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Analysis and comments on In the Old Age of the Soul by Ezra Pound

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Comment 227 of 257, added on January 29th, 2015 at 7:13 PM.

In journalistic trends, the word God begs as to which one. Subjectivity is
proclaimed on both ends of the some editor’s desk. This throws up a red
flag. Inserted below are ongoing conclusions on both sides of the globe.
Strange as to how nations depend on the disinterment of notions previously
laid to rest by erecting some exclusive man-made god (G). Naturally, such
scheming bolsters an attempting to give clearer vision, on some assertion,
to be made with political weight. Factorially, all civil garrisons, mold
their own totem-pole ( phallus ) party representative. Collectively, this
anti-social gangrene is of schizophrenic origin. Retrogression declares
that before mentioned nations has usurped Lucifer’s icon, pole, as symbolic
phallus idolatry by way of erecting the Washington Monument. Ironically,
the late million-man march gathered near this magnificently erected pillar
of stone actually designed by a global elite of whom do the works of
beelzebub and his family of devils housed down within the District of
Columbia. The phallus god (G) has existed from ancient times. The gang in
Washington allies with alien nations with their pole idolatry in not
comprehending as to hundreds of pseudo-religions both East and West have
joined hands with Satan. This special prince of darkness labors within the
souls both parties being held in check through bribery and regulated
whoredom. Between the Rock of Gibraltar, a 2500 mountain on the east coast
of the Mediterranean sea, Israel, and the City of Gold, located in London.
we have an elite class of ruling elements in forming a triangular web of
Satanically-inspired devils in the flesh, intending to set up to remake a
modern-day Babylonian empire in accordingly to return Western civilization
back into the ages when the Hebrew nation had been in physical and mental
slavery. Our western world, United States, future is to become a Third
World nation. England is a master tool in the arms of a universal financial
trust tied in with our federal reserve and the Bank of England. The world’s
most powerful web of drug pushing and masquerader. There is evidence that
the CIA protects political and social caluminy through
terrorism and is a front in using the same tactics under the late General
Donovan of the OSS. We have the identical political subservience in the CIA
as renamed. It just so happens that a well calculated move into the Crimean
of Eastern Europe falls in line with pre-Babylonian imperialism. Presently,
we have the NATO war machine closely allied with Israel’s military machine.
A global Government is galvanized ineluctable eternal hatred of
Christianity based upon anti-social perversity and mental degeneracy while
dragging along a gutter-god (G) in the service of Lucifer.
Conclusively, the very root of national government be not hindered through
mind altering of associated political gangsterism. Actually, each state is
nothing but an organized mob under a single ruler ship of alien conniving
carpet baggers via controlled religious foraging. The invisible machine of
federalized paupers have arranged that each state should be arranged
through governor forgery. Re-enforcing this puppetshop requires the
absolute distillation of superficial history in creating zombies. The
ultimate will reorganizes nihilistically crippled sorties into public
offices. Educational level should be rounded out to the level that civil
service has plenty assorted draggers would find employment with police or
fire depts. The national Educational System is an aggregate of political
lackies associative with the national psychiatry industry. America must be
dumbed-down and liberalized as a hoodlum’s mockery of degenerated mummery.
As a Frankenstein remake alien insiders have pockets of state destabilizers
orientating citizens to become mummies.

Comment 226 of 257, added on January 28th, 2015 at 6:27 PM.

The late Dr. Sigmund Freud diagnosed the American society as paranoid. This
diagnosis is in accordance with our national psychiatric institute on
behavioural science. Christ dealt with psychopathological miscreants
suffering from ineluctable determinism, and of imaginary self-destruction,
of whom were vegetating through embittered embellishment in entertaining
self-hatred. Of course, Freud would give such imbeciles a couch job with
the tag of intellectual neuroticism. Christ noted the actual motive of many
hellbent Satan-inspired scoundrels idealistically and subtly served
politically devised gods through phallus worship. Our Saviour relieved
these sordid-souls in expelling their imaginary spirit of evil into any
near-by herd of hogs. Naturally, the swine killed themselves. These
creatures, humanoids, individually, had no place for personality
fraudulence in palming themselves of as pseudo democrats nor hi bred
republicanism. Souls caught in these traps loose self-identity in headed
for a madhouse.
Without question, we
have discovered that a major supply of national citizens have become
mentally crippled via being dumbed-down via a twin two-party
pseudo-democratic republic composed of liberal feces. Naturally, we have
the sewer-outlet of republican hustling in order to retain a worn out
plumbing system. Both mental cripples and repressed ballot-box dodgers
harbor collectively, ( the Personality Suppression Gravitational Syndrome).
Dr. Freud dropped his theory of sexual overtones moving into the analytic
theory that mankind are socially sick except himself. Irregardless of aping
such unimaginary guilt of
this genius, it is true that thousands of zombies are fleeing all state
universities. It is an uncomplicated riddle to recognize that we have 50
state mobs. Like common cattle, boundaries are set, and police-powers are
armed garrisons. No liberty and free speech means that industrial fascism
coupled with an aristocracy elites desire to socialise national productive
elements back into serfdom where mankind will be regarded as mere animals
as stock in trade. Actually, about 85 percent of national society own no
property. Ghetto experts are rental landlords having claws into all 50
state’s governing elite. With no future in sight, greed, graft, state
criminality, corruption and expanding police powers well designs that from
personality suppression unto personality depression has brought America to
it’s knees

Comment 225 of 257, added on January 19th, 2015 at 8:00 PM.

Putin proclaims orthodoxism in spiritual comprehension, while allying with
China. Of course, Confucianism is a bedrock of intellectual astuteness
threading back to Gautama. The background global elite is stacking its deck
with the probable assertion that Obama is a useful Moselem plant. All in
all, we have the Russian bear, the Chinese dragon, Obama’s eagle. and the
EU Golan monster in between. One great power along with the Crimean
situation being embattled with the IMF. Putin stares straight ahead and
does not know what end is up. Putin needs to employ a Hindu viper handler
to set down with he and his fellow colleagues to keep the Rothschilds at
bay. The odds are against Russian bombers flying the Alaska seaboard within
a fifty mile distance off shore. It appears that the Pentagon is being

Two global giants are nearing a showdown. Two monumental goliaths subtly
subdued, being caught in the clutches of a one-eyed cyclops as a political
correlation consisting of the World Bank and the International Monetary
Fund. This universal financial machine has been hammered-down,
re-reorganized, as one mismanaged money-funding financial crisis. America’s
wedge through loans has brought the Crimean affair as the major force that
has backfired in using the state department as a springboard into the
foreign affairs with Moscow.

Little doubt, as Putin, a former KGB agent, can no way disarm the global
ruling elite rulers that Satan is the headmaster. The gang of bastards
within the District of Columbia is an independant nest of globe mastering.
This conglomeration of monetary swindlers pay no taxes. This machine has no
ties to Washington. This set-up has private police officers. Their
better-half is the City of Gold as London. London is their private center
of global monetary manipulation. It has no ties to the British empire. This
organization pays no taxes and has a private police force. We see that
Satan heads such of an apparatus, invisible and devilish intent.

Putin clearly makes it clear, that his government is a state orthodox
In essence, the Vatican is a state with no attachment to Italy. It pays no
taxes and has a police force and jails. It is one square mile with
approximately one thousand residents. Putin has openly denounced Israel.
Here, we discover that netanyahu is an elite well-managed tool and
hands-down that Putin has averted a third-world war. Israel’s only way out
via world opinion is to bring on war somewhere in the middle east, in
perpetuating the ever destabilization of Syria,

Iran, and Iraq. The superstructure of three distinct global ruling elites
in the hands of invisible financial moguls fulfills in holy writ, that
America with its Babylonian bastardness, and its NATO confederacy, and with
a ruling elite’s confidence within congress, has been stalled off, because
Near East foreign Relations and the state department have bought and paid
for political failures.
Putin wants to save Russia from imperialism. But he needs to take off his
blinders. Oil is the chief means in retribution towards any country that
does not fall into line with policies of political indoctrination geared
towards a NWO. Opec
keeps the oil issue afloat, in order to increase the fiat dollars as a
world currency.
The Arabian petro dollar on oil has the US military on stand-by. The Obama
administration and Moscow are just spin-offs in covering for the emerging
of Zionism. Bolshevism has been a menace to past civilizations and is here
to stay.
Our American republic has been overthrown. A pseudo-democracy is the work
of dirty bastards within false religions and bribed weaklings of whom
parasite off the state. Vladimir Putin has created a viper’s nest along
with his league of breakaways from the Rothschild financial industry, that
has blood lineage back to ancient Babylon.

Comment 224 of 257, added on January 17th, 2015 at 3:37 PM.

No where in holy writ is it recorded that Christ said any good thing toward
his enemies. If so, this would have confused his followers. Our Lord was
straight forward in denouncing his social/political opponents as swine,
dogs, devils, serpents and Satan’s gang. He never asked his opposition,
specifically the pharisees, for nothing, branding them as fools in the
service of beezlebub and his family of devils.
Christ never spoke out of his mouth with a twisted tongue. Our Lord knew
that a double-minded man was unstable, spiritually, in all his ways. We
must digress momentarily, in noticing that both houses of congress fits
this observation. Satan has a middle-path ile between both sides of
congress leading straight to the speaker’s podium. I know it is disgusting
to even associate this double-minded monsters of devils in the flesh with
decent mankind, but i had to parallel that Christ was of a singular-minded
individual out of order with the worldly consideration of souls standing in
line to serve Satan and his temping to drag innocent souls straight to
The Jewish Sanhedrin relished in having our Lord nailed to a tree. Our Lord
suffered until blood came forth from his body pores. yet, while in
excruciating pain he would not ask his enemies for any sort of help. God’s
son preferred to do his father’s will, in opposition to a world filled with
evil. Yes, our Lord moaned, I thirst, but he did not want to ask God’s
enemies for anything. So animals in the flesh were defeated, for our Savior
ignored them in that any help from devils in the flesh that were formerly
kicked out from the presence of our creator were null and void, as
disembodied spirits here on this earth. Satan tried his best to tempt our
Lord on the cross with his powers of darkness, but in agony our Lord humbly
nourished, a no thanks !

Comment 223 of 257, added on January 10th, 2015 at 10:41 AM.


As an every-day layman with little formal education, i find that Adask law
is a God send in sounding off as to society is a composition of numanity
caught in a spiritual war—good vs evil. God has given Adask an insiight
into a little world, spiritual, that mass humanity is fully unaware of.
I’ve been around all walks of civil and political life. This whole sytem is
set up on lies and corruption as the legal system is set in place in order
to watch over stolen wealth and property from helpless people, of whom live
in fear of organized crime, is a mandate in order to labour in the field of
civil and legal robbery of the helpless souls depend on God to come to the
their aid, when such bastards as mentined rule a nation run by Beezlebub
and his family of devils. God bless Adask !

hogorina from United States
Comment 222 of 257, added on January 7th, 2015 at 12:05 AM.

The dirty bunch of bastards runnung the pro-Bolsheviki show in Washinging
are not blacks. All major departments are using whites as fronts and stool
pidgions. Where ever you get a group of whites you will find squealers, or
informers. It’s just one rat on the other. I am a hog and all the so-called
rights that i have obtained are through blacks sticking togather. Working
for years in watching these pimps blabbing on each other, sycophants,
trying to get ahead. This is sickening. For this reason i take the name of
Hog. I would rather eat in a trough with my kind rather than associate with
skackers using so-called rights, when the blacks came out and denounced the
bastards in national government. America’s problem is Netanyahu’s killers
of Arabian women and children in the Gaza strip. Don’t fool your selves, he
would do the same to blacks if they lived in the Gaza strip. Thank God that
the blacks in America do not have to worry about those scoundrels that
murder, rape, loot and wipe out people who have been run out of their
homes. Our sick bastards in the state department puts up with gang as long
as women and whiskey lis loaded down upon all foreign ambassadors. Give one
a valise at large ladden down with torts in selling America out and he
would marry the devil and kiss any arse to top it off.

Comment 221 of 257, added on January 5th, 2015 at 4:11 PM.

I had been talking with a professor of economics. Having little education
myself, i asked him what really was economics. He replied. With me it puts
bred and whiskey on my table. This startled me, for this individual was a
pillar of the university where he taught. Asked him about the national
economy and he replied. Tax all the whore houses in Washington, for the
last fifty years and our national debt could be paid off. This made me
angry, because he knew that i was ignorant.
Generally, i look up to educated people. I asked him was he Jewish. He
replied: I am a gypsy from Romania and sent here on a visa. ( whatever that
is ). I always thought that gypsies were Jews, because our Lord, not a
ghetto expert, Christ, through a prophet, let them go into Egypt to beat
the famine in Canaan. They were cursed by God for doing so, in that them
and their seed would never set foot in Egypt again. This site dislikes the
chosen people, but what about the Gypsies. Since we have had several Jews
in the White House why are you folks down on the Gypsies. We are all equal
according to social engineering, why not shove a Romanian into the White
House or the state Dept. Hillary Clinton could then give good advice, as
how to screw up foreign affairs. We need new blood on capital hill. What do
you folks think about this?

Comment 220 of 257, added on January 2nd, 2015 at 3:32 PM.

Where do you get that OUR father, ABRAHAM, is the “father of all nations”?
NOAH is the father of all nations, and Jacob/ISRAEL are Gods Chosen,
because it is through ISRAEL that the Messiah came, and BLESSED ALL
NATIONS! It is also through Jacob/JUDAH that the Rebellion to GOD, by
Satan, will be put down once and for all.
It is these kind of ‘comments’ that forced me to stop allowing you to post
at my site. OFF topic and so far from giving a FULL/inclusive
understanding, only concerned with ONE thing! “PHALLUS WORSHIP! Which is
such a small part of the DEMON SEED ‘agenda’.
You do try so hard to provide a “PROFOUND” statement, that you seem to lack
understanding of what the “profound” is. SHOCK and AWE is not profound!
Phallus Worship is nothing new and is found in the STEEPLES of most of
“CHURCHANITY”. To drone on and on about that makes me wonder if you even
have ONE!

Comment 219 of 257, added on January 1st, 2015 at 6:49 PM.

Hogorina- Says:
January 1st, 2015 at 3:23 pm
There are only two sources of wealth in the world; our abundant resources
created and provided to us by our Creator/Savior, and our labor to refine
them to suit our needs and desires. The corporate fiction creature image
governments of men ultimately evolve into oppressive and tyrannical tools
of greedy international “banksters” and our ancient antichrist
Edomite/Canaanite adversaries and their puppet political prostitutes to rob
us of our wealth, but we cannot blame our antichrist adversaries and their
proselytes, we must blame ourselves. Our antichrist Edomite/Canaanite
adversaries, said to be “the vessels of wrath fitted for destruction” and
“man of sin” in scripture are merely profiting on our own iniquity
(lawlessness) by the will and Laws of our Creator/Savior just as He said
would happen if and when we, as His covenant people, Israel, now known as
Caucasian Christians, would violate His Commandments, statutes, and
judgments by bowing in fear, worship, support, and dependence upon other
“gods.,” thereby allowing His Laws to be made of no effect, as in
protecting the abomination punishable by death according to our
Creator/Savior’s Law, homosexuality, and the practice of usury for which
our Creator/Savior also prescribes the death penalty.

HOG: When will citizens awaken to the fact that our federal government is
in the hands of an invisible syndicate of Marxian orientated confederated
operatives laboring in the hands of an elite and invisible global
satanically organized gang that is evolving Western Christian civilization
right into BOLSHEVISM ?

hogorina from United States
Comment 218 of 257, added on December 30th, 2014 at 8:44 PM.

The threshing floor of national filth and entertainment comes from the
bowels of an alien nomadic tribe of muddle-minded sexually-orientated
sub-human gutter dialects, coming out of Eastern Europe, to eventually
buying up Hollywood beginning in the early nineteen twenties. Here the
first toilet-bowel intellects began to spread class guttural instincts
geared to fathering into an unsuspected nation’s, movie-goers, their
ancient worship of phallus orientated, mentally disturbed minds, massively
hobbled-down at the beginning of birth and educated into some homemade
intellectual feces. Definitely given birth as children of darkness.
Such low-grade world-wanderers practiced penis worship in ancient Sumeria,
when Abraham was warned of these dirty-bastards, and left for a city called
Haran. Innocent Americans cannot avoid crotch grabbers, for their trickery
is unmatched.
Ancient historicity on pornagraphy demonstates that such
sub-human deviations was a chief antisocial weapon used against
unsuspecting progressive civilizations. Proof of this is television and the
national news industry. Millions of fools are being sucked into viewing
obscene submissions as an eloquent opportunity to test character
consciousness as to whether crossing the line of susceptibility can be
retarded. Individual psychosexual weakness will prevail, for sublimation
places its mark on weak-minded personalities. And then Satan can be blamed
as perversion takes over.
President Putin of Russia has rounded up all professional porn industries.
No doubt, this filthy gang will show up in New York City. The Waldorf
Astoria will be their sleep-over.
Politics is schematic in America, as our two-party
system is a wild-card, for international financial syndicated scoundrels
controlled by an ancient people known as Edomites. Another word is
Idumeans. This is a bloodline source of royal criminals that has hounded
the semitic nations since the day that Moses dwelt at mount Sinai. America
is under the control of Bolshevism. Yes, political rule within America
strains back Mount Sinai. Both parties are infested with criminals in the
service of Satan’s agents.
No doubt about it, we have a religious empire within
America. The three main ecclesiastical installations are man-made and sat
up by Satan and his pool of devils. This does not apply to followers--only
to corrupt clergymen. We have Catholicism, Protestantism, and Judaism. God
has one gospel kingdom on this earth, not these three. All three feed from
the US treasury. In essence, collectively, all influence congress. Congress
has been bastardized through multiple nations. When we see billions of
taxpayers money going afloat to alien and enemy countries, then we know
that America has fallen into alien religious philosophies. Just follow the
money trail to know your enemy. America has made its own enemy and has been
overthrown. The nation of original Shem, God’s chosen , are now reaping
what has been sown, crime, corruption, poverty and disease. God has turned
his back on America !


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