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Analysis and comments on The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

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Comment 274 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 7:41 PM.

First of I started commenting on this site about a week ago. The first
comment I made was about Moe. I would have never posted that note if I know
Moe would have gotten offended. I think everyone on this site needs to know
there is going to be one person who just loves your poetry and one person
who hates it, and you shouldn't get offended. The next time you write
poetry the person who hated it might love it, and the person that loved it
might hate it. Oh and thinking yellow or black is happy or sad is just an
opinion. To some people yellow is sad, and black is happy. Just like some
poeple say a poem is great some say it is bad, thats jsut an opinion.
Poetry means a different thing to many different things. To some you can
get lost into a happy place and have a great time. To some poetry is a way
to get out your anger at someone. To some poetry is a way to let out your
sadness of a lost one. We should all be nicer to each other, because if the
world stops loving each other we will all come to a horrible end. If we all
start to fight, in the end we will all perish, but if we all are kind and
loving we will make this world a better place. Moe to me you were very
hurtful. I'm sorry, but it's hard for me to feel sad for you after you
wrote those mean comments.
Keep writing poetry everyone
Elga Shinkle

Elga Shinkle from Australia
Comment 273 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 6:45 PM.

Listen, Tiff, you're right. I only care about people's poetry skills on
this site. That's because this is really the only thing we all have in
common. We all like to read and write poetry. The purpose of this site is
to allow people like us to comment on poetry. We basically can say what we
want, just as long as we don't turn this into a chat site. I keep
personality separate from craft. True, a person's personality can affect
their writing; however, a person should not be persecuted for what they
say. If I remember correctly, Moe did ask questions that seemed offensive
to some people, but it was mainly concerning poetry. He was then drawn
into multiple arguments which he couldn't get himself out of because of his
big mouth. Then name-calling started and eventually it escalated to one or
two other members telling Moe to get off the site and stop writing poetry.
I look for the good in people, and to me that good was his poetry. So I
ignored everything else. This seems pretty narrow, but that is exactly
what I did. I defended Moe and his poetry because I believed his poetry
was great and that he should have at least one shred of support. Elga made
an uneducated gesture. It was good of her to be able to explain what the
colors in "A Road..." meant to her, but Moe and other people who have
probably studied more into poetry throughout history (I am not assuming
Elga hasn't) had a much better case than her. Why must I be criticized for
defending someone. I did it because I wanted to and I felt that Moe needed
at least one person to support him. I don't care about how classy he is,
he was overreacting. He should have cooled down but he was being hammered
and that was the only way he knew of defending himself. I came on this
website to analyze and critically comment on poetry. I was attracted to
the great number of comments on this particular site. I wrote one. And
then I wrote more as I saw some responses. But with so many sensitive
people on this site (Moe himself being one), I've just been flabbergasted
at how things can be taken to the extreme. Moe was too proud. I was too
compassionate. I choose my friends based on their personalities. But this
is a totally different matter. We are talking about poetry here. I don't
judge a person's poem based off of who they are. I probably will never
meet any of you in the real world, but if I do, know this: I will judge you
then on how you act rather than now on what you write. I think I've done
well to keep my emotions in check. And I thought I could escape the drama
that's all around (at least be relieved of some of the pressure) by coming
onto this site, but all I find is even more pressure. You people talk
about how rude Americans are, well take a look at yourselves! I didn't
want to leave this site with such bitterness, but it looks like it can't be
helped. Perhaps I, too, am overreacting; however, it seems to me that
everyone has offended at least one person on this site. I'm leaving this
site until I cool off, but that doesn't mean I'll stop reading poetry (and
your comments). I may come back or I may not. If you want to respond to
this, then do so. I wouldn't mind reading them at all, but I'll reframe
from writing. Goodbye, everyone. Ingrid, you're the only one who seems to
have made sense here with that last comment.

TjB from United States
Comment 272 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 6:48 PM.

By the way, Ingrid, I went to the website you had listed and it said "In
the English language, yellow has traditionally been associated with
jaundice and cowardice." Isn't cowardice being afraid? I think it must be
the wrong site or something, otherwise Elga is definitely right.

Josna from India
Comment 271 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 6:42 PM.

Almost anything can be interpretated differently, Ingrid. Elga did nothing
wrong, Moe just got annoyed because someone disagreed with him. Elga seems
to be a very nice person as a matter of fact. Quite brilliant, too. She
isn't a showy poet like some certain people on this site are. Toodles,
Ingrid, I hope you respond with some great poetry.

Josna from United States
Comment 270 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 5:14 PM.

Moe wrote the poem in response to Elga saying "here's a tip, dont write
poetry..." And for the record, yellow is a happy color...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow ... I even looked it up.

Ingrid from Canada
Comment 269 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 4:53 PM.

TjB, may I be very candid with you? Yes? Okay, I will be. What you say is
mostly ridiculous. You say that we shouldn't mean to someone just because
we don't like them. I don't agree with that, but, whatever. We'll compare
this statement to what Moe does.

1. Elga disagrees with Moe on what colors make people happy and make people
sad. She was very polite. No big deal, right? Actually, it is, for Moe, I

2. Moe responds by writing the "American Poem." In your latest comment you
say, I quote, "I do remember Moe simply asking questions, but Moe says,
also quoting, "Elga talking about black being a happy color is
ridiculous...I wrote some poetry Elga, so what you gonna do bout it.
(Spit)" I know what you are all thinking about Moe right now. Ah, what
class, what culture. (Right.)

3. You also said, I quote, "I'm saying that no one should attack others
based on their beliefs and personalities." this is just me, but the main
way that I find out if I like someone is based on their personality. that's
how I choose my friends. How do you think you should judge if someone be
liked or not. By what you have written, it seems likes what you care about
is their poetry skills. That is so not how I pick my friends.

P.S. Joodie, your poetry is beautiful!! Pleeease write some more darlin'!

Tiff from United States
Comment 268 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 12:17 PM.

Well, are you all happy now? I tried to be objective, I tried to defend
Moe a little bit because he became the underdog on this site. But now, he
has been driven away. Goodbye, Moe. Why should people be so cruel to
others. I do remember Moe simply asking questions. They might have been
bad questions, or they might have been asked the wrong way; however,
regardless of what they were, they offended some people on this site. If
some people would be more moderate in their responses and try to enforce
understanding rather than striking each other in the throats, I'm sure
there would be less hatred and malice--not just on this site, but also in
the world. People are too easily offended. Whether it's fueled by a
culture difference or not, it doesn't matter because people can always
apologize for miscommunicating or unintentional harm and they can always be
forgiven. This isn't so in this case. Whatever is said, people seem to
take it to heart (good or bad) and they never let the speaker forget. This
is spite and revenge. The reason why I always defended Moe was because he
was getting too much hammered by everyone else, that my criticism of him
would be useless. People, poetry and the person who writes it are two
completely different things. You have to set a clear understanding between
the two. You could be a really obnoxious person, but still write beautiful
poetry. I thought Moe was obnoxious and rude and he gave Americans a bad
image. I defended him because he was attacked for simply being the way he
is. For simply stating his opinions. I don't have to ally myself with him
or his opinions, but I can defend his right to say what he wants to say.
Freedom of expression is a powerful component in Art. Without this
freedom, Art is useless. So how can you all defend John Mark's poetry,
while pushing Moe to stop writing. You have no right to say that. Freedom
of expression goes so far as to allow someone to say what they want as long
as they don't deliberately use their art to hurt people. Moe's poem, in my
opinion, was a wonderful analysis of American history and ideals. It was
his way of expressing himself, and it offended no one. To say that the
poem was crap just because you didn't like Moe that much at all doesn't
make sense. You weren't criticizing his poetry, you were criticizing him.
If you want to criticize people, then do it on another site, because this
site was not meant for that. I'm not saying that anyone should leave this
site; I'm saying that no one should attack others based on their beliefs
and personalities. I feel like I'm just talking to a wall because you
people never try to change your attitudes to the extent that you would
forgive Moe just a little bit. "To err is Human; to forgive is Divine."
You should take this advice more often and stick with writing poetry rather
than just being mean.
Oh, before I forget...J. Mark, I read your comment. Like you, I feel that
I'm much better at writing prose than verse. However, I think that genius
can emerge when faced with restriction. You simply work around the limits
and create something plausible to the structure, which is also just as
powerful as a poem in prose. I think is was Frost's way of thinking:
genius under restriction. I want to improve myself in verse so that I can
incorporate my meanings in many different forms. Whenever I write a poem
in verse, and it looks like it really hits the mark, then I feel a greater
sense of accomplishment because I achieved something while being under
restriction. You can also play with verse, just like Marianne Moore did.
I also don't understand what you were saying in the second half of your
comment, the part with the spilling of the tea on the Baroness and the two
alternative answers. Were you referring to Moe when you wrote that? It's
just that the latter alternative, as you stated, was written in comment
#262. But this isn't so, because I wrote comment #262 and the
aforementioned alternative was written in #263, by Moe. Maybe this was a
simple error. If you were addressing Moe, then it looks like you won't get
an answer to your question. I could answer it for him, I know what he
would probably have said. I think that anyone placed in his situation on
this site would say the same thing. So how about it? Trying answering it
yourself as you imagine what it was like while being persecuted. I can't
point fingers at anyone in particular, because it seems that we're all
guilty in one way or another.
I've got to stop writing so much whenever I make a comment--it's taking up
so much of my time!!! :(

TjB from United States
Comment 267 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 10:55 AM.

I give up, at least I tried to apologize, how about you?
If you guys read further down you'll see that this whole thing wasnt
started by me, I never put out the first insult, I was just asking
questions. I'm sorry for trying to defend myself a little bit at the end
of my comments. This will be my last post.

Moe from United States
Comment 266 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 5:55 AM.

TjB, I agree with your comments on a few things. You say that verse and
poetry are equal. To me, prose is more powerful because rhyme is
Second of all, you say that there is no bad poetry. My motto is...There is
no bad poetry, only bad poets.
The second is referring to Moe. You defend yourself in comment 262. Tell
me, if you were eating dinner with the Baroness of England, and you
accidentally spilled tea on her, would you say, "Sorry, your Baroness, I am
so sorry!" (yes) or "A sad miscommunication im sorry...i dont mean to
insult anyone. People just cant handle the slightest opposition, makes them
uptight because they question what they believe lol." (no!) The latter is
from your comment in comment number 262. Thank you for your time, and
Joodie, keep writing! And the rest of you!

John Mark III from United Kingdom
Comment 265 of 1194, added on October 18th, 2005 at 5:26 AM.

I've been reading this site for a while and I have found out why everyone
gets t.o.'ed at Moe. It's because he always apologizes, but, for example,
at the end of comment he will put something rude, "i dont mean to insult
anyone. People just cant handle the slightest opposition, makes them
uptight because they question what they believe lol." He just said that
Elga or whoever was uptight. SO now she'll get on again and be mad at you.
Moe, your problem is that you always are trying to put in the last word.
You need to stop. It's just stupid and you're acting childish. If you act
this way again I will tell your mother. I know right now you are thinking,
"What???", but trust me, you better watch out.

Starla from United States

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Poet: Robert Frost
Poem: 1. The Road Not Taken
Volume: Mountain Interval
Year: 1916
Added: Feb 1 2004
Viewed: 1002 times
Poem of the Day: Dec 4 2017

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