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eBay Unleashed: A Beginners Guide to making Money on eBay (EBay Selling Made Easy Book 2)

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  • Sales Rank:137,008
  • Format:Kindle eBook
  • Language:English (Published)
  • Media:Kindle Edition
  • Edition:1st
  • Pages:60
  • Publication Date:November 10, 2013

Editorial Reviews:

Have you ever wanted to sell on eBay, but weren't sure how to get started?

eBay Unleashed is your personal guide to making money on eBay. The author has completed over 29,000 transactions on eBay in the last thirteen years. He knows the ins and outs of selling on eBay, and is offering to walk you hand-in-hand through the selling process.

Are you worried that you don’t have anything to sell?

Don’t worry about this. Just take a look around you. Everyone has dozens of things items around the house and garage that they can start selling today. Just because you no longer have a use for your old VCR, game system, or laptop doesn’t mean someone else won’t want it. People love getting a great deal. Help them get what they want, and put a little cash in your pocket, too.

In this book, you are going to learn how to -

  1. Decide what to sell

  2. How to set up your eBay seller’s account

  3. How to set up your PayPal Account (so you can get paid - FAST

  4. Step-by-step instructions how to list your first item on eBay

  5. Twenty-eight tips and tricks for powering up your selling

  6. How to ship your items

  7. How to research items so you can get the best price every time

  8. An introduction to customer service - eBay style

Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back

  • It is estimated over 450,000 people make a full time living selling items on eBay

  • Millions more people use eBay to make a few extra bucks to buy a new car, put their kids through school, or take a dream vacation – Why not you?

  • Millions more people would like to sell on eBay, but are afraid to try

  • eBay unleashed will walk you step-by-step through deciding what to sell, to signing up for your eBay and PayPal account, to listing your first auction

Don’t wait another minute.

Order your copy this morning.

Start Selling on eBay this afternoon.

Are you tired of the same old eBay advice books written by guys who don’t know the difference between an auction and a fixed price listing? Fifteen years as an eBay Power seller gives Nick a unique perspective about how to sell on eBay.

The eBay Selling Made Easy series tells it like it is. Freaking Idiots Guide to Selling on eBay and eBay Unleashed get you started down the path to eBay selling. They show you how to sign up for eBay and PayPal, and walk you hand in hand through finding product, and making your first sale.

eBay 2014 switches it up a bit, and talks about more advanced selling techniques, and how to move your sales beyond eBay. If you’ve ever thought about selling on Amazon, Etsy, or eCrater, this book, and Sell It Online will give you more information about how to transition your business over to other selling platforms.

eBay Subject Matter Expert shows you how to position yourself as an expert in your product line by writing eBay guides and reviews. If you’ve ever wanted to build an authority platform, this may be the book for you.

How to Make Money Selling Old Books and Magazines on eBay walks you step by step through how to sell old prints, magazine articles, and advertisements on eBay. Nothing is held back. Nick tells you how to source product, the best magazines and books to take your material from, and how to write an eBay description that sells.

Choose the book that best meets your needs, or read them all – and take the first steps to becoming an eBay Power Seller.

Special Note: The entire eBay Selling Made Easy series will soon be available as audio books. Freaking Idiots Guide to Selling on eBay and eBay 2014 are available as audio books NOW.

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