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American Poems: Musical Instruments: Nord Wave Synthesizer, Sample Player and 49-Key Analog Synthesizer
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Nord Wave Synthesizer, Sample Player and 49-Key Analog Synthesizer

Nord Wave Synthesizer, Sample Player and 49-Key Analog Synthesizer
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  • Brand:Nord  
  • Category:Musical Instruments
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  • Sales Rank:164,526
  • Media:Electronics
  • Number Of Items:1
  • Shipping Weight (lbs):19.8
  • Dimensions (in):39.2 x 13 x 7.3
  • Publication Date:April 1, 2009
  • Model:AMS-NW49
  • UPC:834035000762
  • EAN:0834035000762
  • ASIN:B0010HTZB2

  • 4 Octave (49-keys) velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard
  • 189Mb Flash memory (180mb for user samples)
  • 18 Stereo voices
  • Realtime control of parameters
  • Analog style control panel

Editorial Reviews:
When you first look at the Nord Wave Synthesizer, you might get the impression you are seeing a regular analog style synthesizer. Nothing could be more right - nothing could be more wrong. Based on a legacy of inventing virtual analog synthesizers almost 15 years ago, Clavia takes the new generation of lead synthesizers to the next level. The Nord Wave gives you traditional analog sounds that interact and coexist with pretty much anything you want; by combining analog, FM synthesis, wavetable and sampled waveforms - you can use literally any standard audio file as a sound source. It is a great sample player and analog synthesizer, and so much more! By having two oscillators capable of producing a vast array of sounds from classic analog waveforms (with sync), FM synthesis, wavetables, sampled waves (single cycle waveforms with attack) as well as noise and other miscellaneous waveforms, the Nord Wave has an unprecedented pallet of sounds for you to use as foundation. Digital Samples in an Analog Environment -- The sound of a resonant filter with a 24 dB slope applied to a sampled sound brings it so much to life that some times this is all you need, but there are many other parameters available to affect your samples. All elements of an analog synthesizer can be incorporated: amplifier and modulation envelopes, LFOs, filters, and effects. Oscillator Modulation -- Oscillator 1 uses two types of oscillator modulation to bring out different characteristics to a blended sound: Phase Modulation and Frequency Modulation. Disparate sounds can be achieved depending on the combination of waveforms generated by the two oscillators – using oscillator modulation, particular characteristics of those waveforms can be seamlessly blended and enhanced to make a new kind of sound. High Quality Samples -- Clavia online offers a large number of top quality samples specially created for the Nord Wave - available free of charge. User Friendly Technology -- Flash memory means that samples are instantly available, meaning fast load times even for complex programs. No hard drive or other type of media is needed for storing samples when you shut down the Wave; once the unit has powered up you have direct access to all the samples at the turn of a knob. Or use your own samples - simply import any standard audio file to the Nord Wave Manager software, map it to a key, and you are ready to go! Easy to Use Manager - The Nord Sound Manager, developed for OS X and Microsoft Windows, is designed to keep things fast and simple. Back up and rearrange programs, transfer Sample Instrument files. The Nord Sample Editor allows you to map your own audio files across the keyboard. Two Synths in One -- Using the Slot function, you can seamlessly switch between two sounds without cutting off any sustaining notes, or you can layer two sounds together to create a massive sound palette. Everything is easily controlled by the Slot A & B buttons conveniently located near the pitch stick, mod wheel, and octave-switching buttons, making them as much performance controllers as programming features. Modulation Excess -- The Nord Wave comes with plenty of modulation capabilities, with two LFOs with wide frequency ranges, one of these can actually double as an envelope if it is set to single cycle mode. These two LFOs have five waveforms and seven modulation destinations each. Filter Flexibility -- High quality resonant filters are one of the most important ingredients when creating memorable sounds. The Nord Wave incorporates a total of six different high-quality filter types. Included with standard low-, high- and band-pass filters, the Wave features a multi peak filter, comb filter, and a format filter, which creates vowel effects. Morphing -- Nord’s unique Morph Grouping technique allows you to alter the setting of virtually any sound-related parameter in real time with the modulation wheel, control pedal, note velocity or note number. Effects -- The effect section gives your sound a final touch. Whether it is just a small amount of reverb, chorus, a massive delay, or tube-style overdrive, your sounds become more dynamic with rich effects without having to use outboard gear. Five different reverb algorithms are provided, from a small room to a large hall. Chord Function - The Chord functions lets you add any number of intervals to the notes you are playing. Add a single 5th note for a classic synthesizer effect, or a chord - you decide! Pitch Stick - The Clavia-patented pitch stick gives you pitch and vibrato control similar to what a guitarist or a violin player has. With no detent, or “dead-zone,” you can apply very subtle vibratos, pitch changes, and everywhere in between. Ergonomically fitted around your left hand are pitch and modulation controls, the Program Change-dial, Octave Shift, Chord, Panel, and Keyboard Focus buttons. With all these controls in one place, quick and easy adjustments to major settings during performances are possible.

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