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I am the Secret Swinger: Volume 1

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  • Format:Kindle eBook
  • Language:English (Published)
  • Media:Kindle Edition
  • Pages:301
  • Publication Date:September 21, 2012

Editorial Reviews:

Autumn 2014 update

**Genuine customer reviews**
“Beautifully written with a witty charm that keeps you riveted”
“Fantastic read and struggled to put it down”
“At times I was crying with laughter”
“It's very rude, bravely honest and absolutely hilarious”
“At times so funny that I actually thought I would wet myself”

What’s it like to be truly promiscuous?
After a traumatic break-up in which he finds his girlfriend in bed with another man, the Secret Swinger actively explores the hypothesis that many attached women fantasise about having a secret lover who can excite, inflame and satisfy them, and duly sets out to seduce other men’s wives and girlfriends - with surprising success.

The result is an eye-popping adults-only true-life trilogy: an often hilarious mix of sexual misadventure, dating disaster and hedonistic swinger all its gory detail!

Note from the Secret Swinger to Amazon customers:

It’s pretty clear that sexy books like 50 Shades of Grey (and the forthcoming 50 shades movie!), continue to be an incredibly popular guilty pleasure for many men and women, so if you're looking for some great summer reads now that the hotter weather is here may I recommend this title as one of the best sexy books for 2014!

With “I am the Secret Swinger”, although I’ve embarked on a very naughty trilogy that features explicit adult sex stories, please rest assured this isn’t just a quick 50 Shades ripoff.

The genuine customer reviews tell you that!

Instead, I want to offer my readers so much more than just pure erotica...I want to offer a refreshingly honest insight for readers out there, women and men, regarding what happens in a guy’s mind when it comes to dating, sex, relationships and yes even love.

Buyer Beware!
Please don’t buy this book if you don’t like adult humour, or the concept of swingers, or graphic depictions of a sexual nature.

But you know as well as I do that’s not really meant to put you off, because I think there’s a voyeur in all of us to some extent...and while most of us don’t actively go peeking into other people’s sex lives, I think we all find it fascinating when someone does open up and reveal the most intimate details (both good and bad) of an alternative lifestyle that most people might be curious about but never actually tried.

Entertaining explicit erotica that brings a smile to your face, and a true story as well! What could be better!

Remember, I’ve put my life, heart and soul into the Secret Swinger trilogy, because it’s about my real life and my real sexual experiences.

That's why I hope you delight in joining me on the wonderful eye-popping erotic adventures I have undertaken.

An extra note about value for money

Obviously mine isn't one of the many free Kindle books that are available out there, but I do appreciate that we work hard to earn our money these days, so thanks to Amazon you can read two free chapters of "I am the Secret Swinger: Volume 1" to give you a very naughty flavour of the rest of the book: click on the book cover to “Look Inside” for your free chapters.

I'm very proud to say "I am the Secret Swinger: Volume 1" has appeared on lists of recommended books and has even featured in a couple of Amazon's best seller books categories, so why not make your own mind up and "Look Inside" now!

If you enjoy the “Look Inside” free chapters, then buy now with 1-Click(r)!

And if you enjoy the book, leave a review for others to read! You can see that plenty of people have already taken the time to write a review...thanks to you all :)

I hope you enjoy "I am the Secret Swinger: Volume 1".

Happy reading!
The Secret Swinger

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