Pin-        La-         SCATS :
      ball        dy
tis-               tas-         bumps
     ket raps        ket,                back.

              yel-         bas-
Wins            low          ket.



  1. michael m t danso says:

    Brilliant!. anyone who knows Haiku would knowthat this is a haiku mind-picture representing a haiku scat in the inimitable Ella Fitzgerald form and style..This took a true Master of the Art and a Jazz Afficionado to to put this together in this way.. Thank you James A. Emanuel..and Ben Dover…: do your homework and increase and acquire a broader and increased understanding of Haiku.. You will enjoy it – if you like educating yourself..Yes, I AM proudly politically incorrect, but truthful !

  2. Ben Dover says:

    what the crap is this? i dont understand it at all….
    ~Dixie Normus

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