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Analysis and comments on In the Old Age of the Soul by Ezra Pound

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Comment 108 of 248, added on December 29th, 2013 at 7:38 PM.


For thousands of years there have been questions, as to whether chickens
have lips, or snakes have hips. No one has stepped into the limelight,
paying attention to such comic dribble. But a most reasonable consideration
questions Democracy vs Republicanism. Is it possible to recycle
Republicanism to the point that Democracy will always remain as a political
tool, a babe-in-arms. Hardly so! There was not a time on earth, even before
the Great Deluge, that Democracy did not exist. Examine Babylon, Jericho,
Canaan, Palestine, past and future unites that Demonocracy will remain. The
Standard bearer of modern-day Democracy evolved from ancient monetary’s
mitosis of wealth, monotheism, into sharing a little via placating various
mob entities, to scream for more crumbs from a full slice. In a nutshell,
even before Christ, the riddle of Democracie’s failure to fade
into the ancient dust, and as now, will never take place. Adam Smith in his
” Wealth of Nations’, had not attempted to unravel the riddle of an ever
standing mysterious economic riddle. And he was the Grandfather of
modern-day economics. Karl Marx never did explain how Democracy developed.
It took one man, Socrates,
an ancient Athenian philosopher, ( 399 B.c. ), to warn of the grave
consequences, in speaking out as against any Democratic state. Socrates was
a Democrat;

he goes on. No man on earth who conscientiously opposes either you, (
speaking to a jury ), The ” Apology ), or any other organized democracy,
and flatly prevents a great many wrongs and illegalities; ( the court was
in republican hands ), from taking place in the state to which he belongs,
can possibly escape with his life. Socrates suggested that it would be wise
for anyone to avoid politics in order to live a happy and decent life.

Absolutely not! We cannot recycle Democracy. But we need to recycle
political whoredom when given a chance. Now is the time for the very ideal
of a throughly garbage canning most of the thieves in state control. Only
through genuine contempt should be held against the Commie rule of America,
in the hands of an international scheme of financiers, of whom have a
craving desire to drag our nation into the palms of a pseudo, anti-social
Utopian scheme, in pulling the middle class down into a national gutter of,
( Democracy ), fronting for true Democracy. AMERICA MUST RECYCLE POLITICAL
HOODLUMS——and revamping the Democracy that has been corrupted!

HOGORINA from United States
Comment 107 of 248, added on December 24th, 2013 at 6:31 PM.


Citizens should learn more about our Constitution. This document was
developed upon the interests of bankers, land owners, and speculators.
Ronald Reagan was a liberal’s liberal.He was a patsy for the movie
industry. Too, President of the Screen Actor’s guild. Yet, he
doubled-crossed the members by backing movie producers under the table.
Ronald looked out for Ronald and no one else. This weak character
recognized the first Satan’s church as Governor of California. Hedda Hopper
wrote a book and explained Ronald’s political prostitution–they were the
best of friends. Ronnie was shot while in office-no surprise. He actually
carried a concealed weapon when crossing his own union lines. Definitely
not an individual that one should look up to.

HOGORINA from United States
Comment 106 of 248, added on December 24th, 2013 at 3:02 PM.

Since the founding of our Republic rogues in the hands of the Rothschild
global banking system has pushed for internationalism. The enemies of all
righteousness, agents of a hopeless, pseudo religious movement, took
control through forcing the colonies into the hands of the Bank of England.
They have finally taken control through the United nations Organization,
and an off-shoot of the former League of Nations in Europe. The American
Red cross is a tool in the hands of this communist run organization. The
communist system is up and running in our country. 95% of national
political whores work under the influence of universal socialism. This will
never change until all religions are shut down that support the equality
scheme that confirms Satan’s hold on our people!

Comment 105 of 248, added on December 16th, 2013 at 7:15 PM.



We have a mania spreading out through America tied to the craze in owning
dogs. Searching back in the past to Vienna, Austria in the mid eighteen
hundreds, one meets with the identical situation surrounding, the dangers
of these animals, as being used for various personalities, for transitional
implications of individual anti-social inadequacies. The Late Doctor
Sigmund Freud and cohort, Karl Jung, along with Dr.Max Nordav, made lengthy
studies of split personalities and their relationships with specific

In the last several decades hundreds of dog fighting clubs were abundant i
America. Psychiatrist long ago persisted that individual masochism was the
actual reason for collective canine fighting. Masochism is discovered
throughout humanoids as natural outlet for the release of pent up
anti-social repressions. In it self, man instinctively harbored aggression
as a survival weapon against weaker individuals, to obtain food and
shelter. With contemporary existence, a concealed anti-social
predisposition to literally satisfy mental instability, through torturing
others, or the self, by civilized means, in a legal manner, masochism,
self-hatred and getting artificial sexual highs

Considering the love for canines in normal family life is not categorised,
as some what mentally suffering from a personality suppression complex
syndrome. Self-abasement in being surrounded by one or several barking dogs
gradually stamps out any noticeable impediment, distractions that might
thwart opposing the subconscious release of hidden sexual inhibitions.
Considering the love for canines in normal family life is not categorized,
as some what mentally suffering from a personality suppression complex
syndrome. Self-abasement in being surrounded by one or several barking dogs
gradually stamps out any noticeable impediment, distractions that might
thwart opposing the subconscious release of hidden sexual intuitions, that
are needed for an artificial high. This sudden release of forbidden sexual
infatuation qualms a disturbed mind, reversed back into the real world,
until masochism is to be daily released by Hollyweird’s sublimating

The dog-loving masochists cleaves to have several dogs and their racket for
long periods at night, and By indirect satisfaction, to worry neighbors,
that brings on self-torture of reverberating masochism.

HOGORINA from United States
Comment 104 of 248, added on December 3rd, 2013 at 10:57 AM.

FREE FROM THE WRANGLING OF EVERY DAY WORK We survive in retooled school
bus. I have eight children under the age of 14. My wife is an ex-pole
dancer. She ran off with a fireman. I am on medicaid for being too nervous
to work. Medicaid keeps my family together. Dumpster diving at Walmarts
helps out with needed items. My favorite pastime is fishing and drinking.
We truly support our boys overseas, for we love America. Incidentally, my
wife was expecting triplets when she left me with a broken heart. I am a
certified democrat. I opposed political oppression and wound up voting for
the late LBJ, my alter ego. After stacking ballot boxes for Johnson, in
taking names from tomb stones, it seemed more logical to get in on the
going gravy train while it lasts. To march for bread is much better than
slinging hamburgers at some McDonald’s hangout. God bless America!

HOGORINA from United States
Comment 103 of 248, added on December 2nd, 2013 at 6:37 PM.


THIS IS A LIE. The Jewish and gentile bankers loan money out to commercial
businesses and massive corporations. An entrepreneur heads for the bank and
borrows an amount of money, and signs for a loan. This so-called borrower
puts up an operation, and invites investors, to put their money up as
partners. Now this business man might be be running a chain of prostitution
houses across America.

Times do get hard, for the prostitutes see more worthy hunting ground
around tourist traps near military bases, and boat excursions, without any
police officials haggling their hucksters, or pimps, for higher pay
offs.The borrower, whore master,sex hound, and white slavery, along with
investors, cannot repay his ill-used sordid interest to the bank. No banker
had any part in some joker selling flesh. He only wants ( banker ) his
money returned. It is illegal and alien investors, who ruined the American
economy, through playing the stock market, through getting involved with
banking. The investors and borrower should go to prison as criminals. If
one has a friend that has played this market, then your friend is a thief.

h from United States
Comment 102 of 248, added on November 29th, 2013 at 10:26 PM.

Comment on Alex Jones: CNN Urges ‘Move to the Middle’ on Gun Control:

WOW; An international syndicate of social engineering financial
racketeers have finally accomplished a natural and long depressed
disposition to drag the civilization of our Republic into the corrupted
fangs of an international monetary octopus, slivering amongst pre bought
presidential panhandlers,scheming behind an inbred psychologically
self-implanted nature, in concealing just what money is and its origin.
Theoretically, currency expressed through paper, silver or coupons,
credit cards or gold is worthless other than commercial use. However,
for thousands of years gold was the most precious in controlling various
nations and societies. In fact. the power of currency as to fueling the
movement of goods and services world-wide is unique in that world
nations can be controlled through financial marketeers, of whom

collaborate with the some what newly established International Monetary
Fund, in conniving various international exchange rates weekly, sit, in
pricing gold, as professional swindlers, by being governed by several
financial agents, being subjected to agents of the Bank of England and
the U.S. Federal Reserve.
This vast one-eyed bankster corporation oration keeps helpless nations in
prevailing poverty via the interest ( USURY ) or ( INTEREST ) form of
vice. These professional loan sharks, through cashiering productive
states, plunder and rob unconsciously,with an absolute artificial
perception of
counterfeit FIAT species. America is being crucified upon a literal cross
of (
GOLD ). These certified barbarians of lusting on others labors holds
nations in financial bondage. Of course, our Republic is now run on (
FIAT ) money.
Reiterating that fiat moneys have no precious metal value at all, and the
conclusion supposedly trusts American Primarily, the globe’s gold supply,
over all, rests in peace at Fort Knox, KN. Gold backs up the American
and British empire, in renting out their military deployment world
wide. All countries accept goods and services in trading with various
nations. Fiat moneys originated with our Congress and Britain’s
Parliament. Gold is being hoarded in both America and England via the
Rothschild banking networks. Together, both civilized nations have
turned to imperialism. Rothschild is a pseudo paternal name. For sure,
these collective revenue scavengers consider the above average
individual, not in the house of their blood-sucking covey. to be
nothing less that ( cattle ). In cahoots with these conscienceless
financiers ( usurers ), as all America is driven like one vast horde
of wild animals under stress, to pay through the interest system,
Organized usury.The banking system originated to control progressive
civilizations through specific self-serving sycophants, in the field of
political whoredom.
Still, we are unable to establish when gold took over the ancient
bartering nations of past millennials. But it is obvious ( FIAT ) moneys
must be backed up. IT IS ! because citizens own homes and other
property. Believe it or not, your fixed and fluid wealth is being stolen
through outrageous taxation. This ownership is stolen from criminal
taxation. It doesn’t take a robber to take property dishonestly, for tax
collections are running them out of business. Any nation not falling in
line with fiat currency is invaded and starved into submission.
America has become a sewer for the globe’s humanoidistic revolutionary
driftwood and from the pale of eastern Europe. The banking
intelligentsia brings up the rear, in formatting ethnic dissension, and
community solvency, through control of all and any press, or news
outlet. We might say that the gold owners are forerunners of universal
This ancient pseudo religious movement basis its
inelluctable determination to sit
up a so called ONE WORLD government. In essence, gold is only a means
to an end. Absolutely, money lenders correlate ethic metrointranquality as
the a
network for financial entrenchment,in setting up the so-called city and
manager organization. Here citizens are merely mobs, ( CATTLE ), in the

hands of socializing specific areas of America, in furthering incipient
socialism, by bringing into poverty well established middle-class
productive elements via taxes, with inflationary funds to keep such
subservients, peons, gradually dragging any elevated class into a state
that has
ties to international finance.
The unlawful to tax is the power to destroy a nation. Gleaning back
into the latter eighteen hundreds, we discover that the globe’s chief
banksters met in Vienna, Austria. Here these agents of universal finance
of global significance decided to bring Europe under the scope, in
buying up France, Germany, the Netherlands and colonial assets of the
British empire, in congealing the world’s gold supply.This gang brought
America under its wings in the latter eighteen hundreds. And today, over
taxed Americans have their heads in the ground, by supporting usury in a
mad rush to finally wind up in a future that heralds a home-made

HOGORINA from United States
Comment 101 of 248, added on November 29th, 2013 at 6:13 PM.


E levated education becomes a dangerous threat to the unschooled, in the
art of political dynamics: and an all consuming anti-social radical
movement used in steering away from original Constitutional studies, of
which are imperative. At this point we learn that Sec.6, Art. 6 on TREATIES
was an input after the Constitution was originally ratified. This little
item has been used as the the shaker and mover in bringing America down.
There is no other cause in the flooding of our nation over the years as
professional revolutionaries have been crowding our shores since 1819, in
setting up ghettos from whence Communism found its birth in a land that
offered freedom from oppression. A stop gap must end this post socializing
of our nation; and one must plow beneath the the surface of planned
ignorance that has perverted our national educational system. The ignorant
and the super ignorant must be awakened. Here we must digress in search of

For an example comes the dredging up of Harry Hopkins, New Deal
Administrator and presidential advisor, as just another political robot and
spy, watering under the wings of Franklin Roosevelt. Hopkins was well
educated as a liberal at Cornell University, Iowa-nothing less than a
liberally driven sicko- psycho, genetically coined traitor. Treading
backwards through the furrows of time to our founding father’s era, lies
the master key to the declination of the American Republic, as the
political science of pseudo Democracy crept along our national era saddled
to a little known clause previously brought to light.

In the final days of laying down a master plan for an emerging of a people
under the United States Constitution, careful examination of this document
reveals the mystery of iniquity, as so subtly revealed in Art. 6, Sec..6
regarding ( TREATIES ). The only conclusion is that the little known ” City
of Gold ” housed in London England, but under a latter name today, (
finance ), managed to sabotage our new born Republic in the beginning.
Please read this article carefully and ponder as to when and where freedom
of speech will finally be annulled. COMMUNISM is thought control, nothing
more, nor les

HOGORINA from United States
Comment 100 of 248, added on November 27th, 2013 at 11:01 AM.

Generally Bible scholars are not clear as to who are really Jews. The word
Jew came into existence around 1775. This word is not found in the old or
new testaments. In fact, Shakespeare nor anyone before him never used the
word. The master lie that Christ was of Jewish extraction is the most
brilliant lie ever forwarded into print.
Christ was King of the Judeans, not Jews. The Pharisee speaking to Christ
was a mongrel. This individual was not a Jew. He claimed that he was the
seed of Abraham, but Christ rebuked him. Certainly he was neither Jew not
Judean, for there were no Jews at that time. Clearly, these mongrels
clashed with the Judeans, in claiming that they were practicing divine
guidance of which was false.
Clearly, the word Jew is a translators option for Judean. But the
translators went to work just about the time of the American Revolution.
Abraham was no Jew; yet a mongrel, not a Jew nor Judean, was nothing but a
roaming nomad. Pharisee! Christ addressed this vagabond as a liar–a breed
of low-level humanity. Our Lord declared that this individual’s father was
of the devil: of whom had killed all the prophets from the beginning of
time. Too, zeckariah, ( PROPHET 600 BC ), was murdered between the temple
and wall, by a mongrel who was no Jew, but a Hebrew. Let’s quit blaming
specific Jews of whom did not exist in the days of Christ

Comment 99 of 248, added on November 19th, 2013 at 7:02 PM.


The enemy was railroaded, because the war was lost for no other reason.
America, England, and Russia were merely tools, in the hands of
INTERNATIONALISTS. Dead and hanged men tell no tales. In essence, it was
hard to find a man, when the world gloated over missing the exact hour that
the globe had become a foot stool in the hands of universal finance. Race
is not the issue here; for humanoids of all cultures are merely cattle,
awaiting to be slaughtered, when the East and the West is to be dominated
by the loathsome gang of political parasites which make up the unholy crowd
that sit under the dome of the Unite Nations Organization.

HOGORINA from United States

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