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American Poems: Tools & Hardware: Reusable Rubber Finger Gloves(tm) for Durable and Versatile Finger Only Coverage ~ 12 Duet Mixed Finger Gloves(tm) Packet
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 Home » Tools & Hardware » Reusable Rubber Finger Gloves(tm) for Durable and Versatile Finger Only Coverage ~ 12 Duet Mixed Finger Gloves(tm) Packet

Reusable Rubber Finger Gloves(tm) for Durable and Versatile Finger Only Coverage ~ 12 Duet Mixed Finger Gloves(tm) Packet

Reusable Rubber Finger Gloves(tm) for Durable and Versatile Finger Only Coverage ~ 12 Duet Mixed Finger Gloves(tm) Packet
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  • Brand:Finger Gloves  
  • Category:Office Product
  • Department:Womens
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  • Seller:Savona Carmel LLC
  • Sales Rank:1,214
  • Color:Finger GlovesTM photographs are lightened for viewing. The actual color is a Neutral Skin Tone that blends beautifully with any finger tone.
  • Size:Each packet contains six (6) Medium & six (6) Large Reusable & Durable Finger GlovesTM.
  • Shipping Weight (lbs):0
  • Dimensions (in):5.1 x 4.6 x 0.5
  • MPN:FG616
  • UPC:690074006161
  • EAN:0690074006161
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  • This is a great first packet order of our mixed Finger GlovesTM packet containing six (6) Medium & six (6) Large Finger GlovesTM for a total of twelve (12) individual Finger Gloves that are Strong, Durable and Reusable! Designed to fit like a secure second-skin and made from Heavy-Duty, Comfortable and Resilient Natural Latex Rubber.
  • Moisturize and Heal dry, cracked fingertips and cuticles naturally! This is where our Finger Gloves truly shine! Simply apply Carmel Authentic(tm) All Natural Cream to your fingers, trim off the rim of a Finger Glove and wear overnight for deep, natural healing. You will see a difference overnight!
  • Durable ~ Reusable ~ Strong ~ Form Fitting ~ Personal Customization ~ Heat Tolerant = Quality, Versatility and Cost-Effectiveness at its best! Thank you so very much! ~ Carmel and Savona
  • Experience Superb Gripping + Improved Dexterity! It's True! The Finger Gloves will actually enhance your gripping and dexterity with a form fitting design that allows for fully functional activities of daily life! Tiny nubs on the Finger GlovesTM tip are excellent for picking up the tiniest of items! In fact ~ we haven't found an item we can't pick up while wearing the Finger Gloves! Also perfect with all technology from phone screens and texting to typing and mouse performance. Desire a Smooth Surface without the fingertip nubs? It's easy ~ simply turn the Finger Gloves inside-out prior to wearing. Need a little added thickness? Simply layer the same size Finger Glove over another while still experiencing perfect dexterity! The Finger Gloves Second-Skin quality allows you to wear them all day (or over-night) allowing you full freedom of movement.
  • Made to be customized! Trim the Finger Gloves to the length you prefer! Wear short or long as the beauty and exceptional difference of our Finger Gloves is that when trimmed, they continue to form to your finger and remain fully functional. Really... try it! It's wonderful and this quality is specifically what sets the Finger Gloves apart from all other products! Prior to wearing, simply trim to the desired length and enjoy your personalized comfort. For example, the thumb is a shorter finger, so simply trim the Finger Glove shorter for that specific finger and it's perfect for your fingers! Love the form fitting qualities yet desire a tad extra 'give'? Prior to wearing (and with some sharp scissors) simply trim the Finger Glove as short as possible while still being able to receive the desired coverage. To cover the entire length of the finger, simply trim off the top of a Finger Glove and pull it down to the base of your finger and then pull another one over the top. Perfect for every finger length!

Editorial Reviews:
The Finger Gloves(tm) were created by entrepreneurs Carmel & Savona to fill a niche for Durable & Reusable finger only coverage that formed to the finger like a Comfortable Second-Skin! Made of Strong, Resilient Natural Latex Rubber, our Finger Gloves were made to endure longer than single-use disposable gloves or tissue thin finger cots. Originally Created by Carmel to be able to craft with Hot-Glue free of burns, the uses quickly expanded with each new customer's diverse needs. While dried hot-glue easily peels off leaving them ready to use time & again, they are also perfect for use with thermal applications such as steaming or ironing fabric seams or Stained Glass soldering. Beautician's wear them while handling hot Curling or Flat Irons, Hot Rollers or for use with hot keratin glue while bonding hair extensions. Easy soap & water clean-up & the Finger Gloves are ready to use again & again! From Paper & Money Handling ~ Stained-Glass Grinding ~ Jewelry Crafting ~ Guitar & Musical Instruments ~ Sports ~ Gamers ~ Finger Joint Support ~ Bandage & Wound Cover ~ Manicurists ~ Wood Sanding & Scrolling ~ Paint, Oils, Pastels & Rubber Stamping ~ Scrap-booking + Photo's ~ Caulking Finger Glove ~ Keeping Fingernails Clean while Gardening ~ A Tough yet Comfortable Thimble that forms to Arthritic Fingers for Optimal Gripping + Needle Pulling! The Finger Gloves have also assisted so many individuals in covering their fingers comfortably while allowing them to heal Finger-Nail Biting & Cuticle Skin Picking behaviors. Naturally Moisturize & Heal Dry, Cracked Fingertips & Cuticles! Simply apply your favorite cream, trim off the bottom rim of a Finger Glove for long-wearing comfort & wear overnight for Deep Healing! Made to be customized to any preferred length + Quality, Versatility & Cost-Effective! With Our Appreciation, Carmel & Savona ~ Finger Gloves(tm) Creators ~ Located in Beautiful Colorado Springs, CO

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