i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)

i fear

no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

Analysis, meaning and summary of e.e. cummings's poem i carry your heart with me


  1. Britanny says:

    This poem is freaking gay !

  2. anna renteria says:

    this poem was great!

  3. Grayson cooper says:

    That was great

  4. Kim jones says:

    I Love this poem…it feels my heart joy and warmth!

  5. Gregg Banter says:

    The home run batter of poems, nearly a million hits. What Criticism can matter. This poem (poet) strikes at the heart of the people, and reaches the grand stands.

  6. mcooke says:

    I love this poem! It expresses my feelings exactly! 🙂

  7. IBRAHEEM says:

    What an amazing poem! It is beatiful more than beatiful.Howeve,what is e.e .cummins talking about.Please guya tell me about.

  8. Bailey Frost says:

    This poem shows the conflicts of a loved one who has lost their significant other. The speaker talks about always loving them no matter what problems arise, which in this case would be death. They also state that love is the secret to everything, but nobody really ancknowledges it. That love triumphs over everything and soars even in the toughest of times.

  9. maria says:

    what is this poem talking about ???two lovers

  10. souhila says:

    This poem is very good when i read it i felt like it was me the protagonist in this romantic story.

  11. Doug says:

    Wow, I just heard this poem put to music by the contemporary composer, David C. Dickau, from Minnesota State University. Check it out if you can find a recording of it.

  12. Franca Egbe says:

    I heard this poem for the first time when i watched the movie in her shoes. It is the best poem that explains love as it is.I will always love this poem!!

  13. Kawther Al-qerbi says:

    This is realy for me one of the greatest poems because it expressses the deep & the pure love even if the two lovers are not physically together wich is realy rare..

  14. Sarah Asher says:

    I carry your heart with me
    I carry it in my back pocket
    With a smallish pistol,
    3 baguettes and
    Bits of a heart-shaped locket.

  15. Heidi says:

    I too have seen the movie in her shoes. My beautiful sister passed away yesterday after being taken off of life support and I immediatley thought of this poem. I love you my sister Sheena, I carry your heart with me.

  16. tia says:

    this poem is a really love poem and it had graped my heart when i first heard it

  17. Bea says:

    Love it! Need to know which of his books has this beautiful poem!

  18. Ian a Beckett says:

    Being a antipodeon primitive I had not discovered Cummings.His stle -non style-is remarkable in its immediacy and delicacy ie.” here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life ”
    This is just one example but I am finding so many more. Ilove his work. Would like to see his visual works if anyone can dirct me to a site with this it would be great.

  19. mhmoud alazharey says:

    A wonderful poem
    Feelings of love and nature of vocabulary
    Looks amazing in the poem
    Thank you

  20. Shari says:

    liberating a captive soul
    Almost two years ago my significant other of 20 years was diagnosed with dementia. At first I was allowed to visit him but as time progressed his children placed him with a care giver and with his ex wife in a place near the beach. I am glad he is near the beach, I share his love of the water, but I am no longer allowed to see him because it upsets his ex wife because she is still in love with him after more than thirty years of being apart. His children allow no contact between the two of us. If he speaks up it is seen as confusion on his part and I am seen as a threat to the relationship between he and his ex wife and the imaginary reunification of their family after many years. I had conversations with him when I was still allowed to see him and he assured me this was not an arrangement he wanted. However, it has come about and, I feel, he is somewhat imprisoned by his children and ex wife. I continue my life, my career, and my travels because we were never married I have no legal rights to request any contact. He has short term memory loss and some mild confusion but is still much the same other than that. The poem expresses so much of how I feel about his situation. He no longer has the freedom to travel with me nor does he have the ability to go places he wants on his own. So I feel on some soulful level he travels with me because I carry his heart in my heart and it is my only connection with him. The poem brings tears to my eyes whenever I read it. I wish I could send a copy to him to read also. I hope he knows I carry his heart in my heart.

    i carry your heart with me

    i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
    i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,my darling)
    i fear
    no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
    no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
    and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
    and whatever a sun will always sing is you

    here is the deepest secret nobody knows
    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
    higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
    and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

    i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

    ee cummings

  21. issa altobat says:

    it is nice poem that can touch your sensation directly .
    without need to percussion the door ………. i love it

  22. Daniel Schoch says:

    Lauren Maciel (and everyone else)

    What’s with the history lesson?

  23. nana says:

    i have never liked poetry nor tried to understand it, but this is one poem that captivated my heart, and i will always carry it in my heart.at that moment i heard it being read by cameron Diaz, i knew that is how i felt about my mother and that wherever she goes or whatever happens to her or me “I WILL ALWAYS CARRY HER HEART IN MINE” it has never been easier to say your true feelings in a more poignant way and for that i thank EE cummings!!!!!

  24. Nanda says:

    I think It isn’t the best poem that a I hear but It’s so nice because it like the true life.
    I was thinking… It can be better…


  25. conching says:

    honestly i rarely appreciate poems but this poem, it is so different, this poem is so superb and magnificient; one of the extraordinary poems i’ve ever heard. .i heard this poem from the movie “in her shoes”, where cameron diaz read the poem to her dear sister. the poem made me cry.. it made me realize the power of unconditional love..
    it reminds me of my bestfriend. actually i’m planning to give her a copy of this poem. i’m sure she gonna like it.
    e. e. cummings, you are simply the best.

  26. cind says:

    i heard it the first time in the movie “in her shoes” and it brought tears to my eyes. i love the poem.

  27. Flory says:

    I have falling in love with the poem, since I heard the first time in movie ‘In her Shoes’. The poem said so much love with so little words, I was touched. I can close my by only feel what’s love has done. Love it, and brilliant!

  28. Michelle says:

    i heard it in the movie “candy” and i have loved it ever since.

  29. rashmi limbu says:

    just when i heard the first line, it touched my heart and my eyes were fied with tears. how beautifully and simply the poet has expressed the love… though i love my guy so much i couldn’t express it perfectly.now thanks to this beautiful poem i can tell him how much i love him.this poem is written so simply but with great love…i just loved it!!

  30. William says:

    I heard this poem ina movie and it really touched me… And I’m sure tht his is the poem that I will read to my daugther and my son every night… Bless you E.E Cummings!

  31. kev says:

    this is also in the drug movie.. ‘candy’

  32. constance says:

    I came to know it through a film in which one of the two heroines read it to her dear sisiter and I was touched. Really enjoyable findings here.

  33. Arline says:

    My daughter hand wrote this poem in my Mother’s Day card.
    She knows it is my favorite. It brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me of the deep love and bond that I feel for my mother, two daughters and my grandaughter. It is a love so great and strong that it will go on forever. Whenever I say good-bye or write a note to them, I close with “I carry your heart in my heart.” Thank you and bless you E.E. Cummings for such beautiful words.

  34. ruprasik says:

    when i read this poem i really remember my love whois now not with me so the heart of this poem is how much poet miss his love .it really speak my heart too i just forward this poem to her thank yu…

  35. Marianne Lamar says:

    My husband died Nov,15, 2008 and his memorial will be at his beloved beach in Oct. of 2008. This poem will be in the invitation to the memorial for it has helped me understand how he is and will always be with me.
    One could also see this as a pray as God being the person carried within your heart. I hope this will also help others greaving for I carry his heat with me I carry it in my heart and we are still doing things together.

  36. nadia says:

    i think this poem is the best e.e cummings had done!It make us realized how much people we love have a place in our heart!for me every time i am alone despite there’s peple around me this poem help me to remind that there are people in the world who love me and that i love too!!and so i’m feel better!it’s a kind of cure against sorrowness!

  37. Maudie says:

    I thought this poem was good.it was nice.It reminded me of when I am away from family and the love of my life,I always carry their heart with me as well.Very well put.

  38. Marie L. says:

    It has a healing element…I heard it again while watching a film…it has touched me again and again. BTW, would like to get in touch with this Mr. Ugalde who sends comments regularly.


  39. mr. Ugalde says:

    the word poem is not spelled poam its poem retard

  40. mr. Ugalde says:

    well i hope true love is not like this and i think true love for you is taking a fat johnson from the behind

  41. mike says:

    if you don’t get this poam you haven’t expierienced true love yet.

  42. Mr.Ugalde says:

    if this poem reminds you of your relationship with your girlfriend then your a complete homosexual

  43. Jordan says:

    this poem reminds me of my relationsheip with my girlfriend

  44. Tiffany says:

    I enjoyed this poem. As I am researching about E. E. Cummings, I find this poem the best one of them. It gives a heart something to do. It is romantic in it’s own ways!

  45. Juergen says:

    For poetry is my passion I somehow had to come to this one. And what should or could I say what has not been said by now? It makes me thinking of all the people I met in my life and I shared special moments with. Thank you!

  46. Ashley says:

    A lot of people who have comment say they love this poem and they give it to their loved ones, but the meaning of the poem is that he loves this person so much, but the person doesn’t know she is loved. “here is the deepest secret that nobody knows…i carry your heart(i carry it in my hear). She doesn’t know that he loves her

  47. ali says:

    its world-wide acceptance and familarity is for its simpleness which seems more to be childish. any way attractive to me.

  48. Ann says:

    My dearest friend Susan who lives in L A gave me these lines last time we met in May 2007. They have been true for us for 30 years

  49. kaye, myrtle beach,sc says:

    how lovely, i read this poem alot. i sent it in a card for my husband. i know it will make him feel the same as i. i carry him in my heart. thank you e.e. cummings. kaye,

  50. Linda Hinesman says:

    All i can said is thank you for this poem, i first heard it just like everyone elese on the movie “In Her Shoes”. And i fell in love with it the first time. I found true love and that poem says it all, so I had to print it out and give it to him. One day I’ll said at the wedding to him.
    Thank you
    Linda H
    Dayton, Ohio

  51. Flapp says:

    Yes, I also first heard this poem while watching “In Her Shoes”, in the sweet voice of Cameron Diaz.
    And it was in my mind… in my mind… and in my heart!


  52. al says:

    This poem delivers the promise all poets hope to reach. Evocation of the mind and spirit.

  53. rachel royce says:

    I have loved this poem for ages it would seem. There is no equal!……gives a heart a goal!…RR

  54. Ahmad says:

    i was watching “In her shoes” movie when i heared this poem ,first of all it was wonderfull the way they put this sence in movie, it’s now more than one week i’m haing a broking rlation with my gf(my life), it made me cry as is very hard to cry for me ,i missed her alot ,the poem was fantastic and i’ll be remember it always.

  55. Josh says:

    Every time I read this poem is moves me to tears of joy, I cannot help it. It sums up the love I feel for my one and only better than any clumsy attempts of my own ever have. Beautiful.

  56. Victoria says:

    I also first heard this poem while watching “In Her Shoes”, and it made me think of my Brother. He passed away three years ago and we were the very best of friends. I carry his ashes in a necklace I wear everyday. He is always in my heart, and in everything that I do. This poem will forever touch my heart and make me think of my wonderful brother. Whom I miss and love very dearly.

  57. Angela says:

    i first heard this poem when i was watching a film, and i had to find it because i just love it…i get a feeling of how important family is when you move away

  58. Jane says:

    I looove this poem so much. It is semi reminiscent ( to me at least ) of you being in love… (XII). It is so entirely beautiful and honest and truthful. I want to read this at my Wedding, or something.

  59. Natasha says:

    the first time i read this poem i was in the seventh grade. it made me think of my dad. and it makes me smile to this day because i know that i am forever in his heart and he in mine.

  60. Jan says:

    I guess people read this and the majority have a romantic reaction to it. But every time I read this poem , or hear it spoken, I think of my sister. This poem expresses best, the closeness that she and I will forever share. She is truly with me, everywhere I go.

  61. Keeny says:

    I will print this poem & have one of my sons read it at either mine or my husbands funeral. It is the way I will say my final good-byes.

  62. I J McLean says:

    This is truly a beautiful poem. It broke my heart as it made me yearn for the time when I carried my spouse in my heart (perhaps I still do) but he no longer carries my heart in his. My soul aches.

  63. Michelle Pfeiffer says:

    I heard this poem for the first time tonight on a movie called ‘In Her Shoes” … it brought tears to my eyes as it made me think of my boyfriend who is away working right now. This moved me deeply.

  64. MARLENE says:


  65. Kate Gara says:

    The very first time i heard this poem i cried, and every time there after i cry. Beautiful. a classic

  66. val nkem egboh says:

    I’m so glad I finally found this poem n glad to c that there are people out there who feel the same way I do about it…It reaches out from the very depth of my soul…I feel overwhelmed everytym I think about or hear this poem.It is that emotion I(we) find difficult to express in words…

  67. JUDY says:


  68. Louise says:

    This poem is the first i had heard of ee cummings. From a film of all places, but it is a poem which i now hold dear. Such a small but meaningful poem

  69. Susana says:

    I have to analyze this poem for a class exposition and the only thing i can say is that is incredible the way in which he expresses his love, to a man, woman, brother, sister..or to a death person, this is incredible and in my view something difficult to obtain. This is the secret.
    Sorry for my english…! kisses from Spain.

  70. Sue says:

    I have loved this poem since the first time that I heard it and I am going to have it read at my Mothers funeral next week so all who are there will truly know how much I loved her and what she and her life have meant to me. My Mother was truly an inspiration as she fought medical issues and paralization she remained compassionate, humorous, genenerous and always loving. For these things I will be forever grateful to her. I must also thank the author for allowing the deep emotion to be shared with others!!

  71. ellen says:

    the words of ee cummings were like an embrace,both given and received.my heart is filled with loved one’s hearts that may be at arm’s reach,across the miles or no longer within my grasp..my heart is full and that’s a blessing

  72. Swan says:

    You can tell that E E Cummings met the love of his life. He met and loved the one person out there that was for him. I’ve read a few of his poems now and they are all so immotive. They are sexual, sensual, full of desire and love. There is a surge of emotion when reading and for those who have met their one true love that person is who you think of when reading

  73. Lorelie says:

    I really love this poem, and I just come to know of it when I watched “In her Shoes” where cameron Diaz is in. It says to me that wherever one maybe, there is someone in there, deep within them that is with them all the time. Though they may be far apart, it is in their heart that they are one and never alone. Truly beautiful!

  74. carol says:

    This wonderful poem really touched me in a special way.That type of deep love for someone comes only once in a lifetime. I really love this poem and will think of a very special person everytime I read it.

  75. John says:

    I feel sorry for those that have posted and do not understand this poem. Until a month ago, I would no thave understood it. I am 48 years old. I have recently found the one person that can allow me to underrstand this poem. I hope that each of you will find the meaning of this poem some time in your life. It is such a wonderful thought that Mr. Cummings expressed.

  76. Conlan Tereschuk says:

    The poem “I Carry Your Heart” by e.e. Cummings is short but sweet. It expresses his deep love for someone or something. The Last stanza and the last line rhyme. This creates an emphasis on the end of the poem, which in my opinion, is the most important part of the masterpiece.

  77. summer says:

    i love this poem but what does it truly mean?

  78. Brittany says:

    This poem by E.E. Cummings, is actually my sister and mes favorite poem. We actually at one time both memorized it, because we feel it describes our relationship perfectly.The flow and grammar used through out the peom make it eady to follow and understand. We actually make copies odf this poem and include it in every card we give to each other, just as a reminder of how much we love each other.Over all i think its a great poem and it touchs a lot of people.

  79. Elaine says:

    What a lovely poem, it touched my heart. This is the way I feel about my husband and my daughter. I carry their hearts in my heart. E. E. Cummings expresses his love with such ease it brings me to tears.

  80. Mel:) says:

    Upon reading the poem “I carry your heart with me” by E.E. Cummings one may get so consumed in the over all meaning of the poem that they may not pause to notice the grammatical flaws.These grammatical flaws are done on purpous by Cummings.The flaws include the fact that there are no spaces between the main portion of the poem and the part in parentheses.One must believe this was done to portray a sense of closeness, a sense of closeness in which no space can seperate him and his true love.The first word in every line of the poem is not capitalized.The information in the parentheses mimics that which is not in parenthese,for example: the first line states “i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)..this gives one the visual description of a heart within a heart.Further on in it he wrtes “i am never without it (anywhere i go you go, my dear;and whatever is done by only me is your doing my darling)”…this gives his love the credit and thus makes his love responsible for his actions.He alter writes “i fear no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true….this demonstrates his lack of concern or fear for his fate and his future, because he knows that both his fate and his future are with his true love.
    So you see, there are many aspects to this poem that do not appear to be there when you first hear or read the poem.I love this poem and I dare say that of all the poems I have read it is my favorite and I feel everyone can realte to this poem because at one point in time one will have deep feelings for another individual..(notice that in my comment I did not say Cummings was reffering to a “she”.For it is safe to assume this o be true but we do not know this to be fact, as this poem can be dedicated to a child,future husband/wife, past huband/wife,sister or brother or r anyone that holds a special place in our heart…
    That is all I can think of to write for now, but I encourage others to critically read these poems..you may be surprised at what you discover and better yet what you learn discover in return…:)

  81. Luna Rahman says:

    I read this poem a few days ago, and I have not stopped thinking about it. It truly sums up how you feel when your heart has been captured – he must have loved deeply to be able to write something so beautiful. Which is why it will be read at my wedding on 1st September 2007.

  82. Jessica says:

    not trying to be mean or anything but i really do not get this poem sorry no,im really sorry.

  83. Reece says:

    The poem by E.E. Cummings “I Carry Your Heart With Me” is truly a poem of love and expresses it very well. There is no playing around with words or trying to be fancy and just confuse people, it is just a poem about feelings and very deep feelings. This author must really love someone to write with this much passion.

  84. Lina Price says:

    The first time I heard the peom I was driven to tears (I heard it in a movie”my sisters shoes” so I guess the world most likely if they saw the movie, were moved with its simple but meaningful content. Now I am going to use it to renew my silver (25) wedding anniversary, I think it is appropriate in my case, my husband two years ago suffered two strokes and 2 heart attacks both before the age of 52. Ever since then things have changed because I feel his heart as a constant reminder of how much we take life for granted, so yes, I carry his heart in mine, but I have always believed that he carries my heart in his and this is way we have made it to our silver anniversary. I can’t think of a more appropriate poem than this. Oh yes, it was partially used in the last series of ER at a wedding between the two main doctor characters, even though it was shortened it still made it emotional for those who have followed the series. I thank cummings for being so talented and can’t wait to let you know how my reciting this at our 25th anniversary went.Lina from Ontario, Canada

  85. allan says:

    I didn’t know i liked poetry until i read this poem

  86. missy says:

    i luvv this poem…its sooo good!

  87. whitney says:

    ilove this poem i plan 2 read it 2 my fionce at our wedding it is beautiful and moving and it touched my heart

  88. Julie says:

    i love this poem. how i love it. it brings a deep and overflowing joy to my heart each and every time i read it. how i cherish and love my husband. it is his heart, that i carry.

  89. Kathy says:

    I now know what I will read at my wedding and will have read at my funeral. Never have words moved me as these have.

  90. bug's girl says:

    they just used this poem in the ER wedding…it was so good.

  91. Dawn says:

    This poem brings me great joy and saddness. It reminds me of l true love that has been forever lost to death. My daughters father loved this poem and read it to me often. He was killed when I was 2 mos preg and it was red at his funeral. Always appreciate a true love when you have them.

  92. Lou says:

    I heard this poem in the film “In her Shoes”, about true sisterly love. I love my sister (who unfortunalty is very poorly with MS) with all my heart and truly carry her heart in mine, without her I do not feel complete.

  93. Gary says:

    This poem reminds me of his baby girl that was took to ireland with her mother and not matter how far a part they are he will alway lover her

  94. jasmine says:

    this poem is in a way happy thoughts of how he would carry someones haert as hes own.

  95. Devash says:

    What I admired most about the poem was the sincere,pure&yet far from blind naivety with which it was written.I think its important for us to still retain a somewhat naive and yet discerning innocence about love,people and life,no matter how many times we’ve been hurt.

  96. Cristina says:

    I never imagined I would be so mooved by a moment in a film, when I saw Cameron Diaz saying this poem by E.E. cummings. So beautiful…

  97. sara says:

    this wonderful poem of e.e cummings reminds us again: to have love in your life is precious!!!

  98. Crystal Willliams says:

    It touched my inner core as it will ANYONE who truly and unconditionally loves.

  99. Judy says:

    “In Her Shoes” was a quick pick dvd, my choice of the selection. First to play in our new DVD machine. But it was the poem, ‘i carry your heart with me’ that stole the movie and my new appreciation of e.e. cummings. As my fiance sat next to me and the movie played on, I cried buckets. I knew when Cameron Diaz read it allowed at her sisters wedding, that it too would be apart of our soon to be wedding. It also reminded me of a person I had loved a while back and made me stop and think, of how many people we can carry in our heart.

  100. myra says:

    Like everyone else I also discovered e.e.cummings while watching the movie “In her shoes”. When I heard this poem I couldn’t stop crying. I knew then what I was going to read at my mothers unveiling. July 26th will be one year that she has passed. I have not been able to put into words how I feel. Not until I heard this poem. It could mean so many things to so many different people. But to me I will always carry her heart in my heart.

  101. Jordan Barrick (the REAL one!) says:

    OMG. this is the WORST peom ever. i have never written anything worse than this and i am pretty bad. were you crying when you wrote this? I cant believe all the morons that are on this site. just to tell you, you are one of them. i say that you should be banned from writing for the rest of etnernity. get a life.
    -tough luv

  102. Ann Marie says:

    how retarted

  103. SARAH says:


  104. Louise says:

    I saw “in her shoes” last night, and this heard this poem. It is so simple and beautiful.It, for me describes all kinds of love- husband, children and parents. If it wasn’t for this film, I would not of even heard of e.e.cummings!

  105. Cleide says:

    Boa tarde! eu não th este poema, e infelizmente não consegui achá-lo?? Seria possível me enviar ou passar um endereço ao qual eu possa acessa-lo??
    Desde já!
    Cleide Cardoso

  106. SHouk says:

    I just watched the movie, “in her Shoes”. I loved the poem and it touched me because our family recently had a memorial celebration for my husband, who passed away suddenly. I would have read the poem at the service. I am emailing it to my children.

  107. Lyn B :) says:

    I too have seen the movie “In Her Shoes” (about 10 times) and each time it gets to me. I love the poem and how it stirs your soul. I recently watched the movie again when i was going through turmoil in my relationship with my boyfriend and it made me realise just how much i treasure him. I think that the poem would make excellent wedding vows and i certainly would use them (if that even happens). The poem is extremely beautiful and has a positive affect on thoes who read or hear it.

  108. tamara says:

    My husband is in the army and is currently deployed to Iraq. This poem really touched me. It made me think of him and my father who passed away in 2004. Things like this really help me get by.

  109. kgomotas says:

    i also saw ‘In her shoes’ i cried! it just made me think of my dear friend and just me appretiate her more!!!

  110. Gina says:

    I saw the movie, In Her Shoes, it really touched me. I lost my Sister, Terry a year ago. She was very dear to me. You never know how much you truly love someone until you lose them. This movie truly touched my soul. If only I could of had that chance to tell her “I Carry Your Heart, I Carry It In My Heart.

  111. biodun peters says:

    I’ve been away from my family for a while and, this poem captures the essence of what I have been wanting to say to my dearest wife.

  112. Roshan Gibson says:

    Theres no words to describe this poem, its simpley indescribable. It’s stunning.
    love to e.e cummings and all his work.

  113. sharlene lucia Isidora says:

    It is the most beautiful peom I ever heard, and I think that I will used for mine wedding vows.:-)

  114. Sarah says:

    this poem is a very special poem i really enjoyed reading this poem. i liked it alot thanx for writing this poem it showed me how much my boyfriend and i are so much in lve

  115. a proper analysis says:

    After sifting through all 400+ comments, only 2 comments actually managed to properly analyze the poem. About 50% of comments were about a movie, and another 49% were about some dead person or a husband/wife…Yeesh. To repeat what others have said here it is.

    Comment 322 of 401, added on March 20th, 2006 at 10:57 AM.

    The striking thing about the poem and the way it is (and should be read) is that the idiosyncratic punctuation is part of its message. The conceit that one can carry another’s heart in one’s heart is reinforced by the juxtaposition of the lines.

    GerBear from United States
    Here are the definitions for this guys answer, since obviously he used a thesaurus to write a comment :p
    idiosyncratic – Odd, personalized, peculiar, eccentric and often out of context.
    conceit – an elaborate poetic image or a far-fetched comparison of very dissimilar things
    juxtaposition – the combining of improbable elements in close proximity to each other.

    Comment 255 of 401, added on February 9th, 2006 at 2:21 AM.

    In this poem we can detect two sections which are complementary: the part in the brackets underlines the semplicity of his feelings, explaining them with colloquial images; the other seems more essential. There is not physical descpription, so it could be addressed not only to a woman, but also to a beloved person. It is a love poem, which deals with pure and universal love, because it could be applied to every circumstance. We like it very much. We are going to read it at Anna’s marriage.

    Anna, Anna, Elena e Sara from Italy

  116. Neha says:

    I heard this poem when i watched the movie,”In her shoes” and the words touched my heart…esp,the line”i carry ur heart with me,i carry it in my heart…”i note down the poems n’ quotations i like in my “quotation book”…..n’ i’ve even noted dis one….its is a beautiful poem and expresses feelings and it can help us do the same to our loved ones…..:)
    Love is worth everythig and cannot be exchanged for anything!!

  117. Morgan G. says:

    I love this poem!!!!!!!! I dedicate this to all the loves in my life!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Sherry M. H. says:

    I saw the movie “In Her Shoes” and cried at the end when I heard the poem…. “It made my heart hurt…” I am an artist and love to paint cards. I especially love adding poems, quotes and motivational statements to them…this poem, I like to share with all my dearest loved ones and also my deceased husband Bruce.

  119. luna says:

    I always love this Poem, this poem express the truth of the meaning of the love. Make me crying, because I cant love someone that way.

    I really want to love someone thats way!!

  120. Nicolaso says:

    This poem desciribes something so proufound and sacred that its calm and quiet. Nothing else sometimes really needs to be said, the most beautiful things and sometimes wrapped in simplicity, its sacred and profound, yet silent

  121. sherry says:

    The first time I ever heard this poem I cried and thought that I must read it on my daughters wedding day. It is very powerful and personal. It made me think about alot of loved one’s in my life.

  122. *~Christy Marie~* says:

    I do believe that (if someone were to read me this poem)It just might be the most touching and sweetest thing (i have ever heard)

  123. Sandra says:

    Are there any words sufficient enough to explain how wonderful this poem is? It depicts love from every angle and surface, reaches into the depths of your heart and gives you a way to exress your undying love for another. Not only for a lover, but the love for a child, a friend, parent, or sibling. It causes us to cry with sadness, as well as laugh with happiness in the same moment. There are few who can say they don’t understand the meanng of this poem.

  124. Kathleen says:

    When I heard this poem for this time, I started to cry because I knew one day my 1 year old daughter will read this poem and know exactly I feel about her.


  125. Melissa Holloway says:

    Yes I just go finished watching “In Her Shoes” what a beautiful poem I had to stop it and get the name of the poem and then I waited until it was over and during the credits got the rest of ee cummings info…….This was a beautiful poem for any loving situation!!!!!

  126. dena says:

    I carry your heart, Is the way I feel for a land and a language that only is growing larger as Im getting older. i carry in my heart its my world my roots of love and appreciation, i carry you with me my land my country of all countrys. I carry you and love you for saying it so simple so warm so dear to my heart. dena

  127. Regilucia Roberts says:

    I’ve been living in United States for the past 4 years and being far way from my sister in Brazil have been very painful. When I was watching the movie “In Her Shoes” at the part that the actress reads this poem, really made me cry. It’s very hard to express by words what’s a true and a pure love. It’s almost impossible to describe such feeling through words. Definitively “I carry your heart with me” is the most touchble poem that I never ever read.

  128. Julia says:

    Think about the poem not only for the love in a passionate way but the love of a parent, I put this poem into a letter for my dad telling him how much i really loved him. And when he read it, that was the first time i saw him cry.


  129. K Cole says:

    I guess we all decided to watch In Her Shoes this week…

    E.E Comings poems is one that perfectly puts into words the emotions felt when your hearts skips a beat at the sight of a certain person, or when you yearn to be with someone JUST to be in their presence, or even the simple feeling you get in your gut when you discover that HE is the one….

    E. E. Comings perfectly defined love… Brilliant

  130. Melissa Stamps says:

    This is possibly one of the most beautiful poems ever written by one of
    the greatest American poets who ever lived.

    It is emotionally stunning, simple and pure- and very very emotional.
    So beautiful !

  131. Helen Snowden says:

    This poem carries such beauty. I heard it last night whilst watching ‘In her shoes’, it seems to express every emotion possible is just a few lines. I am totally in love with a man that has no idea how i feel, this just sums my feelings completely-I wish i could tell him how i feel. For now it has to be my secret.

  132. ANNIE says:

    to those who listen and listen carefully, the words make sense, to those who just read, they are just words.

  133. sarah says:

    Sorry, this is a bit of a tangent, but does anyone know of a book of cummings poems that includes this one in particular? Really want to give it as a gift, but can’t seem to find one. A title, ISBN, etc would be fantastic!

  134. Samantha says:

    You’ve probably figured it by now, but it seems as if the movie “In Her Shoes” did a lot for this peom. I just finished watching that movie on demand and I paused it so that I could write the poem down. What a wonderful arrangement of words to express love with…and oh how many situations it could be used in.

  135. Syed Dibble says:

    Doctor Who takes three prizes at the National Television Awards in a repeat of its success last year…

  136. Lucy says:

    I first heard this poem in the movie In Her Shoes. It reminds me of the special bond my brother and me share. We are best friends, we laugh, we fight, but in the end he’s always with me and I’ll always stick with him. This poem is stunning because of the portrayal of love, it can be veiwed as a romantic love or as a love for one’s own family. Cummings awed me with this poem.

  137. Deborah says:


  138. Kirsty Robertson says:

    i fell in love with this poem when i heard it today… moments after i realised i was in love… my BF lives 600 miles away and it’s true… that’s how wi feel

  139. Syed Masud ul Hassan says:

    this is one of the most romatic poem I have ever heard. and it always remind me about my lovely mother and my wife to be.And the last lines are simply great. Well i think anyone who read this poem will remember in his dream about the person he love most.

  140. Em says:

    I read “In Her Shoes”, and watched it, too, and I can see a lot of similarities between Rose and Maggie, and my sister and I. I think the bond of sisterhood is to be treasured and held dear always, so this poem is just perfect for our special bond. It is a beautiful, expressive poem that will always remind me of my lovely, difficult, beautiful sister! xxx love you Dee

  141. beautytruth says:

    i am so touched by this poem because it seems that i am having a heart-to-heart talk to my lover. frankly speaking, i am a gay. being a gay isn’t accepted by most of people in my country. maybe my lover will be forced to get married with a woman he doesn’t love. we both don’t dare to come out of the closet. even though we’ll never live together as couple, this poem expresses what i want to say to him. ‘no matter what, i won’t give you any pressure because of our love.’ finally i should say thank you, cummings, for telling me what true love is, for giving me such an inspiration. thanx again.

  142. samantha says:

    I just finished watching “in her shoes” I replayed the movie to catch the name of the poet I do not read poetry as it goes but I felt I had to have a copy of this poem to give to (“my BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD we laugh,cry,s..,and parent partners MY HUSBAND”) the poem moved me so much (in the movie and in real life) I could relate so much to the worlds used to express emotion and feelings thank you very much to the poet for creating and writing the poem and to the movie most of all because if I had not seen the movie well I think I have said enough

  143. nelsondra taylor says:

    When I a first read this poem, my mind thought of my grandfather who died three years ago, I realized how much I missed him. It explains the wonders that was shared amoung two people. since than my heart has carried his heart every where I go.I now carry this poem every where in my mind, heart and my spirit. Thank You e.e. cummings

  144. Katie says:

    I love this poem. My husband, bestfriend, partner and father of my children died Aug.04 and we are planting a tree in his honor and I plan to use this poem on the plaque under the tree. Thank you e.e. commings-I will always carry his heart in mine.

  145. Dee says:

    I just watched “In her shoes” and cried at the end when this poem was read. Not only for what it stood for in the movie but for how touching it is. I am getting married soon and will be writing my own vows. Of which I will choose to read this one. I have written a lot of poetry over the years, but nothing fits the way this one does. I am going to read more of EE Cummins poetry.

  146. lee says:

    this is the most beautiful poem i have ever heard,
    i heard it today for the first time in the movie
    “in her shoes” it really moved me it made me think
    of someone i really love but could never have again
    so i will always ” carry his heart with me”

  147. omotola Aluko says:

    I love poems but this is exceptional.Nearly five years ago I lost my younger brother, he was only 20years.We were the best of friends. Life is not been the same without him. When I saw the movie “In Her Shoes”,I thought of him.The poem gives me comfort in my heart whenever I read it. Thanks E.E. Cummings.

  148. Angie says:

    This poem is absoluetly beautiful. I read a lot of poetry, but I have never read a poem that has touched all these people, or a poem that this many people can relate to. It defines the beauty, and also the hurt of love perfectly. It’s awsome how it can apply to all kinds of love, not just romantic love. e.e. cumming’s was a genius. I’m so glad that I have read this poem, I know I will remember it for the rest of my life! my favorite line is: “and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart” Every time I read it I get shivers and it’s a realization for me on how powerful love is.

  149. Debra Truman says:

    My daughter died 10 years ago, she was 23 and my best friend. When this poem was read in the film “In Her Shoes,” I immediately thought of her. It depicts exactly how I feel about her. I was never able to express it so deeply and profoundly. I am not a poetry person. I never, ever memorized a poem before but I looked up the poem on the website and memorized every word. I repeat it daily. It is the most tender and beautiful expression of love that anyone could ever express. Thank you EE Cummings. I am sure to read more of your poems.

  150. tinkiwinki says:

    this poem i chose because it had alot of entries, and because it is the subject that we are working on in school. i thought that this poem was sooooo true!!

  151. Sibeli says:

    I knew this poem watching the movie “In her shoes”… I think it is the most beautiful and the deepest poem I ever known in my life. It’s so touching, when I realised, I was crying…
    Every real person, who has real problems in life is touched by this wonderful poem.. I was

  152. TONY PIZZO says:

    I heard this poem for the first time on Saturday, I rented thr movie In Her Shoes, It opened my heart, to the love i have for my children, The words are very touching, and very true, if you have someone special in you life, But I am very lucky to have five very special Daughters, in mine, I am sending this poem to all, because it really, tells just how I feel about them,
    Thank You E.E. CUMMINGS, I will always Carry there hearts in mine !

  153. Jocelyn says:

    This poem was reproduced by a musician named Michael Hedges. It is a beautiful rendition of this poem. I highly suggest it.

  154. danielle s. says:

    i think this is the best poem i have ever read before..i was looking on websites to try and find a good poem for english class i read a lot and i liked this one the best because its so touching. its about losing someone you loved..and to me i think of someone i can never get back or see again a regret i will always have to carry with me..so i know i will always carry his heart with me

  155. me says:

    when i read the poem in the book in her shoes i knew it is my favourite poem of all. i think it isn’t only for a wedding, it is for everyone you love not only your partner. it is fpr a friend, for a sister and for your relatives. it is for the ons you love. it is wonderful !!!

  156. Michael Stewart says:

    I only heard this poem for the first time last night, when my partner and I watched the movie “In her shoes”. We both thought it was wonderful, and had we known about it, would have used it when we had our civil partnership ceremony in February of this year. However by coincidence my partner’s borther is getting married in October this year, and we have shared the poem, found via this website, with them and are hopeful it will be the reading my partner will do at their big day. I think the poet has captured the strength of feeling and emotion which is sometimes difficult to articulate when trying to tell people that you are close to how much love you have for them.

  157. Marie Dolan says:

    What a wonderful poem and a lovely film.

  158. STARSHA says:


  159. Tatiana says:

    This poem was written nearly fifty years ago, and published in 1958. Yet, no matter how much time passes by, “I carry your heart with me” still touches hearts of people, sometimes even the most stubborn hearts. To some it is a poem about loosing someone but still remembering the feelings. To some it is about loving someone. To some it is simply a beautiful, complex, and yet so direct expression of love. I think perhaps it was meant to envoke different feelings from different people. I don’t think there is a right or a wrong occasion or reason for a few meaningful simple words. It is inspiring and hopeful. As long as you find your own meaning in these words, that is all that any poet would want. I know I did!

  160. Danielle says:

    this is a very touching poem, he says that she is always with him and he carries her heart in his, like their souls are one, sweet bliss, only if the one could carrie their loves heart in their own, would the world be peaceful and full of love and joy. this poem is outstanding and it makes you think of your specail someone if you have one, i know it made me think of him, but it has alot of meaning behind it and thats what i love about this poem.

  161. Pamela says:

    I remember hearing this poem at a funeral.
    I watched In Her Shoes today, and there it was again, at a wedding, brimming with the very same emotion I felt 20 years ago. I love that he (e.e.) evokes, procures,creates such feelings.

  162. marie says:

    i heard this poem while watching in her shoes and i went cold, it is so deep (which usually i am most certainly not!!)its not often something touches my heart but this had me welling up, i am getting married myself in july and have asked my head bridesmaid to read it at my wedding, it says what i want to say but dont know how, the most beautiful poem i ever heard!

  163. HELEN says:


  164. Adele says:

    I like many others heard this first on “in her shoes”. In tears I rewound the film so that I could write down the title and find out more. I’m not into poetry at all but this struck a cord with me. As in comment number 350, for me it is about still loving someone after death. My sister died tragically and this poem sums up exactly how I feel now she has gone. It is so beautiful just like she was.

  165. Crysti says:

    I have read this poem over and over again. It seems everytime I read it, I really get the full meaning of love. This poem has touched me in away that I can’t explain. All I can say is, it’s nice to feel love in your heart and to be loved by that special person who not only makes your heart feel like the words in this poem, but also takes your breath away.

  166. sarah says:

    like other people i heard of this poem on in her shoes. i just had to find other poems he had written. and find out more. i think he has a good way with his words. he just is an awsome writer. vary talented. i just love his poem.he souds deep. i had to learn about him to. his poem is so buetiful.

  167. lauren says:

    obviously people that commented #19 and #72 cant read poetry at all you cant take the poem literally you have to find its deeper meaning which in this poem to me is with distance or death you are always going to remember how you once felt or still feel for that person. its like a promise that you wont forget and you are never without those memories of them. the person may be gone but the feelings remain strong. and its not about a stalker at all if you had any idea what love is you would know when you truly love someone you always will because there is no past tense “loved”. “here is the deepest secret no body knows” what is the secret no one knows?!?! DEATH what is the wonder that keeps the stars apart?!?!after death… its heaven (this is one of my favorite poems its B-E-A-utiful)

  168. Tom Anderson says:

    Like many I heard this poem for the first time while watching “In her shoes.” That was moments ago and I was compelled to come online and find out more. I retired from the Marine Corps last November, and now work for the federal government. I am currently away from home on business, and of course as an infantry Marine for over 20 yrs I was deployed quite a bit. This poem said so much about my feelings while so far away from my wife and family. I eagerly anticipate sharing it with her, for I truly have carried her heart with me for years!
    Awesome Poem!

  169. Namrah says:

    i thought of givin a comment bt every 1z said so much dat iv gt nothing bt jus that it was a nice poem

  170. Natália says:

    I´m brasilian so probaly I will make a lot of mistakes here, but I had to say that I heard this poem on the movie “in her shoes” and I love it! it´s the first time that I realy looked for some poem somewhere but i had to. it´s so simple and so amazing.

  171. Ceren says:

    I love this poem so much!! First heard it on the film In Her Shoes, i wanted to read it again straight away! its so beautiful!!

  172. Mallory says:

    I think this is a very deep poem that touches people’s hearts.

  173. barbro nilsen says:

    beautiful poem. i was moved to tears. i just had to find out more about the poet and read and learn some more about him. thank you.

  174. jakub says:

    this poem is very enjoyable to read, it explains true love and seems to sum it up in one poem yet love is an endless list of trues…i am in love and this is how i feel because i moved away and i will never let go

  175. Margaret M Cervantes says:

    I Just watched the Movie that ended jut a few moments ago, “In Her Shoes”. It touched my heart, I was immediately reminded of a special someone to come home.

    Margaret C

  176. Ichelle A. Washington says:

    Cummings comments on the complexities of love and lost with simple words and simple thoughts makings the ambiance of the poem appear deep and meaningful. Cummings may not have been neccesarily been feeling a lost of love but there was a deeper understanding for love whether the outcome of it was good or bad. The poem itself rates an A+

  177. Sharree says:

    I did not first hear this poem from the movie “In Her Shoes.” I’m fourteen, and the first time I read it was when I was twelve. I was obsessed with e. e. cummings because he and I were of a similiar “blood.” I felt I understood his poems more than many readers. This poem really brought to home that true love is something that I want…

  178. tyron joyce says:

    I have just finished watching the film ‘in your shoes’. I tyhink this was a superb film on many levels but the quotation was perfect. It reminds me of even when I have been desperate I have had my wife and her love and this sums it up.. I don’t know where one ends and the other begins and I pray it will stay that way forever.

  179. Morgan says:

    I think this poem is great. I’m really not much for poems but the minute i heard this in that movie like everyone else in her shoes i feel in love with it and decided to use it for my school project where I learned abuot Cummings life and his writing style. The was I interpret this poem is that he is saying that life goes on and we grow more then we would expect and we cant hide from it. People die move away but they can always be with u all you have to do is carry them with you in your heart and they will never really be gone

  180. Tilly says:

    I am only 12 and i watched ‘in her shoes’ this week and the moment i heard the poem ‘i carry your heart with me’ i knew it would be my favourite poem for the rest of my life, and stay with me and be meaningfull in situations to come.
    I love this poem dearly, my mum is quite fond of it also, she cries evreytime she reads it or i read it to her. This poem i know will play a big part in my life, and influence me in many ways.
    This poem to me means a deep love of many kinds, with couple, friends and of course sisterhood.
    I love to write poetry and storys myself and this poem inspired me in so many ways not just with writing but its given me a peice of advice i found in the words. To apprieciate your loved ones! i am only twelve and this poem means so much to me. I can only thank the film for introducing it to me. And of course e.e. cummings. What a wonderful man!! He is now my favourite poet. xXx

  181. megan says:

    Like so many others I too heard this poem in the movie “In Her Shoes”. I had heard about this poem once before, my mom had told me about it, but sadly enough I just blew it off like most things that she says. I have watched this movie 3 times and have cried each and every time I hear this poem. It is such a beautiful poem – it puts feelings into words for so many people. This poem has brought me and my mom closer. You can never break the bond of a mother and a daughter. No matter where life takes me when I graduate, she will always be in my heart. Thank you E.E. Cummings for opening my eyes and my heart to rebuild my relationship with my mom.

  182. Lori Gitsham says:

    i too heard this beautiful poem in the movie “In Her Shoes” i stopped the movie and rewonud it so i could get the name of who wrote so well the feelings that i have for my husband…we met when we were young, lost each other for 20 years, found each other again and are now married…this is how we always felt about each other.

  183. kmh says:

    love and the fear of losing that love is what makes us human.

  184. Janson says:

    Well…like everybody seems to have…i heard this poem in the movie in her shoes…it wouldnt have been the same without it…It reminded me of my girlfriend…kind of funny coming from a guy, but this poem is the only movie moment ever to bring me close to tears

  185. dlb says:

    I recently befriended a young lost soul. She is perfect as far as I can see, when I heard this poem I promptly though of her! This poem has struct a nerve with me and how I feel about this young lady. I hope she enjoyed the poem. Friends are hard to come by and this depicts so many feelys that are hard to express.

  186. Antoinette says:

    Wow! Stunning……Saw the movie In her Shoes. This poem made the movie excellent!

  187. veronica says:

    I was watching movie “In her Shoes”, when i first heard this poem. This poem was reminds me of my very dear best friend i’ve ever had (we are friends for more than 10 years and met in university). The “bond” betweem us sometimes go beyond sisters. Recently, she’s going to have a new life (she’s going to marry), and I guess this poem would be a great poem for her, that she know how much she meant for me. With this poem i just wanna show how greatful i am to have her in my life and i hope the best for her.

  188. Kathie says:

    I will be 53 years old in April. I have had children since I was 18 years old. In November I moved to AZ. My children and my grandchildren live in CA. Two weeks ago my youngest left the nest he move back to CA.
    I have started a new chapter in my life, new home, town, new job, NO children, am really feeling the empty nest. This poem says everything that my heart feels. Thank you Mr. e.e. cummings, you wrote the words I couldn’t find……..

  189. christian says:

    i cried upon hearing this poem…what comes to my mind was my wife and the baby in her womb

  190. Vickie Sampson says:

    Like so many the first time I heard the poem I Carry Your Heart With Me I was watching the movie In Her Shoes. Just the week before my daughter had given birth to my first grandchild Emma Victoria. I knew as soon as I heard the poem that it was how I had always felt about my daughter and now how I feel about Emma. Thank you Mr. Cummings for puting my feeling into words.

  191. Kirsty says:

    I sent this poem to a male friend after his wife died. She was 34 and they were two parts of one. I see them as belonging in the poem.

  192. BRE says:

    i also first heard this song in ‘in her shoes’! n i cried…haha .. its a beautiful poem very touching i love it ! 🙂

  193. Emily says:

    I heard this poem last night when my mom talked me into renting In Her Shoes. I rarely cry and later that night, I couldn’t help but crying because this poem really hit home for me. I think I might read this poem at my own sister’s wedding as a surprise.

  194. jessiedanielle89 says:

    i love this poem…my fiance learned it and quotes it every night before bed!!

  195. GerBear says:

    The striking thing about the poem and the way it is (and should be read) is that the idiosyncratic punctuation is part of its message. The conceit that one can carry another’s heart in one’s heart is reinforced by the juxtaposition of the lines.

  196. MacKenzie says:

    I too have just finished watching the movie “In her shoes”! And I too have a younger sister whom can be challenging and loveable all in one breathe! This poem reminds me of the bond that only sisters share. My mother and her younger sister are having communication problems, so I emailed them this poem. Stating “if the world ended tomorrow…..would you be pleased with what you last said!!!!!”

  197. Cat says:

    I first heard this poem months ago when the movie ‘ In Her Shoes’ came out in theaters. I thought if was great then. I watched this movie again with a good friend this weekend on DVD and cried the whole time it was being read. A very dear friend of mine died last month of breast cancer at the age of 41. She left behind a husband and 2 young daughters. I thought of her and her family and friends we all loved her so. I am sending this poem to all of them. Thanks Mr. Cummings for a wonderful poem.

  198. Nicole says:

    i love this poem.

    what else can be said? it’s beautiful.

  199. denk says:

    best poem I ever heard… I will send it 2 my ex…

  200. Karen says:

    I guess like many, I was introduced to this poem in the movie ‘In Her Shoes”. The credits barely began rolling before I searched it out. I am sending it to my fiance, because never before have words touched the depth of emotion that I feel for him until this poem.

  201. Jordan Barrick says:

    i just wathched “in her shes” and i had to read it for myself. this is the BEST poem i have ever read. i write poems but none of them will come to be this awesome. e.e cummongs your poems are awesome and i love this one

  202. melissa says:

    This is a poem about true, unconditional love. Twin souls. If you have never read about them, do. Basically, he is saying no matter what distance, time, is between them – they will always be together. It is truly what it means in the marriage vows, “what God hath put together, let no man put asunder.” If you have not had this type of love in your life…. I wish it for all of you.

  203. Glenda Aguirre says:

    I just finished watching the movie “In her Shoes” and heard this poem for the first time. I googled it right away and read it to my boyfriend. It really touched my heart, it’s one of the most beautiful poems I’ve heard and now one of my favorite. This will definitely go in my scrapbook

  204. Deborah Morris says:

    This poem is so beautiful. I think that it helps us see the value in life and relationships. As the old saying goes it doesn’t matter how much money you have, the house you live in, the kind of car you drive, or the kind of job you have. What is most important in life is the way you choose to love others. When I started counting, I realized I carry a lot of hearts in my heart including love ones who are no longer here. And someone who posted a comment made me realize I carry Gods heart too! Thank you EE Cummings for making me stop and see the value in life and love.

  205. Rajandeep Singh says:

    “In her shoes”, I saw some days ago, and got just restless for reading this set of words again. Mr. Cummings, these words must have come from your heart.

  206. Elsabie Orris says:

    I heard this poem today for the first time in the movie ‘In Her Shoes’. I found it very moving and looked it up on the internet immediately. I also read some of E E Cummings’ other poems…. I loved it.

  207. Happy says:

    This poem really touched my heart the moment i read it for the first time. Yes, if you love someone so much, you would carry his heart with you, wherever you go, may you be with him or not. I really care so much for this person, but he treats me just like a lil sis. Anyway, as this poem says, no matter what, i’ll carry his heart with me wherever fate leads me. I just want him to be happy.

  208. Robin says:

    Although I love my husband and 4 children more than anyone on Earth, when I read this poem I thought of my love for Jesus.

  209. Mr. Val Zamora Jr. says:

    I was so moved with this poem because I just lost my mom and I was so close to her out of 14 children I think I had a realy hard time to acecpt it if I realy have .But this poem realy made feel better cause I know in my HEART she will be as close to me as my Heart is because I carry your heart Mom with ME …

  210. liliana castro says:

    It is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever heard.
    I heard it on the movie,”In her shoes”,and I love it…
    is beautiful…

  211. Katana Condon says:

    It is a beautiful poem and reminds me very much of philip sidney.
    My true-love hath my heart and I have his,
    By just exchange one for the other given:
    I hold his dear, and mine he cannot miss;
    There never was a bargain better driven.
    His heart in me keeps me and him in one;
    My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides:
    He loves my heart, for once it was his own;
    I cherish his because in me it bides.
    His heart his wound received from my sight;
    My heart was wounded with his wounded heart;
    For as from me on him his hurt did light,
    So still, methought, in me his hurt did smart:
    Both equal hurt, in this change sought our bliss,
    My true love hath my heart and I have his.

  212. LUCINDA says:

    learned it in school, but the movie did it justice

  213. Elizabeth Alexander says:

    I also heard this poem in the movie “In Her Shoes” I wish that I had known about it a year earlier, I lost my best friend, my sister to cancer. I spoke at her funeral and I would have loved to recite it to her. It is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever heard. I will always carry her heart with me forever.

  214. Pat Stark says:

    This poem touched my heart and soul deeply. I was watching the movie In Her Shoes when I first heard it. I kept playing it over and over just to hear the words again, all the while tears streaming down my face. I recently lost my husband and this poem has such meaning for I will always carry him in my heart. I plan on printing it and hanging it on my wall. Bless you Mr. Cummings for writing it.

  215. Shelby says:

    Oh wow.. this poem is so amazing. I love it.

  216. Amber says:

    I also learn this poem from the movie:in her shoes. It’s very moving and touching! easy to understand it.I love this poem.

  217. Safin says:

    I really love this poem. Of course like most i first realized it after watching the movies “in her shoes”. It made me realize that even though something or someone is gone they’ll always be there with you. I’ll carry you in my heart..

  218. kathleen says:

    i also heard this poem in the movie “in her shoes”. i love the poem, but i also love the context in which it was presented. rather than having the bride read it to her husband, it was read sister to sister. it takes the meaning to a whole new level. it made me cry as i thought about how much i would love to be able to express words like that to my dear sister.

  219. Phoebe says:

    I love it so much! e e cummings is an amazing!

  220. Randy Graupner says:

    I too heard this poem in a so-so movie. But there is a point or a feeling one gets if this poem does it’s job.
    To be reminded of a love;or hope of finding a love so profound as these words envoke. I have known this type of love. Her name is Coco;I’m a lucky man!

  221. sun says:

    while I was watching this, i was so much touched by two sisters who are somewhat similar to me and my sis. thanks to this movie, i recollected my precious time with my sis. Hey, sis. I love you so much!! I miss all those lovable past time we had shared. as much i feel thanks,as much i feel sorry to you.

  222. simen says:

    I was seening a movie “in her shoes”
    almost done the movie i feel good a poem.
    the poem subject is “i carry your heart with me”

  223. Aakriti says:

    This poem is really touching and romantic.The way the poet has described his feelings for his lover is just unique,incomparable.Its a great poem and the best thing someone can do for his lover.

  224. Jacinta says:

    this is such a sweetly written poem. it’s very deep and romantic. if it was written for me i would be so lucky…he knows how to impress a girl :P…

  225. Bonnie says:

    i like this poem, its nice and i wish someone would write it about me, or resight it to me. because id cry. it’d be sweet.

  226. Betty Boop says:

    Like most of you, I heard this poem recited in the movie, “In Her Shoes”. The movie itself was mediocre but this poem touched my soul. I am not a poetry type person. I now will get myself a book on EE Cummings and expand my mind. Thanks for a great site. Finding it was so easy and I found what I wanted to see, first click. 🙂

  227. Y.J says:

    he carry my heart with me. i majored in English literature. so i learned a little bit about e.e.cumming. But i did’t feel that poem. now i can feel that poem. When i see that kind of peom by accidentally i’m so happy.

  228. ed chester says:

    I first encountered this poem in the movie,”In Her Shoes” an average to average + movie but this poem really impressed me. I read a lot of poetry, and I don’t know how I missed this one. I am really happy to add this to my favorite poems of all time.
    ed in USA

  229. bob says:

    I just love it ,and i also find it in the movie.I begin to love it when i first hear it .In fact ,i want to read it for my dear(my parents,my young sister,my girlfreind. 🙂 i love them!

  230. BURCU says:

    this poem means to me alot! ı cried when ı watched the movie.ı love my sister so much ı will carry her heart with me all my life.ı m so lucky to have her

  231. Maggie says:

    i think that this poem is one of the best i have ever read, i mean it really is deep, but not overly sad, i mean like depending on who reads it, and when, it can really make you cry. plus it has to be good if it was read in a recent movie (In Her Shoes) so thats what i think, i think it was AMAZING!!!!

  232. heather says:

    this is a wonderful poem and the first time i heard it,
    on the movie “in her shoes” which is great. i can relate to what your poem is saying with this guy i know and love with all my heart. like i said wonderful poem. heather from missouri

  233. alex says:

    the fist time i heard this poem was in the movies “in her shoes” and i absolutly loved it it shows the aspects of love

  234. dian says:

    I love reading poetry but have never heard this one. I heard it for the first time guess where (at the end of in her shoes) this poem touched me so deeply and made the movie worth watching. It helpe dme deal with losing someone I loved and cared about so much and although we can never again be together I can carry his heart with me for ever and always

  235. sally Schroeder says:

    I have looked for this poem for 10 or more years. I heard it and could not find it. Thank Goodness I watched “In Her Shoes” Thank you for all the resource help. This is a special poem and I appreciated this film showing the relationship between sisters as I have two and then I have four daughters.

    But I was not looking for the poem for them I was looking for it for my special person. Thanks.

  236. Melissa Wildman says:

    I’m so glad I didn’t turn off the DVD of “In Her Shoes” half-way through, for I would have missed the best part of the (up until that moment) somewhat average film. Discovering this gorgeous poem at the end of the movie was like finding a diamond ring on a sandy beach. I couldn’t believe my luck. Though an avid poetry buff, I’d never heard it before. Yet like almost everyone commenting on this page, I was moved to tears.

  237. Michelle says:

    I just watched “In Her Shoes”. This poem touched me, the first thing I thought of was my husband. He and I have been together for 20+ years the this year we celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. This poem is exactly how I feel about him. For better, for worse…I carry him in my heart. I will be looking to purchase a book of poetry by E.E. Cummings, highlighting this poem, as a gift to him for our anniversary.

  238. Susan says:

    I too heard this for the first time in “In Her Shoes.” For me, it is a chance for me to let go of a marriage that is no longer working but I will still keep my husband in my heart.

  239. Melody says:

    My heart soared when I heard this. I, too, like Sabrina, thought immediately of the love of my life. And, like her, circumstances keep us apart. I am at this moment sending him these words in a card. My heart goes with them…

  240. Brenda says:

    I seen the movie “In Her Shoes” and when i heard the poem at the end, it touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes, it says what is often left unsaid, this peom made me think of my children, family and friends,it does give meaning and it does put things into perpective for whatever reason you are going through in your life…

  241. zoe says:

    i heard this poem in a movie named “in her shoes” acted by Cameron Diaz. she read it in the end of the movie, which impressed me a lot and i was touched the sisterhood of this movie as well as the love and authenticity.

  242. sonia says:

    This poem hit home with me…everytime i hear it, it gives me a new meaning and helps to put things in perspective that are going on in my life at the moment…a piece of truly moving poetry…

  243. Jackie says:


  244. Catherine says:

    I heard this poem for the 1st time last week. It truly connects all aspects of love that is shared by all people. People come and go so often in our lives and things go unsaid… to me this poem says what has been left unsaid.

  245. romey says:

    I love this poem, it’s been one of my favorites since forever…..

  246. barbara says:

    This is one of the most beautiful meaning poems I have ever heard. I watched a movie and this poem was read and i was overwhelmed with the beautiful words of meaning in this poem It brought tears to my eyes

  247. Sabrina says:

    This poem is dedicated to the man that warms my heart unlike any other. Circumstances keep us part but he is and always will be my soul mate. When I heard this being recited – my first thoughts floated to him and if he had heard it first – he would have surely done the same. This poem bleeds true, unconditional love, regardless of cirsumstances.

  248. gitanjali says:


    i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
    i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,my darling)

    i fear
    no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
    no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
    and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
    and whatever a sun will always sing is you

    here is the deepest secret nobody knows
    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
    higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
    and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

    i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

  249. Tammy Aspinall says:

    This is one of the best Poems I read in a long time. When I heard it I cried. It makes me realize that love and honesty and truth do exsists.

  250. Cody says:

    This poem warms my heart.

  251. Shelley says:

    Andrea, from North Carolina, who wrote a lovely heartfelt piece above, on this poem has further touched me. When I read that Pam actually recited this poem (not knowing that it was so close to Fred and Andrea’s hearts) and all who shared the experience after Fred’s death, I just couldn’t believe it. I am touched deeply. I know that there is an eternal flame that is in each of our hearts–if we care to share it.

    Love to Andrea.


  252. Paul says:

    like everyone else i have just finished watching “In her shoes” and although the movie was ok I loved the poem that cameron diaz reads to her sister and the old man…this poem really taouched me and as soon as the movie ended i went straight to my computer and looked it up..i am not your typical poetry reader and i think i have been taken to a whole new world…if you feel like helping me out with some other poems like this one please e-mail me =)

  253. rebekah says:

    absolutely beautiful poetry, as you, I heard it this afternoon while watching the movie, In Her Shoes. I write poetry so it instantly caught my attention. He accomplished what all great art is about, his emotion is captured in the words so that we also can feel this wonderful emotion. Bravo to the screenwriter for including this poem in this wonderful movie. ee cummings deserves to be acknowledged.

  254. Doris says:

    I was watching the movie “In my shoe” when I heard this beautiful poem I carry your heart with me, It’s lovely. I’am planning to read it for my 10th Anniversary in July. For my 1st anniversary I gave my husband a heart engrave my heart belong to you. This poem is perfect.

  255. andrea says:

    My agent Shelley sent this poem to me when my 5 year old girl kitty, Midori died January 17. Dad went with me to lay her down from sudden cancer in her stomach. Frost is still here, he was named after The Road Less Taken, by RFRost. Anywayz. I cc’d Dad the poem after all this to share Shelly’s support for me during Midori’s Kitty Hospice:). Dad died suddenly January 30. 2006. This poem by ee was placed at visitation, went with him at cremetory, and was read agian unknowingly of the connection by the CheiF (woman! Pam) cardilogy at the work celebration seremony.

    My Dad, we built our house on rock.
    M&D and I had lunch and outings everyweekend.
    Girls of the World, make your realtionships with your parents what you desire, you can change if you want, just do your best.

    We had a great time Dad, and we still are. Cheers to The New World.

  256. Jessica says:

    Only one word can truly describe this poem… BEAUTIFUL! I, just like the other 260 people commenting, heard this poem on In Her Shoes.. and I cried so hard. It reminded me SO much of my 3 sisters, but of my boyfriend as well. I enjoyed this poem, because it never gave the reader a sense of 2 lovers, family, or friends (characters). I like this, because I can use it for my 3 sisters.. or I can use it with my boyfriend. I was truly touched by this poem. I have always like E.E. Cummings and I am so upset that I am just now getting to know this poem.

  257. Aimee says:

    I also heard this poem in the movie In Her Shoes. I plan on reading it during my wedding instead of vows. It is one of the first poems i’ve ever read that expressed the true love I feel for my fiance. It’s a tear jerker.

  258. Stephanie says:

    Well, I am the same as everyone else. I just got finished watching “In Her Shoes” and I started crying when Cameron Diaz read ‘I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart).’ This poem is so beautiful. I usually do not like poetry because it doesn’t make any sense to me, but this poem did. It was written so beautifully and it reminded me of my sisters as well, but it reminded me of my boyfriend who is my 1st love-we have been together for 4years and 3months now and he is my best friend. I love him more than myself and I truly do carry his heart in my heart. I think this would be a great poem to read to your soon to be husband on your wedding day and I might do that! I’m glad I heard the poem on the movie! Here it is:

    i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
    i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,my darling)
    i fear
    no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
    no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
    and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
    and whatever a sun will always sing is you

    here is the deepest secret nobody knows
    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
    higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
    and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

    i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

    E.E. Cummings

  259. orna wellman says:

    i became obsessed with the poem: I carry your heart with me, after seeing the movie: In Her Shoes. It expressed for me the eternity of endless love. It was so beautiful and far reaching – I cried and cried and cried and searched everywhere for it because I didn’t know the title of the poem. I have it now, and will carry it with me always.

  260. Irene & Laura says:

    This poem deals with the importance of love because it satisfies all our needs. To love a person means to carry his or her heart into our own. This condition cancels every material problem since you find what you need in your beloved. Moreover the link with love is the essence of everybody’s life,so it is the paramount thing in people’s life.

  261. Jake and Bob says:

    Jake: The poem has a certain ambiguity to it. There is no physical description of the lovers, which leaves the reader the ability to personalize the poem. Another interesting thing is that the brackets create two complete poems within one. If one reads only the text outside of the brackets a new poem is formed.
    Bob: The author wants to express that his beloved(unknown to the readers) is something who is not only in him but who can embody the most wonderful events of nature(moon…sun…sky…trees). She also surpasses them and is able to reach a point deeper than the human mind and soul can.

  262. ariannaeleonorafilipo says:

    this text is very interesting because we don’t know if the speaker is a man or a woman. We are only sure that this person is fallen in love with the addressee and this last one is the foundamental element in the poet’s life. Even if they don’t spend their time togheter, in their mind the lovers are connected. Furthermore, the poem seems to be an interior monologue thanks to the presence of a lot of brakets. In the end, we have noticed that the addressee is compared to some natural elements and this aspect is very romantic! 🙂

  263. Anna, Anna, Elena e Sara says:

    In this poem we can detect two sections which are complementary: the part in the brackets underlines the semplicity of his feelings, explaining them with colloquial images; the other seems more essential. There is not physical descpription, so it could be addressed not only to a woman, but also to a beloved person. It is a love poem, which deals with pure and universal love, because it could be applied to every circumstance. We like it very much. We are going to read it at Anna’s marriage.

  264. Andafe says:

    The text is a love sonnet by e.e. cummings and the subject,even if there is not a physical description that will identify her,is his beloved.In this romantic composition all the poets’s sweetness is described and he says that,even if he knew that she is far from him,her heart will always be with him.The power of love makes the poet fearless:no fate,no world could frighten him until his love will be by his side.To carry the heart of his own lover in his own heart is the only way which can make love real.

  265. Gio&Andrea says:

    We think it’s a nice poem but there are other better ones. When we read it we feel bad because it makes us remember our girlfriends dead in a car crush….sad thing!

  266. Sylvianne says:

    Like everyone else I first her this in the movie “In her shoes”, I to cried and thought immediately of my relationship with my boyfriend who has made a permanent mark on my life and heart. Than it hit me that this may be the best gift I could give him since his 25 year old son may be in a coma indefinitely and this poem defines his love for him. Never thought that I would love poetry and now I am hooked!

  267. Stephenie says:

    This poem is dedicated to my Mother for whom felt this world was not longer her own and decided to end her life to spare us of the burden. She was wrong I would take that burden forever. I carry her heart in my heart forever! Miss and love you MOM!

  268. walt mitchell says:

    After losing two family members at once to an accident i struggled to make sense of life. In one short poem it seems to be all there for everyone. I will carry them with me as i always have, but e.e. cummings worded this poem masterfully, describing how so many of us feel perfectly

  269. karen powers says:

    That is the most loving poem i have ever read!my daughter will be getting married soon, I am going to give it to her because this is truely how i feel abuot my little girl. thank you

  270. Dyana says:

    I first saw this poem while reading the book In Her Shoes,it made me cry because I miss my sister so much. My sister and I are 3000 miles and 10 years apart, but I can guarantee that if she showed up on my doorstep tomorrow, we will be wearing the same thing, right down to the socks. We are best friends, inseperable, I adore my sister, and while watching the movie I cried like a baby because I could picture my reading this at her wedding. So if she will let me, I want to read this when she marries her fiance in July. Whattaya say Nik?

  271. Andre says:

    to a part of my heart which belongs to you Laura.

    It hurts so much but i have to set you free but i will always and ever carry your heart with me (i carry it in
    my heart)

    May these words go round the world.
    Panta rhei!

  272. misty says:

    This poem will forever be etched in my and my two sisters hearts. My late father was a poetry lover and made sure we recognized the meaning and its application to us.

  273. Sally says:

    When I first heard this in the movie “In her Shoes”, I begain to cry.I to have a sister taht we dfferences,but she is my sister forever. She is now in the hospital, with a heart condition that will require surgury. I will be lost with out my sister if something happens to her, BUT I will like what the poems says : i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart) I love you Janie my sister.

  274. carolina says:

    It´s the most beautiful poem in the entire world! I almost cried when Cameron Diaz read it on the movie ” In her Shoes”. Really moving…

  275. mafer says:

    este poema es muy bueno y inspira a mucha gente!

  276. Sabrina says:

    I absoulutly love this poem. Of course like most i first realized it after watching the movies “in her shoes”. I would read it over and over again. It made me realize a lot. It made me realize that even though something or someone is gone they’ll always be there with you. I’ll carry you in my heart, i love you. ‘Till death do us part.

  277. Barbara says:

    I dedicate this poem to my sister, Vicki, who passed away in 1990 – who, without which, I am lost. The future of my past is no more. I will carry her heart always.

    I dedicate this poem to my daughter, Daija, within whom, the past of my future I’ve yet to behold, but with whom my dreams are realized.

    I dedicate this peom to my mother, Darragh, who left to join Vicki in 1998 who knows all our deepest secrets.

    These hearts I carry with me – I carry them in my heart.

  278. MJ says:

    i carry your heart with me

    i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
    i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,my darling)
    i fear
    no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
    no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
    and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
    and whatever a sun will always sing is you

    here is the deepest secret nobody knows
    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
    higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
    and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

    i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

  279. Cherie says:

    I first heard this poem, like many others, while watching the movie “In Her Shoes.”

    To my daughter, Jessica…
    I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)

  280. lacey says:

    I, just like everyone else, first heard this poem on the movie “In Her Shoes”. The moment it was read I cried because I can relate to it on so many levels. After rewinding a dozen times and listening to it over and over I had to have it. I am engaged to be married soon and I now plan to have this poem (just like in the movie) read at the cermony. I love this poem. Its not every day that you fall in love with someone elses writing but on this day I did. I think that everyone, at least once in their life, should read this poem and/or read it to someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  281. Kate says:

    this poem, this movie explains and shows my exact relastionship with my sister it means more to me that anything,
    im looking this poem up because tom, well now today.. is my sisters 19th birthday and i havent gotten her anything and i didnt know what to do but the moment i heard this poem i knew i wanted to give my older sister my thoughts and feelings on paper, if i cant say them then whats a better way then to have my sister read them..
    i love my sister more then life itself, she is my light, my happiness, what makes me want to be a better person.

  282. Katey says:

    This poem was so very touching, the first time I heard it was from the movie In Her Shoes (My new favorite) The first time I saw it I Cried. My loved one has recently been deployed over seas and I want to dedicate this poem to him for the upcoming Valentines Day. This is a beautiful poem.

  283. Tom OMalley says:

    I lost my 21 year old son Nicholas on September 16, 2004. This poem has put into words the very emotional response of love, sympathy, and tenderness my heart & soul could not. E. E. Cummings put into words what my heart is saying – Nicholas my son, I too carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart).

  284. Rich says:

    I dedicate this beautiful poem to my Dreamgirl, Josette. She has enabled me to experience feelings of love and compassion for her that come from the deepest part of my heart. I have trouble putting those feelings into words and this poem says it all.

  285. Steph says:

    I feel in love with this poem after watching the movie. I am writing in honor and memory of my sister, Katherine. who passed away Feb. 9th, 2004. I carry her heart in my heart!

  286. Eve says:

    I fell inlove with this poem after I saw the movie. I read it to my husband over the phone. We started to cry.This poem touches us profoundly beacause we are oceans apart right now…I will always carry his heart in mine.

  287. Magenta says:

    This is a powerful poem!For anyone who has ever loved someone, can relate to it. I love someone very special, she is my reason for life but, we were torn apart ~ now she is an ocean away. This poem says it all…

  288. Martusia says:

    I heard this poem and I loved it… this means a lot to me… I have somebody important in my live , he’s mean a lot to me and I think that I’m in love… this poem help me get thru this love..

  289. Jocelyn says:

    I first heard these words in a song by the late Michael Hedges. It touched me then, but so much more now that I have loved and lost my precious little granddaughter, Gracie. She was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (basically only half a heart). In her short life of 7 months, she filled every heart around her with wonderful smiles. Gracie, I carry your heart with me.

  290. Sita says:

    I saw “In Her Shoes” last night and that was the first time I’ve heard this poem, and it was so beautifully read that I cried. It’s meaningful especially when you’re at a certain stage of your life where things are happening around you; when you have doubts about your relationships with your loved ones; the loss of someone or perhaps just being in love. It’s a moving poem – a beautiful one. And it’s now my favourite.

  291. tracie says:

    The people that you think about while reading I carry your heart are the ones that we judge our actions by. They have truly touched us as did this poem. And we will carry them both with us always.

  292. Candy says:

    This poem by e e cummings, ipotimizes the very essence of how one in love or one who deeply loves another, feels. He has explained how it feels to love and used the voice and words, I imagine, a heart would speak if it could.
    This poem, describes how I feel when I think about the love I have for my precious mother, Maureen Pearl, who passed away in 1984.

  293. Shan says:

    This poem is so nice, simple, moving…

  294. Vi Brown says:

    The movie “In her Shoes” was great. The poem made me cry tears of joy and touched me beyond words. I will type it and have it framed. e.e. cummings has been one of my favorite poets, who happened to be a genius.
    Sharing “I carry your heart with me,” with many friends who need to know how powerful a poem can be and touches your soul.

  295. C KISER says:

    I have a friend in the hospital, not sure if her illness will take her later on. I heard this in the movie and lost it…. If something does happen, this will be read at her service. She is truly my SBC (sister by choice)…….

  296. Saskia says:

    The first time I had read this poem was in “in her shoes” (the book), the second time I saw it in the movie! It’s so beautiful and very romantic!! Now it’s my favorite poem!

  297. Rooop says:

    Also in the movie: In her shoes.
    I feel lost these days becuase of hard study all the time without consolation from my dear mother who lives far away in China, while now I’m in Korea.
    I love you, Mom!
    And this poem gives me the refreshment.I’m going back to study now with enthusiation.

  298. Heather says:

    I love this Poem!!!!!!!!11

  299. shorn says:

    i heard this poem on the movie in her shoes and i have been looking for it ever since, thank god i found it, i love it, i hope it works for me.

  300. Ice says:

    whatever in which language it always has nice meaning

  301. Maria Belen Costante says:

    Ví la película y la verdad me encantó, me gustaría leerlo en mi casamiento. Me gustó también el fragmento que lee Cameron Diaz del libro que le da el profesor de la Universidad cuando trabaja de enfermera . Me gustaria saber cual es el nombre de ëste libro!

  302. Jayde says:

    I love this poem so much that i have had it laminated and framed and it rests on my fathers grave, this poem says alot of things that i find hard to say..x

  303. Yolie says:

    I really love this poem!!

  304. KT says:

    Hi Ilana,

    Your Poem is truely beautiful… I am sure Cumming will smile at you… with love.

  305. archana says:

    i too join the gang of seeing the poem in “in her shoes” totally loved it and actully went for the movie again just to get the name and get the poem its a beautiful expression of the heart!

  306. bobby says:

    this poem is the most beautiful expression of love i’ve ever read. Papi thank you for sharing this beautiful gift with me. I love you! Timothy

  307. Timothy says:

    I had read this poem many times and have always found it to be simple yet profound. It is an expression of pure love that is difficult to convey with written or spoken language. It goes right to my heart and reminds me of how beautiful it is to love another. I dedicate its beauty to my true, my dear bobby

  308. Tiffany says:

    It was certainly THE tear jerker in the movie! I wish poetry had been more widely appreciated though, without the need for movies to popularize them. But it is nonetheless a great thing! A beautiful poem like this should be shared with every single person.

  309. ilana says:

    u’ll never see me cry ever again..
    u’ll never see the tears
    that are coming from my eyes
    down to my lips
    right through your heart
    and back to my memories of us being in love..
    i hope u liked it…i got more nice poems that i wrote..

  310. Eu Jin says:

    I heard Mary (In Her Shoes) read this poem to her sister and was very touched. It was a really memorable moment for them as well as for me. I carry your heart…in my heart. This final sentence really touched me and am very glad that I caught this show to open me up to cummings’ poems.

  311. Biba says:

    Varshita, the other poem from “In her shoes” is called “One Art”.

  312. Varshita says:

    I saw “In her shoes” today… and i loved both the poems read by diaz in the movie…. This ” i carry your heart with me” was read towards teh end… i also want the poem that she first read… about losing your loved one.. your freind.. can anyone mail it to me plzzzz

  313. iSiK - Spain - says:

    Uno de los poemas ás fascinantes jamás leido por mis ojos…
    Lo oí, y me acorde de ti… me vida…
    Tiene toda la sencillez, el sentimiento y la claridad que abarcan este poema a uno de mis favoritos sin duda alguna…
    Cummings es un gran autor.

    Isa. Murcia. España

  314. Lucy says:

    like the girl above, i first heard this poem in the movie “in her shoes” and i was with a friend as well. i carry her in my heart wherever i go, and i started to cry when i heard this with her. i love this poem so much and it gives me the greatest feeling of happiness & life.

  315. Tiddy says:


    Tu cherchait la traduction de ce poème ?
    La voici :
    Je porte ton coeur avec moi , je le porte dans mon coeur
    Je ne suis jamais sans toi ( où que j’aille, tu va ma chère et tout ce que je suis la seule à faire est tien , ma cherie )
    Je ne crains point le destin ( car tu es mon destin , ma douce )
    Je ne veux aucun monde ( car ma belle tu es mon monde , mon vrai )
    et tu es tout ce que la lune a toujours voulu dire et tout ce que le soleil chantera
    voiçi le plus grand secret que personne ne sait
    (voici la racine de la racine , le bourgeon du bourgeon et le ciel du ciel d’un arbre nommé vie qui pousse bien plus haut que l’ame ne peut esperer ou l’esprit cacher )
    et c’est le miracle qui garde les etoiles eloignées

    je porte ton coeur , je le porte dans mon coeur

    J’espère ne pas trop me tromper 😉

    Cheers All,


  316. Carlos says:

    When I heard this poem I thought of two very special persons…one of them decided that he should forget each other..the other one,my best friend. The posibility that you will ever read this is minimum,but I felt like writing something for you…I am going to miss you…alot…today I just wanted to give you a huuge hug…but I’m waiting till the moment comes…or should I better hug you while I can? Thank you for everything Annie…I love you…”I carry you in my heart”

  317. Lauren says:

    yo` this poem pimpin.. peace out dawqs!

  318. Floreann Cawley says:

    This is one unbelieveable beautiful and deeply passionate poem. The poem leaves one speechless.
    Floreann Cawley

  319. Chiara says:

    I’m only thirteen years old.I saw this poem in the movie “In her shoes”. To be really honest with you , I have to say I found it the best moment of the movie.I was there with a friend. A friend who I really carry in my heart. I like this poem.It’s special and nice. I can’t explain it bye words. It’s just that feeling I get when I here it. A feeling of happines&love.

  320. spicymolly says:

    Language itself doesn’t really touch people’s hearts. It is the person who used it in his/her own way to interpret how he/she looks at this world. Everyone can be poets as long as you can appreciate poems first. Thanks to all the poets who have touched our hearts. I love his poems because it is not indifferent or distant.

    There should be more ways for people to know more about poems earlier and easier.

  321. Eileen says:

    I heard this poem for the first time in the movie In Her Shoes. The movie is somewhat like the relationship with my sister. The poem touched me, it moved me….and i’m only 15 years old. My sister and I both cried when hearing that poem. It is something we will carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

  322. Charlotte says:

    I was blessed to receive this beautiful poem at Christmas time by a man whom I have been deeply in love with for some time. The irony is that he realised his feelings for me a little too late and now sadly circumstances keep us apart. I cry silently almost every day. Maybe one day fate will bring us together again and if it doesn’t, at least we will always carry each other’s hearts.

  323. Ralph says:

    Es increible como alguien puede escribir algo que nos signifique tanto, me parece asombroso que con unas cuantas lineas existan tantos comentarios en esta página a la cual nadie nos recomendo. Lo conocí por la pelicula “In her shoes” simplemente MAGNIFICO

  324. Charlie Brown says:

    I discovered the poem of “I carry your heart with me” in the film “In her shoes”. Both poems (also “One Art”) were really so impressive. Thanks to the writer of the film that s/he brought these beatiful works to us. We lost my dad last year after twelve years of health battle. Losing a loved one is the worst disaster. And you carry his/her heart with you during your lifetime. The feelings change and transform, but sense of loss catches you up everyday. However, life goes on with or without us as always, I know. I think and pray everyday for all we loved and for all we lost.
    And I carry on…
    Can from Istanbul,Turkey

  325. Nini says:

    Beautiful. It describes how deep love could be and how beautiful it seems to everyone. The human heart is a lovely place when we put such kind of feelings inside.
    I’m not the kind of person who likes poetry but this poem really touched me because it talks about the kind of love that you keep only for few persons… It’s beautifully sweet

  326. Dave says:

    ive lost my girlfriend couple of months ago ’cause of some stupid behaviour. our relationship now is quite best described as “on ice”, whereas i still love her from the very bottom of my heart. some say this poem is meant to be dedicated to sisters whilst others say its meant to be dedicated to lovers. i’m of the opinion that its meant to be dedicated to everyone, of whom you carry his or her heart.

    in personal interest:
    patricia, i love you. still and besides everything what once happened. i’m sorry for what was my fault.

    personal adding:

    What i never dared to say,
    Sun shines when you look my way.
    I need you here, need you to stay,
    i love you more with every day.

  327. SK says:

    Like many, I first heard the poem from the movie In Her Shoes… I cried. It describes aptly what I felt in my heart. My husband and I are separated but my feelings for him never changed.. Silently, I carry his heart in my heart…

  328. Waios & Joan says:

    What a shame…I had to go to the cinema to hear this beautiful poem for the first time. My wife, who’s sister died in a car-accident 5 years ago, asked me to try and find the poem on the internet immediately.
    We just found a new way in coping with this awful event….. This one’s for you Hanneke…. We love you

  329. Janett Anderson says:

    I would like to read this poem.

  330. Angela says:

    I love this poem. I cant read it without crying. It is so amazing, it defines me. It is me. My love.

  331. Kim Graham says:

    My incredible husband, Michael, died in a car accident 10 years ago. On our Wedding Anniversary this year, I saw “In Her Shoes” with a friend. I was so profoundly moved when Michael sent me this gift – the poem was from him, as I’ve been carrying his heart in mine ever since he left my side.

  332. Poem_Freak97 says:

    I am very deep into this poem……….I could actually hear heart beat going with the poem. Its lovely.

  333. Diego says:

    Me enchino la piel… que maravilla de poema.

  334. Gina says:

    I have been looking for the true words to express the love my sister and I share and thank you e.e.cummings as now i hae found them…..i carry these words with me always now to express my love for an amazing sister.(loved the movie also)

  335. wendy says:

    i have not yet seen the movie (in her shoes).This poem is dear to me .some say for lovers ,some say for sisters ,but this one poem i dedicate to my best friend christina house

  336. RYANN CAUL says:


  337. cai says:

    i just love the poem i carry your heart with me… i have always loved e.e. cummings ever since high school. seeing the movie in her shoes made me fall in love with e.e.cumming’s work all the more… it’s such a beautiful feel good poem… it’s so deep and introspective… so compassionate and compelling… made me think of my mom, my sister and my bestfriend… my life is not complete without them because i carry their heart in mine…

  338. Rich says:

    This is a beutiful poem…… i saw the movie too, how bout the other poem ONE ARTE (by Elizabeth Bishop) when Cameron reads the first time??….did anyone see the cover of the book?? it’s a good one too….

  339. Hatem says:

    I found the poem extraordinary. I will have wanted to discover it and study it before seeing film “In her shoes”

  340. saira says:

    my job is in a movie theather and i was went to see in her shoes movie and when a was listening the poem i carry your hearth with me i just think in my sister i love her and my life is nothing without her because i carry her hearth with me

  341. Shelley Dawn says:

    I had read this poem before seeing In Her Shoes; so I decided to write it to my brother on his birthday. My brother has grown into an honorable man, and I couldn’t think of a better poem for him.

  342. Lisa says:

    what a wonderful poem! I love it! I saw “In her shoes” and the when Cameron Diaz was reading it it was so beautiful…just to dream of it!

  343. Eduardo says:

    I heard this poem in the movie In Her Shoes, and i hope the poem helps me to bring my wife, the love of my live, back. We broke up two weeks ago and i miss her so much. This poem is beautifull. I cried in the movie.

  344. Mana says:

    I heard the poem in In Her Shoes with Cameron Diaz!

  345. victoria says:

    I have been asked to read this poem at my friends’ wedding tomorrow. As I have been travelling for three months, I haven’t had a chance to research or practice much and would find an audio clip VERY helpful! Does anyone know of one?

  346. vikki says:

    After meeting the love of my life and loving him with all my heart I lost him. With his death a part of me died. He lives in my heart now ansd this poem solidifies that for me. It touched my life!!

  347. sweetness says:

    i luv this poem. its deep, its touching, and its luv…
    right now i luv this guy and every where i go i think about and its because his heart is within me and i can’t let him go. e.e. cummings you made me realize i might luv him…. thanx!!!!!!!!

  348. jay says:

    love your peoms

  349. ADRIENNE says:




  350. mckenna says:

    i used this poem for an english project.me myself being a poet i can understand it.i love all of cummings work so that is why i chose him for my project.

  351. Pere says:

    Just saw the movie and had to stop myself from shedding a tear. Beautifully recited poem, very moving indeed. I am glad I am now exposed to Cummings poems.
    Oh! Very good movie too.

  352. judith says:

    This one touched me really straight away in my heart… actually it is a rather simple image, that almost everybody knows (this feelings for someone else); but to grasp things and feelings with an image like that, is what a poet makes a poet, right?

  353. deina says:

    I fell in love with Cummings the moment I read “you said Is” … still find it the most beautiful poem ever written. But this one … means a lot to me ’cause my heart’s been broken and I love that person so dearly that I fell like dying. I carry his heart in my heart and this gives me strength to believe that after those few months he will find the way back to me.

  354. Dianne says:

    I lost my husband this summer. We always cherished one another. Life without his presence is a daily struggle. I want to share an experience I had the night he passed away because I truly believe i carry his heart in my heart. I was awakened from sleep the night he died by the feeling I had been touched or almost slapped on the heart. He was letting me know he was alright and he’d always be with me.

  355. mari says:

    Yes I too discovered this poem through the movie In Your Shoes. I am glad for it. Ms. Diaz recited it beautifully. And I am now a fan.. whereas I may never have known…

  356. patrick says:

    Je connaissais Baudelaire ,Verlaine, Mallarmé,Keats , Yeats et Gibran.je decouvre maintenant Cumming qui
    dans “in her shoes” traduit par son poeme autant l’emancipation que le rapport aux autres.
    Merci encore pour ce superbe poeme ainsi que pour l’etude faite par le professeur sur ce sujet.
    Cette poesie transporte le film.
    si d’aventure une traduction en est faite en français (chose que je n’ai pas trouvé sur le net), je serais ravie de la recevoir.
    Merci a toutes et tous !
    ainsi qu’a E E CUMMING

  357. shell says:

    I suggest that those who are laughing at us for having discovered ‘I carry your heart with me’ through the medium of film should consider the art form of matching character and plot to poetry in such an eloquent and beautiful way. Please get over yourselves. Perhaps try watching the film. We have enjoyed and appreciated a love poem, recited by a talented actress in a thoughtful, heart warming film. We do not pretend to have discovered this poem. We claim no rights to it, please leave us to enjoy it.

  358. Stevo says:

    what an nice surprises to find in a “chick flick” such an endearing poem. Yes, even to this cynical man I shed a tear or two when hearing it in the movie.
    it brought the movie to a different level. How wonderful it exposes a world of new readers to the poem.

  359. Anke says:

    I think this is one of the best ever written poems… I heard it in the movei in her shoes and started to cry becuase of its beauty (can you say that?)
    Thank you for this beautiful poem…

  360. Nicole says:

    I think it’s fabulous that so many people have been moved by this poem, whether they have been introduced to it through film, radio, tv or literature. Whatever. I cannot stand highbrow snobs. Get a life!

    Not everyone has had a benefit of the background, or education which exposes them to such things. Really all that matters is that we get it/appreciate it when we do see it, isn’t it?

    If it encourages 100 people to take out a poetry book in their local llibrary or search for it on the internet, or it inspires them to write themselves, whatever. Isn’t this an accomplishment?

  361. stacey says:

    That is such a beautiful poem ! i heard it in teh film in her shoes and it fitted so well with it …. it was so emotional at the time but now i just love reading it because it fits into my life perfectly !

  362. Leanne says:

    I am 13 and I heard this poem in the film In her shoes it fits in perfectly with the film and is a beautiful ,poem thanks xxx

  363. Debbie says:

    I’ve read with interest the varying remarks re this poem surfacing for some thru the movie “In Her Shoes”. I am 50 yo and enjoy poetry. Have I read every poem ever written? No. Will I read every poem ever written before I die? Doubtful (though I’d like to try). Who cares the avenue that enlightens us: film, friend or (gasp!) the internet, as long as we are enlightened.

  364. Maureen says:

    My son took his own life this year, and I have found it difficult to put into words my love for him, even though I write poetry myself, I haven’t been able to express in words how I feel, this poem does it for me beautifully.

  365. susan says:

    i agree with those who have commented “tolerance” in terms of experiencing this poem first through film. we are all a product of our experiences…how many of you had teachers, parents or friends who were into poetry? for that matter literature? no? then, please keep your snooty uppercrust i-knew-about-this-long-before-you comments to yourself. as if only the first few pple who discovered cummings in the 20s are allowed to appreciate his work after it is referenced in pop culture. we should be happy things like this exist and are injected into the mainstream so the mainstream can become more altruistic. peace…

  366. Monique says:

    Auch ich habe soeben zum ersten Mal den Film “In den Schuhen meiner Schwester” gesehen und musste nach diesem tollen, herzzerreißendem Gedicht sehen…Ich musste es unbedingt noch einmal hören, weil es mich zu Tränen gerührt hat und ich einfach wissen musste, wer so etwas wunderschönes schreiben kann und aus welchen Gründen er das getan hat. Kennt jemand den unmittelbaren Zusammenhang zwischen dem Gedicht “i carry your heart with me” und dem damaligen Zusammenhang zum Autor ee cummings? Also Leute, ich find das ja echt spitze, dass so viele den selben Gedanken hatten wie ich. So etwas ist doch auch einmalig und zauberhaft…Gute Nacht or good night people. In Love Monique

  367. emma says:

    Stop it there’s other great poems out there like that. If Cameron Diaz read any other poem on profound love by any other poet you would all be searching for that poem too, any you know it

  368. d says:

    I have never been a person who reads poetry freqently. and I must confess that it was after watching “in her soes” with my sister that i lookt up this poem. If nothing else it really deskribe sisterhood to my. or anyway the relationship i have with my sister. for whatever happends i know that that bond will never brake. I am still quriuss what ee cummings had in mind when this poem was written.

  369. Halima says:

    Oh..What a poem…made me think for a while… How can anyone write a poem with such beauty… Thanks to the poet for giving us such gift… It makes me think!… I just heard this poem today while watching “In Her Shoes” and thought i must read it again…

  370. Blue Angel says:

    I am one of those who experianced “I carry your heart with me” while watching “in her shoes”! As much as I wish it could be different as in me loving the poem first and then appreciating it on screen but I guess not. Everything happens for a reason, Im just glad I had the oppotunity to fall in love with life for no reason.

  371. angela bates says:

    Like most of you I first heard this poem at the movies. I cried when I heard it, it was so moving. My youngest daughter tragically died before she was two years old and the line I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart) is just so meaningful and beautiful

  372. Rekha says:

    I watched “in her shoes” last night, when cameron read that poem out my heart just dropped for my love of my life it has so much depth so true to real love…i feel so happy this morning with thoughts of the poem and i sent it to my partner he loved it very much and was moved by it….. Thank you very much E E Cummings….. This will inspire many other real loves in the World…

  373. Cathy says:

    Perhaps a little more tolerence and understanding could be extended to those who may not have had access or the opportunity to experience the poetry of e.e. cummings prior to this film.
    For whatever reason, surely an interest in poetry or any other art form is something to be embraced.

  374. Lee says:

    I agree with Haylie from China, it’s pretty sad that a poem receives such notice just because of a movie. There are plenty of other E E Cummings poems that are so much better, and personally, when I think of E E Cummings, I do NOT think of love poems. Many people seem to just be inspired by the message of the poem, but E E Cummings was such a unique poet… this is not a very remarkable example of what he was capable of, in my opinion. Some of his best works lose a considerable amount of meaning when read aloud! I truly hope that those people who find E E Cummings works through this movie will be inspired enough to read (not listen to) more of his poems, and look up some of his paintings (he was also an artist).

  375. Tahnee says:

    Seems we have all been touched by this poem after seeing ‘In her Shoes’, I have to admit I had not heard it before, and it has inspired me to read more of E E Cummings poems. What a master of words!!! I am touched, inspired, in love and amazed.

  376. ScribbleSquirrel says:

    I am one of the silly ones, who got inspired with Cummings after seeing ‘In her Shoes’ today. I vaguely remember the brilliant work from my days of study, but I have certainly not come across this poem before. It has touched me. It has called me to forums like these and made me come alive with hope.


  377. Maureen says:

    Is there anyone that has the words to the poem from the movie , “In her Shoes” I would love to have it , and yet i cant seem to find it anywhere ~ Thank You for your help SOMEONE ~

    Maureen ~

  378. Emma says:

    I’m guessing that this will be the first of many comments on this poem from the UK – I saw a preview of “In her shoes” over here last week and the whole cinema was crying at the pure beauty of this poem. I studied literature at University but I’ve never come across this – it’s one of the first that’s ever moved me to tears. I think it’s excellent that a so called “chick flick” has brought this brilliant piece of work to our attention and touched so many of us in the process.

  379. D says:

    I went to see “In Her Shoes” last night. I was so moved by the poem she read that I had to come home and look it up. My husband and I seperated after 26 years of marriage this summer. I truly understood for the first time in my life what a broken heart felt like. It hurt so deep within my soul. We have always known we shared a love that was something far beyond love. It is a love that is so deep in our souls that we could never let go. We have found our way back to each other and I believe our love and our souls have only grown stronger. I truly feel pain in my heart, for people who never experienced a love like we have. I will cherish our love forever.

  380. SHOOGY says:


  381. Haylie says:

    that’s so pathetic and ironic!– it seems that this wonderful poem became famous because of “in her shoes”–the chick flick!? –that is a disrespect to e.e.cumming’s great work.

  382. tovah says:

    I am not going to lie after seeing the movie “In her shoes” I had to find this poem to read at my sister’s wedding. I could of not asked for a more touching poem. This trully is a work of art. It has enspired me to read more poetry. Thankyou E.E. Cummings

  383. Mirriam says:

    Iv never really been a poetry guru (im kinda oblivious to its beauty..) but after watchin “In Her Shoes” and hearing this exquisite piece of work by EE Cummings, Im convinced that i should give it another try. What a beautiful poem about such a beautiful, special gift! I shared it with the person dearest to me; i believe thats what love is all about – a bond that cannot be broken, that is strengthened through a life shared.
    I was really blown away.
    Thank you EE Cummings!

  384. Joanna Chamabers says:

    Whew—what an incredible piece of work. I first heard this poem when I saw “In Her Shoes”. It’s so soul moving. I loved it…it reminded me of my late sister and our bond.

  385. Leah Siskin says:

    Tonight I joined two friends at the movies to see In Her Shoes. Hearing this beautiful poem read out loud moved me to tears. This poem expresses how I feel about my sister. My sister, Sarah, died two and a half years ago from complications caused by bulemia at age 19. I have spent the time since then trying to figure out how I can carry her with me because I am now living my life for the both of us. I have thought of getting a tattoo, wearing special jewelery and other ideas. E.E. Cummings was a brilliant poet and a smart person. I realized tonight I don’t need to do any of those things because I carry her with me all the time in the most special way, in my heart. I love my sister and I miss her terribly but I know she is with me.

  386. Amy says:

    I ws looking for my wedding vows and this poem just took my breath away. I have found wat I was looking to say to my future husband on the big day. The poem is so short yet, so beautiful.

  387. Kari says:

    I had heard of E.E. Cummings many times before, but i was not at all familiar with any of his work. I saw the movie titled “In Her Shoes” and the poem literally took my breath away. The words were so simple, yet powerful. It’s a brutal truth about love. I am glad I saw the movie, and even though he is no longer with us on earth, E.E. Cummings lives on through his words!

  388. FRANTZY says:


  389. Fran says:

    This poem is surely as poignant now as it was in the 1950’s when it was first written. My experience is as others who have posted comments. After seeing the movie, “In Her Shoes” I had to look for the words on the web. You see, my partner is a world away in Germany at the moment visiting her very sick father, and offering support to her mother who has also traveled from New Zealand. I have never been one for words but I do remember studying e.e. cummings in high school english. My lovely partner is the one who writes poems and when I heard ‘i carry my heart’ the tears started streaming down my face because my Julie was so far away and these stirring words confirmed the love that I have for Julie and highlighted how much I miss her. This is the poem now for us; our life, our love, our future. I love you, my darling.

  390. Lyn Grady says:

    I recently saw the fils “In my sisters shoes” . I cried when I heard this beautiful poem. We lost our 22 year old son to cancer earlier this year & it says what we feel for him – we will always always carry him in our hearts- his Mum & Dad.

  391. Kim says:

    I feel ignorant, for I have to admit, if it wearn’t for seeing the movie “In Her Shoes” I would not have had the pleasure and honor of reading and absorbing E.E. Cummings most beautiful words of love. I love to write poetry myself…and what I usually write about is love, in all of its ways. Sometimes I feel like I should toughen up and write about other subjects, but writing about the wonderful and painful gift of love always seems more challenging and exquisite (for me, at least). Why? Because I believe when it’s all said and done, Love, is what brings everything together…and what ultimately tears people apart. What greater power do we have here on earth than to love (ourselves, each other…and our planet)?

    Thank you, E. E. Cummings, for your deeply emotional words. I’m sure if you knew how your words have touched the lives of so many, you would feel that same immense love in your heart today.


  392. B says:

    I took a friend to see the movie, “In her shoes,” for her birthday. No one new the pain I was going through but I had promised her I would take her out to the movies so I did. Two days earlier Oct.11 my heart was broke by a man that I have loved and planned a future with. I still do not know why we are not together but I believe in him and I believe in our love and I believe that God will work it through for us. This poem took hold of me when I was feeling so alone and it gives me hope. The power of the written word such as this beautiful poem captures the love and wonder of the world when it is hard to see it through your pain. I will always love you L, always.

  393. vicky kohlschein says:

    I heard this beautiful poem when I took my younger intellectually challenged sister to see the movie “In Her Shoes”. We have recently lost our dearest Mum who passed away suddenly and hearing the poem touched our hearts. Putting into words how we feel about Mum for my sister Allison to understand was difficult and EE Cummings poem made it possible. We held hands in the darkness of the movie theater and cried and smiled. We carry our Mum’s heart in our hearts always…..

  394. mary says:

    I also heard this poem for the first time at the movie last weekend. I have 2 sons in the Army and one is deploying to Iraq on Nov.5. This poem conveys how I feel about all my children.

  395. deborah says:

    I lost my husband 6 months ago,in a plane accident. I decided to see a movie alone, the poem made me realize i will alway carry this remarkable person heart in my heart–

  396. Lou says:

    I thought that Nae might especially be interested that John Duke set a BEAUTIFUL song to this poem. If you’re interested in putting it in your wedding, perhaps you would consider his song too.

  397. Stacy Bedner says:

    This movie and E.E.Cummings poem knocked me out of my shoes. I lost my only sister this year to suicide – ironically she shot herself in the heart. This poem has had such a profound impact on my life. I like many other people who have lost a loved one am constantly searching for rememberances of my lost one. I wear a heart pendant necklace that says “The Heart Remembers” – If I don’t have it on I feel funny -E.E. Cummings made me realize that I don’t NEED the necklace – I DO carry Wendy’s heart with me, every minute of every day. I’m not one who’s ever been into poetry – I thank God that this poem found it’s way into my heart! Wendy Amanda Glover-House, you are remembered and Loved!
    your sister,

  398. ray says:

    I first heard this poem this past weekend in the movie
    “In Her Shoes” as many here have posted. As many, it
    chocked me up immediately. I don’t think I really
    thought of the words even, it was like they just went
    straight to my soul.

    It wasn’t till I started to read this that I thought
    of how it may have been to a love lost, I know that is
    how it hit me.

    The past has been alot to me, and as we grow I find that loss becomes a larger part of it. The first loss
    was many years ago, yet it’s pain stayed for far too long and that was a loss that was not definitive, there
    could have been a come back.

    More recently in life I’ve lost others, a baby son,
    and more recently a very dear person, who I happened
    upon, yet something can happen and did, yet never to
    have met face to face nor to touch, the pain is none
    the less. Lastly I lost my mother, I wasn’t like
    Elvis was about his mother or anything, yet the loss
    though she lived a good long life, still takes it’s

    Loss has helped me touch the other world, the world
    where our people go when they leave this world, and
    it has happened many times, and I think that that is
    how I manage to get by and how I have some hope for
    the rest of my life. For if I were to dwell on the
    loss, I would dwell in grief, pain and anxiety, but instead the loss has opened a door to hope, hope of a
    time when I will reunite with all those I’ve lost
    and hope to be with someday.

    i will carry all their hearts with me.

  399. Nae says:

    I have just seen “In her shoes”. I am getting married later this year and happen to be in the process of organsing the ceremony. When I heard ‘I carry your heart with me’ I came straight home to find it so I can say these words to the man I love with every piece of me on the most important day of our lives. It is pure magic.

  400. plantama says:

    what a beautiful poem it truly captures the feelings of anyone that has ever fallen in love and if they did not know how to put their feelings into words they can now

  401. kay kelly says:

    what was the first poem she read out loud about losing continents etc

  402. Amanda says:

    The movie “In Her Shoes” is actually based on the novel by Jennifer Weiner. This is only the 2nd novel and she is such a great author. I read the book a couple years ago(when it was published) and fell in love with the poem. I was so glad they left it in the movie(other parts of the book are completely different). If you really liked the movie, you should read the book…even better!!

  403. noel says:

    I also saw the movie “In her Shoes” and when this was read the tears just came. I loved a man so much once years ago and our relationship eventually went down separate paths. My life moved foward, but I never stopped loving him. If he only knew how many nights I longed for him. I also believe in that saying “set it free and if it comes back it was meant to be”. He came back. The promblem is when I took that seprate path I got married. In my heart I know he is my soulmate and how I want a life with him now is unimaginable. I can only do one thing now, that is put this in GOD’s hands.

    Christian, Always remember no matter what happens “I carry your heart (i carry it in my heart” ALWAYS !

    I will always Love You !

  404. BrotherB says:

    Letting someone you love go because you know it is best for that person is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. God knows how much I love her … SisterI … and this poem is amazing in how it has the same words but means so many different things to so many different people with so many different life changes.

  405. suz says:

    There are few times when words during a long day effect you the way this beautiful poem did. I sat watching the movie “In her shoes” with my daughter. Tears running down my face and the words touching me so profoundly. I am sure it was meant for a lost love but for me it was the love I felt for my beautiful and fearless daughter. I had never heard of ee cummings but will be sure to read more of his intriguing words.

  406. Katrina says:

    Again I had never heard of E.E.Cummings!!
    I saw the movie “In Her Shoes”
    Where it was read……
    The moment this poem was read the tears welled in my eyes and I began to cry my heart out as this is how i feel so much about the love of my life and will ALWAYS feel about them!

    This poem stirred every emotion in me and will always stay with me!!

    I love it so much and i wish that i could write words like this man once did!

    I love you Phoenix!!
    Forever and Always

  407. kim says:

    When I heard this poem I was immediately taken. I was overwelmed by the fact that it expressed the exact emotions and feeling I have for my sweet man. He is the love of my life and even though I write poetry, none of my poetry truly embodied all I was feeling. My words didn’t seem perfect enough to show him how i felt, but thank God E.E. Cummings had the words. I love you Brooks, I love you so very much.

  408. Christy says:

    with so many more poignant and touching stories of loss through death it feels selfish to add this , but yet it is not for me. J i carry your heart with me, maybe he didn’t capitalize ever, on this especially, because he felt so small in comparison to the love of his intended. it is always the lowercase use of i ( as in self) that stands out when reading cummings. every day is an attempt to overcome the loss of the love of my life. but i am fortunate, and blessed with others who help me realize that to not overcome this is just self pity and a waste of love that i could use for those others. but still…

  409. Tania says:

    This poem touched me as it has touched many others. My daughter died just over 3 years ago, and this poem is perfect for her scrapbook. I love you Chloe, and I will always carry your heart in mne.

  410. barbara says:

    My true love read this poem to me yesterday. Interesting comments to read by all on this web site. One in particular was if it meant to be if you let it go it will come back. Twenty five years ago I used those exact words and left my love. He came back to me. It is more than true love. He is my soul mate. Our hearts are intwined in a way unimaginable. We are and have been connected all these years, most of the time spent longing for each other. How amazed I am that we can love so purely, so truly, so perfectly for this amount of time. The poem was a beautiful way to express the depths of our love. He continues to amaze me with the depths of his feelings. They mirror my own. I am the luckiest woman alive. For anyone to expose themselves to the depth of this kind of love is both frightening and amazing. I am blessed.

  411. Jackie Tulli says:

    Next to “Though Lovers be Lost, Love Shall Not”, nothing has ever moved me quite so much……Goosebumps everywhere. The last scene of the movie “In Her Shoes” with Maggie quoting this, as her sister left for her honeymoon, took my breath away, & I don`t think there was a dry eye in the house.

  412. gigabo says:

    its was 4 years ago when my grandmother died, and i still feel this way about her… even though we were not very close this poems still makes me think of her. she always loved seeing us when we went up to visit her on holidays. i feel that this poem is speaking to me about her…about how i feel when i think about her.
    love ya gram! :Þ

  413. Pat says:

    This poem and the entire movie focusing on realtionships moved me greatly. Both my parents are deceased and a the husband of a good friend just died at midnight…I am sending this poem to her…what a gift from cummings! Love truly is eternal!

  414. Edie says:

    I, too, have felt lost for so long, losing my sister, my twin sister. She died suddenly, with no one to say goodbye or hold her hand. She was a loving, beautiful, selfless person whose inner beauty had an impact on people she didn’t even know. When I saw the movie and heard the poem, it really spoke to me. I, too, carry her heart in my heart always, and to hear others speaking and thinking the same, makes it even more plausible that she really is here with me. How lucky we all are to have experienced these words.

  415. Brooke says:

    In regards to not only Guy, but everyone that is moved by this peom. I think that for emotions to be stirred and remembered by such a thing (poem) than you are the luckiest person to know how this feels.
    Not everybody has the opportunity to experience the gift of love in such a way.
    So cherish the fact- and hold on to it if you can, try harder (or again Guy) if you don’t posess it anymore, and if that person has moved on- always hold it in your heart next to their memory.

  416. Cynthia Bunch says:

    I saw the film today and it was like watching the story of my sister and me unfold before my eyes. My sister killed herself a year ago–she was my only sibling. I have been so lost this past year–certainly changed for life in so many ways. I was very touched by the film, the courageous portrayal of the characters, and by the beautiful, poignent words of E.E. Cummings. Very cathartic.

  417. BJ says:

    I as many others just returned from seeing the movie “In Her Shoes” WOW! How the words of this beautiful poem hit home and HARD! It will be two years ago on November 14th that I lost my husband of 41 years to sucicide. In 1975 I lost my mother the
    very same way. I carry their hearts in my heart and will for the rest of my life. My dear friend who lives on the East coast (I am in California) made me promise that I would see that film today and I am ever thankful to her, I would never have discovered this incredible poem had she not told me about the movie. I carry her heart with me. I want to share these words with all my loved ones, friends and family alike.

    Thank you, E.E.Cummings

  418. Hopeless Romantic says:

    This poem is quite ambiguous. Maybe the poem on her IM was meant for you or someone else. The point is, if you love something or someone let it go. If it was meant to be she’ll find a way back into your life. Just give it time and be patient.

  419. Pepper says:

    I like many of you came to site by way of The Movie – In her Shoes.. I went with my best girlfriend.. We both cried and we were touch by the poem by e.e. cummings… I felt the strength and pain of the words from this poem.. I have a true love I have loved for years now.. we first meant the weekend his brother died.. (4 years ago) we then visited each other from time to time.. he is in London I in the US.. 2 years ago I asked him if he wanted more out of our relationship … out of life.. He could and would not offer me an answer.. so when we said good bye that last time I saw him – I told him good bye forever.. I could not bare the pain of loving someone who was not capable of loving me back.. It did not last long I moved to WI and after 3 months I started to e-mail him again.. I could not get him out of my system.. we chatted from time to time.. but this year we talked more than normal and he asked me to visit him in Singapore.. I went thinking we would just be friends .. He came for me at the airport and I could feel my heart pounding.. I saw him across the room and my heart cried for him.. It was the most beautiful week of my life.. and the memory will take me to eterinalty.. I am back in the US now 2 weeks have passed but my thoughts are of him and Singapore.. I am much like Rose I have a GREAT Job, great home and so on.. but honestly I would trade it all .. everything — give it all up just to be with him – my true love.. peter.. I am not quite sure what will happen to me and my love but I do know this — E.E. Cummings knew my pain and I know his..

  420. Amy Zinnen says:

    It was 3 years ago on Oct 12th that I lost my Mom very suddenly and it will be 1 year since I lost Dad. How I miss them. I constantly look for words or pictures to express my feelings and after seeing “In Her Shoes” yesterday, like so many people, was touched by the words of e.e.cummings. Sometimes there are no words, but this time they hit their mark…. my heart.

  421. Marianne Burger says:

    How sad that had it not been for this movie (In Her Shoes),I could have missed this poem entirely. Thanks to the poets for expressing in words those feelings we hope we have demonstrated through our actions. Actions speak louder than words…I HOPE–I’m not so good with words!

  422. Guy says:

    I didn’t see the movie, nor do I read poetry. I had a love that I fear I will never experiance again last year, I am only 19… Last year my girlfriend and I parted ways, I’ll try to make it short as possible. Basically we had plans she decided to cut me out of, which totally wasn’t cool. So I told her to either fix it or tell me goodbye, she said goodbye. Then called me later that night and we decided we should talk. All I wanted was her back, but for some reason decided I should tell her I needed a few days to think it over (I clearly did not need those days…). The few days passed and of course I took her back. After a few weeks, I didn’t feel the love as much. It seemed like it had faded immensely. I suggested a break. She wasn’t keen, but we agreed upon it. A week later I realized what a mistake I had committed, and asked her if we could begin talking again, and she refused. She is a VERY PROUD girl (one of those crazily goal orientated, MUST DO GOOD at school types). Since then (over a year ago) we’ve only said a few sentences, “hello, goodbye, etc.” I loved her so much. I have thought numerous times I was over her this past year, but only find I am mistaken each time. I used to dream about her AT LEAST once a week, and wake up and begin to cry realizing it was only a dream. I know I loved her more than she loved me, but I still believe I was her first love. I don’t know if its true that you never get over your first love, but anyway I’m starting to ramble. Back to the point, I have tried to shut her out for a year. I have been very successful, for the most part, except for the fact that I am completely unable to date other girls for more than a week. There is this one girl that really likes me that would be considered more attractive to 95% of men, but for me the girl I love is most beautiful. Anyway the whole point I am writing this, I checked her profile on AIM and this poem, “I carry your Heart” by EE Cummings is in it. Should I bother talking to her, or could it just be for a family member as so many of you have seen it as?

  423. Tina says:

    I saw the movie “In her shoes” tonight and wept. I lost my Mom in March and I carry her heart in my heart.

  424. Luz says:

    This is a beautiful poem about everlasting love. It makes me think about my daughters, how much I love them and carry them in my heart always.

  425. McDonald says:

    I am definatly not a poem gouru, I was moved by the poem, it was rich and reminded me on why I should appreciate each day and person in my life. I shall go buy the book by EE Cummings.

  426. Karen says:

    What a wonderful poem! The way it was read in the
    movie “In Her Shoes” was so appropriate and gave
    such hope to me on relationships that I struggle
    with. It made me think about my daughter, my sister,
    my brother and especially my husband. We all carry so much inside us, but it is what we carry in our hearts that is most important… e.e. cummings gave me the gift of expressing what i need to say.

  427. Linda says:

    What a beautiful peice of poetry. Just saw the movie “In her Shoes”,like the rest of you. I lost my husband almost nine months ago,and my girlfriend lost hers a few months ago, the poem was so moving it reduced us to tears, I just had to come home and search for the words and here I am commenting like the rest of you. How appropriate is this poem when you have or have had a love with some one that is so deep and on a level that you feel you only have one heart between you. I carry my husbands heart in my heart so that he is with me always. Beautiful work

  428. Tammy Sosa says:

    I too saw In Her Shoes tonight and was absolutely moved by the reading. I had to pull up the words on line as soon as I made it home. What heartfelt words!

  429. Edlyn says:

    WoW…I never usually cry at movies but this poem really moved me to tears. Fate just took me to that movie theatre this afternoon and Im so glad i watched the movie. It just made me realize how lucky I am to have people in my life who love and care so much for me. I will always carry them in my heart knowing that Im a better person everyday because of them. Thank you Mr.Cummings-youre the best!

  430. Jen Measey says:

    I just got home from seeing the movie In Her Shoes. Loved the movie and the appropriateness of the poem. We lost our son in a tragic accident 4 years ago. The words of this poem are so heartfelt.

  431. jim in florida says:

    Today I saw the movie “In Her Shoes.” I was so impressed with Cameron Diaz’s reading of “i carry your heart with me” by ee cummings, I looked up the poem and copied it. E.E. Cummings himself would be proud of such a tribute given to his words.

  432. Crissy says:

    I saw “In Her Shoes” last night and being a poet, of sorts, I fell in love with the piece by e.e. cummings too, like the rest of you did. I’ve been trying to find an on-line audio clip of the poem but have not been able to find one. Can anyone help? It doesn’t have to be a clip from the actual movie. I just want an audio version of that poem so I can hear it read aloud again.

    Crissy from San Diego, CA

  433. D. Weathers says:

    I saw the movie “In Her Shoes” last night with a guy that I’ve been dating for a short time and we both cried. I not only thought about romantic love, but the love that I have for my only son, my adult son that lost his dad a few years ago. This poem touched me on many levels as I also thought of my two sisters and brother, my Mom and Dad, my neices and nephews…really all my family and my dear friends too.

    And as for my date – how bad can a guy be that would go to a “girl” movie, “get it”, AND be moved to tears?

  434. Theresa Tate says:

    This poem has come to mean so much to me. I thought of my daughter, Mandy, when I saw the movie this week, “IN HER SHOES”. Cameron Diaz, Maggie, has Mandy’s demeanor,looks, and loves with her heart. I feel this way about my only lovely daughter, I carry your heart with me,I carry it in my heart. Love, MOM

  435. cr from san diego says:

    well,i am very glad,that classic poetry has fianlly made a come-back in hollywood. but,i, have always loved cummings. peotry is the only thing that sometimes makes sense in a situation, it can bridge the gap of what you wish to say,but, can not! i used to write it in highschool. for some reason it was easier then, maybe it was just a time full of pain,or better yet more subject matter. i’m glad to be reminded of this love of literature. bon apptit!

  436. Stephanie Glockner says:

    I just got home from seeing the movie In Her Shoes. This poem touched me so much. I have a son who is struggling with his reading, when Maggie started to read that poem in front of everyone I just started to cry and instantly thought of him. I will share this poem with him and hope it will come to be a favorite of his because it sure is now a favorite of mine.

  437. Jennifer hoag says:

    I also heard this poem in the movie “In Her Shoes”. I really liked it and this is the second time I have heard a poem in a Hollwood picture. The first was in “Must Love Dogs”. I am glad to see that poetry is seeping into another genre. Perhaps there will be more fans of poetry soon.

  438. Lisa says:

    I went to see “In Her Shoes” with my sister on her birthday. When Cameron Diaz read the poem my sister and I both started crying. This is such a touching poem.

  439. Karen says:

    This poem is so moving because it reaches so many people. After me and my sister watched the movie, “In her shoes”, I understood that there is a connection between what Maggie tells her sister Rose using the poem. She understnds that Rose has had the harder road to travel and being the grown up is never easy, but she appreciates everything that Rose has done and will do for her. They are inseperable. Like me and my sister are. It is a very moving and loving poem and the movie uses it well.

  440. margret woods says:

    I just got home from “In Her Shoes” and I see I am not the only one touched by this poem…I carry my granddaughter Chelsea’s heart in my heart. We live far apart but we are always together.

  441. Linda Sawyers says:

    I saw In Her Shoes tonite with my daughter. This poem was in the movie and I cried because it was about my daughter and myself as well. I carried her beneath my heart and I will carry her in my heart always.
    Thank you for such beautiful poetry.

  442. Lee says:

    This weekend I went to see “In Her Shoes” and i also bursted into tears when Diaz’s character Maggie started to read this poem. The movie was wonderful and the poem is so moving.

  443. Lisa Marie says:

    It’s amazing how this poem can have different meanings to different people. I saw the movie “In Her Shoes” yesterday and when that poem was read, I was in tears. I recently suffered a miscarriage at 6 months and as I’m hearing it, all I could do was think of the baby I’d lost. I had to look it up on line so I could have a copy of it –and here I am.

    Great poem!

  444. panama2 says:

    Message 18 Panama from Panama says that the poem is about a stalker or an obsessed person who carries the heart of another. But maybe this stalker is like literal, right? Maybe cummings is writing about someone who is carrying someone else’s heart FOR REAL — like some sort of urban cannibal dude. Man this poetry stuff is like so cool cause you can read anything into it. I wonder if Cameron Diaz was like really a cannibal in the movie and like that’s why she couldn’t read. And like maybe that’s what she was saying that she wanted to eat her sister’s heart like she did when she slept with boyfriend dude. Man you can really get on a role when you start to do this poetry interpretation stuff. I shuddaguddan A in english.

    i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

    the words of a stalker…good grief 🙂

  445. wadester says:

    A poet writes from within an experience, a context, and brings to that context a deep sensitivity and a gift of expression. Just as a poet is more capable of writing from the middle of an experience, so does an experience make us more receptive to the words of the poet. I think that the character played by Diaz primes us for this poem through her dyslexia, her moral crisis and her genuine struggle during the film to become more than she was at the beginning of it. In the speaking of this poem she shows her triumph over her illiteracy but also triumph over her moral failings, for the words of the poem could only be appreciated by a person who has learned to stop treating others as if they are equipment and opportunities — marks, as they say in the con game. The Diaz character says three things beyond what the poem says overtly: that she has triumphed over her illiteracy, triumphed over her superficial relationship to others, and grown a reflexive understanding of the meaning of her relationship with her sister. Everyone who appreciates this poem, within the context of this movie or otherwise, deserves a pat of self-congratulation because it means that we have also learned to care and carry the others in our lives.

  446. R. says:

    Once in awhile I come upon an act of literature which speaks for my heart and soul. “I carry your heart with me” is a breath-taking expression of one’s love for another. How anyone could read this poem and not be moved by it is beyond me.

  447. Amanda says:

    I also saw “in her shoes” this weekend and i bursted into tears after Cameron Diaz read the first line! I lived a similar life to the characters of the movie and I too have sisters that i feel this way about! What a great poem!

  448. Jean Paul says:

    This poem is BEAUTIFUL!

  449. Christine says:

    This poem is awesome!! I was in tears when Cameron Diaz read it. My fiance and I are planning to add it to our wedding favors.

  450. Marie says:

    I, too, saw “in her shoes” this weekend. This poem brought tears to my eyes. I am a new mother, and this poem truly expressed the love that I have for my daughter. I will keep these words in my mind always.

  451. Cameron says:

    I saw ” in her shoe” movie over the weekend.
    to be honest I almost fell asleep.. but
    when cameron read this poem it woke me up real fast.
    i fell in love with this poem…

  452. Lil Lady says:

    This weekend I saw “In Her Shoes” and I was in shock. As a lover of poems or poetry, I had completely forgot about this Cummings poem. I went back to my collection and remember I marked this poem as “one of the best ways to express love.” It brought back great memories and hope to share this with the one I love now.

  453. KCC says:

    I saw the movie “In Her Shoes” when I was visiting my boyfriend, who recently took a job in New York while I am still finishing college in Indiana. We are both huge fans of poetry and when this poem was read in the end, I looked over at him and he was actually teary. So many poems are only viewed by the public when put in the context of something like a film, but this poem is strong enough to stand on its own and put into play in life. In the end, it was actually the poem taken out of the context of the film and placed into that of our own lives that made it such a phenomenal piece of work. My boyfriend and I have been missing each other terribly, but we carry each other in our hearts always, which is comforting and inspirational.

  454. Faye says:

    I saw the movie as well. The poem DID make me cry. I was thinking of my ex-husband “G” my son Justin and my friend (like a sister) Holly. The poem truly touched my heart.I will copy it and carry always to remind me of the feelings..I have for the people I love.Also of my son Jeremie and his wife Greta and son Jamie. All major players in my life……

  455. Star says:

    What a beautiful poem that accurately describes the love of a mother and child…

  456. j says:

    Make no mistake, this a poem about love, great love between lovers, between a Mother and child, between family. It belongs to anyone who carries love in their heart. It is warm and wonderful and touching. One of the dearest poems I’ve ever read. I love you, g and I love you mf! xxj

  457. rachel says:

    In her shoes was a really good movie. i didnt have high expectation for it … except looking at the beautiful shoes. but it iwas surprisingly great. this poem at then end made the movie a thousand times more wonderful. i have always been a poetry fan…. so the fact that this poem touched me greatly goes un said… i love it.

  458. Cheryl says:

    I too saw the movie “In her Shoes” and it was a good movie (a chick flick my husband would say) but he enjoyed it as well. I applaud the movie makers in letting us know who wrote this beautiful poeem. So often we are left wondering where a song or poem came from and i want to thank them for that. Great poem

  459. holly says:

    this poem was in that movie in her shoes with cameron diaz..it was really moving, i almost cried..

  460. Brad says:

    I have been married 12 years, and have been separated from my wife by military service the past few months-I stumbled on this poem and feel it perfectly expresses what I feel about her and us at the end of each day-that she is with me even when I am far away, and that she has had the greatest role in creating whatever positive things I am.

  461. Brooke L. says:

    The first time I heard someone read this poem, I stopped dead in my tracks and listened, and listened and listened. All the sounds of the world going by became fainter and fainter and fainter as I hung onto each and every earthy bit and could no longer hear anything else or think of anything else. It is thee most beautiful attempt of getting to the depth, depth,depth of how one feels when they love someone soooo deeply that this person brings meaning to their VERY existence. Hearing someone read the line that goes… “here is the deepest secret nobody knows…here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud…..” is the closest description of the magnitude of my feelings for the people who have touched my life in insurmountable ways from my grandfather, to each of my three beautiful children, my husband and special friends who make up my life. xo-B.

  462. cathy says:

    this is a beautiful poem cuz it remines me of my boyfriend and the way i feel for him so i hope there is more poems like this out there

  463. Narelle says:

    i wonder who he wrote the poem to/about – it’s such a beautiful poem. the first time i read it i thought it was about love lost – a break up or seperation – but on later readings, i thought like kasey that it could be to a love lost by death. so sent it on to my aunty after the death of her son, she carries it with her because it reminds her that he’s not so far away… it’s just so beautiful

  464. Kasey says:

    Has anyone thought that perhaps the departed E.E. Cummings was referring to a love he lost by death?? For he “fears no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)” meaning that he does not fear death because he will meet his love again one day. Also, the secret that no one knows could be what happens after death “tree of life”.

  465. Tiffany Dunham says:

    This is a really great poem keep it up. I wright poems and this one is good i would just like to say thanks!!

  466. timster says:

    I saw the movie – “In Her Shoes” last night it’s amazing and the poem “I Carry your heart with me” is used within the movie. It works well, what a great movie and what a great poem !

  467. Kamila says:

    This poem is one a hurting heart, and a healing heart can relate to. When you loose someone, it seems as though you carry them closer to you, I hate being able to relate to this poem. He is a talented man.

  468. mary says:

    omg this is like the best poem!!!!!! im not even really into poems but this one just got me into them! thank u so much e.e. cummings!

  469. Mai says:

    interesting analyzation of the poem…

  470. angelica says:

    i think we all know there is no way in words to explain love, but eec showed to me that he got close enough so the person he loves understand the true of his words…..has any one think that maybe this is not a pure love that join the heart of 2 lovers, but the pure love that join the heart of a mother to his baby before was born(“…of a tree called life”)..and hiding this baby from everyone (“here is the deepest secret nobody knows”)..think about it..

  471. Marty says:

    This is a wonderful poem and I recommend that everyone listen to Michael Hedges musical renditon of this poem on his Taproot album.

  472. kami says:

    this poem waz fab. like totaly outrageous!!! lol diz is a bunch of B.S ya heard and he sound’n have benn no poet fo sho ho!!:0 🙂 bi och

  473. Jay says:

    I believe this poem was not very hard to comprehend. I enjoyed reading it because I could relate to it.

  474. Kira says:

    This poem is beautiful! It says so much about Love and Love is a feeling, we ever have to a person. E. E. Cummings is the favorite poem writer from Drew Barrymore. I am a fan from her and I was interested who is E. E. Cummings and how are the poems of him and I must say: They are all very good!

  475. Tom says:

    This poem is an expression of love; expression so true and sincere that it stands far beyond the common manipulations of romantic poetry. And, in fact, this makes the feeling itself seem extremely deep and completely honest. If love at all can be truly expressed in words, or can be believed in through words, these are the right ones.

  476. Alex says:

    the poem was good and i really liked it so i will read it again. He shows the way he feels about the girl he loves

  477. Bob says:

    This poem is so great. I wish I could write something like it.
    Thank you,
    e e cummings

  478. Joanna says:

    I really like your poem, it was amazing!!

  479. Emma says:


  480. emily says:

    i like the title but the poem its self is really not that good it sucks!!! cummings has written better.

  481. sammy!!!!!! says:

    it,s cool, dude!!!!!!!!

  482. San says:

    I think this poem ias about a person being in love with another that seem to love each other the same,but cannot be together. In the last stanza, I think the secret of her being pregnant is being keep because they don’t want people to know. Their society might not accept a pregnancy of a women not being married.

  483. Jim says:

    If only I had the ability to express in words what I feel in my heart. e.e. cummings so masterfully constructed an aura in his poem that it brings mist to the eyes of the reader. I shall memorize it and make it my own for my one and only

  484. sean says:

    this is a great love poem and it isn’t about stalking and the ‘secret’ doesn’t refer to a secret lover (although it can). “the deepest secret” refers to love itself. love to cummings was the ‘mystery of mysteries’ and thus is ‘root of the root, bud of the bud…’ that’s why it is the ‘deepest’ secret and not just a secret. the fact that nobody knows it can be read 2 ways: 1) since love is the mystery of mysteries it is unknowable or 2) love can’t be known only felt: “A lot of people think or believe or know they feel-but that’s thinking or believing or knowing: not feeling” eec.

  485. jess says:

    i love this poem because cummings shows no regret of the burden he has taken on. he doesn’t even see a lover’s heart laid upon him as a burden; he welcomes all for love. i can no longer say that i have never cried while reading a poem.

  486. steven says:

    trusting in someone,
    we? all have somthing to reveal?
    selfish intent , reckless propose the spirit leaves
    quote? “a man who has mastered him self has mastered something truly great” conf?

  487. Lisa M says:

    I believe that this poem is an attempt by an individual to convey to world what is often a failed venture attempted by many– a desire to express to the individual they love that whether they are with that person or not, just loving that person gives meaning to their existence. They need nothing else in life as long as they have “love”. When cummings writes, “here is the deepest secret nobody knows…” I believe he just trying to make the person realize he is putting “all” of his feelings/emotions on his sleeve. However, because love is so complex and mysterious, we will never be able to express our view of love through words alone (this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart). This poem was so meaningful to my husband and I that we used the song version by M. Hedges in our wedding nearly 10 years ago. The words only grow more powerful each year I read them. Steve- i carry your heart with me– always!

  488. Kathy says:

    Whoever thinks that this poem is stalkerish and borderline homicidal is clearly not reading the poem. I have read at least 2 comments on how the phrase “I carry your heart with me” as denoting something a obsessed killer would do. What they failed to do is to actually read the part after that, “i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)” How can you carry something in your heart unless its an emotion? Those who think otherwise fail to realize that one of the great things about poetry is that it does not have to be based on total literalness, rather of feelings and emotions and the value we place on ourselves and what we feel through figurative language.

  489. Billy p says:

    The poem shows true emotion for everybody, it’s one of the greatest love poems ever writin…….

  490. Snow says:

    I think this poem does reflect on the simple fact the man is obessing his love for someone that he can not have.I think the author can also use better usage of words to express his feelings. “And whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,” is the most distrubing part that I found in the poem, because for it’s title with this phase sounding like the author acting as like a killer.

  491. j levine says:

    true love is only found once in a lifetime. when two people are in love, their souls are forever together..even though miles and miles apart seperate us, we both live under the same sun and moon..our love is carried within our hearts as “one”. I love and miss you every moment of every day, my -j

  492. Charlene says:

    I think that this poem is also about the obsession that the author has of a secret lover. He states in the poem that it is a secret. He carries her heart with him becuase he cant be with her.

  493. Maddiek says:

    i think the poem is pretty obvious. i hate when people try to dig too deep. the poem is simple, clearly stating what cummings really feels. it’s gorgeous and easy to relate to. let’s leave it at that, shall we?

  494. Sal says:

    Wether this be a one sided, shared or lost love, this is something very rare. I do not think that many people ever actually experience a love so intense. If you are fortunate enough to have found this gift,
    cherish it everyday.

  495. Rocky says:

    At first i thought that this was a kind of confusing poem then i realized that it was only an expression of love so deep to another and an attempt to reflect it in such amazing words that make total sense while making love sound so beautiful

  496. urvashi says:

    this poem is very beautiful and depicts the true love of the lover and one who read it can see one’s own story in it and is able to find the way to show one’s own feelings to the one to be loved.

  497. Panama says:

    I think this poem is very beguiling. I think most people have it right that the poem is about love, but I think it’s a somewhat demented sort of love. If you read the line “here is the deepest secret nobody knows,” it is obvious that the love is secret. If you look further at the poem this person is continuously thinking about the other one, day and night, almost to the point of obsession. If you ask me this poem is about a stalker. The title of the poem itself is kind of cruel and unusual “I carry your heart with me.” Now if you take that literally what is it saying? This guy is clearly obsessed with some other women and he is hiding it and it is starting to consume his life. Going back to the title, I pose another question, what happens when you break up with someone? Some would say it’s like ripping someone’s heart out it hurts so much. So maybe the title isn’t even about the object of obsession, but in fact is about the person that the poet is married to or committed to. So in short this is not a love poem at all, but a poem about an obsessed person that is worries to death about hurting his significant other. Honestly, the guy was married 3 times, you think he never thought about this kind of stuff?

  498. Natasha says:

    beautiful. one of those pieces of writing that makes me so jealous that i can never write it.

  499. krhazy says:

    This poem is perhaps my favorite of all e.e. cummings’s work. The imagery is so spectacular, so vivid and beautiful. There are none of the love cliches that spoil so many other romantic poetry. This poem makes me cry every time I read it.

  500. Mr.T says:

    Could anyone tell me the meaning of this poem the exact meaning or a place where i might be able to find the meaning of this poem. Thank YOU Sincerely Mr.T

  501. Lost in love says:

    I think that poem it is cool i never heard a poem like that. You are he frist one that writ a poem like that. I think it sounds sad and sweet and kind of funny to me.What if two boys ask you out and you are already going out with a boy. What would you say? I would say I am ready going out with a boy. So what would you say if a anther boy ask you out again I’ll say the seem thing. I think your poem’s sound sad and sweet.But I think it sounds cool!!! This is By: Mickey AKA

  502. jaime says:

    Yes! I Love The Poem,It Was Sent To Me..Thank You Marcia…My Love. I Love You Jaime

  503. Rebecca W. says:

    The feeling of true love cannot be explained in just a few words or poems. The love of my life – we both feel the same way this poem explains about each other – we know we have met our soul mate. The whole universe can’t start to explain the love we have for each other. I hope everyone can be as happy as we are.

  504. Sean says:

    These poetic words were shared with me (by you) many months prior to our beautiful wedding. The words and sincere emotion of these words ring true for us daily – Happy Anniversary Erika – I love you!

  505. Oscar says:

    I love this poem as it appeared on FOX’s Tru Calling (Episode 20) I have really captured what the author is trying to say.

  506. cassie smith says:

    This poem to me attempts to capture the essence of love in it’s truest, most pure sense…”the root of the root,….the bud of the bud…” It also engages cummimgs belief in nature and emotion, as he uses the sun, the moon, the stars associating them with his love.

  507. Vivek says:

    This is an unconventional love poem, but expressing sincere and true feelings towards his beloved. The poet’s use of language is note worthy. The opening line itself summarises the “oneness” of the two– “i carry it(Your heart) in my heart”. That’s why the poems ends up with the repetition of the opening line, reemphasing his love for her.

  508. Lisa says:

    I am singing the John Duke arrangement of this piece, as well as writing a full poetic analysis on the poem. It means so much to me because it expresses the true and endless feelings I have toward to love of my life. I love you Joey with all of my heart!

  509. Sam says:

    The poem show true genuality. You don’t get that much from people today. The love is so real and shown well in this poem. TRUE EMOTION!

  510. Rebecca says:

    This work expresses a deep yearning for someone who is not with you, someone you long to be with. Perhaps, a love lost whose very memory controls your every move and has a hold on your heart. This poem expresses these feelings for someone I lost. Joe, I miss you.

  511. Tom Braun says:

    Please find the wonderful musical presentation of this poem by Michael Hedges. Crosby and Nash do the background vocals. It is just spectacular.

  512. steve w says:

    all i have to say is alot of the word’s in this poem is the way i feel about that special someone in my lifeand she know’s who she is…the love of my life that i do know

  513. Karri says:

    “i carry your heart with me” is a reflection of love so divine,the words are raw, but pure in showing the true exsistance of what true love does to the heart of two lovers.

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