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Number Magic: The Natural Geometry Hidden in the Natural Number Series

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Editorial Reviews:
This book is the 8th edition with new discoveries by the author up to date, May 7th, 2013. Further, used books offered for resale on Amazon are grossly out of date by more that 2 years - don't be fooled; ask the reseller for the revision date on their Title page before going for their deal. Unlike many other books on the topic, it's not a compilation of anyone else's prior works. It goes light years beyond those myopic topics found in other books on the subject of "magic squares" by consecutively depicting and describing every magic square one by one up thru size-31 and sequentially, chapter by chapter, up thru the 5th dimension. The treatment deals with every possible rectangular magic number table that can be printed legibly, making the book a seminal work as well as a reference book. It introduces a wholly new type of magic square never observed before that has its own totally independent properties, called the Matchmaker’s Magic Square, yet is generalized (in the Appendix) by the same formulas as for the other magic number tables. Further, the book shows how this simple square lies at the heart of all the magic squares by readily generating all squares of prime-number size. The book introduces depth-sum tables derived from collapsing a table of higher dimension to one of lower dimension to readily observe the equal planar and linear equalities along the axis of collapse. It shows certain perfect squares to also have dual simultaneous tiling patterns in which each interlocking tile also sums to the square's characteristic number, dubbed ‘ultra-perfect’. These have never been seen before. These characteristic tile patterns are shown for both prime-number-size squares and squares whose size is a multiple of 4. It introduces dual loom tables derived from the modulus and integer functions applied to these ultra-perfect squares. These lead directly to the original square's ultra-perfect dual square which is distinctly different yet still shares all the same characteristic dual tiling patterns as the original! The book introduces inscribed characteristic circles in squares, spheres in cubes and toruses in hypercubes whose incident number cells also sum to the table's characteristic number. It uses all of these amazing yet easily-observed equality patterns to explain the distribution and number of electrons in the nested electron-shells of atoms! It demonstrates that snowflake patterns are hidden in every size numeric hexagonal table. It shows perfect hexagons of odd-size up to size 13 where every nested hexagonal frame in the hexagon has equal-summing sides. And the hexagonal loom table derived from both itself and its dual contains a unique characteristic snowflake pattern imbedded in it. It explains how snowflake pattern actually form from the hidden fabric of space itself. These solid mathematical demonstrations prove the existence of actual geometrical patterns within Science itself that can only be explained by fundamental numerical patterns found in the natural number series, which the author concludes are actually measuring and mapping space itself. All the formal math has been placed in the Appendix with the purpose of making the subject continuously readable without distractions like proofs, derivations and methods. It's written with the non-academician foremost in mind. Having observed some amazing patterns in these number tables, the book then takes the topic on numbers and converts it into a topic on the structure of virtual space with some startling predictions for real 3D and 4D space. This is described in both the Postscript and the Epilogue. It’s a real mind-trip void of hallucinogens. And you need to see it to believe it: all of this was derived using simple elementary highschool math on Microsoft's Excel program! It was 8 consecutive years of the author's investigating the amazing geometric properties hidden in the natural number series in its making.

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