this is that things start off as plan but towards the end it is the total opposite from what you thought it would be.

  24. brandon Kreindel says:

    This poem not only applies to nature, but also to life in general. It describes the ups and downs in life
    pretty well. I also remember this poem from the book the “Outsiders.” It shows that good moments sometimes don’t last as long as they should.

  25. Celina Williamson says:

    This poem uses many colorful words that illustrate the passage of time and elucidate the idea that all things in life… youth, beauty, nature… they grow and change and eventually are gone altogether to become part of the circle of life. The allusion to Eden makes me think of the idea of innocence falling and of the change that is inevitable in life, of the decisions and lives we lead that ultimately become a fleeting and passing moment.

  26. Ashley Dien says:

    “Nothing Gold can Stay” by Robert Frost has a lot to say. True, Frost talks about the little pleasures in life but he also talks about us getting ahead of ourselves. Moving onto new things the second they come along. He says, “Her early leaf’s a flower;” then two stanzas down says, “Then leaf subsides to leaf”. A leaf at first bloom is everything. It’s gold. As soon as the flowers bud the leaf is just a leaf. This kind of reminds me of technology in our days. A new computer or digital camera comes out…a year or so later it’s considered old school. Frost attempts to remind us that those things that may seem old are still imortant. Don’t forget to stop and appreciate them.

  27. pelin chalayan says:

    in this poem Robert Frost is trying to show the reader the the earth’s beautiful making are being taken fro granted everyday, that they’re “only here for an hour”. This proves that human life in general is changin mother natures natural right to show the naked eye a beautiful thing. All we do in return is distroy it for our own pleasures.

  28. Nicole Beck says:

    This poem by Robert Frost states that nothing gold can stay which to me means that everything comes to an end. Materialistic things can only stay with you for a short amout of time while family and friends can last you a life time. When people die, they last for eternity but “gold” which symbolizes riches and glamour can only last during life until it has no use and looses all value. Robert Frost uses a flower and gold to show the differences between life and materialistic things.

  29. Kaylie says:

    This poem is talking about how precious some things are in life. Like gold, those precious moments don’t come often nor do they happen frequently. The message is saying that we must hold onto those moments in life dearly and appreciate every moment of them.

  30. Roxy Nazari says:

    This poem explains that all good things eventually must come to an end. One day you are 5 years old and then as soonas youknow ityou are 16 and thenin the blink of an eye you are all grown up. The poem teaches you to appreciate the good times while you have them. Life is too short, so you shouldn’t take it for granted.

  31. Andrew Lara says:

    What Robert Frost talks about is nature and using it as an example of something pure or beautiful. In life good things last awhile but eventually they all come to an end. A flower opens its pedals for an hour but leaves portraying “nothing gold can stay”

  32. Tara Alizadeh says:

    This poem tells me quite a bit. It shows us how quickly good things and chances fade away. We have to value what we have. We should also treasure our youth and childhood. After all, no one really appreciates anything until it is completely gone.

  33. Ryan Arbues says:

    The poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, by Robert Frost shows me an example of growing up. It also proves a point that all good things come to an end. In this poem i believe Frost is saying to be happy and live life to the fullest because one day you won’t have it anymore.

  34. Jan says:

    Things don’t last in this world. We should value the things that matter to us and cherish it. In this poem the flower symbolizes the beauty around us, like our family and friends. We should remember that there will be a time that all the things we value will cease and no longer will be around us. In conclusion let us be someone who values time for our family and friends.

  35. alyssa Sasaki says:

    This poem has a lot of ruth to it. I feel that it is trying to protray that all things should not be taken for granted. Not everything is going to stay, so we should enjoy them while we can. We should embass the small little pleasures that come nad go through life.

  36. Johanna Arroyo says:

    The poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, by Robert Frost, is very true. This poem shows you how everything in this life, even life itself comes to an end. I think this can symbolize a road on life; on how a little decision can simply change your whole life. Sometime we as teenagers, take the wrong path but that is just life. You live and you learn.

  37. Klara Hardin says:

    This poem is written by Robert Frost. Robert Frost relates it to everyday life with humans, even though it is written about a flower. He states that nothing gold can stay, which is true nothing lasts forever. That’s why you have to cherish every moment that you have on this earth whether it is with someone you love or with your friends. You have appreciate everything you have and every second that you have. This reminded me of Gatsby from The Great Gatsby, he tried everything that he could just to be with Daisy even though it might just be for just an hour.

  38. Daynon turner says:

    This poem by Robert Frost is a well written piece of literature that illustrates how a flower and beauty is valuable but won’t last forever. Its short but straight forward. It also really touches your heart and soul with his soft rhyme scheme. You couldn’t ask for a better poem.I give this poem four stars.

  39. Kathy says:

    This poem reminds us that the wonderful, youthful elements of our lives last only for a short time. While we have them, they are golden. Therefore, we must appreciate what we’ve been given and see the beauty before us each day, knowing it will not last forever. Our lives as human beings are also short-lived in the overall scheme of things…but that’s okay…it’s the way life is.

  40. alyssa Sasaki says:

    I belive that this poem means to value the same treasures in life. For the little gifts do not last forever, so we should cherish them.

  41. Brittany says:

    This peom symbolizes how alot of people feel and deal with life.Most people only worry about their vauables, and not about family and friends. We need to stop and think about what really important in life. Frost uses gold to show the realtionship, because its rare and hard to find. Just like how the most important things in life are to find.He know how to relate his work to everyday problems we all are facing.

  42. Jeanette says:

    This was a good poem. It reminded me of The Great Gatsby because Gatsby thought that with money he could have everything but he didnt because he didnt have Daisy the one he truly loved. Also Gatsby and Daisy love didnt last so long becuase she got married to Tom. One thing everyone should know is that money doesnt buy happiness not even with all the money in this world.

  43. jake harrison says:

    This poem is commenting on a huge part of life. It states how the beauty of something like a flower, will not last forever. The poem its self is very short but puts forward a strong point. I enjoyed this poem greatly.

  44. Kaylie says:

    This poem is talking about how there are things in life that won’t last forever, and those are often the things we treasure most. The gold symbolizes to me the rarity or coming across something in my life that is meaningful and worth while. I think Frost chose gold because it’s so hard to find and when someone does find it, he cherishes it.

  45. Daynon Turner says:

    This poem by Robert Frost is a well written piece of literature that illustrates how a flower and beauty is valuable but won’t last forever. It’s short but straight forward. It also really touches your heart and soul with his soft rhyme scheme. You couldn’t ask for a better poem then this. I give this poem four stars.

  46. silvia says:

    This poem give me the sensetion of how short but at the same time how long could time be.Nothing iso gonna stay the same for the eternity but everything is like a circle that is gonna repeat over and over again for the this poem i can feel the death an the reburn of something.It also make me think that nobody can lay in a perfect situation or place because nobody is perfect and as we all want to reach the perfect wealways have to be in moviment an change.

  47. Mike M says:

    The peom is saying how the true greatness of things are only present for just a little while. We cannot expect things to stay “gold” or perfect forever. Over time, things tend to lose their value.

  48. Niko Carrafield says:

    In the first line Frost is saying that nature’s flowers and beauty is costly and valuable like gold. He then says that the flower only lasts an hour which means every thing beautiful doesn’t last forever.

  49. Emily DeCiccio says:

    In this poem Frost is explaining life by using metaphors in nature. He gives us the examples of leaves, flowers, and sunsets. He is telling us that nothing lasts forever and we need to enjoy our lives in the moment. A counter example of this is Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby who believe he could win back the love of Dasiy Buchanan by recreating the past. Frost is telling us not to do this and just to take life for what it is.

  50. W. Murphy says:

    i think that this poem has a pretty good rhyme. it is also short and to the point. its kind of depressing.

  51. David B. says:

    this poem shows how things are constantly changing and you have to treasure things while they are there.

  52. Brian Kamei says:

    This poem is saying that nothing lasts forever. I think the poet chose “nothing gold” because although expensive objects such as gold and other jewelry may last forever unlike the flower and the dawn, gold and other jewelry will not keep us happy forever. So in a way I see, the theme of the poem is also saying “money can’t buy happiness.”

  53. Andrew says:

    What this poem means that nothing in life can stay forever, it eventually go away or die, but for that time it can be gold or a gift

  54. Andrew says:

    What this poem means that nothing in life can stay forever, it eventually go away or die, but for that time it can be gold or a gift

  55. john says:

    This poem is very good i really like the rythem, asnd it just moves me.

  56. joanne says:

    whta does the poem relate to the book “The Outsiders”

  57. Vargas says:

    it is the truth that nothing gold can stay in universe, and human indeed are hopeless. is this an new version of the idea from gulliver’s travels? the grievous tone emerging from the poem manifested somewhat poet’s weariness. Maybe…

  58. will farrel says:

    This poem iszz theee best!!! veryy interestingg

  59. minna says:

    lovely as fall’s new day 🙂
    mishka karabuski deplorovna

  60. rachel says:

    i love this poem and if you dont understand it have to think about it for a while.

  61. lrob says:

    wow this is a great poem dont really understand it

  62. melly says:

    The poem touches deep inside.You do not have to get the meaning of “gold” when you’re a kid ’cause you are the “gold”. When you find out is a bit late, but not too late; you can still catch it, if you want to.

  63. cheryll says:

    this is so inspiring!i’ve read this before when we were made to read ‘The Outsiders’ in LA8….i love all of Roert frost’s poems,,,they’re full of sense and inspiration…god bless all of you!:):)

  64. kim says:

    I think it means that there is innocence with all new things. A baby, a puppy a budding leaf…..But these don’t last nature moves on and we grow its hard to stop it can’t hang on. Then we discover or loose our innocene. This grieves us.

  65. AD says:

    Remindes me of God’s unfailing love

  66. Carl Weaver says:

    This poem has some deep meaning in it. It says that Although there is good, it won’t stay good long.

  67. Katie says:

    I think this poem means that nothing good can stay but on the other hand that good is around us all the time and that we should try to hang on to it as much as we can.

  68. Miss Marie says:

    makes me think the only thing that last forever his his love and promise that all who believe will spend forever with him/

  69. Kourtnee says:

    this was the best poem i have ever read. i had first heard it in the book, “The Outsiders” and the movie. I cried when i heard it. it is the best poem ever.I will always remember it.

  70. tara says:

    WOW this poem touched me the second i read it. i was sitting in my 8th grade english class readying the outsiders which im sure alot of people have said && i had red ahead && when i finished my hand shot up && i asked who wrote this poem. my teacher told me robert frost && that minute i knew that this poem would stick with me. a year later in my 9th grade english class we had to pick a person in literature that was of some importance to us. the first person that jumped into my mind was robert frost && this poem.

    im glad that so many people around the world are touched by it. its a great poem && an amazing poet.

  71. LIZZIE says:


  72. sally says:

    the poem was confusing at first but then i realized that the poem was trying to tell us not to take life for granted.!

  73. Katherine says:

    I first read this poem in my English class while we were reading The Outsiders. It popped into my head again last night while reading the end of a James Patterson book called 1st to die. In the end of this book the main charactor, Lindsay loses someone she holds dear, but she only just met him a few weeks earliar. It made me think of this poem because, to me, that poem is a real good summation of life. You think things will never change, you feel like a certain person you know will always be there for you, and the moment you turn away for even a second, they’re gone.

  74. Hugh D. Slaton says:

    dude i love this poem it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. ad says:

    it is so true that once youve got something you have to cherish it while it lasts because nothing beautiful can stay forever.

  76. jennie says:

    this one of my favorites, but I never understood the line: Her early leaf’s a flower… Then a friend told me that the yellow (gold) flower might be forsythia, which has yellow blooms before it has any green leaves. just fyi-

  77. Josh says:

    yeh its true everything slowly disappears.

  78. Allie says:

    I’ve been reading Robert Frost for hours tonight, and this is the first poem I’ve left a comment about- it’s so all-encompassing, it’s amazing. I love how he uses nature because we are a part of the nature God’s given us and adhere to its rules with everything else in it.

  79. Jenna says:

    This poem basically summarizes life. It has a simple message: nothing can stay good forever and everything is going to change eventually. It’s extended metaphor is things in a forest. Like leaves and how the morning ends and is only there for a short period of time. It could be sad, like Eden sinking to grief, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s just one opinion.

  80. chieh-ling_zhss(2e5)_2k06 says:

    this poem is about the Innocence of children, some say is characterized as being ‘golden’ and how it too, must end in time. & how none it stays for very long, the tone Robert Frost writes in gives us this overwelming sad feeling.
    It tells us to cherish ppl and things around us so we don’t regret when we lose it !
    This is found in the novel the outsiders where i suppose many teenagers had read it . well i really recommend to those who hopes to read a interesting and heart touching kind of novel..

  81. Agnes says:

    Nothing gold can stay is a very meaningful poem.It tells us that good things never last for long,thus we must not take things for granted, instead we should learn to appreciate things around us, LIVING LIVES TO THE FULLEST, with no regrets!

  82. Belinda says:

    This is a very nice poem.It tells us that innocence and youth is like gold,it is very precious but because it is so precious,it is short-lived.Thus we must learn how to appreciate things and not take things for granted

  83. Andrea C. [2E5'06] says:

    This poem explores the impermanence of things and how the poet himself has used the changes that occur in Mother Nautre to reflect upon that. The impermanence of things refer to the transient or the temporary nature of things, emphasising that things do not always last forever.
    As the saying goes, good things must come to the end. Or, nothing gold can stay!

    The theme of the loss innoncence, which is a biblical reference to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, (between Adam and Eve) is another point in which is reflected by S.E.Hinton in ‘The Outsiders’.

    In this short but powerful stanza, we see Robert Frost’s perspective of how beauty, though radient, is impermanent. For example ‘Her early leafs a flower, But only so an hour’. The first leaf is like a flower, but again, it only lasts for a short time, and the falling of leaves is likened to the fall of humanity, which parallels the loss of innocence of the boys in ‘The Outsiders’

    In conclusion, Innocence and youth is like gold, so valuable and precious, but yet, so fragile and easily lost.

  84. Rebecka says:

    This poem is written for a broad audience those who cease to capture the poem’s theme. The poet uses a variety of figurative language such as “Nature’s first green is Gold” and “Nothing gold can stay” representing a message of symbolism to be revealed. He uses this effective symbolism to portray his hidden purpose to inspire interruption “change is inevitable and those who embrace a valuable as precious as that of gold should relish and appreciate its treasures until tomorrow doesn’t come.” The persona speaking the thoughts and ideas seems to be Frost himself and not that of a fixed character. He uses sound devices to add interest and excitement for his readers for instance “Her hardest hue to hold” and “So dawn goes down to day” these lines create euphony, the sound that repeats it’s self is “h” and “d” enabling pleasure to the ear. Metaphors can be seen for example “Then leaf subsides to leaf” and “Her early leaf’s a flower”. The strategies and techniques he used to imply his theme are very interesting and reflective. He uses nature as an instrument to play when comparing the season change to that of our own lives, where summer dies and transitions into fall which will never be quite the same. We can analyse this as that the importance of a specific substance will not last forever. Furthermore this poem is effective and meaningful when taken into careful consideration, thank you for the insight and inspiration.

  85. yuting=D says:

    nothing gold can stay is a very meaningful poem.
    it is so true that no good things can stay. life will have to go on someday no matter what. the way robert frost portrayed this fact is unique and intellectual. he used nature and the four different seasons to describe. the meaning of this poem goes way deep down and i really enjoyed this poem. treasure whatever you have now as it wouldn’t last forever. :p
    p.s. cherish!!

  86. J.a.l. says:

    I really enjoyed this poem.Basicallly its telling people things do not last long.It is interesting how Robert used nature as a tool to represent this. It also tells about the loss of the innocence of men;using the Bible story Adam and Eve.We should always cherish wat we have before it is gone. I’m also surprised to see my classmates giving comments.
    Hey Jackson Loh, do u have to repeat wat u say?? haz

  87. Jaf says:

    This peom is mainly about the imperance of things that do not last forever.It kind of means that we have to treasure happiness in life as it is usually short -lived. It has a connection to “The Outsiders ” too,ppl should read this book.

  88. jackson loh says:

    the poem tells us about how short happiness can be in our life like how gold can’t stay.Our life is precious and valuable we must not have any doubts about t.

  89. Laura says:

    Nothing Gold Can Stay is simply stating that this world is everchanging and always will be. Knowing, and appreciating this fact will bless our lives in that, we will savor and enjoy every moments to its absolute fullest. We will stop in the woods on a snowy evening to bask in the silence and beauty there (even though we have miles to go before we sleep) because seizing the beautiful moments at even the strangest times is what’s going to help us live a life without regret.

  90. w.kaiwen_zhss_2e5'06 says:


    lastly, i learn that we ought to cherish every single thing we have. gold, it might be. but it can just fall off as leaves fall off day, by day.

    we should live life to the fullest, be contented with whatever we have as we learn to cherish them. once something is gone, it might not be able to return to us once again. with this, i hope every one who have read the poem benifit in one way or another. most importantly, learn that nothing in life can stay forever and ever.

  91. w.kaiwen_zhss_2e5'06 says:

    nothing gold can stay. it is a poem which acutally means alot. though i have to confess that at first, i didnt really think this poem was of which any influenced. but as mrs lum and classmates and my group starts to evaluate the poem slowly, it meant of great influenced to me. it might sound rather profound at first, but it has hidden meanings behind.
    firstly, i find this poem a poem to wake me up. nothing can stay forever and ever. we have to learn to cherish whatever we have in our life now before we lose it. it maybe too late after we lose whatever we did not cherish before.
    secondly, every one makes mistakes. but being youthful and young, we are able to correct ourselves.

  92. Kistie says:

    i had him last night will you come tonight

  93. Kattie says:

    This poem tells the world to stay gold and its not just ment for 1 person only to read. You should never look on the down side of things always keep your head high and stay proud no matter what.-Stay Gold-

  94. holey says:

    i think that this poem is very interesting. im doing a lierary analysis paper in my english class and im not exactly sure what this means. i get the fact the frost is trying to tell us that we need to appreciate what we hae because it will not be there forever. but is this about nature or our lives?

  95. heather says:

    im confused..i need help about what this poem me plzz

  96. Golden girl says:

    This is my favorite Robert Frost Poem. The Outsiders book is great I recommend it!!!!!!! See Ya

  97. =>. says:

    I really love this poem a lot and the outsider’s book is really great!
    “Stay Gold” 🙂

  98. john lily says:

    my favorite

  99. Ashton Victoria Parker says:

    i first heard this poem three years ago in “the outsiders” book. it made me sad, but i didnt know what this poem ment and i wanted to so i looked at what all the peoples comments on this site and jonnys letter in the book also the song by stevie wonder and it made me understand. thank you for that. this is such a lovely poem and now when i read the book and watch the film for many other times i will now understand that the poem means that you should appreciate what you have god and not take it for granted as what you have got wont stay forever. a great poem! a great song! a great book! and a great film!

  100. Faith says:

    The Poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay defines classic literature. Words that will truly stand the test of time. Its meaning is often considered how, seasons change and yet beautiful they are, they do not last. or the Innocence of children, some say is characterized as being ‘golden’ and how it too, must end in time. & how none it stays for very long, the tone Robert Frost writes in gives us this overwelming sad feeling.

    For me the poem sends a message. Telling us that we need not ever take things precious to us ‘gold’ whatever it may be, just something you consider dear, we should never take these things for granted. Frost I feel also wants us to appriciate nature, as he did.

    I love this poem.

  101. Meghan says:

    Im in 7th grade and I just read The Outsiders. not only is it just the best book but its such a good poem. Innocence cannot stay in its youthful form forever…Pony and Johnny were so much less innocent after the Bob incident….anyways this poem is amazing and you should really think about ti and appreciate it often

  102. Kristen says:

    this is the greatest poem…it was on my favorite movie…the outsiders…i luv that movie to death…it is the best movie i have ever seen in my hole life…i luv poems…i luv righting poems…they help me relax…they make me feel like a hole nother person…lol

  103. Erin McInnis says:

    I just want you to know that I simply looooooovvveee your poem! The first time I ever heard that poem was in my favorite movie The Outsiders!I always look in The Outsiders book just to read your poem! It’s just beutiful! I love it!

  104. DeDe says:

    I think “Nothing gold can stay,” is about the first of spring. When the fisrt leaves come out, and it’s a gentle gold color. That’s the first two lines, the next two, I think is that the begining of spring lasts the shortest. It seems to disapear in a hour. The two after that, is when it all turns green and is put away, like when the small minded Christian God locked Eden away, That is likened to when natures “gold” is locked away. The last two, are when the sun goes down on that day, or days, and how the gold of spring cannot stay.

  105. Emily says:

    I love this poem! It’s simply beautiful. I heard of it in the book ‘The outsiders’ in our LA class

  106. Erica says:

    the first time i heard this poem was on my favorite movie and book the outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I write my own peotry and this on is my favorite

  107. Aubry says:

    i luv this poem so much! i read the book and watched the movie ” The Outsiders” and it was just the perfect poem 4 dat.i just think dat dats the way u should live life and dat it gives out a good message for everyone. NEVER FORGET 2 STAY GOLD!!!!!!!!:-)

  108. jessica says:

    i think that this poem is amazing. i read the book,”The Outsiders” and i have the movie. i just think that people should take the time to see a sunset or a sunrise.i take the time to, one of my friends couson hung himself a while back. he told her to stay gold, just like johnny did in the movie. she told me this and i was thinking stay gold, what does that mean. but once i read the book in 7th grade that thought came back to me.i dont think that it was the book or the movie that killed him but i do think it helped him a little bit to think about what he was doing. he still did what he had plan to do but i know he didnt want to. i found a letter with the poem nothing gold can stay on it with a note at the bottem. i still have that letter it meant alot to but now it means even more. thank you.

  109. nurhafiza says:

    i think gold here represent something good…. which normally doesn’t last long… it talks about life in general… about good experience that almost always never last… so the saying goes.. only good dies young… i guess this is it…

  110. Paul says:

    I know a lot of people have commented on this poem ,”being in “The Outsiders,” but I want to add to it. The poem really does relate to being a kid like Jonny Cade says it does. WHen you are a kid everything is so innocent and so-called gold. As you grow you start to open up your eyes and realize that not everything in the world if good and golden. Just like the poem says, nothing gold can stay. It’s the truest poem I’ve ever read.

  111. Karin says:

    This poem tells us not to concentrate so much on how we want things to turn out that we don’t fully appreciate what we have in the moment. Nothing lasts forever, and if we focus only on how we want things to turn out, we don’t let ourselves get everything we can from what we already have. Since even the most sublime gold lasts for only a moment, we need to appreciate the gold in every moment instead of focusing only on our goals for the future. Despite their problems, Jonny and Ponyboy enjoyed a sweet friendship. When it was over, they realized how lucky they were to have each other all along and that none of their problems were important enough to overshadow their joy of being together.

  112. Quintessence says:

    I was reading The Outsiders by S.E Hinton and i came across this poem. I think this poem makes the book complete!!There is no denying that it is a true reflection of life. Changes are part and parcel of life. Hardly anything is stagnant.. Stay GolD! =)

  113. Ellie says:

    basically, from all the comments i have found on different websites, this poem is about life in general and all the thigns that we have possession of. for example, when we are young, we have innocence, and when we get older, we lose that. another example is love. you can always love someone, but the love you felt for that person at the very start will never be present again, only the lvoe that it is going to last between you and the other person. i dunno if this makes any sense. if you want anymore info, feel free to email.
    Ellie. 😎

  114. LaLa says:

    i love this poem it is one of my all time favrots and i would always love this thanks.

  115. Brittany Rodulfo says:

    This poem is absolutely true. It means a lot to me. I am 15 years old and I have wrote many poems, a book, and a play. I love to write poetry but I don’t think I am any good. I love the book Gone With The Wind. This poem reminds me of it every time I see it.
    May God Bless richly always,
    ~Brittany Rodulfo~

  116. Char says:

    This poem is really true, regardless of the situation “nothing gold can stay” wheather it be beauty or feelings toward someone, you can love someone forever, but the first feelings wont ever stay the same.

  117. Tom says:

    this is the name of a New Found Glory Album too.

    at the beginning of the 1st song there is a quote before the music begins.

    “It’s like the mist that’s so pretty you know, all gold and silver. Too bad it can’t stay that way all the time. Nothing gold can stay.”

  118. Stefxx says:

    this poem is truley amazing. well you see my boyfriend read this poem to me right after i turned 13 on valetines day and in the end he said to me you are gold and you will stay and then well……….

  119. lulu says:

    this poem is treuley amazing

  120. saddam says:

    this poem is so good i want to touch myself

  121. DADIO says:

    I have been doing this topic in english called the outsiders and we had to read the book and i took it apon myself to watch the movie to. It was a good movie and a sad book but this poem gave it meaning it played a big part in it and i loved it. this is a very good poem best ive read

  122. Branden says:

    this poem is true about so many thing that has happened in my life and this poem has touched my heart. Now i truly know that nothing gold can stay

  123. michal sheerer says:

    what was that, am i meant not to undestand it!)=

  124. katie says:

    i love this poem. Nothing Gold Can Stay can relate to so many things. As a young adult, I realize that many things seem good at the time, but as time passes, they aren’t so great anymore. Nothing that’s the best can really stay for long. It gets old and worn out.

  125. Avenal says:

    This poem is very cool it is very similar to the book the outsiders it says nothing but the truth if you dont like it , its probably because you dont understand it and you have to read it again.

  126. Danielle Darragh says:

    I have been doing this topic in english called the outsiders and we had to read the book and i took it apon myself to watch the movie to. It was a good movie and a sad book but this poem gave it meaning it played a big part in it and i loved it.
    Love Dannie

  127. Christina says:

    I LOVED the poem. When I read the Book… Outsiders.. it clicked to me that don’t take things for grant, and you may think things are awesome now, but they won’t be awesome forever. Johnny and Ponyboy cherrished their friendship, because soon…. it will end.

  128. Danny says:

    You know, I read the outsiders, and this was really deep. But yesterday, I saw an episode of the simpsons. Bart realizes he’s not a kid anymore and puts all his toys in a raft. Then he puts it into a boat and lights it on fire. Then someone behind him says “nothing gold can stay forever” and suddently, the whole thing made sense…

  129. Max says:

    this poem is great! i love the ryhming. it is probably the greatest poem ever writen.

  130. haley says:

    I Love this poem!! I just think that it just fits with how our lives and our world works! If only It were as simple as you described it. I too read the book “The Outsiders” and thought the poem fit just right!

  131. andrew says:

    this poem is the best i first came across it reading the outsiders and boy was that good, i really think jonny and ponny boy cherished every moment in their few years together

  132. christian says:

    Robert Frost’s poems are golden and they can stay.

  133. Jonathan says:

    I loved this poem so much!! In this poem, it means that treasure your youth no matter what. It also means that whenever you have an opportunity, take it. It may be stressful onto you, but in the end, you learn something. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because you learned something.

  134. Jonathan says:

    I loved this poem so much!! In this poem, it means that treasure your youth no matter what. It also means that whenever you have an opportunity, take it. It may be stressful onto you, but in the end, you learn something. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because you learned something.

  135. Faith says:

    I never really understood the meaning of this particular poem when i read and watched “The Outsiders” in my grade 8 lanugaue class. But i think i understand now. It means that nothing true, nothing truly gold can stay for ever, can stay a life time. And that u should cherish every single minute you have, cause it could be taken away from you in a snap.Ponyboy and Johnny held on and cherrished what friendship they had… and thats why nothing gold can stay.

  136. Leila says:

    I read the Outsiders, and the poem. It fits great with the story. S.E. Hinton chose the perfect poem to put in. I loved it. I really liked the book to. I read it in my L.A. class(8th grade). I watched the movie too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  137. Spalding says:

    thys poum neadze mohr allitirashun.

  138. witlee says:

    Ok, i had to memorize this poem for my 8th grade reading class. As i read it over and over again i began too get what it meant. I came across the poem in the “The Outsiders”. It’s an amazing poem and i understand that nothing Good lasts forever. I think Ponyboy and Johnny cherished every last second together i loved this poem and im goin to begin to read more of your poems.

  139. Jules says:

    As a flower opens its petals to the world, it is in a state of beauty, purity and adolescence. As time passes, the beauty wilts, the purity contaiminated, and the adolescence matured. Eventually the flower wanes and is no longer.
    It is a beautiful poem with improtant morals. How at once everything is at a stage of beauty, but beauty does not last forever. To think that Robert Frost meant nothing good can last forever sounds mournful. If everything remained in a state of beauty forever,I deem beauty would not be cherished. Thus, I believe his deeper meaning is to cherish and not take for granted what is present because it will not last.

  140. Michellle Relyea says:

    i dont really know what the peom is about. i thought it was about Pnyboy and Jonny’s relationship in the Outsiders. how johnny didn’t have a real family and how the greasers were his family. also that Pony was important to him because he was a good friend and his heart was like gold.

  141. Mihia says:

    We studied Outsiders for our english class in eighth grade. At first I didn’t understand it. But then I took time to read between the lines. A great book and an awesome poem!

  142. Justin says:

    This is a beautiful and yet haunting piece by Frost. It points to the inevitability of death, and how quickly life can go by. “So Eden sank to grief.” What was the curse of Eden? Death. Man’s sin lead to a life marked with death. The death rate is still one per person. Thirst for everything today has to offer.

  143. raspberry says:

    i read the book for my english homework and i think it’s great. I learnt a lot from the book and Robert’s Frost poem really is great.I just want to thank Robert Frost and S.E. Hilton for making such a great book and poem.^^

  144. Monika says:

    Ii’s been a long time since I saw the movie “The Outsiders” and I can’t help but feel that there’s something missing in the analyses proposed on this site.

    When you consider who you are because of what made you and how you develop and the life you lead; you would best accept that – though it may be heavy it is malleable but doesn’t essentially change – you must celebrate, and know, as Frost did, that

    gold stays

    it remains the same…

    and you need to change

  145. Esay Bunya says:

    i think that this poem states that if you get something special to you always appreciate it and it won’t turn it’s back on you.

  146. Jman says:

    I just read the Outsiders like many other commenters and I got the same meaning out of it. That Johnny and Dally were both forced to grow up faster than they would have liked too and that Ponybody shouldn’t try to act older than he is because he will miss being young.

  147. Murphy T:) says:

    We just finished the book the Outsiders in our eighth grade class. The poem, NOthing Gold can Stay, was in the book. It goes with the book’s originality and I personaly like the poem. It means that youth can’t stay so enjoy inosence while you can. Because nothing gold can stay.

  148. emily says:

    i just finished reading The Outsiders with my 8th grade english class. i loved the book. when i read the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay i didn’t know what it meant. we discussed it in class and then i knew it. It means both young and innocence/purity. nothing young can stay just like nothing gold can. innocence/purity don’t last forever either. we all have to grow up. it is the cycle of life. we just need to enjoy the time we have being young and grasp every minute of life. I think that is what johnny meant when he told Ponyboy to “stay gold”. he meant enjoy being young and don’t try to grow up to fast.this is a great poem!!!

  149. Carly says:

    I personally dislike his poetry… i find it extremely confusing!!!!!

  150. Marisol says:

    I read this poem in 7th grade and i love it!I think that gold means innocence and purity.Read it you are going to love it too like evryone else!

  151. Kevin says:

    I think this poem has more to it than just being young. Who doesn’t remember their grandparents as being gold? I certainly do. It was their unconditional love that set them apart from my parents. They loved me for who I was versus who they wanted me to be. I believe things, events, relationships are gold when they are their most simple. A walk, exercise, a good book, or simple love…anything that commits to the self or others. I remember when in school I made about 20 times less money than I do now. But I now look back on those times as gold. I wonder what my rush was. I have piled gobs on responsibility on myself and I wonder if this rushing around is doing my kids any good. The more we mess with the simple, the less “gold” events we attain. Winnie the Pooh had it right. Just a simple bear with a simple brain, yet he usually gets it right. Pooh was gold. Stay simple in life and stay gold.

  152. Teresa says:

    This poem to meanns that w/in a second life could change and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I write my own poems and it’s not the easiest thing in world to do. I’ve also had to memorize this poem in school for a grade and it’s hard to do if it’s nothing you wrote.

  153. Andrew J. says:

    i love this poem, it is so special to me. A deep meaning it has.

  154. Phalaenopsis says:

    I only want to say that i love this poem of Robert Frost!!!
    Here in Germany I had read it the first time in an english-lesson.
    Sometimes you learn things in school you really like,but only sometimes…
    I can say that i love my english teacher in that moment he shows us this poem!
    Really thanks!

  155. yeni says:

    hey yall!! i just wanna say dat this poem is da best! i just read it for summer homework for my ap class and i loved it!! AT first i didnt quite understand wat was up wit da leafs and da gold. But once i read it again it hit me on how it’s about life and how one should enjoy it now dat u can cuz you never know when the dawn for you is gonna come. So stay GOLD as long as you can alright everyone!:)
    P.S. i recommend To the Virgins, to Make the Most of Time, by Robert Herrick, it’s a great poem.

  156. Sam says:

    This is an awesome poem. I agree with everyones comments on it. ( About how your gold when you’re young but you cant be young forever.) But to me it’s more then just youth. Nothing lasts forever whether it’s love, friendships, or something like a material possesion. “Nothing gold can stay” so just appreciate it while you have it.

  157. Megan says:

    I love this poem. I’ve read “The Outsiders” and I have to say that I used to think that “gold” = youth until I had to write a paper for my English class. I interviewed a good friend of mine for the assignment, and had the difficult task of trying to tie her tragic childhood in with her well-adjusted teenage years, and the metaphor I used was nothing gold can stay. This poem suddenly meant something different to me when I comtemplated it within the context of someone else’s life. I think that the “gold” is actually innocence and naïveté, and the bliss and happiness that result. So in that way, one does not necessarily have to be young to have “gold”, though it is more likely than not, and one is not guarenteed “gold” when one is young. Robert Frost has it right either way, gold is inevitably lost with the very passing of time. Which makes Sodapop’s advice to Ponyboy all the more exquisite; “Stay Gold” is almost like saying “defy time, defy logic, hold onto that which resides within yourself and keeps you pure and innocent” I love it; it’s such an idealistic thing to say. If anyone ever gets the chance to watch a sunrise over a lake, or beter yet, the ocean, say this poem quietly to yourself; it’s amazing.

  158. Sharifah says:

    There is a lot of underlying meaning to the poem. Gold represents innocence and purity that does not last in a person’s life as he or she matures. However one should try to preserve as much as one can, ‘staying gold’ as it is evanescent. One should become ‘green’ or mature gracefully.

  159. crissy says:

    In my oppinion, gold represents life’s happiness. Like it is siad ”all good things must come to an end” i belive that things will start off great and they eventually fade away. money, beauty, and youth, ect.

  160. cheryl says:

    it’s a great poem.. i’m touched by it.. i don’t know what it means at first. until i had to do research on it(unwillingly), then i found out it is like the is short ..spend every SECOND meaningfully.. we can’t stay at the same place, time, forever.. so don’t waste our precious time on anything lame..cherish every second on earth.. bring some great memorise with you always…before your life ends(you never know when)…

  161. Lance says:

    Well I think the poem means that nothing gold could stay which means that nothing young can stay, so you should try to enjoy the time when you can careless and not worry about anything and just relax. In the book the “OutSiders”, I think that all the greasers can’t stay Gold for a long time because they have to grow up faster then any one to protect them self. I don’t think they are ever carefree, because for Darrel or Darry he got to grow up fast because his parents die when he is still young and he have to take care of his two smaller brothers. None of the Greaser really have that much time to stay gold, they have to watch out for the soc. so they really never have much time to stay young, mentally.
    P.S. My favorite character is Ponyboy!!

  162. Joyee says:

    I think the poem means that time could change any thing. The time when a person is gold is when they are still young, when they are still innocent, but when time past by people are turning least innocent and more like someone they don’t want to be. In the book the “Outsiders”, I think that Johnny means that nothing young can stay, so you might want to enjoy it while you still can.
    Opinion of Joyee
    P.S. It is my opinion so if you disagree with me then email me!!

  163. Cody says:

    This poem is the most amazing thing i have read. I first read it in the outsiders and now i am using it as my thesis in my valedictorian address. Its perfect how most of are lives are gold but they wont be that way forever. How we have to try to stay gold. I love this poem

  164. Cassie says:

    This is my favorite poem of all time! It’s also in my fav book of all time, “The Outsiders”. It’s true what Johnny said in the book. He said that the poem meant that you’re gold when you’re born, but it doesn’t last long. I can never get enough of all the outsiders. I always picture myself as Ponyboy. I cry everytime I read the book and see the movie!

  165. Golf Pro says:

    I think that the poem is so well written, and it is so inspirational, is just saying that “EVERY ONE IS GOLD WHEN THEY ARE BORN.” “BUT JUST LIKE THE TITLE, IT IS THE TRUTH, NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY.”

  166. sexi says:

    i want to make robert frost into a ponyboy, paint him gold an eat him!, just remember nothing gold can stay !

  167. jaden says:

    this poem brings me to tears. i love it so much though,and it is so beautiful. i respect what robert frost meant by it. i have been watching the outsiders since i was about 3 or 4 yrs. old. i used to watch it every single day in my life, but now only every once in awhile. anyhoo i just got what the poem really meant about 5 yrs. ago when i was nine yrs old.and i love it. it is the most beautiful poem i have ever read. thank u robert frost for putting things in an amazing perspective.

  168. jaden says:

    the poem means a lot to me as it does alot of other people. i just wanted to say it’s one of the best poems i’ve ever read, and i read and write alot of poetry.

  169. Commentator says:

    I also read The Outsiders and it not only relates to that but i also found that it can be portrayed as the strength of the family. The Curtis Family was a family of gold and it was hard to stay gold and strong but they overcame. It is a truly awesome use of poetry in a novel. I give it three thumbs up!

  170. Rurioni says:

    Hey bird, I read the outsiders when I was in seventh grade. If you pay attention, johnny says that it means that when you are a kid, you’re gold. Eveyrthing is new. Like the way Ponyboy digs sun sets, that’s gold.

  171. poematic says:

    that poem is not free verse, it’s ryme. figure out the
    ryme sceme

  172. jr says:

    good poem..just wondering if anyone knows what type of poem it verse?

  173. Bird says:

    This poem is one of my old favorites. I read it in 8th grade like everyone else (didn’t know so many people read the outsiders in 8th grade too) This poem to me means how in nature everything is so pure and peaceful but only at dawn. Once day set’s in everything is ruined. Just like in this world; when you are born your are pure and honest, but once you grow up you become “evil” you lose your inocence~

  174. Shelly says:

    i loved the book and the poem. i think that this peom means that nothing stays forever, whether it’s ur life or a precious moment. So u should take the advantage of it while it is there 4 u. ROBERT FROST-i love ur poems!

  175. Joe says:

    I love this poem. The outsiders waz a great book and so waz this awesome poem. When I 1st read it I didn’t know it waz about then when done in the Outsiders I felt that this poem haz such a incredible feelin’. Robert Frost I think U R great.

  176. Kayla says:

    I really thought the poem was a great piece of work. I really don’t know what it means but we were given an assingment to find out.

  177. Sierra says:

    I am in the 8th grade and I also had to read this poem in the book The Outsiders and also in my literature book. I think it is about nature and how at first everthing is young and green but eventually it dies. It is also referring to life and how we are all young and innocent at first.

  178. tina dunn says:

    this poem is the best i love how it decrebies the times of the day in it.

  179. Kayla says:

    I’m in the 8th grade and my LA teacher (Mr. Williams) had us to read this poem for an assignment. All the students in class agreed that it was a “nice” poem. A few weeks later our beloved Mr. Williams died in a car wreck. We students were heartbroken. A few weeks after his death I was reading poems and fell across this beautiful poem, and thought about him. WE STUDENTS LOVE YOU MR. WILLIAMS!!! I LOVE THIS POEM!!!

  180. Amber says:

    I would just like to say that this poem was in a book i am reading in grade eight( The outsides) and this is such a nice poemi had to do make a picture of what i thought it meant and i think it means the human life and when you are young you are innocent. However when you are old you most likely have experienced something that was probably not so innocent.
    thank-you for letting me share my thoughts with you!

  181. Kelly says:

    This is the nicest poem ever written. It has a very true and meaningful message. I love it!

  182. ye jianzhi says:

    I think it is a very ‘deep’ poem . Every couple describes how a thing can never stay forever,”her early leaf’s a flower but only so an hour”. it best describes sunrise as it appears and leaves soon.

  183. Claudia says:

    I think of this poem often when I see my children. Every poem means something different to different people. To me it means that the innocence or goldeness of youth is not forever.

  184. Alex M. says:

    I feel what Robert Frost did in this poem is realate nature to human life and he did it in a brilliant way. Nothing Gold Can Stay is true for many things in life every thing from youth to money eventually goes away.

  185. Christina Smith says:

    I LOVE this poem!! I first heard it on the movie, “The Outsiders” last year in the 8th grade. Tomorrow I have to have a poem by a famous Poet that I like for English class, and THIS is the FIRST poem that I thought of! Robert Frost is TO ME one of THE greatest poets ever! =-)

  186. mike spears says:

    This poem is amazing. I think it is the best poem ever written. Robert Frost is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Kaiwokcam Nairb says:

    hey this poem rules i lovedded it it was awesome

  188. Adnarim Ocerg-Kerts Jr. says:

    Helo i am from El Salvador an i have no relation to Adnarim Ocerg-Kertrs but i think here exp. was cool gata go .

  189. Virginia says:

    I Like This Poem . It Brings Out The True Person In Robert Frost .The Easter Bunny Is An ExAMPLE

  190. Jenny says:

    This peom means that, nothing is as beautifull, as it is when it is new, its only the newness of it that makes it so beautifull to us.

  191. Zach says:

    I think it means that if there is something gold appreciate it while it is still around. Like “Nature’s first green is gold,” I think this means when your born it is just as good as gold. “Her hardest hue to hold,” hue means the color of the first green. When it first started natures leaf’s made a flower. But than it , the flower has disappered. The leaf fell to the ground like what happens in the fall. Then nature was pictured as the name Eden, like like it was sad that the leaves have fallen to the ground. The dawn was the beginning of time and the day is when the flowers fell to the ground. So since the leaves and flowers where gold, but then they disappered so the gold went also.

  192. topher says:

    I think the poem nothing gold can stay is wrong and anything gold can stay as long as you want it to stay and can make it stay.I also think that whatever changes in your life is you and not always the world.

  193. Adnarim Ocerg-Kerts says:

    I think this poem is about how the things that are precious to you are worth working for and once you have them to keep working because if you dont you might lose them.

  194. olma says:

    In the poem nothing gold can stay, I think it is about
    our lives. As the sun rises or as we get older we see the reality of life more clearly, and the true color of things, and not the gold we saw as young people. You will be old for a long time, and the sun will be shining on the earth the whole day. The sunrise represents the youth of our lives.

  195. Renee says:

    The poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost in my opinion means when spring comes all the flowers sprout. Grass turns green. When winter comes all the flowers go away.In life you find and meet many new things and people. You may have been friends with some and slowly you stop writing to each other. You may have a favorite shirt,but it fades in the wash and is not good any more. Good things come and go. Nothing can stay forever. Eventually you either stop liking them or it leaves.

  196. oea says:

    To me this peom means that everything can stay even gold.A flower dead or alive, black or colorful it will stay.Things will stay for more than an hourand more than two.When the sun goes down at night it means to me that it is a sign of peace,right after the sun goes down the moon arises to fulfill another day of living

  197. Cecile says:

    I think that Nothing Gold Can Stay means that nothing will always be good.It may seem this it is good but it will not always be. Nothing will always be the same like you might lose interest in things, like a sunset you might not like it but when you get older you might start to like them or it may be the other way around.

  198. Double J says:

    In nothin gold can stay, it says”natures first green is gold.”This line means to me thatpeople should appreciate what they have when they are young. the second line says”Her hardest hue to hold.” This line means to me that it is hard to hold on to the most precious things. In the third line it says”Her early leaf’s a flower.” this line means to me that the earliest things are the most beautiful. The line that says”So dawn goes down to day.” This means to me that the dark night will go to day, which means the worst things can change into something good. the last line says”Nothing gold can stay.” This line means to me that good things can stay, but people change so they don’t think it is there.

  199. rocky says:

    The poem nothing gold can stay by robert frost from outsiders means that nothing gold can stay but it can stay and it does. People change not the gold. An example would be like the sunset may seem gold and it does stay people just change and dont think its gold anymore so it doesnt stay.

  200. tim says:

    I would interpret nothing gold can stay as nothing good can stay.For example life can’t stay with you when you die life leaves you it is still with others ,but not you.If you take the poem don’t go gently into that good night it takes the opposite meaning ,and implies that nothing bad can stay either.
    *If you like poems check out e.e.cummings!!!

  201. St. Jimmy says:

    I think Robert Frost meant that people change and things change. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. But if you think about it, people, things, and life change. Change is inevitable, for better or worse.

  202. cheyenne david says:

    To me the poem means alot of things (1)that gold doesn’t last and (2)that everybody will live there whole life oneday!

  203. Kawaii says:

    this is one of my favorite poems, I love the way it has that clear meaning to it. I love the way Robert Frost wrote this poem.

  204. Alex holmes says:

    i think the poem has some meaning for all to live while you have life and make the best of it while you can.

  205. Angee says:

    i think this poem is trying to tell us that enjoy your life while you can. i agree that nothing gold can stay,it might last a long,long time but at the end your going to lose whatever that you might have. and always remember that everyone is going to die oneday so enjoy life while you can.

  206. Asme says:

    When i first acquired this book, i thought it wouldnt be one of my favorites. And i guess i was wrong. The Outsiders, is a really exciting book, filled with both hatred and love, and it had a very good ending. The poem of Robert Frost, was also one of the classic poems that took place in the story. I really liked the poem, at first it did not make sense to me, but later i found out the real meaning. My favorite character is Dally, because even if he isnt the “greatest guy”, he, well i think is most like me from all the characters. I had alot of fun reading S.E Hintons books, if u like the outsiders then u must read THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW, by S.E.Hinton. It is really good. Well The Outsiders, was a book that has all my memories carried within each and every page. Well, if you havent read it, go, because this is one book you would never want to miss out on.

  207. meryum says:

    this poem is in “The Outsiders” and thats the best book ever so as with the book, ive taken a liking to this poem as well…(ponyboy says it to jhonny by the church) and frost is an awesome writer, like who can think of stuff like this? and also, this poem is true, noting good ever stay but we still live off the lil moments of gold we get…yeh so later guys and remember to read “The outsiders” if you havent, and theres a movie on it too 🙂 its the best ever

  208. Rosanna says:

    The Poem that nothing good can stay. Innocence and perfection never last. “Nature’s first green is gold,” This is sunrise. “Her hardest hue to hold.” Sunrise is the hardest to keep the same.”Her Early leaf’s a flower” Instead of the leaf and then the flower, with the day, the flower (dawn/pretty part)comes first. “But only so an hour.” Dawn only lasts about an hour. “Then leaf subsides to leaf” As the sun rises, the beauty sinks and the ‘flower’ becomes a ‘leaf’.”So Eden sank to grief,” Here Frost is talking of the Garden of Eden. “So dawn goes down to day.” Dawn is prettier than day. “Nothing gold can stay.” Nothing good can stay.

  209. jeffrey says:

    robert frost is such a cool guy hes so tight i jsut wanna eat him. His poetry is amazing i lvoe reading all of his wiritings

  210. Mohammad Rehmanjan says:

    Nothing Gold can stay is one of Robert Frost’s classic. It uses nature to show how things that are really precious can stay. It uses the themes constant change, transition and nothing gold can stay.

  211. Janice Aguabella says:

    My take on nothing gold can stay is That the things that are really satisfying only seem to slip through your fingers like sands through an hour glass. The fruit of your labor that you toil for under the sun only serves to benefit another. The one you choose to give your heart to Loves another. True Happiness who can find for nothing gold can stay.

  212. sandra willis says:

    I haven’t read “The Outsider”yet but it will be the first thing on my list to read…I the poem it brought tears to my eyes

  213. Josh. says:

    I think this poem has no definite meaning, so if you think it mens something, your right.

  214. Glen Wollney says:

    I think that Robert Frost wrote this poem at the time he was thinking about this. So this poem can mean whatever it wants to different people.

  215. Heather says:

    maybe i’m just stupid. i don’t get it. i am supposed to analyze this poem for english class and i really don’t think i can do it. this project is due soon, like in 24 hrs. can someone e-mail me and tell me how you would interpret this poem. thnx. hav a great day ya’ll.


  216. micheala says:

    i think that Robert Frost was a verry skilled poet and knew what he was doing i hope theres more people in the world like that even if hes dead and gone i hope people understand and recive the meaning in the poem as me and my friend shelby did God bless you all

  217. matt whitaker says:

    i disagree with Frost. i had to find five things that will stay gold forever. i had some that are possibilities… courage, love, bravery, etc. im only for sure of one thing that will always stay gold though…

    my realationship with Christ Jesus.

  218. jiahong(25) 2e3 says:

    i think that this poem is beautifully written and describe the fact that something good would not last well.

  219. chunyang (30) 2e3 says:

    i think that this poems shows that innocence cannot last, no matter how hard we try to preserve it.

  220. visual basic script runtime error/2e4/2e5/2e6 says:

    oie dun tok crap leh….even if u keep gold for a hundered years the vaule of it is still the anyting gold CAn STAY!(TM)

  221. jowell/2e4 says:

    this is a beautiful poem with a very interesting theme to ‘the outsiders’ this poem is used to show that pony and johnny lost their innocence just like how adam and eve lost their innocence after eating the forbidden apple in eden.this poem shows very clearly what it wants to say,that is:nothing good can stay with us forever.thus,the more we should cherish the things and people around us now and not regret only when we lose them.especially our loved ones.

  222. germaine :) 2e3. #o3 says:

    nice poem. it is very meaningful and it tells us about the journey of life. we should cherish our life too. however, it is kinda saddening.:(

  223. jowell/2e4 says:

    this is a beautiful poem with a very interesting theme to ‘the outsiders’ this poem is used to show that pony and johnny lost their innocence just like how adam and eve lost their innocence after eating the forbidden apple in eden.this poem shows very clearly what it wants to say,that is:nothing good can stay with us forever.thus,the more we should cherish the things and people around us now and not regret only when we lose them.especially our loved ones.

  224. bala says:

    it tells you to live life to the fullest and the meaning of it as the poem wants to show that life is cherish it.

  225. ::Kellie::7::2e3:: says:

    i think this poem is too deep for me to understand =X
    however, i was able to understand what the poem is trying to tell us- to cherish life and everything that we have as nothing lasts forever- after our teacher did an analysis with us.

  226. Yee En [03] says:

    This is a fantastic poem and i read it in the outsiders.I could not get the meaning of the poem until doing the analysis on it.I like the meaning of this poem.

  227. Lee Shang Wei says:

    I find this poem really meaningful, as it tells us to treasure and enjoy happy moments whlie we can, even though it is rather sad.

  228. tan chia'your hero!!!!2E3..zhss says:

    i think this poem is a great poem cause’it reflects on the journey of one’s life and what one experiences in life.i fully agree on the sayin’nothing gold can say 4 i too have experiences good things before losing them

  229. Jeryl.12.2e3! says:

    this poem talks about the facts of life, like for example how fast things often happen. it shows how beautiful things can get, but just for a short period of time.. we should cherish whatever we have, as we can’t do anything about how fast life pasts us so quickly. a great poem!! *two thumbs up*

  230. johnathan says:

    this poem tells us to cherish our life

  231. xinyun 2e3(6) says:

    i think that this poem is good as it describes how nothing good can last. i like it because it conveys the message well and the ddescription used is extremely good. it was kind of difficult to understand at first but when i read into it and try to make sense out of it, it is quite touching and lovely

  232. Taylor H. says:

    This poem is quite dilightful i think mister Frost is right nothing as beautiful as nature ever stays take the rain forest for example people want to cut it down.So nothing that great can really stay forever

  233. siang ling says:

    i find that this poem is lovely and real. lovely because nature is described so beautifully like when the sun rays shine on the grass or leaves are so beautiful like the flower itself.

    real because it described the scene whereby sun rays first set touch on spring’s first leaf vividly. it is truly a very touching sight. i could almost see the scene itself!

    but this poem is a bit of negative, in the case where it says ‘Nothing gold can stay’. it emphasizes how beautiful the scene is, but yet in the end it says that everything will come to an end very quickly. the end stands in contrast by the vivid and lovely descriptions of the scene.

    but that was what makes the poem realistic. i like the poem. it has feelings and emotions in it.

  234. Oliver Ng(31) ZHSS (-o.-)? says:

    i think that this poem is very meaningful as it refers to life by saying that nothing can ever stay. (-o’.’)-oo-(‘.’o-)

  235. qing ting. 2e3 . 13 says:

    i feel that this poem potrays the innoncence of man that doesnt last long. i like it very much. duh

  236. Huang LingLing (8) 2E6 says:

    This poem is found in The Outsiders and i enjoy it very much when we went through it in the class, we go through it very throughly and i totally find it meaningful and agreeable. Nothing good can stay can stay, like in the case of everyone will eventually die. I find it very interesting and really enjoy it very much.

  237. kaijia 2e3(23) says:

    It is a nice poem and.It reminds me of how all good things to not last long, all good things would need to go away.This poem is very “real” as it reflects our real life.It is also very touching to read it

  238. Joanna 20 zhss 2e3 says:

    oh my godd!!!!!! dis poem is so touching!! :'( :'(
    anyway i think this poem is SIMPLY GREAT, ISNT IT? O.O
    yeah nothing gold can stay… it’s simply sad that e innocence of a child is slowly fading as time pass loh.. but then still everyone HAS to grow up, gain more knowledge, and dot their best! (for my case, of course, to pass all my tests!!)

  239. Sherry (21), zhonghua 2e3 says:

    i didnt get wad it meant when i first saw it but after our lit teacher mrs lum explained in details, i finally understood it. the way the poet phrases his poem made me appreciate it, its just deep.. u gotta go deeeeeep into the poem to understand it. so i figured it takes alot to write these kind of poems. robert frost, i salute you. =)

  240. Tiffany, 2e3 (22) says:

    The poem is very creative as it uses alot of description that has hidden meanings. However it is a very difficult poem for many readers to understand. I like it.

  241. Felicia Heng... 2e3... zhss says:

    I came across this peom when i was reading THE OUTSIDERS during lit lesson…I think it is about our life… although it is writen like describing the nature…. nothing good can really stay put in our life fro very long…. not all part of our life we will be happy and satisfy… we will always lost the good thing in our life after some time… I also agreed with my teacher that this poem tells us about the innocence in people will dies of…. normally children have innocence in them… which people says tian zhen in mandrin… however this will not last long… it will soon end when they enter this world and gain more knowlegde…if someone were to appreciate little things in their like sunset and sunrest…we could see many things that are beautiful and unique… everyday’s sunset and sunrise will be different but will always stay beautiful…

  242. Zoe 2e3'05 says:


  243. Chu Jun says:


  244. samantha ding says:

    i think this is a good poem as it tells us about how time is limited and also tells us to cherish our youth and what we have now. it also tells us not to take things for granted.

  245. Jaslin 2e3zhss says:

    This poem is very meaningful, nothing can stay forver. At first, I do not really understand the poem but from the research of my friends, really found that this poem is grea.. -_-“

  246. lena 2e6 (27) says:

    i feel that his poem is very true as we have to cherish everything we have.

  247. Qian Hui (21) 2e4 says:

    I read this poem in The Outsiders written by Hilton. I felt that it is an interesting poem. It tells me that nothing good to stay long and hence, should cherish the things around us before they are gone. I enjoyed this poem very much and wished to recommend to all.

  248. Qian Hui (21) 2e4 says:

    I read this poem in the ‘The Outsiders’ wriiten by Hilton. I felt that this poem is rather interesting. I think this poem is trying to convey to us that nothing good could stay long. It teaches me how to cherish the things around me more. I enjoyed this poem quite a lot.

  249. Pak Meng says:

    This is a very nice poem because it describes about the nature very well. sometimes it makes me want to stop and look at the sun-set. we must all learn to appreciate the nature. i love this poem!

  250. Tan Jia Hui (22) 2e6 says:

    Tis poem is simply fantastic.I learnt it from the bk: The Outsiders and I find tis poem very meaning. The poet is telling us to cherish every bit of happiness that we have. I feel we should remember tis poem and use it as a reminder to remind ourselves to cherish everything before they get lost and then we start to regret it.

  251. Shiyun.2e6=p says:

    this poem is indeed worth reading.its saying that nothing can last forever and thus we should cherish whatever we have now.

  252. Benedict (34) 2e4'05 ZH says:

    This is a very interesting poem i came across while studying The Outsiders. It is a poem with a deep meaning and theme of nothing can last forever. The poem shows that even the best things in life will come to an end, for example, as stated in the poem “So dawn goes down to day”. I like this poem as it teaches people to treasure and appreciate what we have now and not wait untill we lose it, then we regret.

  253. eugene.zhss.2e3.ncc. says:

    i think that this poem is kind of dumb. Quite short. and life is also not just about flowers and leaves. life’s not that short either.

  254. Jarrett Wong says:

    Tis poem is great as it covers tat noothin gd can stay fr long & 1 day would disappear………… I luv it

  255. yizhenn [11] says:

    It is a nice poem with deep meaning. i did not quite get the meaning till we did the poem analysis. It is about having cherish what we have as nothing lasts forever

  256. terence_2e4 zhss'05 says:

    I came aceross this poem wheni was reading my lit novel the ountsiders and i thought about this poem and found it very interesting
    basically it is just saying that all good things must come to an end… no matter how hard you try to hold on these things.. everyone ages and innocence will always be affected by evil… it’s the way things are in this competitive world ..this poem also shows how quickly good things and chances fade awayand about the cycle of life and death

  257. Hui Ying (KKK) 2e3'05 zhss no.9 says:

    well the poem is realli nice… great descriptions & emphasis that nothing good in the world last forever. But if every precious thing lasts forever, nobody will noe how to cherish. hah.
    The Outsiders also very nice.. budden i dun see how the story links to Nothing good lasts forever.. maybe i’ll think harder.. hmm..
    anyway rock on!!(:

  258. LLC (29) Zhss 2E3 says:

    nice and interesting.the “gold” in the poem meant someting that is precious.when Eden sank to grief, it meant the fall of man.Robert just rox!!!!!!

  259. * cheeling says:

    i learnt dis poem from da lit tb. da storybk outsiders. think it is very meaningful as it tells us dat things especially gd ones dun last forever. we shud treasur wad we haf now, or else we will regret it. if u nid more info about da poem. see da other comments k? loviie lotx. =)

  260. `chenyingg 2e6 says:

    this is a very nice teaches us to cherish everything that we have as it cannot last forever. It will be gone sooner or later…boohoo…this poem is also quite hard to understand..but because mrs lum explain liao…so i understand le…yeah!!! thank you mrs lum…

  261. wan chun zhss says:

    when i first read this poem, i find that it is difficult and i don’t understand any part of it. but as i read slower, i understood the meanings and find that it is a very nice poem about life. it tells me alot about being innocent and everything. nothing gold can stay reminds me that good things will eventually show their bad side. so we must cherish their good side before it turns bad.

  262. Hui Ling (15) 2e4, zhss says:

    i find that this poem is very meaningful.although it has a profound meaning, the main idea is still very easy to get-nothing good can ever stay. this poem shows how when we were young, we have this innocence in us. we tend to see things from a different way compared to an adult. we tend to be amazed by every little thing we see. but for an adult, they will just be like: ok, a sunset. nothing to it. and just let the beautiful sunset pass.

  263. xin hui (17) 2e4 says:

    This poem is beautiful. The words used are simple, yet it carries so much meaning in it. It talks of the innocence we had when we were young, but we soon lose it as we grow up. So true in real life. ‘Nothing gold can stay’, so we must cherish the little things around us. 😉

  264. lionel ong says:

    tis poem is really sophiscated but is really rich in content.for example,it shows one’s innocence when is really a great poem to me as it really help me to understand much things.

  265. Mingying [8] says:

    When I first came across this poem while reading The Outsiders, I was so fascinated by it. Initially I may not know the analysis of the poem; yet, it gave me such an appealing feeling, which made me feel that this poem is certainly about life. And true enough, I was proven correctly after some of my classmates and Mrs Lum went through the poem.

    However, my analysis of this poem is quite different from what my classmates had done. I would like to share my opinion, even though it may not sound appropriate for some people. I described it two lines by two lines.

    Nature’s first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leaf’s a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief.
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.

    ~Every opportunity that first came to you is rare. We have to cherish it. There is also a certain difficulty to hold the chance, or after you’ve taken up the chance.
    ~Even though each opportunity is mesmerizing, being it able to create miracles, beautiful images in our lives or give you general knowledge, it vanishes very abruptly.
    ~So, here comes each opportunity, each hurdle and each challenge for you to take up. It may be stressful on you, but allows you to learn something. If you do not have determination, timid to take up the challenge, you will thus learn nothing. And learning nothing may cost you a lot in your life. You may lose many things due to inexperience and therefore become sad.
    ~If you succeed in handling your challenges, crossing the hurdles, taking up the opportunities, this may not be an end. As nothing good will stay permanently. This also shows that another new challenge is awaiting for you… It also means that not every opportunity will wait for you to take it up. So you have to react fast.

    I admit my analysis is not as good as what the class had gone through, but it certainly taught me on cherishing every opportunity and determined to strive on even though I meet any difficulties in life. On the other hand, I also should not take anything for granted as success is only part of life. There is still a long way to go, regardless there is good or bad things ahead.

    On the other hand I was really amazed by the analysis given by the class. It represents our innocence. It is hard to maintain our innocence as we grow up. I had really realized that my innocence is gradually disappearing. I am no longer so observant of the things around me, thus I lose the chance of cherishing it. Hence this has taught me to value the ones I loved, the ones that loved me, and every single people around me, regardless I dislike them or not. This is because, they are part of my life. Without their existence, my life would not be complete. Everything lovely, for example the one we loved, the nature’s beauty which reflects on life, will soon come to an end. Meaning, people will soon die, nature may soon vanish. We may not know what will happen, thus we should really cherish every single thing we have and not take them for granted. Lastly I would like to end of this comment with a quote, “Don’t cry because it ended; smile because it happened.” When something good happened, and has to come to an end, though reluctant we have to be contented on what we’ve got…

  266. Priscilla (zhss,5) says:

    a very short but interesting poem. i would say the poet was very celever to have used the ever changes in nature to show that nothing good or precious can stay and these precious things are abstract so u can’t just try to grab it or whatsoever.

  267. Ivy Toy _2e4 says:

    This poem is beautiful and it is indeed profound.I found it to be just another poem not until i realise what the poem means, it is really meaningful and inspirational as it actually relates to our life. When we are a child,we are innocent,pure and youthful however as we grow older, our innocence and youthfulness just fade away, we are losing them slowly. All the good things will eventually come to an end no matter what.. just like what is written in the poem.. things will just never stay the same. Dawn still has to go down to day, thus this poems teaches me to treasure and cherish the beautiful momments and the love ones around me. Great poem i love it.

  268. doreen -zhss 2e4- says:

    If we read the poem for the first time..perhaps we might feel it is yet another poem..but when you catch the meaning and able to feel what the poet is talking is afterall very meaningful and interesting. We know that when something first appear it seems just amazingly beatiful but also learn that life is never perfect thus trying to say nothing would stay as it own beatiful self as times go pass..from the poem we also learn that we should always treasure the “golden” things we have so that we will not reget.

  269. KohKaiJie (25) 2e4 ZHSS says:

    i find that this poem is meaningful. It teaches us that nothing in this world will last forever . It teaches me to treasure ever thing we have.The poem also made me understand that as a child is more innocent they look at things differently . Overall, I enjoy this poem alot because it portraits something that happens to everyone in life and alos it have lots of meaning in it.

  270. Augustine says:

    The poem tells us to value what we have as things that are very good do not last for long. it also tells us to treasure of youth and childhood. it teaches me to work hard now and have a better future

  271. 2E4 (16) ZHSS says:

    This poem is great.It reflects on how all good things need to come to an end.For example the sunrise will never stay at the same position for the rest of the day and Adam Eve will never be able to return to the garden of Eden anymore.Just like our innocence and youth,we can never stay young and innocent all our life.As time passes,we would all grow old and lose the innocent we use to have when we just a child.Therefore,it is best that we cherish all the time we have with our family and friends,so as to not regrett about what we did to them or what we have not done for them.

  272. Lisa says:

    This poem is very touching. It describes the cycle of life, and how everything will perish no matter how beautiful or precious it is. It relates to how Pony and Johnny lose their innocence, and I feel it is telling us that we should treasure our youth and make full use of it.

  273. Ruihong 2e4 says:

    This is a good poem decribing how one’s precious things, one’s youth, innocence etc.It shows how quickly good things and chances fade away.It is a good poem worth to read as it describes the cycle of life how everything in the world comes and goes…

  274. 2E4 (18) Zhss says:

    This poem is quite well-written. It expresses how quickly good things and chances fade away. It is impossible for all good things to stay forever. There definitely will be one day that they will slip away. Therefore, we should cherish and grasp hold of any chances we have, so that we will not regret when they are gone.

  275. boonswan.2e3 says:

    After Mrs Lum had interpret this poem for us, i got to know its meaning and find that it is really interesting and meaningful. Got to know this poem from the outsiders and i recommend you to read this poem if you havent.

  276. Rachel Ho=) says:

    Nothing Gold can stay is beautifully articulated. It sets ones mind to think about the meaningful phrases.Nature’s first green is gold.There is always something that is for first time.Everything that is beautiful fades away. Nothing can last forever. But as a Christian, there is something that will last forevr. it is the love of God and his Word. This poem basically describes how the boys from the Outsiders have lost their innocence. Robert Frost’s Poems are certainly worth reading.;)

  277. yuen chi -______- says:

    This is a marvellous poem decribing how one’s precious things, namely one’s youth, innocence etc, can never be permanent and will corrode, just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. meaningful poem. =)

  278. 19 says:

    I feel that this poem is very meaningful. It means that nothing gold or beautiful can stay or last forever. Thus, we must treasure all the ‘golden’ things in life while we still have them as they will not be there forever.

  279. Adeline 2e3 ZhongHua Secondary School says:

    I think this poem is very interesting and really bring out the real meaning. Although it is tough to interpret it, it really excites me when i know the meaning of it. I had learned a lot from this poem. The Outsiders is a good book and I think it is suitable to place such a good poem in it. After my teacher explains the meaning to us, I further understand why Robert Frost decided to write this poem. =)

  280. zhss zuyao says:

    This poems really reflects on changes in the world. this is a good poem

  281. 2e4 [20] says:

    i think this poem is very nice and interesting.i’ve learned that things changes regardless of good or teaches me to be more positive towards life and live life to the fullest!(:

  282. ValerieMong. (ZHSS 2E3'05 Index no. 15 -_-) says:

    This poem is meaningful. The meaning is erm nth precious can stay? Yeah. Read this poem from The Outsiders. Overall its a nice poem. =)

  283. Jia Nee (2e3 '05) ZHSS says:

    hmmm… knew this poem from the outsiders. Did some research on it cuz mrs lum asked our grp to.A very ‘true’ poem cuz in reality, beauthing things realli do not last long. It somehow remines us to treasure these precious things before they are gone.

  284. 26 says:

    the theme of this poem is very uses the example of adam and eve eating the forbidden apple of the special tree in eden.the poem clearly shows what it wants to say that is:nothing good can stay forever,so treasure what you have now,do not regret only when u lose it.

  285. opheliaa 2e4 says:

    got to know this poem frm the outsiders. great book great poem. meaningfull. =)).

  286. Sze Ting (ZHSS, 2E3'05) says:

    I read this poem from THE OUTSIDERS. it is a wonderful book. This poem tells me that nothing precious can stay. Even if we try our best to keep it, it will still be gone. Juz like Adam and Eve, they lost their innocence when they ate the apple from the tree. I think that this poem is extremely true as even if we want to keep the precious moments in one, how can it be done? Nothing can be done to it. It will be in our memories, some may say, but will memories stay forever, they may, but will you remmeber them? No one knows. So, the precious moments were lost.

  287. Eric of 2E4, ZHSS says:

    THis is one of the poems i came across while reading The Outsiders, which is one of my favourite book. This poem “Nothing gold can stay”, reminds me of something i love and is precious to me but i cannot keep it for long. I like this poem a ;lot, not only does it it portraits something that happens to everyone in life, which unable to grasp on to something they love for long, this poem is also very meaningful and has lots of meanings in it. I strongly encourage others to read this poem…

  288. KC (29) 2e4 ZHSS says:

    i think that this poem is very ‘not’ superficial as if u take a closer look and take time to understand the poem and with the help of our ppl comment or understanding of the poem, it give u a sense that not every thing is the same under every ppl’s eyes and also i think that the poem really shows that we must chirish each and everyone in our life (even ppl that we think we hate think they r irrtating or just don’t like his/her face) as nothing ‘gold’ can stay e.g. friendship etc. and it is also the hardest hue to hold meaning that like friendship it is very difficult to substain as friends will somehow quarrel with 1 another sometime over trival matter and we need to ‘yi ren rang yi bu’ so that we won’t quarral over the slightest thing.

  289. Teh Hui Ping says:

    Nothing good can stays forever.We must cherish the things that we have now and appreciate it.I also learnt that we should make the best of what we have.

  290. Loke Jie Ying says:

    I think this poem by Robert Frost in the “The Outsiders” is a very meaningful poem.Good things can’t stay for long and we must cherish everything around us in our life before it is gone.

  291. Xinling says:

    Well, i fell in love with this poem the first time i read it.The first impression it gave me was so sweet!
    especially the first sentence “Nature ‘s first green is gold”..i strongly recommend everyone to read this poem….it is very very appealing to everyyone and gives you a pleasant feeling….:>

  292. ruiting says:

    It is a very touching poem.It reminds me to cherish the things around me and not take them for granted.We must learn to appreciate the nature’s first. Nothing good can stay for long, we must live to our fullest and not waste our life.

  293. jiaming says:

    It is a nice poem it my first time getting to know it in the book “The Outsiders”. It was good and it reminded me the sad point that all good things would need to go away…all in all the poem is so”real” as it reflects our real life…

  294. Ang wei ting says:

    i think the poem was really well-written illustrating that nothing great n valuable last long like a sunrise although beautiful is only for a while. emphasizing that Nothing precious (to one or anything) can stay longg..

  295. christy says:

    this poem said a lot to me, maybe it could have helped you too…the book the outsiders was the saddest book i was liek in love with dally and i was so sad when he died but it was a brilliant idea of his that he died like that…what a way to go

  296. Jessica says:

    “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost is an awesome poem. i’m not too big on poetry, but i loved this one. we read the book and watched the movie “The Outsiders” last year in English class, (which is by far the best book i have ever read for school, and a great book in general) and this year as a freshmen, we have to do a poetry project. i chose this poem and by reading other people’s comments on here, i understand it even better. “Nothing Gold Can Stay” says that as much as you try to hold on to something, it won’t last forever.. and i guess it may not seem like it, but thats a good thing, because if everything stayed “gold” all the time, we wouldn’t appreciate it as much. a person’s youth is like gold, and you only live once, seize the dayand grasp all the opportunities you can because they won’t be there for long. this poem applies to nature as written in the lines of the poem, but it also has a deeper meaning and applies to life in general. “Stay gold, Ponyboy” “Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony, thats gold, keep it that way. It’s a good way to be.”

  297. paul says:

    this is a good poem mr.frost…..u hav some great taltnt thr i wish i could do wut u do… is ppl like u that make me feel like life is worth it i reli like the work tHAT U DO it is fantastic…..i’ll try to take ur place one day……i will try to do the same work that u do……peace out

  298. laurenn says:

    This poem is the best one i have ever read it is great!! Robeert yu are excellent at this stuff i could never right something liike thiss great job:D

  299. Do it for Johnny, do it for Johnny says:

    I was assigned to read “The Outsiders” for a Language project. Part of my project was to create my way of explaining how “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. I’m not the type of person who digs reading, but when I picked up the outsiders and started reading as the first line said “When I stepped out of the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home”, I knew I was going to love this book. When I first read the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” I thought it was great but didn’t quit understand it, and creating my own Nothing Can Gold Stay poem was challenging, but then I compared it to my life, and what I’m going throw, even though I’m 13 going on 14, I was amazed on what the poem meant. Robert Frost was explaining that your youth/teen is your golden years. As harsh as it may be with friends, parents, some one so important to your life, now is the time to experience new things, learn to do what right, and as much as you try to hold on, it won’t last forever. That’s why “Eden sank to grief”, meaning years pass by and you can’t control what happens, but only control your memories. I might have skipped a lot of the poem, but each person has a different side of view on it. Yet I don’t know how I should create my own “Nothing Gold Can Stay” poem, but at least I understand the message and the concept of the poem written by Robert Frost. Overall I think it’s an amazing poem and I’m inspired 🙂 I haven’t seen the movie yet, but ill be seeing it in class, I bet I will cry while watching the movie…:( but the book is create, even if written at the age of 16 by Susan Eloise Hinton (Y)

  300. ekin says:

    this poem makes me think that we have to seize the day, esply during youth…

  301. Baby_Grl says:

    This Poem is from “the Outsiders” I’m reading it in Class as which i’m a 7th grader, I’m to the part where Johnny… But this poem is a great fact, nothing could ever stay the way it used to for long…*sigh* that’s a good thing!

  302. Buckley says:

    I’ve heard of Robert Frost, but I’ve never heard this poem until I was watching a “Baby Einstein” dvd. I fell in love with it and have sense memorized it.

  303. spindy says:

    Great analogy of the poem. You have a very deep look at the poem and the hidden meanings of the words.

  304. Lizzie says:

    I have read The Outsiders book 6 times and it is truly amazing. When I saw the poem for the first time, I didn’t quite know what it meant, just like Ponyboy. When I saw the movie I began to realize exactly what Robert Frost meant. He meant exactly what Johnny said in the note. That we are gold when we are kids and everything seems new. Like the way Ponyboy digs sunsets. Thats what Johnny said is gold. he also said that he should keep it that way cause its a good way to be. At the realization of this poem I cried knowing that kids like the outsiders are wonderful kids but just unfortunate to have that type of life. This is a very good example for kids in their teenage years like me.

  305. Krystle says:

    I love this poem! It reminds me that anyhting that is good and true can not stay in one place forever, but that it will be back some day, just not for a while!

  306. lala says:

    i am a huge outsiders fan and when i heard this poem i loved it and in the outsiders two bit played by emilio esteves was really funny and soda pop was the best looking

  307. C.mAyA says:

    I love this poem like every one said. I read this poem in the book “OUT SIDERS”. Its a good book to read. the poem discribes how the most beautiful features of nature are the shortest lived. This poem applies to nature as can be seen in the lines, but also to life in general. It describes the ups and downs in life pretty well. Everything changes and you can’t do anthing to change it. Learn to live when your life change!!!

  308. kgirl_878 says:

    I also came acroos this poem in the Outsiders, and I must admit, I was quite charmed by the truth being told in a form of utter simplicity.

  309. Melissa says:

    “Nothing Gold can stay” everyone wants to have or be apart of something great. Then when you finally get what you want you are dellusioned to beliving it is yours forver. But nothing is ever truly yours- all life belongs to god. You have to be thankful for everytihng you have because it can be taken away at any moment. Live life like it is your last day on this earth because something great won’t last a life times”Nothing Gold can stay”

  310. Blaine says:

    The first time i came across this poem was in high school. the teacher gave us this book to read called the Outsiders. really was not much into the book until she made me do a complex report on it. after that i was totally wowed! the poem came into nice contex with the book…i was about 14 and while growing up and loosing my innocence and my youth the poem made more and more sence to me. i realized that my innocence is my ‘gold’ and i will loose it,it is an enevatable change. im 21 now still changeing and still looking to my poem to ashure myself that the change is ok.
    the second time i came accross this poem was in a garfield cartoon, but i was proud i know it would have reached someone else.

  311. johnna says:

    i think this poem is beatuiful…it has so many meanings to it… i think it means everything is good but nothing can stay the same!!!!! life changes..we have a circle we live in its the circle of life and everthing changes as life goes on!!!

  312. chris says:

    i read the outsiders yesterday and i found myself reading a poem….wierd..yet this poem has become my favorite of all.

  313. Stephanie says:

    I love this poem, it’s one of my favorites. And it means so much. It’s a feeling I’m familiar with; good things ending. And I loved how it was put in the outsiders. “Stay gold, Ponyboy” & “Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony, that’s gold, keep it that way. It’s a good way to be.” That is so true. And not just people are gold, but things, and feelings, everything. It’s depressing, but it seems that all good things end. Sigh. It was written so well, I am jealous. Great poem.

  314. k a r i says:

    i love robert frost & the outsiders
    i just got XstaygoldX tattooed on my chest and i fn love it

  315. Rebecca says:

    I think this poem is so well loved by young and old alike because it can be applied to any situation in life. Young adults can appreciate the turning of something special into something ordinary, While adults can identify with the purpose of the “green” or everyday. If everything stayed gold, would we appreciate it? I think the fact that it is short lived and vanishing is what makes it so magnificent.

  316. Jessica says:

    Robert Frost is such a great poet!! I love his work so much. I first heard this poem “Nothing gold can stay” from my favorite movie The Outsiders. This poem is so beautiful.

  317. MIVKEYMOUSE says:

    This is a great poem from The Outsiders.It explains how a person’s youth is like gold,becuase it is so valuable and precious.It means that you have to make the best out of your youth,and you have to grasp the opprtunities you have now,because they won’t be there for long.So basically itmeans that you have to make the best of your youth now that you are an early leaf,because once it’s gone your youth can never be replaced,and what you do now reflects the outcome of your future.

  318. Alexandria Reese says:

    this poem is da boom diggady!!!! lol i love robert frost!!

  319. Bayken says:

    This is a peom i came across from THE OUTSIDERS!
    I love this book I also learned a lot from that peom.
    It meant your gold when your a kid like green . It’s just when you get used to every thing that its day. Like the way some people digs sunsets. THATS GOLD KEEP THAT WAY ITS A GOOD WAY TO BE!

  320. jellyroll says:

    This poem is another in which Frost expresses a fallen view, which he does not share with the speaker. On one level, the poem has a depressing tone alluding to the idea that all that is pure will quickly fall out of grace. This loss of innocence is seen by the speaker in a sad way. This is especially clear in the line, “So dawn goes down to day.” The speaker, in his own fallen view, gives more weight to the disappearance of dawn, than the rising of day. This is no different than someone not wanting to get out of bed because they don’t want to face the day. However, the rising of day signifies the coming of light. So, while we may lose the blissful and peaceful ignorance/innocence of our childhood, we are lucky enough to see the light of later years, to gain wisdom. This wisdom should not be what the speaker feels in the last line, that innocence is great and loss of it is to be mourned. This wisdom is in the title of the poem, all in caps, “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” Here is Frost telling the speaker to understand that, yes, this is the natural way, and so there is no point in fighting it or being sad about it. In fact, within every leaf is just a leaf…meaning without the gold there is no green, without dawn there is no day, without death there is no birth. It is just the way it is and so we better love it.

  321. Lana says:

    This is a pretty cool poem that I have come across by reading “The Outsiders.” I am looking for a “The Outsiders” fan, I am obssesed and am looking for someone to chat about it with. Thanks!

  322. Lance says:

    It was one of the first poems i have ever accually read. It was in the book The Outsiders in which is my favorite book and when i heard it i loved it. Absolutely the best poem ever.

  323. allie says:

    I loved the poem. It told me that everything changes and you can’t do anything about it. I learnd to live with lifes changes.It was good in the book “the outsiders”

  324. Pam says:

    Simplicity at its finest. Without a doubt one of my favorite poems.

  325. Molly Maroney says:

    This Poem is so cool. It reminds me of not being able to hold onto something I love.

  326. michelle says:

    this is an awseome poem i lover it

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