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Analysis and comments on In the Old Age of the Soul by Ezra Pound

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Comment 253 of 273, added on June 23rd, 2015 at 6:15 PM.

Desription of Jesus Christ by Publius Lentulus, Governer of Judea,
addressed to Tiberius Caesar, Emperor of Rome. Found in an excavated city
in Aramaic on stone.
“ There lives, at this time, in Judea, a nan of singular virture whose name
is Jesus Christ, whom the barbarians es teem as a prophet, but his
followers love and adore him as the offspring of the immortal God. He
calls back the dead from the graves, and of a eals all sorts of desease
with a word or a touch.
He ia a tall man, and well shaped, of an amiable and reverend aspect;
his hair reaching of a color that can matched, the color of chestnut full
ripe, falling in waves about his shoulders. His forehead high, large and
imposing; his cheeks without spot or wrinkle, beautiful with a lovely red;
his nose and mouth formed with exquisite symmetry; his beard thick and of a
color suitable to
his hair reaching below his chin. His eyes bright blue, clear and serene,
look innocent, dignified, manly, and mature. In proportion of body, most
perfect and captivating, his hands and arms most delectable to behold.
He rebukes with majesty, councils with mildness, his whole address,
whether in word or deed, being elequent and grave. No man has seen him
laugh, yet his manner is exceedingly pleasant; but he has wept in the
presence of men. He is temporate , modest and wise; a man, for his
extraordinary beauty and divine perfections, surpassing the children of men
in every sense.”

hogorina from United States
Comment 252 of 273, added on June 22nd, 2015 at 11:27 AM.

Our Creator organized spirits with bodies to come into this world in order
to be tried to see if ones projected life would follow the trappings of
Satan, or follow the ways of this world. We have a choice to do so! There
is a war going on between good and evil. Satan’s gang follow the
promptings of a curious people of whom created a state in 1948. That gang
in power are not Jews, These world wanderers are of Mongolian descent. As
Christ lovers we must take a choice as to whom and what we pay devine
homage to.
Christ warned: if one is of this world, then He has no part in Christ. So
the war is between ancident Esau the ( Red ), lineage of satan, and Jacob,
true Israel. By your conversation it is obvious that your bloodline runs
back to SHEM, son of Noah. This is the same lineage from Mary, mother of
christ, back to the great Patariarh, Abraham, the father of all nations.
All nations can be traced back through the blood lineage to Abraham, but
one. This is the Canaanite seedline that Esau married into as being contary
to God’s will. God hates Esau and Esau hates God.
There is no hatred of racial back ground. The truth of what I print is
true. The problem with America’s national administration is that most
office holders blood is in the veins of this class of vertified gangsters.
I want you to notice. Palistine is the background drop behind all global
conflict with Third World nations.
priminister of Palistine is a certified criminal. This monster is trying to
get us into WW3. This is because the world has turned against this
ministate created in 1948. The natural Jewish occupiers hate Netanhahu for
he is not of Jewish origin. He is a Mongolian in the hands of universal
Zionism. The Jewish race hates him; for he has turned the world against
their supposed to be new home land.
Unfortunately, every President from Wooddrow Wilson has be a tool in the
hands of global Zionism. Their counter is the Jesuite order of Catholocism.
Both are in hock to a global network of international finance. Of course,
this is the Esau manipulators. Putting all things aside: Christ warned ”
beware of workers of iniquity.”
In reality, phallus worship runs back for thousands of years to the
Chaldean era. Abraham relected such evil practices, and left the city of
Kish where he was born. Egypt was the first civilization in the order of
God’s plain. But the seedline was through Esau and the Holy Priesthood that
Christ held was not passed to to them.
Every major office in national political prostitution is held with the
hibred seed line that Christ rejected. Notice how sexua perversion is
designed to destroy the family way of life. The national news media and
Hollywood is a major factore in protecting jst what Christ has warned off.
It was phallus worshippers that nailed Christ to a tree. The nation that
was responsible for this is known to be born as a people with inbred
hysteria. This neurosis is a remarkable description of a stateless world
population out of Asia into western civilization. Christ warned: beware of
the elders of Israel.” The problem here is to find out just who Israel is.
Incidentally, Jacob is Israel and his twelve sons.

Comment 251 of 273, added on June 6th, 2015 at 1:11 PM.

Motherly love towards a newborn infant is pure and holy in giving thanks to
our creator as a newborn soul enters the earthly atmosphere. However, in
adulthood the once babe-in arms walks into a little understood world as a
blind bat. From the breast of motherly love and childhood attentiveness the
band is broken. With hat in hand, such personalities must seek shelter and
bread. With no talent for productive inclination the army came to the
rescue. Four years of military indoctrination, three-meals a day, roof over
his head, with a check and a chick, every month is unbelievable. Surviving
off the taxpayers hide while lounging around the post exchange was a
genuine paradise, an alcoholic was in the making. After missing roll-call
successively and failing the dress-code, a psychiatrist gave this deadbeat
an option.
pick up a section eight discharge or wind up to the brigg. We will name
Hammer was 22 with seventh-grade learning, when he was escorted from uncle
Sam’s residence in Fort Benning, Ga. in 1940. He actually hated the
military’s social conservativism and compliance with organized confusion.
Too, his three-sisters and two brothers were still at home in Skidmore, Ga.
His father was a terminally disabled alcoholic in holding down a low-paying
deputy sheriff’s job. Hamma ended up in Gluttersville, Ga., Down
and out. Hamma survived through dumpster-diving. He became friends with a
disbarred shyster who stole child-relief funds from city charities.This
lawyer, too, was evicted from the military for stealing food from a
chow-hall to feed his family of seven. Here we have two loose cannons at
the same social bearings prowling the streets at day time and sleeping in
alleyways at night. Still, the military GI Bill of Rights was a final hope
from taxpayers of whom lived and worked for a decent life, being plundered
of their hard-earned cash. We will name the shyster as Slick. Both took a
crash-course in law. It was now ( Slick and Hammer law firm.
The hunger avoided, as mutual souls, pick-pocketed the poor and helpless.
Time was passed begging, drunkenness, panhandling, alley-trolling, and
fondling garbage containers. Slick would skin his clients from head to toe,
while Hamma reversed the act of robbery, from toe to head. This this sort
of legal gangsterism is a byproduct in the name of the National Lawyer’s
Guild operates every manner of plundering our national society. These
shysters never miss an opportunity in milking hopeless people down, for
they say, “ shoot low fellow shyster, for some jerks may be riding shetland
ponies”. Slick and Hammerhead edged their way into both previously bought
and paid for political parties. One party is a whore and the other a
prostitute. Immediately, Slick and Hammer were political whores nesting in
between a two-party confederation of inhouse fornication, as masters of
deception, in the hands of Beelzebub and his family of devils. Indeed, a
specialised confederation of professionally designed dirty bastards, in
selling America short. From whence they came is assured.
America has an enemy within. The prevailing threat against our republic is
not of stone and shield, such as the federal reserve, the treasury, supreme
court, presidency, Council on Foreign Relations, Pentagon, Wall Street,
CIA, NATO, IRS, FBI, terrorists or state Dept. All of these state
mechanisms are in place as pre-planned elite global aristocracy. National
ruling bourgeois, slave masters of criminality, are pawns in the wealthy is
a front for Zionism. For sure, the middle-class is created as an
influential screen, and an opponent of all lower-class productive citizens.
From this anti-social class of paranoids and professional parasitism is the
federal reserve as allied with sixty global reserve outlets. The actual
enemies of all gentile Homo Sapiens is a race of devils in the flesh having
no ties to material industries. Their whole global system is held in check
through subservient miscreants such as the Slick and Hammerhead
think-alikes, a vast watering hole in line with such bastards controlling
the District of Columbia. in corralling national political whoredom, with
its ties to pseudo-religious conflagrations feeding from the trough of the
U.S Reserve. In noting that America is nothing more than an island
flotilla, as an appendage to to the City of Gold, that rests its monetary
tentacles into the world’s fluid money supply in controlling the USA. An
alien political inquisition has its awaiting inquisition to politically
guillotine any positive individual cuddling conservative options in saving
this republic. There will be no Patrick Henrys to warn of the
Satanic driven mobs opting for liberalism, for free speech and liberty has
been nailed down, screwed down and rocketed off into infinity.
America has created a leading class kept installed by sustaining a national
social sickness bedded down with massive nihilism. Eighty-five percent are
propertyless, with the majority held as prisoners by pocket-change ghetto
slave masters. Psychiatry, Education,
and cultural affinities are associates in political hock, as aiding in a
communist orientated madhouse, functionionally, in the cradle of a doomed
western civilization. In total regression back to a neanderthal existence
our republic is being leveled, receding, as to the depths of the Grand
Canyon. Figurally speaking. Our country can pull our nation should forbid a
sub-cultural level in ridding the ever incipient influence of Marxian
orientated Zionism—or suck thy thumb daily, as Hammerhead had done at
If we rise again, we must rid America from the the ever influence of
Marxian-orientated Zionism—or suck thy thumb daily, as Hammerhead had done
at birth.

hogorina from United States
Comment 250 of 273, added on June 5th, 2015 at 8:11 PM.

There are several deceptions in the churches today and one of the most
dominant is that Zionism is of the Lord, Zionism means Israel, and we are
to protect Israel because those who bless Israel are blessed by the Lord,
and those who curse Israel are cursed by the Lord. His words about blessing
and cursing Israel are very true, but who is Israel? Is Zionism Israel

Most Christians hear the word Zionism and think of Jerusalem. And it was a
clever ploy of those who worship Satan to confuse the terminology of their
political agendas to lull the people to sleep and get them to agree to
their policies because they sound good. Zionism is a political agenda, but
when Christians hear it they think of Biblical Zion and Jerusalem.

Zionism became a political agenda of the Bolshevik Illuminati to capture
the area of Israel for the Antichrist. In fact, their agenda is to rule the
world from Jerusalem. When the Battle of Armageddon takes place the
Antichrist gathers all the world’s armies to Israel to fight against the
Second Coming of Jesus Christ. At that time, the Antichrist is ruling from

The agenda started back when the Edomite Bolshevik Jews financed Hitler’s
rise to power in Germany to set up the conditions to establish their own
Nation of Israel for Illuminati rule and that is exactly what happened with
the Nazi Holocaust. Who was behind the holocaust? The Edomite Jews. Why?
Because they wanted to get rid of the Torah believing Jews and establish a
Babylonian Talmudic Jewish nation in Israel. And that is what we have today
with Zionism. Talmudic Jews ruling, pushing the agenda of the New World
Order and Illuminati to set the nation up for the rule of the Antichrist.

Edomite Jews are not real bloodline Jews.

In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 Yahweh says that there are those claiming to be
Jews, but are not Jews, and are liars. They are the church of Satan, the
synagogue of Satan and are worshippers and followers of him.

And what are they doing today? Conquering the world for the Antichrist to
rule from Jerusalem. In every nation, in every major event, the Edomite
Jews have been behind it. Although the Edomite Jews dominate Israel today
there are a remnant of real bloodline Jews there as well. These are the
ones the Lord will protect during the Great Tribulation.

Look at America today, who is running the White House? The Edomite Jews and
Sons of Cain. Who was arrested for treason during WW 2 by Congress for
trading with the enemy? Prescott Bush. Who announced the formation of the
NWO in America? His son, George Bush, Sr. Who is president of America
today? George Bush, Jr. What do the Bush’s have in common with Edomite
Jews? They are all part of the serpent seedline of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati are at the top of two particular races of people known as
the Edomite Jews and the Sons of Cain. And it goes all the way to the top
where the Illuminati rule directly beneath the Jesuits. The Jesuits answer
directly to the Black Pope. The Black Pope position is the real power
position in the Vatican as opposed to the “white” pope position. Most think
it is the Pope, John Paul II who rules from the Vatican. He may reside
there, but the real power in the Vatican is hidden, and it’s in the
position known as the Black Pope. Black meaning hidden or secret. Today,
Hans Van Kolvenbach, holds the title of the Black Pope. And he is second to
none on this earth in establishing Satan’s rise to power. He is literally
Satan’s right hand man.

So what do we have today? The false Jews in Israel being called real Jews.
And the real “Jews” not even knowing who they are. We are being led to
believe by the churches today that Satan’s chosen are Yahweh’s chosen
people. Now are you ready to scream?

Orthodox, Reformed, and Messianic Jews disown the Jews running Zionism in
Israel today. Not only are they Edomite Jews, but they are also known as
the Khazar Jews as well. In 692 A.D. the Khazar Kingdom was established.

These were people that had adopted Judaism as their official religion
because of the real Jews that lived among them and proseletyzed them. From
that point on they passed themselves off as real Jews with a right to
Palestine as their homeland. They are not lovers of Yahweh but haters of
Him. They are of the same ancestry of Esau whom the Lord hated. The
offspring of serpents of whom the Lord told them straight out were of
“their father the devil.” It was those of this seedline that instigated His

hogorina from United States
Comment 249 of 273, added on May 26th, 2015 at 6:35 PM.

Attached to any animal
Said one single good word towards his enemies.
To idly laugh was to cultivate agression.
To smile released pent-up calumny
To kiss was to customise frugality
To hug is accept physical intimacy
To compromise is an act of trading off one’s
To unconciously transpose personal identity

Of course, mankind, as a whole, will do these things. We must understand
that Satan uses the joys of human nature to tickle the innards of fools and
scoundrels-- especially the global circus of tourism. As born weaklings,
Lucifer and his family of devils plans to destruct civilations. We have a
gang of devils in
the flesh temporarilly released from hell to torment uninformed fools as
pseudo religious pulpit-pounders lead their flocks down the path to hell.
John Hagee has replaced the late Billy Graham, in hamming up the doctrine
of salted-down priestcraft.

hogorina from United States
Comment 248 of 273, added on May 22nd, 2015 at 5:51 PM.

Police officrs
Fire men
Tax-free charaties
Tax-free foundations
Post men
Politicians in office
Churches and their flocks
The touring industry
The Federal Reserve
Wall Street
Red Cross
United Nations Organizations
Social Security
No military command
Not one of our fifty-states
No pulpit pounder nor professor in college
No educational system nor sociery
Not one political official of any state.
Yes, indeed, we have a people in the hands of professional parasitism.
Collective blood-sucking moochers crawl over honest hard-working people, of
whom work like hell to stay a float. Of course these people must serve
their master, of whom give just the minimum wage to keep their game on
Truthfully, all wealth comes from the people of whom produce food from
farms. This food is bought cheap to keep farmer enslaved to state and
federal agencies designed to legally steal productive property, and to
enflate it as times goes by. Actually, every structure or organization is
consisted of stolen wealth from the national agricultural industry.
If you are reading this and do not grow food then parasitism through the
state is physical and mental slavery. No good-bastards in office sustain
this robbery system through give-away programs. This circus is so expanded
until the military is designed to keep parasitic bastards in power. Our
days are numbered as a so-called free people. POLICE STATE EVOLVING!

hogorina from United States
Comment 247 of 273, added on May 15th, 2015 at 9:43 PM.

Obviously, an appointment to the bench is the highest level of political
that any well enrenched hood could possibly climb. There is no greater
crime than to be controlled by the insiders, of whom sell their individual
souls to a universal network of pseudo-religious intellectual rustlers, and
stool-pidgeons in examinig its past and present with its acrewd
intellectual perversion, and laughable ploy as a front for state social
engineering under the influence of libralism with its nine-man gag-rule via
a nine vote travesty of justice set up. One man is a plant that can
literally hog-tie three hundred million citizens to what ever the communist
party determines the best interest of universal Bolshevism. This gang
should be put out of business permently.
No doubt it. This mahine is a legalized operation of
high-handed scoundrels, collectively, of wearing black-robes in pacticing
political priestcraft
in the name of a run-of-the-mill overrated sycophants and as usless as tits
on a boar-hog. This collection or, concoction of miscreants, rustles
law-books to twist liberal rot to fit the gerrymandering of collectice
political whoredom as a sideline, in legally cementing incipient socialism
amidst the minds and souls of every patriotic being, that are allured into
its net of so-called Supreme Court shystering with a gobble der gook
perverted intellectual fraudulence geared to wire-pullers as operatives and
servants subserive to an invisible syndicate of international finance. The
supreme Court is fraudulent and a threat to our republic. This operation is
only a watering-hole for self-opionated hustlers ever drowning in their own
muck and mire, as puppets in the hands of a universal Military/religious
priesthood oligarchy.
Organized political psyhilus eats the brains of intellectual groplings as
gangrene eats the guts of out of misled intemperate fools as agents of
America has been been betrayed. the whole state has become
a graveyard of corrupt legal pettyfogging. One or two more appointments to
the state-court bench via Primeminister netanyahu through political
fraudulence via the Presidency will install America as only an appendage to
Israel. Under the Eisenhower roost Nikita Krushhev stood before congress
pounding the podium with his shoe: Communism will take America without
firing a shot. Later, Eisenhower, suffering from dementure, warned congress
about protecting communism world wide. Close down the illicit Federal
Reserve and exit APAX from our shores and arrest the criminal element
behind NATO’s imperialism. Tell communist inspired United Nations nest its
glabal intentions in establishing universal BoIshevism to go straight to
hell. One can fool the national populance most of the time, but it is clear
that professional trained communist revolutuonaries have command over
Political twiddle de links first took place when Sec. 6,
Art, 6 of the Constitution on treaties was grandfathered into as legal
protocol by subtle snake-oil peddlers of alien financial moguls. The bank
of England was a master at arms treading back to the Temple in ancient
Palistine. In an alliance with the Wall Street monsters this gang of rogues
are wired to the Reserve. The trick here is to
baffle the regulators, invisible hand, in alloting part and parcel of
liquid with and stable resources through a global network of finacial
elites working with a hand-picked gang on the Supreme Court. This court
respectfully is a bully at playing off barious social combinations through
the art racial bootlegging. Basically, this is a make-up of quart-a-day
shysters. In a nutshell, we drag in the state Sept. John Kerry is a plant.
A well-wired individual and a thoroughbred lineage of the mental cripples
of whom are pulling out all stops that are in line to discourage incipient
Bolshevism and its prolonged method to destroy Western civilization.
The West and the East--obama vs Putin know the tricks and
trade of Universal communism. Presently, Putin is taking a stand. The CIA
has book-marked various nations in Asia, Africa, and the middle East.
Troops and armor is to guard these countries when the fiat currency is
curtailed as useless. The arising police state within America follows the
identical responce when the great depression is beginning to take place in
America. The state of Israel in the hands of a mad-man, Netanyahu, who is
seeking WW3 to save his hide. When the NATO gang makes a move to
imperialise helpless alien nations through pre-planted troops, then China
and Russia will move in. Iran has become an international sore eye as the
universal communist industry treads a path to self-destruct in attacking
iran. Naturally, Syria will be the next in line. Obama has fallen back on
his promise to Netanyahu in invading further into Arabia. All of the mess
is bacause we have a buch of pro=communist bastards ruling America.
Intellectual and sexual persversion is the ground work in betraying our
republic and nation. America is facing a coup. In dwelling Marxists seem
to be lossing ground. In 1950 General MacArthur was ajoined with an
awaiting coup when stepping from an aircraft in returning from the Far
East. Thinks did not go well as planned. America has rolled over into one
massive metropolitan sewer. The Left and right parties stand on tremultous
ground. We harbor an great eagle that has lost its nest, and let turkies in
power of whom do nothing but goggle de gook with no place to hide their
dirty-work as political cannibals.

from United States
Comment 246 of 273, added on May 14th, 2015 at 7:20 PM.

I’m Alfred Adask and the author of virtually all of the text published on
this website. I worked construction (ditch digger, truck driver, heavy
equipment operator, miner, etc.) before a divorce compelled me to become a
student of the legal system. One thing led to another and I wound up
publishing the AntiShyster News Magazine […]

Great Man,
You are one of a kind. It’s too bad that you have a heart of gold in trying
to help your fellow man. I am of little formal education and rather off to
my-self.God knows your heart–that is all that matters. We have a pack of
dirty-bastards in the legal system in creating a chaldron of hell on earth
for the children. I hope that you will be able to rebuke Satan’s gang that
sits on the Supreme Court bench. You are a voice in the wilderness. If need
a small contribution i’ll send one. Just let me know. Incidentally, I was
kicked off your site long ago. I do know that your God will not let you
down. Stand-tall and fight the legalized bastards that literally rob and
loot the poor. may God bless you when you stand alone.

from United States
Comment 245 of 273, added on May 10th, 2015 at 4:48 PM.

Congress must determine billions for Iran as a bribe to hold that nation’s
people in debt to previously bribed political gangsters now instructing its
people to tow the line of religious political diversities. If everything
goes well, our national populace will pay interest on fifty-billion plus
interest as borrowed from the Federal Reserve. Yes, billions for the
banksters and debt for the people. Here we have a problem. Fiat monies has
no financial roots when nuclear weapons is the center caught beween the
State of Israel and Arabia’s middle-man surrounding the Petrodollar.
Criminals in congress are allied with a state, Israel, in trying to pull
President netenyahu’s chestnuts out of the fire. The question is coined.
How do the Jesuits fit in into this scheme. Priminister of Russia, Vladvir
Putin has the Vatican’s power structure as opposed to Mahmmedism. The root
behind nailing Iran as a partime renigade triangled by Israel, Arabia and
the federal reserve tactis of bribing with printed toilet-tissue has no
hold, while the globalist are wrapped up in unregulated tissue-paper. In
essence, gold is used as collateral, of which will wind-down the Iranian
ruling elite. America should cut and run to keep its nose out of Near and
Far Eastern political and religious entanglements.
Since the Petro dollar is vanishing as an international
median of monetary exchange, as several countries are going back to
bartering and a new currence backed by gold and agreements to close down
reserves, this leaves our reserve as a lone wolf. Wall Street and its
closed-class of illicit investers has become a closed operation specialized
to the birds of prey that live a leech-like parasitic existence and loot
when a leak comes forth from well-planted insiders. Congress has lately
questioned this hydraheaded monster and was at a loss to recover missing
trillions of dollars. But, this machine cannot trick Israel’s hated eneny.
This fifty-billion loan will be backed by gold. The vatican holds most of
the world’s gold supply. China has forgiven America’s debt and allies with
middle East confederations. Several nations refuse toilet-tissue as money.
The Federal Reserve is out on a limb. The controlling gangsters have lost
political footage over the near and far east. This is the reason that NATO
has become imperalistic. The rub here is that Putin’s Crimean operation has
stalled Netanyahu’s pushing for WW3. This stand-off between two great
powers is slowly stuffing out Israel, too, amplifies the Vatican’s position
as a religious kingdom. In essence, global religions is at the base of West
and East social engineering while a global unification under a One Word
confederation of collective banking networks attemp to fashion a New-World
order of which all religions are to be mulched into one threshing machine,
as an invisible entity marches humanity into one massive organ as an
automoton of Bolshevism replaces devine intuition and mankind becomes
communised. This will be the finality of
Raw capitalism and the interest system, as mental slavery moves on its own
dumbed-down inertia. Only a WW3 can save the criminal elite that strangles
Washington, D.C. The Pentagon cannot fight Russia on the ground. Too,
America and Russia as nuclear weapons. God help Israel if congress
continues to send billions to this state to be used as a political ploy in
the Near East. Iran is temporarily being bought off--netanyahu can rest for
a while. America has troops in forty countries over the globe. The cost is
astronimical. For the communist gangsters in the of District of Columbia
selling out America is their game as a front for alien concealed inbred
counter productive parasitic operation of spiritual infirmity of evil souls
countering any and all civilized beings on planet earth. Most likely, these
spiritual operatitives have set up residence in both political parties.
Their game is to cleanse the whole earth of responsible humanity. Their
political hypotenuse cannot be calculated as both sides cannot be met being
divided as the lowest and dirtiest bastards ever that roamed this earth,
before the days of Adam. Out of all the ism’s on earth communism is a
hellish scheme to completely destroy any nation of divinity on earth. Their
chief operation is the state within a state machine of professional
criminals caculate the overthrow of our republic via the city/county
management system. This conglemeration of the criminally insane is held
together by innocent working employees that have bee mentally crippled
through an imposed nationwide educational monarchy via commie entrenched

from United States
Comment 244 of 273, added on May 5th, 2015 at 10:55 PM.

This is a merrited question. All for sure, an unseen element sits back as
a global destroyer, and is completely invisible to one’s naked observation.
Yet, worldly mankind means nothing to them. Infact, agents of hell would
more than likely be described by our notiple mysteries of people holding
obligations to some being drummed up as an hearsay minstering from pulpits.
In fact, little comprehension surrounding our nations social regulators,
for such faithless scoundrels had been milled through the exact educational
scheme from birth. No official poliitcal gambler, nor bastarised intellect,
could have dodged the hell on earth known as Democracy. The unseen and
undetected soules are apparently around all mankind. Their actual residence
is within the hemisphere where ever mankind tills the soil and couples
individual existence to be empowere wicieriean unknown God. This invisible
society, collectively, are masters of deception and are behind all secret
societies. Yet, secret or not,
public or privately, this misunderstood advisory weighs on every soul that
lives and breathes.
Down through time, hundreds of past years, in early Europe,
Black and white contained their rule of all countries through a combined
nobility. There is no difference within America today. In fact, before the
days of Noah, this elite manner to program populations worked under secret
combinations of darkness and evil, which led to the Great deluge. The
ruling classes labored under the fear of Master Mahan, a secret and
subversive society, practicing witchcraft, canabalism, sorcery, and sexual
deviation against children. Their main attraction was necrophilia and
drinking babies blood. It was death to mention this society. As previously
mentioned, we have combinations of religious priestcraft and mentally
crippled unstable prsonalities to be fascinated through dwelving into the
realms of hell it’s self in atempting elevate professional. proclivities.
One cannot deceive mother nature, sexual perversion is the head- master,
when educated souls, mental cripples, attempt to conceal repressed libido
infatuations. The enemy within are tax-free foundations and tax-free
societies. From Noah to Washington, D.C., Master Mahan’ rebellion against
global mankind is still carried on. We turn on the computer and every
secret socierty and tax-free political craftsmanship is put into the
dung-heap. The stamp of Satan cleverly turned man’s attention in devious
manner and the circus of misinformation rattles on through misguided
As the saying goes: A man is an animal with long funny ears;
he balks at anything he hears. And now it has been accepted that there have
been several global floods before the Great Deluge. Egyptian monuments and
the Grand Canyon verify that man has been on earth for hundreds of years.
Now, who was this mankind. The Holy works verify that many people still
live today. Some call them a tie to extratelestrals. The CIA has devised a
work that send man back into time. One involved with this was a Major
Moorehouse. Mr. Moorehouse was committed to an insane assylum and is under
medical control. that is proof that many people have lived for years and
mingling with society in general. This crowd is allied with the invisible
impire that wants to terminate mankind in general. This is the source of
all wars and national international distractions through the touring
industry, national crime rate and poisoning the total food and news
industry. This evil machine that guards the gate to hell opposes
civilization over the globe. In attempting to destroy all mankind would
then suggest that satan is making a headway fighting our creator. These
creatures are incorporated into all governments. Their idle time is
collective sexual perversion, blood drinking, consuning decayed corpses,
drinking and murdring children, canabalism, necrphilialia, This goes on in
every government in the world. Yet, no one can put a finger on them. These
creatures taste no death, for they are reincardinated devils in the fleash.
The question: WHO ARE THEY!. No one can tell. These unholy minions of hell
have no religion nor church. We pass them on the streets in not knowing
that specific sub-what-nots is making time in ordert to destroy the souls
of God. Behind every television and news paper one can scent an evil little
comprehended by the works of people of whom have never died in the flesh.
Holy works is clear on this.

from United States

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Poet: Ezra Pound
Poem: In the Old Age of the Soul
Added: Apr 1 2005
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Poem of the Day: Feb 23 2009

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By: Ezra Pound

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