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Analysis and comments on In the Old Age of the Soul by Ezra Pound

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Comment 129 of 209, added on May 13th, 2014 at 11:02 PM.
beil spiro lightened

zoinybmk from Austria
Comment 128 of 209, added on May 4th, 2014 at 11:18 AM.

Out of the East a not too political mystery has risen its head. In
between two geopolitical giants , Russia and Israel, lies combined thorns
in both sides , Syria and Iran. Liquistical gymnastics between president of
a relatively new-born state, Isreal, and President Putin of Soviet Russia,
have figuratively bottled-neck. As the world looks on, political
prostitution takes on a higher level than Machiavelli could have ever
envisioned. Eventually, subsidized fate has stepped into global state
affairs, with mental gymnastics coiled, in reorganizing our western -world
Definitely, out of eastern world -dialect, the fundamental avenue of
thought travels a main-line of self-state survival and soul
conventionalism. This correlation between tribes and organized
civilizations are in tact today. Now, our American State Department under
John Kerry seems to be at a lost in handling the ever expanding affair of
Putin’s invasion of the Crimea with his Parliamentarian go ahead. And now,
John Kerry remains as a natural appointed figurehead as congress has been
whip-lashed; and a stand still for the lack of comprehension , through John
kerry and Obama to continually threaten Putin’s activities any where
through out the Ukraine. Well, Putin has began to make a move against
foreign investors, mostly illicit and corrupt, in getting Moscow out of the
hands of imported position holders; of which have literally stolen billions
over the years our of the state’s treasury due to lost revenue from oil.
Since Moscow has made a legal movement in the Ukraine against the World
Bank, or rather, the International Monetary Fund, with its fiat moneys and
stolen wealth; as tied to an invisible syndicate directing the Bank of
England, U.S. Treasury, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve. Hillary
Clinton proved that mostly liars and political sychphants under the ugly
and stagnant system of liberalism are destroying our Republic!
Recently, via national television Presidents Natanyahu and Putin were
both being monitored from unseen wire-pullers on both sides of the isle, in
squabbling over each others stance regarding Syria and Iran. Natanyahu made
an ass out of himself, and Putin politically went along with speaking idly
to a national mob of whom could care less; because these ground-huggers
knew that Uncle Sam would throw them bread occasionally. These two
politically straw-men fed the ignorant and super ignorant so eloquently
that the bear and uncle Sammy fodder for inarticulate fools on opposite
sides of the globe, All-in-all, neither leader gained anything out of a
previously planned bull-session. Ending this mass-media flotation of bile
thrown to a national herds two nations. Both party-plants hugged –almost
kissed. Natanyahu cried out, ” You are my friend.” We will let this rest
momentarily. This mush- mushing of twin giants—shielding hidden hatred,
topped Al Gore via national electronic coverage lip -locking Ex-State
plant, Hillary Clinton. This lock-jawing, lip-swopping scenario was too
hot for any party- hack to think of constituents. Hollywood was stunned.
Now, the question: To Syria and Iran this Israeli leader, Natayahu is
most likely a politically devised serpent slivering beneath the by-ways of
bribed congressmen, that articulate future graft from an obvious watering
hole; and too, is aided and abetted with billions of dollars per year out
of the United StatesTreasury Dept. This does not account for
under-the-table currency from love affairs with hundreds of national across
the globe. To Syria and Iran this would be a moneyed solution in
controlling nations of whom do not fall into global imperialism, being
backed with a specific universal financial autocracy. How in the world
would Putin hug an opposite representative of international Zionism in its
all out threat to the Soviet empire. In Moscow Putin obligated him self and
Russia as orthodox Christians. Actually, no nation can can serve two
masters at one time, for one will betray the other when given a chance. If
so, one will harbor the nature of a rascal, the other a fox.
Unexpently, an ugly sabre rattling imposter put a foot hold onto the
Crimea. Our western concerns within the Ukraine comes as a surprise. Every
since the late President Franklin Roosevelt avoided alien stake outs during
WW11 the State Dept. has been a complete political misrepresentation of an
independant agency of national government. No, the Crimean hit was no
surprise. Hillary Clinton made a mess of things as a plant through
organized confusion concerning tristate affairs as attuned to Israel,
Syria, and Iran. Hopefully, that John Kerr will not be sucked into this
situation in becoming a fall-guy just as all State Dept. officials have
been.There is little doubt that the highest echelons of national government
are free from spies and payed immegres, walk-ins or residential informers
struggling to weaken a Republic that has been weakened from an inside
contemptress pro-Marxian clan of which are in situated in civil and
charitible institutions now receiving tax-free monies from the IRS. Let us
not be deceived: We have an enemy within long before the Late President
Woodrow Wilson so subtly correlated his One Word view, as he and Leon
Trotsky welcomes the Russian Bolshevik take over in 1918. The late
President Franklin Roosevelt helped America’s move toward imperialism until
he died or was murdered at Warm Springs, Ga. Vice President George Wallace
made a global trip favoring a future One World government. Arrogantly,
President has side-tracked the liberal pack of hounds in office by moving
in on the Crimea. Only a palm reader knows what is in back of Putin’s
For sure, President Natayahu is selfish in protecting the Zionist state
of Israel. Further, President Putin with parliamentarian backing,
collectively, assures all that Russia is loved and will protect itself
professing Christianity. We have a State, America, with hundreds of
man-made religions supposedly led by a Christian God. In essence, Israel
posses stinger rockets backed up with nuclear-powered war-heads–possible
several atom bombs. What is amazing is that President Obama and his
political hanger-oners plays the middle in attempting to dazzle the
inarticulate masses of the state into one state made zombie. Time will
tell. Does imperialism withdraw its western fangs at the Ukrainian borders,
or will Moscow reverse globalists imperialism where ever its ugly head
arises from the sand.

from United States
Comment 127 of 209, added on April 28th, 2014 at 9:14 PM.


Jerusalem at mid-day stops all the machinery of public shopping commotion,
with heads bowed as President Netenyahu thinks that Iran wants to commit
another genocide act against the state of Israel. Murder against
populations or individual clans is nothing but open slaughter, that illicit
investors over the globe pocket monetary proceeds from suffering humanity.
We have all sorts of gods on the face of this earth; but these ancient gods
since the era of ancient Egypt are still lurking in the minds of man–in the
hemishphere we have Osis, Isis, and Astardi.

America should dump all three of these man-made gods as the great Golan
monster, collectively, that lurches over all pseudo democracies upon the
European commercial industry, reaching back into the Bank of England and
thus into the Disunited States of America. Obviously, we have a triangular
configuration of three religious monopolies, Zionism, Catholicism, and
protestantism, in an alliance to actually dumb-down all mankind; to fall in
line with questionable origins of manufacturing, what is to be put forward
on Heaven’s platter via sent fourth from podium to state operations; in
covering up for global illicit investing through any and all states, that
thrive from the open robbery of all productive people. This operation of
commercial slaughter of innocent nations around the universe coincides with
human global genocide and nothing else.

Taking all things as a whole, of which leads to any sort of genocide,
starvation or incineration, whether in Jerusalem or Iran, blinds the cruel
act of political crime and unthinkable inhumanity of the Clinton
administration. One of the greatest acts against a hand full of religious
followers was the mass murder of Christians at Waco, Texas. Attorney
General Janet Reno and Bill Clinton actually slaughtered women, men, and
children, because David Koresh’s biblical theory did not coincide with
national oppositional religious configurations, and would not take monetary
freebies from the IRS. Well, FEMA, SWAT, and civil authorities had a
field-day in using tanks, gas, and armed troops in dealing out unchained
Hell against innocent citizens. And who were behind this on-rush to sustain
a criminal regime in power, none other that those illicit investors, of
whom conceal their identities within the triangular rule of an invisible
govrment that holds American citizenry to a universal nest of collective,
corrupt investors, that uses genocide or murder to keep nations and
citizens in line.

Less we forget, there have been five global depressions since the latter
fifteenth century. An invisible global financial serpent has needled its
way into the very souls of all civilized nations of the West. Without
question, the sixth world wide depression is on upon us. The Obama
administration is fraught with bootlegging political prostitution–Congress
is bought and sold to fraudulent liberalism. Palm-greasing is the name of
the game. Momentarily, we have a post Harry Truman Police Action, in
blinding our nation to an oncoming depression–Putin invades the Crimea just
on time. Here, the triangled serpent rests its fangs aimed at any European
ally that does not fall in line.

But, Russia releases gas and oil to Europe, this ding-a-ling situation is a
threat to the Netenyahu strong-arm administration.

from United States
Comment 126 of 209, added on April 22nd, 2014 at 5:00 PM.

" Behold there are save two churches only; the one is the church of the
lamb of God and the other is the church of the devil; wherefore whoso
belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great
church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all
the earth. .And it came to pass that I looked and beheld the whore of all
the earth.....she had dominion over all the earth, among all nations,
kindred, and tongues, and people. " Extract--I Nephi, 14 Pg.26.

The glory of God is intelligence. The immensity of space is filled with
intelligence. No one can be saved in ignorance, for God hates ignorance.

from United States
Comment 125 of 209, added on April 19th, 2014 at 3:10 AM.

Putin has made it clear that Russia is a massive country. He also made
an oath that Russia under his leadership will slowly return to its glorious
past. This brings to memory the days of I.V. Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and
Joseph Stalin. I.V. Lenin spoke as a trained master, as a future one-world
socialism. To an extent this individual was manufactured spiritually to
leave his mark of political triumph in the hands of Leon Trotsky.Trotsky
was of a humanitarian disposition, with a single-eye towards the globalism
of converting occidental orientalism’s inherit nature to counter western
world civilization. Joseph Stalin was of Bolshevism, with no intention to
rule no further west than the Ukrainian states. All three of these leaders
were in the hands of an international financial syndicate of which
controlled the Bank of England and the U.S. Treasury dept. This alliance
with the Federal Reserve’s up front criminal monetary outlet is known as
the World Bank. All of this power of gold controllers are behind Russia’s
Parlimentarian handlers and behind Putin’s move into the Crimea. Putin
considers the U.S. State Department as a ruse of appointed party hangovers
with hold-over dad beats.

Indeed, butting heads with Putin brings on retaliation from the Obama
administration through cutting down Russia’s economic struggle brings
elevated political hatred towards that gang in control of Wall Street
investors. The well above legal activity against corrupt investors are
trying to cover their tracts in influencing Congress to act accordingly by
sending the first billion to aid the Crimean affair, as a blind to cover up
gangsterism within the Federal reserve and the U.S Treasury Dept. This is
nothing to mention the illicit affairs of state within the Treasury Dept.
Things will further corruption through imposing economic tariffs within a
providence that knows how Kiev had been spiritually and culturally
contaminated via America’s imposing high-handed actions of rule through
imposing pseudo democracy upon a foreign republic, as schooled in buying up
countries, in furthering the imperialistic inclined international
government known as a One World Order.

All in all, this whole scheme on both sides of the ocean are held in
expanding via land-grabbing has its original settings right into the Bank
of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve, as tied in with Wall Street.
England is the middle political respondent, of the East and West
squirreling along imperialist inclinations just as Nimrod of Ancient
Babylon gave way to the first king as a potentate, Nebuchadnezzar, and

Not only Putin and Obama are in on this dog-fight, but each side have
allies in the Near and Middle East. We know that Zionism is in one-on-one
with the state of Israel.Too, that Arabia has a dog in this fight. Out in
the wood shed are lesser nations awaiting while growling to jump into
battle, by way of being bribed trough Russian state or American investment
holders. However, underneath the circus of both belligerent squabbling is a
global Sanhedrin of syndicated religious functionaries, is concerned over
the out come as Putin is now compelling a religious element to register,
who are now reconsidering in the Crimea. Inarticulate humanity should not
be intertwined with geopolitics. Here, the Russian Parliament should put a
muzzle on Putin, and a concern of the American State Dept. The outcome of
the present conflict is questioned

from United States
Comment 124 of 209, added on April 18th, 2014 at 11:34 PM.

After our Lord was crucified He went below for three days to preach to

the spirits in prison, of whom were long disobedient in the days of

Noah. After this our Lord ascended to Heaven. Since no one can enter the

kingdom of God without being baptized. then how will these deceased

people get into Heaven. There is no water in Heaven. Will someone this?
Edit (in 6 minutes)

from United States
Comment 123 of 209, added on April 13th, 2014 at 8:44 PM.

The global empire of political machinery allies with none other than a
small cliche of gambling watch dogs attuned to the ruse of
internationalism. George Herbert Bush failed to comprehend that a globalist
state was not in the interest in his hour, Presently as we now watch Bush’s
handlers fall below the mark via Obama’s inept State Department. Hillary
Clinton was the best, next to nothing, in not realizing that she had been
used as an indirect messenger of invisible wire-pullers, of whom lay in
wait to actually drag America into a post WW111. Putin is another
slick-willie wise enough to move in on the Crimea, in time to rouse the
so-called world machinery to back off momentarily. Thanks to Russia’s
parliament to make a move towards furthering the West’s road block as an
unwise step towards eastern aggression. The state of Israel is
back-stepping on this one. Their discordant political overtones wants no
part of the United Nations. John Kerry needs more direct advisers–he is
incapable as Hillary Clinton. Putin will not back down

from United States
Comment 122 of 209, added on April 7th, 2014 at 1:44 PM.


This new generation has purposely reared a one massive race of cowards. We
have no heroes for our youth to look up to. All the past presidents since
Woodrow Wilson to the obvious have merely been tools of a national
government amongst misled citizens that are invariability internationally
minded. Our republic has more of a spiritual war rather harboring one major
class of aristocrats being used as machine as a front for the followers
iniquity. In the ultimate, our many nations created as one whole has been
destroyed from within. Once again we must congeal the various nations on
this continent ( America ) ready to combine as human machine in opposing
the enemy within. Only with grace of God will we get through this. Now is
the time for all good men to unite as one single human arrow to drive into
the heart of devils that make use of national government, as a tool, snake,
coiled ready strike down Satan’s angels that has coiled its fangs into
every national political gangster, of which steals the honest labor of
classes of all citizens, of whom ignorantly follow in the steps of ancient
Astarte and Moloch. Naturally, the national news media as an agent of
foreign absentee illicit investors and land lords should be rounded up and
tried on the grounds of high treason.

Absolutely, we have a governmental machine known as a confederacy. Thomas
Paine warned of this ( Federal ) concoction against a new nation when
noting that Article 6, section 6, on treaties, was shoved into the
Constitution. On this remarkable observation Paine noticed how
international finance working through the Bank of England struck the first
so-called blow from the Rothschild wealth housed in
France needling its monetary influence through civilized nations. Behind
the political veil the global banksters rule America. No doubt it, America
has the best twin-sided political force in ruler ship that money can buy.

Numbering years past, a congress on national television screamed: “We have
a specific nation on the run (guess ), let’s keep him on the
run.” Recently an individual via television hawked; “We must take our
country back. The congress man did not say who controlled our republic.
Here is a case of thought control. It is amazing as to how an imbedded
alien enemy practicing a religion as a shield can actually fool the
naturally ignorant, the educated ignorant and the super ignorant being so
intellectually corrupt in national governmental affairs so blinded by
truth. No not blinded and bought off.

Yes, indeed, as already mentioned American youth have no idols to look up
to, and all of this really reached a level when the pro-Commie Harry Truman
allied with Joseph Stalin being tied to universal finance. Backing these
two stooges gave Eisenhower the authority to turn over prisoners ( 50,000)
from German war camps in Siberian Slave camps murder on the other. to be
worked to death or to be shot back of the head No one has ever heard from
these beings. Only Satan and his gang have blood on their hands. And of
course, Ike had a girl friend ( British agent ) to keep him warm at night.
Blood on one hand, murder on the other. This scheme was known as Operation
Keel haul. Since Patton and Mac Arthur was murdered young people have no
military idols. Be not deceived readers, FEMA and SWAT squads are under the
under guardian ship of the Communist International, The United Nations
Organization. America is the arms of universal Bolshevism. When our Creator
brought on the great deluge He did not let mercy rob justice. The gang of
political robbers, thieves, dead beats, whore mongerers etc;, are allied
with alien powers of whom will have no mercy, for they are trained to bring
down America for they serve no justice at all for our republic! These
thoughts are incredible, but true!

HOGORINA from United States
Comment 121 of 209, added on April 5th, 2014 at 10:03 PM.


America is now headed into a planned global depression–no recession.
holding and appointed political whores kneel down to international
banksters and a network of organized investors of criminal back grounds.
This allied gang rob and plunder every nation East and West that falling
under their global plundering, by way of establishing pseudo democracies
with the aid of the International Monetary Fund. This is an anti West
Satanically inspired operation infesting the upper most functions of our
national government. This has infected state and federal criminality.
Financial greediness runs through out fifty states, as the opted plants
known as the city and county management officials blindly follow
instructions blatantly, and ignorantly, in making time for a future
pension. And to hell with society. Citizens run to and fro robbed of their
property illegally !

Astounding, America has been transformed into a commie run nationwide
metropolitan sewer. This outlet is partly composed of imported thugs that
swamp our shores from eastern Europe via entering our country through
border crossing from Mexico. In essence, America is under a well-planned
invasion of Marxianized revolutionaries. Innocent and duped Americans are
being sold of goods that appeal to mobs of ignorant citizens that
is the answer to a nation’s economic problems. Most of this incipient
scheme in dismantling our republican/democratic system has infected all
religious functionaries, as tax free institutions preach communism from
Red-infected pulpits across the country. Indeed, the national news media
in the hands of liberalism. Mind benders in the publishing field of every
state intellectually railroad the upper classes with the scare of enemies
from abroad, as a ruse in allowing pulp mills to subtly railroad organized
herds, (reds ), consisting of the ignorant and the super ignorant, being
led with the progressive mob like mentality. And the pulp mills and commie
fed religions doom America. The bitter truth is that our people have been
mentally hijacked and socially unfit, as a whole, to arrest and retain
liberties already lost.

For sure, the Southern United States is under Marxian reconstruction.
Psychological warfare is being made on the Bible Belt and once great
culture of these states, that have lost the restive culture of the past.
fact, there is a progressive anti-social war being applied against every
female in America. No women or children are safe on the streets. Perverts
have full control in their attempt to wreck the family unit, that is the
master key required by any civilized people on earth. Marx and Engles’
pro-commie structure is being followed here, as the national communist
inspired news spouts forth every concept of incipient socialism, as spewed
forth under the control of an invisible and universal empire of syndicated
financial masters.

Naturally, mental slavery is a requirement in the professions, where many
misled intelligences comprehends their being a major tool being inspired,
subtly, with communist inspired news through an upper class of
muck raking, of whom work hand in hand with pro-Bolsheviki appointed
of whom are installed by an invisible hand to finally destroy whats left
a dying republic. Socialism so wryly appeals to the so-called unproductive

Here, we have the ancient Roman circus that appeals to mob intellect. But,
as the up coming middle class declines, the idle class will increase. This
is the enemy within–mobocracy !
The ignorant masses are lured into a national circus ring by free handouts
through medicaid and sucking up alcohol and drugs with minds on ball
Here a future awaits—– Bottom feeders.

many fools wait in line for a future guillotine, for all of whom being
sucked into the marxists fable that proletarians should rule. No doubt
about it: Imported gangsters will finally rule our nation as we witness
now, but with a firmer hand. Remeber the SWAT and FEMA gangs at Waco. It
has already happened here in our once free America. Too, under President
Clinton and Janet Reno, We will leave this imposition in warning,
remembering Karl Marx’s personal wish: ‘ Workers of the world unite (
Americans ), for we have nothing to loose and the world to gain

from United States
Comment 120 of 209, added on April 4th, 2014 at 6:33 PM.


The well above average outhouse scholar has had his

mind poisoned by higher education. Generally, this is

pseudo liberalism. Such want to be mattoids thinks on

upon the level of lunacy. Dr. Sigmund Freud, coined

such personalities as somewhat suffering from a form

of self-induced dementia, as supportive with ”

Personality Suppression Complex Syndrome “. Lawyers

are well versed in the field of verbal jargon.

Consideration in sustaining a normal disposition is

to stay away from legal buggery via the verb trip,

and follow any given subject.

All said and done, let’s push personality disorders

to the rear, and perceive atmospheric conditions that

prevail and surfs along national society that smells

of these legal body snatchers, ambulance chasers.

Collectively, this profession is a psychotic minion,

lice, zombies, of sordid flesh and housed within such

bodies a home for the living dead. Their prolonged

disposition is to attach individual desires, in

procreating, transposing, nature into a look-a-like,

corpses, hustling along with valises, filled with

torts that gaurantee outright robbery of helpless

souls. Socrates, ( 382 BC ), denounced these vipers

as plagues of society.

The late, Clarence Darrow, internationally known

criminal trial lawyer, noted: ” Never trust a lawyer

“. The most upper thought of these body snatchers is

to never give a sucker an even break, nor a chump

another chance. These verbal-slingers uses Satan’s

chief legal weapon.

One must inquire as to the relationship, and this

class of professional liers, have in common

with protecting mother nature, in general too, is to

consider the odor of the walking dead, and the

bacteria of soiled clothing and unbathed skin. An old

maxim, ” The dead know nothing ” is contrary to

reasonable attention. A soul dead in heart and

consciousness is a walking freak of nature.. Observe

many of these creatures slurking from bar to bar

thirsting for alcohol. The above average lawyer, and

eventually to become judges, are known as a quart-a-

day shysters. The only conribution to the living is

to literally suck the blood from the ignorant and

super ignorant, and the fools of whom would openly

consort with one of Lucifer’s representatives. Over

verbalization is a trap for inattentive minds!


It is impertinent that level-headed citizens be

forewarned of this legalized iniquity of hell, thrust

upon any civilization. Some years past, a cellilord

flick was on the market, ” The Walking Dead “. It was

well known that no lawyers would be hired as stand


Since 1954 when our pro-commie Supreme court wrestled

all children from the hearts of their parents, our

contemporary society consists of cowards. Yes.

indeed, this generation over the years, have been

convinced that the family unit is not a necessity, in

sustaining our republic as a free and independent

nation over the globe. A clear comprehension of this

statement maintains a rigid warning through out ”

Alice in Wonderland ” concealing the general attitude

that Devils do exist and courtrooms are their main

lair in railroading the inarticulate masses into

believing that natural born lairs do not control a

republic, that is going down into the pits of

political anarchy, while incipient communism holds

its reins

HOGORINA@compast.net from United States

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