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American Poems: Tools & Hardware: Argus BB-SBM12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor
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Argus BB-SBM12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor

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  • Release Date:May 1, 2007
  • Model:BB-SBM12
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  • Helps prevent owners from being stranded by a dead battery
  • Extends battery life by alerting users to damaging charge conditions
  • Advanced CrankCheck technology tests battery health every time the engine is started
  • Audible alarms and an easy-to-read LCD screen keep users informed of battery status
  • Designed specifically for automobile engine starting applications
  • Accessory kit for MiniTemp infrared thermometer includes a storage pouch and wrist strap
  • Soft carrying pouch has a hook-and-loop fabric closure to protect the thermometer
  • Detachable wrist strap to help prevent dropping the thermometer during use

Editorial Reviews:

The Raytek MTAPK Pouch and Carrying Kit is for use with the MiniTemp infrared thermometer, and it includes a storage pouch and wrist strap. The soft carrying pouch has a hook-and-loop fabric closure to protect the thermometer. The detachable wrist strap helps prevent dropping the thermometer during use.

Digital infrared thermometers measure the temperature of surfaces from a distance. They may measure temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or both. Infrared (IR) thermometers work by focusing the infrared radiation emitted by a surface onto a detector called a thermopile. The thermopile turns the heat into electricity, which is measured and converted to a temperature reading. The reading is then displayed on an LCD display. IR thermometers are used to measure temperature when an object is fragile, as in ear thermometers, or dangerous to be near, as in the case of industrial equipment.

Raytek manufactures infrared, noncontact temperature measurement instruments for industrial, process control, and maintenance applications. Founded in 1963, it is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California.

What's in the Box?
  • Storage pouch for MiniTemp infrared thermometer
  • Wrist strap
You count on your vehicle's ability to crank every time, so don't get left in the dark by a dead car battery. The Argus BB-SMB12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor uses advanced CrankCheck technology to test the health of the battery every time the engine is started, tracking the decay of cranking health over time. It clearly indicates battery health on the easy-to-read display, and audibly alerts you when performance begins to drop to dangerously low levels.

The Battery Bug is compact and easy to install.
Extend Battery Life by Avoiding Damaging Charge Conditions
It's a fact: any battery will naturally lose its charge over time, no matter if it's in your daily driver or a garaged beauty. Once fully discharged, a battery will start to permanently lose its overall capacity. This results in weaker performance, even when fully recharged.

The Argus BB-SMB12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor can significantly extend your battery's life by monitoring its charge level. Its on-board microprocessor continuously monitors decay in battery cranking performance and calculates your battery's total state of cranking health. It also monitors alternator and charger performance for damaging over-charge and under-charge conditions. If the battery reaches a low state of charge, the Battery Bug will sound an audible alarm indicating the need for recharge or replacement. Perfect for colder climates, the Battery Bug also measures battery temperature and adjusts the cranking state of health alarm for extreme low temperatures.

The display is easy to read and understand.
Intuitive Display and Alarms Provide a Clear Picture of Battery Health
The Battery Bug's information-packed LCD display shows critical battery health and performance information that's easy to read and understand. A graphical indication of cranking health remaining and the performance of the most recent engine start appear at the top of the display. Below that is a numerical gauge that shows cranking health remaining, battery voltage, and alternator/charger voltage. Low Battery and Replace Battery icons at the bottom of the display indicate what actions need to be taken when the audible alarm is active.

If the battery needs attention, the Battery Bug will alert you with its on-board audible alarm. The Low Battery alarm will sound when a chronic undercharge condition (below 12.1V for more than 30 seconds) is detected. An overcharge alarm will sound when the alternator or charger voltage exceeds 15 Volts. Finally, the Replace Battery alarm will activate if the cranking health of the battery drops below 10%.

Easy to Install in Any Vehicle
The Battery Bug comes equipped with universal "Y" connectors that can be easily attached to most battery posts or clamps. The Battery Bug can also be attached to remote battery terminals without significantly affecting test results. It's engineered tough to survive under the hood, and the coiled cables let you place it up to 18 inches away from the battery. The Battery Bug consumes very little power--about the same amount as your vehicle's digital clock--and will not adversely affect battery performance. The Battery Bug can also be attached to two batteries in parallel, and the preferred installation is to attach it diagonally across the pack. The black wire should attach to the negative post at one end of the pack, and the red wire should attach to the positive post at the other end of the pack.

The Battery Bug is easy to reset as well, just disconnect one of its wires and the memory will be erased. It is recommended that you reset the Battery Bug if it shows the Replace Battery icon. If the Replace Battery icon illuminates again at the next attempted start, you can be confident that a battery replacement is justified.

Choosing the Battery Bug That's Right for You
The CrankCheck and charge level monitoring software embedded in the Argus BB-SMB12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor is designed specifically for cars, light trucks, emergency equipment, generators, and other starting batteries for engines typically larger than 1500CC. For motorcycle, power sports equipment, and other small engine starting batteries, choose the Argus BB-SBM12-PS Battery Bug Battery Monitor for Motorcycles.

The Argus Battery Bug Deep Cycle Series is recommended for marine, RV, worksite, and other heavy-duty applications that involve deep-cycle batteries. Choose the BB-DCM12-300 for applications up to 300Ah, the BB-DCM12-150 for applications up to 150Ah, BB-DCM12-100 for applications up to 100Ah, or the BB-DCM12-90 for applications up to 90Ah.

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