A Holy Spirit here on Earth has touched our heart.
The separating of the clouds.
The opening of the Gates to Heaven.
His walk,
a written resolution
to the annotation found in the Book of Revelations.

In the cities of the damned,
on their knees, afraid of life’s experimentation,
wait the sinners of the world.

The way to His kingdom is an open passage
for those who seek it,
”and Salvation
will be found through the knowing
of His love.’

The beginning of the new prophecies.

”And the Lord opened
the doors of His world, so all on earth could share
in the second coming
of His Son,
and rejoice in the knowing of mans eternal freedom.’

The fulfilling of the Great Task;
the redemption of the non-believers.
Life’s message of love is found through mans ability to be forgiving.

Some souls lie falsely accused.
Others lie with the demons of Satan
due to the lack of their faith, of their immorality.
they are men and women
who have lived in anguish;
never realizing
the significance of their choices.

Satan, sworn to the proposition of devouring the essence of mans virtue,
Brings us an Omen of a great massacre.
The pledge of mans demise.
His quest is to finalize the end.

By ending his hold on our future, through prediction,
man can defeat Satan’s purpose.

Our way out
is a simple task of correction to the insanity of modern industrialization.
By putting an end to natures suffering, man
can segregate the tolls of violence and reclaim his destiny.

And the Angel said:
”Let the story begin
Let us offer through Prayer
the patience of our love
for those who will join in this our Lords final revolution.’

The Great Proposition
is to free man from the devices of his own destruction.

We know through the scriptures that Satan
works his deeds with no purpose other than to foil God’s great task.

That His steel fire explosive answers to the questions
of our existence are designed to warm our passion for deceit.

Giving us an excuse to be dependent.
Burning our souls with temptation.
Falsifying our needs.

Satan laminates his words letting us find glory in our own self destruction.
Using our inventions of progress to manifest his terms.

Rationalizing righteousness – graying our conscious thoughts.
He vitalizes the materialistic objects we believe we need to survive.
Openly offering them to us as presents of luster, he capitalizes on our vulnerabilities.

Through caring, without concern for personal gain in our every day decisions,
by looking at what we truly need to do so each of us can have the same opportunities
regardless of the monetary cost
we can transcend beyond Satan’s webbed plan of betrayal.

We can find God’s lesson for us by simply admitting defeat and asking Him
to guide us through the world of today to the promise world of tomorrow.

Revamping the path of our alienation.

And the Angel said.
”There is an enormous amount
of work needed to be done, for
the battle on Earth
has begun.’

The Great Revolt,
a star from Heaven’s light in the late night sky.
Above the oceans blue reflection, the clouds reminding us
of our nocturnal responsibilities.

The peoples of a new world
demonstrating against corruption, suppression, dictatorship and imperialism.
The ideas of conservationist, rising against the fiduciary elite.

The voices of the Ark heard in the dreams of our children.
The Omens of the past.
The way to tomorrow can only come through the redirection of purpose
of the military industry of yesterday,
and our commitment to honorable resolutions of our differences.

And the Angels from Heaven
came to Earth;
bringing with them
and Nature’s storms of violence.
So man
would know;
and believe in their Lord God’s presence.

So they
would know
of His Son’s
into their world.

Analysis, meaning and summary of Joseph Mayo Wristen's poem an Angel from Heaven Came to Earth

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  1. Raquel Leah says:

    An Angel from Heaven Came to Earth

    Written by: Joseph Mayo Wristen

    And I say:

    Our precious LORD in heaven gave us all the power of wisdom. It is the foolishness of man that we meet up with our own destruction.

    Our LORD knows all of our hearts and minds. Everything that has happened since the garden of eden up to now was and has happened.

    Unforunately, there will be more disaster before the second coming. I am ready, when He comes. I pray the rest are as well.

    Hell is real and I am not going there.

    Jesus loved us.. The LORD himself in order to save us all.

    Here is a great epic film that should open up anyone eyes and heart. It is called:

    The Passion of the Christ, a Mel Gibson Film

    Joseph, your poem here is so very valuable.

    These are not just some made up ideas and thoughts. The write is well expressed, very coherent, everything connects.

    It is a wonderful write for a wonderful purpose.

    Thank you Joseph.

    Raquel Leah ; )

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