Sorrow is my own yard
where the new grass
flames as it has flamed
often before but not
with the cold fire
that closes round me this year.
Thirtyfive years
I lived with my husband.
The plumtree is white today
with masses of flowers.
Masses of flowers
load the cherry branches
and color some bushes
yellow and some red
but the grief in my heart
is stronger than they
for though they were my joy
formerly, today I notice them
and turn away forgetting.
Today my son told me
that in the meadows,
at the edge of the heavy woods
in the distance, he saw
trees of white flowers.
I feel that I would like
to go there
and fall into those flowers
and sink into the marsh near them.

Analysis, meaning and summary of William Carlos Williams's poem The Widow’s Lament In Springtime


  1. Seanasia says:

    What conflict would this be?? Man vs man. Man vs self or Man vs society??

  2. muneer says:

    the poet skillfully pictures the miserable life which the widow is leading afer 35 years of joy and hapiness which she had with her beloved everything seems tasteless and ugly even the flowers of spring can not change her gloomy mood.death is a blessing for her.she might join her beloved in the hereafter.

  3. Turk says:

    In 1883, William Carlos Williams was born in Rutherford, New Jersey. He began writing poetry while a student at Horace Mann High School, at which time he made the decision to become both a writer and a doctor. He received his MD from the University of Pennsylvania, where he met and befriended Pound. William’s health began to decline after a heart attack in 1948 and a series of strokes, but he continued writing up until his death in New Jersey in 1963.

  4. Molly says:

    Things she once found distracting because they were so beautiful are small because she lives in the world without her love. She can’t stand not being with him so much that death seems like an opportunity for her.

  5. SHAPE says:

    What does the title mean to you? How does it connect with the meaning of the poem?

  6. Sahr says:

    I would like you to help me to know everything or the analysis of the poem “my heart leaps up when I behold” by William Wordworth. I’m sorry but I’m sure that you will help me as soon as possible if you don’t mind.
    Thank you.
    your friend..

  7. sahr says:

    How the nature is an important source of inspiration for this poet? Please send me your comments about this topic…. please

  8. saif says:

    “The Window’s Lament In springtime” is a poem that written by William Carlos Williams. It is about a woman who lives in a deep sadness because she lost her husband. The poet is a contrived poet who could mix the beauty of the nature with sadness in human life. The nature plays a great role of inspiration for the poet.

    The poet tried to connect the grief that the woman feels with the beauty of nature. However he narrated a sad story but he chose the best season in whole year which is spring. The woman compared this season in the last year with the same season this year. Her look towards the two springs changed. In the first spring, her husband was a live and the elements of nature gave different sense in contrast this year.

    The season of spring is different from the others. It means the warmth so the life goes easily. The trees become green and carry different colors of fruit. The diseases become less. In fact, the spring is the season of rebirth.

    The poet gave the nature different meanings. However it suppose to reverse meanings like happiness, hope and positive reactions but he made it to give meanings like grief, sorrow, frustration, pessimism, emptiness and lineless that the woman faced. Although the beautiful colors are a cure for grief sometime but the sadness in her heart was stronger than this sweet colors as she mentioned.

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