I bet with every Wind that blew
Till Nature in chagrin
Employed a Fact to visit me
And scuttle my Balloon —

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  1. clayton walker says:

    This is a poem of pure sadness and regret emily her entire life lived without society and dedicated her life to writing poetry to god. Though she wrote about hell alot I think this poem is about the regret she had for living in solitude. She bet with every wind that blew till nature (or what she was and was reality in {charge in} ) employed so it was like it was constantly weighing on her as if it and scuttle my ballon.
    The word scuttle is a opening on a boat that would be used to sink your own ship, as so the enemy didn’t have the laugh of destroying you. Her life she realized was all but over and instead of finding out more of the world and people she grew into the habit of never leaving the homestead. Emily shows the regret for that in this poem. This is one of the saddest poems i`ve ever read.

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