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Analysis and comments on In the Old Age of the Soul by Ezra Pound

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Comment 181 of 231, added on November 1st, 2014 at 10:46 AM.

It happens every day, The military attempts to remake down and out pavement
pounders, but fights a losing battle. This is a crime against humanoids. We
discover individuals, many, that have given over to drugs. These unsettled
and misunderstood souls never had a chance.This element originally hung on
street corners, pool halls and etc., sleeping in dumpsters, at times,
having been in prison and no friends. This life had been an avenue of
ghetto existence.
However, a bright future is in sight, when the military is to be a way out
for a bum to become something. It offers three meals per day, a place to
sleep and a monthly check. With caps in hand, usually, these types of
individuals pleads with a judge, or probationary officer, to swipe their
record clean, for the military will now take them off the streets. Too, and
the city gets rid of side-walk pounding ravagers.
Here, after settling down with multiple groups of men, friends are made.
Yes, it is thought that new fair-weather pals brings on a some what
elevated life. It is great to be accepted for an unknown out sider. What a
life. There is a lot of drinking, friendly arguing, paling around and hand
shaking, and usually playing up to some superior, as a certified sycophant.
Wow, its’ a wonderful life. All of a sudden, after amounting to something,
getting under the wings of Uncle Sam, a shallow world falls apart. The
military gets smart. Out of no where,a psychiatrist holds a conference.
This imposing misfit is presented with a section eight discharge, as unfit
for military life. And now, this loner is back on the streets from whence
he sprang.
From nothing to the top, its back to street corners and dumpsters. All of
his former military buddies are left behind. No one, takes up time nor
notices a distraught personality, who all of a sudden, became nothing
again, no peers, no nothing, no free liquor nor cigarette bumming, and from
the top back to the bottom. Here we blame judges, and probation officers,
for palming off a misfits onto the taxpayers responsibilities.
The lesson to be taught here is that the military has indirectly
contributed to men being discharged with mental disabilities, that should
have never entered any service in the beginning. Once more, political
whoredom has produced double-decker schizophrenics,returning home to roam
the streets in America. And time marches on, the constructing of so-called
half-way houses continues, in order to harbor hand-me-down paranoids. And
the circus moves on. There is only one last try for such vagabonds, and
that is to become a lawyer or a politician. As King Solomon surmised, “All
is vanity”. It is best to stay away from those of whom seek unlikely
pathways that eventually leads to an ugly ending.
The military is a great experience for young men to build character.
However, all rabble rousers should be avoided that prefer to bum the
streets. One last hope is to become a used-car salesman or insurance

hogorina from United States
Comment 180 of 231, added on October 31st, 2014 at 9:34 PM.

” The ultimate goal today in the One World Luciferan Conspiracy Government
Conspiracy is too take the weapons away from the citizens of the world so
they will have no problem exterminating those who will not bow to their
God. This is to be done by conditioning the gullible world into accepting
the phony peace plan which is to set up the United Nations as policemen of
the world. Under the plan, the United Nations would discipline any nation
that would try to start a war, by threatening that nation with nuclear
weapons, which the nations were to hand over to them.”
Information retrieved via translation by Sayyid Issa al Hah Mahdi–THE BOOK
Here we have the Occidental world and the Oriental empire attempting to
break from the contemporary descendants of ancient Esau and his brethren,
the Jebusites, of whom work as fellow demons to destroy Western and Eastern
civilizations. Hogorina’s opinion. Man is allowed to worship any God of his
choice. Staying within these bounds will all nations live together with
peace on the earth! The ancient Edomites, ( Idumeans ), continue to make
war upon the Israelite nation today.

hogorina from United States
Comment 179 of 231, added on October 30th, 2014 at 12:14 PM.

Yes, indeed, our public nationwide loves responsible and brave police
officers, of whom serve well and are dedicated towards their duties as
servants of the people. This is all good and well; however, commies in
national government are making changes via internalizing an absolute ruling
element, all forms of police brutality being enforced with clubs and

Apparently, people Across America are facing a growing dilemma of law
enforcement, as to various personalities entering the new gendarme
enforcement industry. Like any profession, lunatics and neurotics of
psychic instability as bad apples, will appear. This is nothing new in
national police work. It just so seems that when FEMA and SWAT opened their
doors as gestapo simpletons, bullies began to wear badges--bastion of

Man’s brutality can be harnessed so much under civil laws. Yet, pinning a
badge upon a psychoneurological disturbed personality is questionable.
Further, having disordered minds behind a cam to literally rip off the
public is nothing but legalized banditry. When some work of mechanical
technology snatches money from homo sapiens with a flick of a switch, then
it will be more worthy to return to the cave-man era, and to club thy
neighbor as usual, rather than railroading him with an unseen beam. Why not
put cash registers in all road-side speed traps, police cars, and save the
labor of switching on a cam.
Naturally, civil jobs in police activities are unproductive and do not
create any wealth. This, of course, applies to city and county managers who
turn their heads, in pulling money into their coffers, Public servants that
fit into the subject in question, including SWAT and FEMA, should seek
membership into the national IWW–i won’t work union, or join the military.
But below and behold, the pentagon and its troops create no
wealth. Many FEMA and SWAT cannot join the military due to low IQs. It
takes an average of 76 for uncle Sam’s bread line. Goon squads, as police
lackeys, are great with cams and billy clubs.

from United States
Comment 178 of 231, added on October 26th, 2014 at 3:46 AM.
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jxllexle from Argentina
Comment 177 of 231, added on October 25th, 2014 at 8:47 PM.

The John Birch Society was, and is now, an organization that neutralizes
any member that condemns or spotlights the communist movement within the
USA. Robert Welch was a retired candy maker. This political system was
founded in honor of a deceased individual named John Birch, a missionary
who was slain in China. Several decades past, one discovers that the
Birches had infiltrated numerous religious functionaries, churches, in
denouncing that the United Nations Organization was a front for radicalized
communist agents. For the most part, this presumption appears to be true.
Yet, with elevated religious fervor literally hundreds of thousands of
honest souls would listen to two-hour tapes and would immediately joined
up.Undoubtedly, twisted minds temporarily replaced their temporal God and
listened to the Oracle, Robert Welch, founder of the Birch society. To
disagree with any deceived member called for a complete ostracize, in the
name of their Lord. A new God had moved in. Most positive concerning the
very roots of this so-called patriotic organization is its open hands
inclusion of members of any religious outlet in America. Actually, it
coincided with Billy Graham’s catchall theory, of converting lost souls, of
whom happened to stumble into the spiritual providence of pseudo
intellectual craftsmanship, fronting for a Divine theocracy. But Mr.
Graham’s God was recognized as the one and only creator-all of this well
and good.
But lo and behold, the birches were in complete opposition to Graham’s
belief in a Supreme being, for in the ( The Blue Book ), the so-called
bible of the ( John Birch Society ), Pgs. 143-146 Welch proclaims that
mankind-washed forth from the ancient swamp lands, as slobs of muck and
mire, of which and gradually evolved into apes-anthropoids. Here we are at
loggerheads between Graham and Welch, in bringing simple-minded people into
the twin nets of two ambitious souls, Graham and Welch, letting their
imaginary screens of religion and anthropology wobble along the treaturous
path of baiting innocent souls through national politics and the
church/state connection. It is an actual truth that innocent souls have
been excommunicated from churches for questioning the MUD theory.

from United States
Comment 176 of 231, added on October 25th, 2014 at 5:33 PM.
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bunzxppn from Netherlands
Comment 175 of 231, added on October 25th, 2014 at 7:56 AM.
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lwxwdiqe from Ecuador
Comment 174 of 231, added on October 24th, 2014 at 9:41 PM.
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tvwumzox from Thailand
Comment 173 of 231, added on October 24th, 2014 at 6:23 PM.

Mud slappers flood America from the four corners of the earth. These
peculiar people are born devils in the flesh. The late Dr. Sigmund Freud
characterised such infidels as discontented subnormal personages laboring
under an ingrained self-hatred of massive hysteria. Characteristically,
this loose hoard of global underlings made up the Red Army, of which
invaded eastern Germany during WW11. Yes, out of the swamps of Asia, Joseph
Stalin of Red Russia, collected degenerated infidels to destroy western
christian civilization. At that time, this wave of socially and politically
orientated mass of murderers were, so-called revolutionaries, composed the
state of Communist philosophy. Bolshevism is based upon a massive tribal,
nation of anti-social misgiving as correlated nomads. Contradictory to the
brainwashing of pseudo religions,
a commie orientated news industry and congressional political rape, plus
organized brutality in the gestapo tactics of FEMA, SWAT and various
states ATFs, pro mud-slinging is dumpster-diving adverse intelligence.

Undoubtedly, all American citizenry are mentally chained and hammered down
through an invisible shadow of pro-globalizing elite financiers have
absolutely worked themselves into a corner of absolute galvanized wealth
being anti-socially intoxicated in not recognizing an unseen hand of
Satanic disposition ruling the near and far eastern nations with limited
vision has joined collective political forces of evil and a gullible
perception in supporting an alien doctrine that counters western
civilization. The media has been duped with an idle perception that a
future One World rule will politically reconnoiter occidental orientalism
through allied western religious industries into a web of a satanically
inspired international global unity, geared to world domination. Most
political idiotics refer to this mysterious sub-human of destructive
renegades as One Worlders. From the late President Teddy Roosevelt unto our
contemporary political existence. TREASON !

Without a doubt, both political parties as a master political tool Walk,
talk, sleep, with the mother of all lies
in covering up the global machine of wealth, that pulls off dirty
engineering through the IMF and the United Nations, while enslaving
helpless Third World nations. Collectively, such fools have been bribed,
and the major majority saddle the same ass and ideal donkey, in willingly,
or ignorance, into a mysterious syndicate of universal financial
industrialists harboring a complicated reversal of an incident that had
taken place several thousands of years in past history. Primarily, it has
always been a One World scheme.

For sure, the global political centerfold has broadened its wing. The West
is being confronted with Vladimir Putin of the Soviet Union. Countering
this is NATO, On one side of this earth, particular America and England,
have become offensively intimidated. The Crimean affair was proclaimed as
being offensive by way of President Putin’s remarkable geopolitical
instincts, in failing to fall in line with a well-planned third world war,
of which was fore-planned by a remarkable ability of America’s invisible
invaders, mud slappers , who worked their way into America in the eighteen
hundreds--at Ellis Island we had the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Remarkably, we the border affair with Mexico. Here we a class of
drug-pushers controlling the the underworld drug industry in our country,
America. This element can be controlled while the mud-people has infected
our whole national political system. The question is why and how?

Evidently, we are in a massive turmoil in comprehending homeland security.
Mainly, no child is safe on the streets of America. Yet we send drones and
stinger rockets into asian countries, of which usually wind up in a
specific countries enemy hands. All in all, the west will never solve asian
and Near East religious philosophies--they are pleased with their own gods,
In no way will any of these nations will accept a pseudo democracy, as
witnessed within America. Basically, the political and social correlation
between church and state is our countries major asset, rather than mud
people destabilizing alien Third-World nations. America is in a wedge
between who controls NATO and the United Nations Organizations. Obviously,
it is that unseen and un-declared invisible financial operatives of whom
murdered the truth in ancient days.

hogorina from United States
Comment 172 of 231, added on October 24th, 2014 at 11:38 AM.
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ckkrdkid from Norway

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