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Analysis and comments on In the Old Age of the Soul by Ezra Pound

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Comment 213 of 273, added on December 20th, 2014 at 4:16 PM.

It seems that a national orgy is taking roots, as to what manner
specific people should practice self-indulgence, in attempting bypass
mother nature. Dr. Sigmund Freud coined the ” Oedipus Complex,” into
play regarding individual repression and regressing as individuals
differ as to the unknown conscious release of erotic inhibitions and
anxiety, long stored away since childhood. During mass hysteria, as we
witness, sublimating intellectual are coming forth, in order to
subconsciously connect with this nationwide release of stored up energy.

Individuals being diverted from memories of infantile fixations, long
desires, shielded via political whoredom arising forth from toddler
insecurity to be loved.
This abnormal courting of a contraceptive guardian brings on post
confrontation, in trying to trick the alter Ego, in abiding with the Id,
to defuse overdue anxiety, of which mentally unstable instincts must take
group satisfaction, in clasping hands, party inclinations, that some way
must be found to thwart massive psychoneurosis, in avoiding all temptations
that has
hounded mankind from the days of Adam and Eve. The National Psychiatric
Association has long ago questioned just how Sigmund Freud designated
regression and repression as tied to individual libido, two-party political
in somewhat altering this observation, and its psychological play on
individual /class neurosis. The late Dr.Judd Marmor, in his ” Psychiatry In

In transition ” disapproves of Freud’s contention that politically inspired
cripples or religious fanatics, reconsider and denounce the personality
schizophrenia, as applied to individuals in public office to be replaced as

The open love affair between both houses of congress in politically
the American hostess, will bring down this gang of open repression, not by
political libido,
or masking schizophrenia, but through the absurd two-party fondling of the
To continue in looting the national intelligence is contrary to a
responsive cliche that, more than likely, actually believes that a flea
would contemplate crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. Homo
Sapiens has a class history of impulsive anxieties. Psychiatry is a
But, one must conclude that Freud’s two-party syndrome, the Oedipus
complex, occasionally
comes out of the congressional closet.

question. Yet, the squabble between pro-contraception preservers and
those against this proposal, are in the same in that two classes of
individuals are using public sublimation, as erotic desires still lay
deep within the unknown subconscious– repression and regression.

Comment 212 of 273, added on December 19th, 2014 at 9:40 PM.


In early 1920 the international optimist club sent out representatives to
European nations. This was to spread Esperanto as a form speech. Esperanto
came into use around 300 BC. Its roots came out of Rome. Esperanto was a
corruption of Spanish. In this language the number 666 consists of each
numeral having a specific count adding up to 666. Historically, it appears
that this language has petered out. However, America is being flooded with
aliens of Spanish origin. The question remains: is there an unknown world
of humanity trained subtly to invade North America? Certainly, this is in
the field of politics, for the majority immigrants flooding America are
Catholics. The democratic party has become a haunting political issue, that
we most probably have a one-party system. As King Solomon opted: there is
nothing new under the sun". From Adam and Eve Satan carries his political
baggage in the name of Christianity. Alexander entered Gordia with a sword
and quelled all opposition. A word to the wise should be sufficient here.

Comment 211 of 273, added on December 19th, 2014 at 12:02 AM.


and he said unto me ( Lord ) Behold there are two churches only, one is the
church of the lamb of God, and the other is the church of the Devil,
wherefore,whoso belongeth not to the church of the lamb of God belongeth to
that great church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the
whore of all the earth.
This the universal Catholic church. ll Protestant churches
originated from the Catholic church. Therefore, they are man-made. That
great church had no authority to preach the gospel on this earth--neither
did protestantism, for did not have the authority.Billy Graham and John
Hagee are tools of the Israel that was set up in 1948. This gang has
nothing to do with Lord.

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Comment 210 of 273, added on December 17th, 2014 at 9:45 PM.

America is a state established via revolution as a break off from mother
England. Actually, America is a tool as tied to universal Zionism. All
through ancient history ancient Esau has managed to break Israel into
segments. The fifty segments are fifty disunited States of Amerika. The
chosen race is to be mongrelized. This is being accomplished now. Cuba is
now recognized. This is under an umbrella of universal Marxian Bolshevism.
America now practices emperialism. This is following ancient Nimrod’s first
movement towards imperialism. Only through our pseudo-religious empire is
this taking shape. Satan is at the helm of state.

hogorina from United States
Comment 209 of 273, added on December 12th, 2014 at 12:02 PM.

Did you ever think thank that the above American manhood were an enemy unto
themselves, when the dirty bastard Eisenhower sent paratroopers into Little
Rock Arkansas and shoved bayonets into the backs of school children, as
they were compelled to march to school under martial law? Since that
generation have died out their contemporary descendants, manhood, have
become a race of cowards,
Cannot these dumbed-down freaks of nature realize that America is now under
the political control with an infestation of alien cutthroats that harbor
sexual degeneration as phallus worshipers, in corrupting helpless school
children now under the incipient shell of universal Bolshevism. Bolshevism
is a mental disorder moving across the globe in various political fashions,
in watering down a criminal nation’s disgust with western civilization.
These outcast being being run out of Asia are moving into America from
eastern Europe. And how are they pulling this off. Simple! idle and
simple-minded mobs plenty of sports and sexual degeneration.
Yes, indeed, uncle Sam is put away into the wood shed and sleeps with
contempt and self-hatred, with little resistance as to the alien invasion
of global revolutionaries, as international proletarians in an alliance
with oriental fundamentalism’s rebounding from America’s gradual expansion,
as gradual imperialism has taken roots in rerouting a once free nation,
America, right into the ancient Babylonian imperialist plunder, of which
was the intention as ham’s descendants with their anti-semitic spiritual
inclinations to make war on God’s chosen seed, the Israelite nation, as
derived from the nation of Shem. No doubt about it: the
democratic/republican machine has become one gargantuan monster of
oppression and a seat of double-dealing scoundrels being housed under the
shed of a commie-guild-ed nest of political gangsters in hock to a national
machine of pro-Bolsheviks, while America dashes headlong into an ever
incipient expansion of universal socialism.

hogorina from United States
Comment 208 of 273, added on December 10th, 2014 at 11:05 PM.

One cannot prove a truth. Truth stands on its own Merritt. A lie can be
corrected only after a truth comes to light. Both are opposites.
Pseudo-intellectual exhibitionist are usually hampered as split
personalities. All mankind harbor suppressed ambitions through life from
the womb to the tomb. Dr. Sigmund Freud coined, ” Civilization And It’s
Correspondingly, Freud was inherently a victim of intellectual hysteria.
This massive contemporary civilization, especially within a pseudo
democracy, as civilly pronounced within our USA, consists of repressed
personalities. The late philosopher, Socrates openly denounced such false
pretension of state rule. Naturally, this wise man was put to death. Within
our so-called Christian temperament, in such cases as mentioned, any and
all of whom rebels at political rule or of Christian inflexibility, are
ostracized or starved into submission. Here, the state becomes a
double-decked bastard through class division. In no way can anyone counter
religious beliefs with a basis, comprehension, if not steeped into the very
depths, as to how America’s rule rolls forth on the wheel of our national
religious empire, reaching back into the ancient Chaldean era wherein
Abraham, the father of all nations, lived in a town known as Kish.
Coherently, As King Solomon surmised: ” There is nothing new under the
sun “. As to an individual confronting , ( her ), as to a Mormon church,
this is somewhat patronizing the once imaginary Don Quixote in battle with
envisioned windmills. Mr. Mormon was an historian on ancient South American
anthropology and geology. If any dissatisfied personalty intends to openly
destruct an organization, religious or invisible, in this case, get the
name first. In this matter it is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Saints. This organization has no roots to any and all man-made religions,
as established within these united States, past or present. This church was
not founded on contemporary religious fundamentalism. In order to unwind
Mr. Mormon a somewhat elevated education is required. Here again, demanding
ignorance so gracefully abides time along with the ignorant, the super
ignorant, and the ulterior ignorant. Such nerds would come out better in
romancing some stone.

hogorina from United States
Comment 207 of 273, added on December 8th, 2014 at 6:50 PM.


I AM NOT A MONGREL! I am a HUMAN BEING of Comanche/English/Irish

I am intelligent, independent, hard working, loving, and caring.

“A nation of mongrels” is the term Hitler used to denigrate and demonize
the people of the United States in an effort to hopefully demoralize the
Americans into thinking that they were worthless and to attempt to “prove”
that the Aryan race was “superior” to all others. We know how well THAT
worked out, don’t we?

The 50 American states are not “mobs.” They are individual states within
the “United States of America.” Both the Federal and State governments are
bicameral and have similar Constitutions.

We have Separation of Church and State for a reason. It means that the
government at no level can impose a religion upon the people. Take a good
look at the history of England for the basis of our Separation of Church
and State.

Jesus Christ loves ALL of his children, no matter the bloodline. To call
anyone a “mongrel” is an insult. Jesus wouldn’t do that and neither should

You need to apologize.


Comment 206 of 273, added on December 5th, 2014 at 9:22 PM.

Our Lord was specific and straightforward in speech and thought. His body
language was perfected as unapproachable as to be indictable of any manner
of physical or mental instability. Here this background perception of a
perfected soul in the image of God. Our Holy scriptures indicate that our
creator has brought forth both good and evil for His own purposes. Evil
spirits do rule over flesh and bones of worldly-claimed possessed
individuals. Obviously, the late psychoanalysts Dr. Sigmund Freud, has
always reversed the Goya humanity as sub-human, nothing more that less, of
a Neanderthal nomads, contemporary paranoids, with a club on shoulder
searching for food, socially unstable, and weighed down with mental
inferiority, being controlled as mere cattle from the womb to the tomb. Dr.
Freud appeared to be mentally handicapped with an inborn incapability to
rid himself of an unholy anal fixation. To socially annihilate this mental
disease would be to completely destroy Beelzebub and his family devils in
the flesh. Obviously, this anti-social malignant disorder would pull Freud
and his fellow travelers bank onto the universal sewer from whence they
sprang. The personality of Jesus is an opposition to any man that loves
this world. Lucifer is the prince of this world.

Condescending as to what God intones into the soul of
mankind, and as to Freud’s analytic conscription of humanity, Satan
inspires wicked dispositions of weak and adverse opponents. It is divinely
decreed that mercy cannot rob justice. One might consider the Great Deluge,
flood, in witnessing that Jesus and His creator’s commands never waver in
one degree.
All in all, we have a web of Gordian complicity leveling down within the
most elevated echelons of national government. Biblical implication here is
that Israel has become converse and taken hold of in a whoring after a
two-party ruling class of which has a hold upon innocent christianity
through the religious/state political idolatry. The Israel as established
in 1948 has nothing to do with our Lord’s ministry here on earth. True
Israel was never established via drones, cannon, bombs, and murder as
financed by christians within America. The most dangerous and a grave
danger is the controlled pulpits across America committing high treason
against our American nation and the very flower of our native youth going
to their graves while unwillingly unlawfully being forced to fight
orientalism’s spiritual wars of whom struggle against international
Bolshevism and of which now has our national two-party nests of political

Universal Bolshevism is a deadly menace to any civilization
being established upon christian principles. And astounding as it is, the
amalgamation of fraudulent religious enterprises have created an arch enemy
of all freedom loving Americans of whom do not comprehend the dark-side of
legalized political banditry and its close association with
pseudo-religious whoredom. The National Educational Association in an
alliance with the programmed national psychiatry industry, as a ream, have
unlearned and hampered the future of leaders of America right into the paws
of an ever incipient stage of a one-world state of socialism.

In countermanding the ever expanding social and political
corrosion that is eating the guts out of simple-minded fools of whom have
individual tow lines feeding from Hollywood and the national news industry
as mental cripples; we must break this controlling Gordian Knot, not as
Napoleon did, but pay attention to what a multiplicity of
communist-controlled pulpits in the hands of alien spies Marxian orientated
liberalism. An astounding inquiry as to why some churches glory in the
cross while others do not declare the cross? Within this inquiry one will
discover as to how Satan needles thoughtless souls into the whims of
approaching Bolshevism. One side of the mystery of iniquity is that is that
there is a split between Christ and the cross. In mid-religious scheming we
discover the Devil’s work shop.

In comprehensively one becomes amazed to discover the
outright religious diversion via the cross. The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints have little regard for the cross. The Jehovah’s Witnesses
have no regard for the cross. The Jewish religious philosophy holds little
regard for the cross. Herein is a mystery. The cross has twisted meanings
as to varied religious functionaries. None of these religions tamper with
this cross subject. And for this reason monies are funneled into the
national religious industry. God reveals His intentions to his chosen few.
John Hagee, Billy Graham, and well =heeled ministers will not bite the hand
that they feed upon. Hagee and Graham has the master key to the mystery of
iniquity. These two individual are wire-pullers for national socialism.
Karl Marx might quip: Religion is an opium for the masses. Hagee and Graham
appear to be mouth-pieces for Zionism.

Comment 205 of 273, added on December 4th, 2014 at 8:34 PM.

The trial at Nuremberg was handled by Rabbi Jackson United States Attorney
General under the pro-communist administration of the late President
Roosevelt. German officials and officers were tried for loosing the war and
no other reason. And now, it is a war of nerves between East and West. The
Gaza affair has been shoved on the back-burner of universal juggling via
NATO, and a Golan monster from the eastern Mediterranean through out south
eastern Asia brings a new flood-gate of state re-positioning on
international affairs as one oriental loose cannon on a global economic
crash reverberates from the foundation of ancient religious idealism and is
a major bulkhead against alien intrusion. The post new World Order has met
this political machine in butting heads with President Putin of Russia and
his declaration that Russia now an orthodox state religion.

Comment 204 of 273, added on November 27th, 2014 at 3:46 PM.


Your mail was carefully considered and read with great interest, There is
no way that i can counter your views. As far as Mr. Jones goes i have
nothing personal against him. Only when he used the butt word was he
actually sublimating without meaning so. Hundreds of perverts patrol these
sites to enjoy the fact that millions of people do not comprehend
sublimation. This is a master tool of Hollywood and their masters of
deception in promoting language designed to arouse and open up listener’s,
or reader’s minds, to unconsciously

dwell upon erotically repressed sexual desires. Here, Jones is doing the
work of his invisible handlers–radio and national news industry owners and
investors. This method of perversity that has a foundation back to Adam
and Eve, when a ( viper ) talked with Eve, in a warning that their would be
a war between his seed and her seed’ Mind you,this so called viper might
have been a man in a spiritual body or an apparition, for Christ called his
enemies dogs, vipers, etc .In several hundred years Noah constructed his
Ark. Phallus worship was the going thing until the almighty reacted in
drowning the then mankind that loved perversion, lowering the natural man
more than the good life that was given to our former Mother and Father.
Today, phallus worshipers control America. These are the contemporary
descendants ancient Esau, God’s worst enemies. The late President Herbert
Hoover, a Quaker, warned in his biography in 1947 that the American people
were following the ways of ancient Esau. It is obvious that this is now
going on. God’s hates this crowd, a gang of loosened devils in the flesh.
The enemy that brought down God’s people at the great Deluge is bringing
our nation into a national gutter of intellectual prostitution enshrouded
with wide-open erotic temptations, infatuations of souls headed for hell. I
want you to consider this, because Jones has fallen into this trap
innocently !



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