Dim vales- and shadowy floods-
And cloudy-looking woods,
Whose forms we can’t discover
For the tears that drip all over!
Huge moons there wax and wane-
Again- again- again-
Every moment of the night-
Forever changing places-
And they put out the star-light
With the breath from their pale faces.
About twelve by the moon-dial,
One more filmy than the rest
(A kind which, upon trial,
They have found to be the best)
Comes down- still down- and down,
With its centre on the crown
Of a mountain’s eminence,
While its wide circumference
In easy drapery falls
Over hamlets, over halls,
Wherever they may be-
O’er the strange woods- o’er the sea-
Over spirits on the wing-
Over every drowsy thing-
And buries them up quite
In a labyrinth of light-
And then, how deep!- O, deep!
Is the passion of their sleep.
In the morning they arise,
And their moony covering
Is soaring in the skies,
With the tempests as they toss,
Like- almost anything-
Or a yellow Albatross.
They use that moon no more
For the same end as before-
Videlicet, a tent-
Which I think extravagant:
Its atomies, however,
Into a shower dissever,
Of which those butterflies
Of Earth, who seek the skies,
And so come down again,
(Never-contented things!)
Have brought a specimen
Upon their quivering wings.

Analysis, meaning and summary of Edgar Allan Poe's poem Fairy-Land


  1. Lani says:

    i love this poem!i think that its the best of poes work.i love the way he talked about the pale faces putting out the star light but i guess thats only because i have always loved wonderful mystical things and this just draws you in to that kind of world!, love peace and later dayz!!!

  2. queen trixie the piratical says:

    it reminds me of “dreamland” with the dews that drip all over rather than tears…lovely though…but where did it come from? i always think i’ve found all of his poems, and then there’ll always be more…a semi-comforting thought, but still…i mean, yesterday i discovered the “alone” poem! and that’s famous! oy! but yes, this one was marvelous (what can you expect? it’s Poe! of course it’s the best thing ever!)!

  3. Jamie says:

    Not many people cn tap into their true dreams, wether they be bad or good, but this man was the greatest at words. If only I was as good as him then maybe I could describe my love to my true soulmate.

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