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Analysis and comments on In the Old Age of the Soul by Ezra Pound

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Comment 15 of 155, added on November 8th, 2012 at 10:52 PM.
Poetical conjecture


One can easily be moderated out of this site. There is a great movement in
our nation to shut down reasonable conversation. We must repeat Thomas
Paine : ” These are times that try man’s souls”. It is a crime against our
national society being held in check by selected satanic perversion,
through phallus worship. Paine knew of this when he had written the
Declaration of In dependence. Too, this great patriot rebelled against Art.
6, Sec. 6, on treaties. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Constitution; but he not
possess the will to oppose this conspicuous clause- standing against the
Bank of England, because he was against the wall in attempting to
oppose universal finance’s conspiratorial control from a one-mile square in
London known as ” The City of Gold “. Yes, within three-hundred years
America has been overthrown; for total corruption had found its place when
Art. 6, Sec. 6, was funneled into the Constitution, after it had been
legally ratified. Phallus worship, perversion, was the fall of mankind
several hundred years before the great Deluge, of which Noah escaped via
the Ark. If Paine were living today he would hang his head in shame, to
witness America’s spiritual decline into the lowly world of animal
instinctiveness, as this moment our nation harbors the measure of lower
life. holding aloft the estate of mother nature’s natural habits with the
animal world, in glorying in the rebirth of phallus worship. Our Creator
warned King Solomon of the Jebusites, who today infect western
civilization- pre-programed mental perversion through uncontrolled
passions. The late President Herbert Hoover, a Quaker, in autobiography,
pub. 1947, warned that America was following the [ spiritual manners ] of
ancient Esau. The Jebusites – off-shoot of ancient Esau the Red. This blood
line holds the highest seats in national government-results, phallus
worship is the master key of a wicked state, in the hands of perverted

Comment 14 of 155, added on November 5th, 2012 at 1:38 PM.
Political poetry


Elevated education becomes a dangerous threat to the unschooled, in the art
of political dynamics: and an all consuming anti-social radical
movement used in steering away from original Constitutional studies, of
which are imperative. At this point we learn that Sec.6, Art. 6 on TREATIES
was an input after the Constitution was originally ratified. This little
item has been used as the the shaker and mover in bringing America down.
There is no other cause in the flooding of our nation over the years as
professional revolutionaries have been crowding our shores since 1819, in
setting up ghettos from whence Communism found its birth in a land that
offered freedom from oppression. A stop gap must end this post socializing
of our nation; and one must plow beneath the the surface of planned
ignorance that has perverted our national educational system. The ignorant
and the super ignorant must be awakened. Here we must digress in search of

For an example comes the dredging up of Harry Hopkins, New Deal
Administrator and presidential advisor, as just another political robot and
spy, watering under the wings of Franklin Roosevelt. Hopkins was well
educated as a liberal at Cornell University, Iowa-nothing less than a
liberally driven sicko- psycho, genetically coined traitor. Treading
backwards through the furrows of time to our founding father’s era, lies
the master key to the declination of the American Republic, as the
political science of pseudo Democracy crept along our national era saddled
to a little known clause previously brought to light.

In the final days of laying down a master plan for an emerging of a people
under the United States Constitution, careful examination of this document
reveals the mystery of iniquity, as so subtly revealed in Art. 6, Sec..6
regarding ( TREATIES ). The only conclusion is that the little known ” City
of Gold ” housed in London England, but under a latter name today, (
finance ), managed to sabotage our new born Republic in the beginning.
Please read this article carefully and ponder as to when and where freedom
of speech will finally be annulled. COMMUNISM is thought control, nothing
more, nor less; and a forerunner of universal Bolshevism.Our government
operates under an international syndicate of invisible social engineers, in
politically spreading the phallacy national that we are under thought
control in America, and the blind follow the blind, by way of psychological
warfare regarding thought control! We cannot expose the enemy within. In
essence, The Disunited States of America is merely a province of mother

Returning to Harry Hopkins is to recall that this pro-commie traitor was
special adviser to the late President Franklin Roosevelt. Hopkins became
one of the most important individuals upon the earth during WW11. He was a
go-between Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill, Primenister of Great
Britain. In post WW11 England lost all of her colonies. Thus America has
been taken over by many questionable people from eastern Europe-most
previously educated in our USA, while political whores and corrupt State
Department employees use the TREATY trick in putting a noose around an
unthinking and brainwashed national population. The problem is that we have
too many Harry Hopkins’ holding seats within the Congress of the United

Here we have ancient history tracking back to the ancient philosopher,
Socrates, who was a championed Republican/Democrat. Through a pseudo
Democracy, as we have today, this philosopher detested both sides of
thought control. He was put to death by Melitus, Athenian prosecutor, for
warning Athenians that true Democracy was the best form of government-free
speach, being the brain child of genuine Republicanism.

However,the most frightful situation in America is that the people are
misinformed. We might consider a national government being based upon
Machiavellian intrusion as alien to a free republic; momentarily, freedom
of the press and open discussion being suppressed, is the first step to a
home made scaffold. A Guillotine of political poison was designed, as a
form of death for Socrates, and of which is to bring our nation to an alike
ending. A few more planks under an unsuspecting nation that, like a
scorpion, carries the poison that will eventually kill itself, this is
crime, corruption, poverty and disease This is a fifty state prediction !.

Comment 13 of 155, added on November 3rd, 2012 at 5:52 PM.
Ezra Pound new this


In the shadows of contemporary professional journalism and in the every day
mental recesses of honorable layman, or hundreds of loose-minded mobs,
lurks a well concealed fact, being implanted from the womb to the tomb.
This mysterious spirit of iniquity can be traced back over several
thousands of years. Before the great deluge mother nature wreaked havoc
upon mankind that fell into a trap, of which was set up by the identical
political forces having control over our Republican institution. It is
impossible to segregate or divide the ever drifting of universal
Judaic/Christian into an iron-fisted grasp, of any and all, of whom believe
that the Constitution hallows no amalgamation or alliance between religion
and state. George Washington and Thomas Paine agreed upon this matter, but
Paine realized that a somewhat mysterious influence was amidst the Founding
Fathers. Thus, Paine wound up in a French dungeon, for going against the
ancient menace of ineluctable determinism’s hold upon any and all minds
dwelling in the universal fields of pseudo-man made religions, as allied
with political whoredom. Actually, for hundreds of years political reality
was not to rock the boat. Of course, a few in number had not the
intellectual ability to realize that they were merely tools of an already
One World government scheme being concealed down through the ages by
anti-social pulpit pounders, as ready-made mouth pieces for the financial
engineers of which have full command and absolute control over both
political parties respectively. The shame of this is that both parties are
wrangling over insignificant matters, brought to head as a veneer from
moles within. It is impertinent that pro Communist elements must be thrown
to the streets. America must know the terror of SOCIALISM. The subtle
political power behind INELUCTABLE DETERMINISM never forget and never
forgive when openly exposed. For sure, this poster will not make that
mistake. Not one President of this United States has failed to follow the
mysterious methods being imposed upon the people, because they are not
fully aware as to this mysterious, not mythical, individual personality
disorder of transcensdental Oriental fundamentalism, with its anti
spiritual nature to absolutely destroy the American Republic. Hand-in-hand
with this transcendentalism is its chief method used to compel political
whores to eat crow. This little unknown metaphysical implant is known as
GLANDULAR MURDER. Combined, this twin method of deposing any and all
political opposition, brings on sudden heart attacks and other deaths
through causing specific glands to over react at once. The last book
written on McCarthy mentions that the Senator knew that he was being
killed, but he could not comprehend the manner used. This was glandular
murder. At this very moment it is being used against any movie star or
politician of whom steps out of line. This is something like being
excommunicated from some religious denomination and being ostracized.
Threading back through contemporary history, even back to the Civil War
era, several personalities come to the fore front. President Abraham
Lincoln was caught in betwixt a rock and a hard place. His real name was
ENHOE, NOT lincoln. This is no great measure, but why the name change?
Supposedly, the President’s ghost writers had a political agenda to
There is no intention to demeanor wealthy people, for men of all nations
own much. In collusion, Lincoln’s true political nature fulfilled his
allotted alliance with a measure of Ineluctable Determinism. But on an
imaginary metaphysically induced desire for a unification of our young
empire, John Wilkes booth killed Lincoln. This murder was not over cotton,
slavery or insanity. Booth claimed each loved justice more than life.
Booth’s love for all nations was that of Thomas Paine—all nations have
divine rights under a creator. Booth comprehended international finance
very well. Booth and Lincoln knew The Declaration of Independence by

hogorina from United States
Comment 12 of 155, added on November 2nd, 2012 at 5:38 PM.
More than poetry

THE TROLL BRIDGE FROM THE PAST STILL EXISTSConsidering various implications
that Harry Hopkins, Franklin Roosevelt’s Chief Aid during WW11′s
wartime years, is to openly admit that Harry was justanother politically
orientated lapdog, on the New Deal’s pay roll, in a head long rush to ally
America with Red Russia under Joseph Stalin. Definitely universal
journalistic political whoredom, with its viper like ingredients, today,
are to be considered as traitors to our Republican manner of national
government. And at this very writing, scoundrels, modern day descendants of
yesteryears most hectic fight against moles in Congress to sustain
Bolshevism’s intrusion into every facet of population control, housed in
Washington, D.C., carrying out their systematic scheme to reorganize
America as a Third World nation, another dependent, a ( banana republic ),
on the payroll of the Communist controlled International Monetary Loan
system, as a tool to further global conquest of Oriental fundamentalism, as
allied with Red Russia to day. Obviously, reading these varied posts before
me display the sad sack prickliness of individual greed, in milking a ( cow
)long ago put out to pasture, republicanism! And now which has been
replaced with universal Bolshevism,under the cover of supposed to be
incipient socialism, even Communism. We must come to the conclusion, as
Winston Churchill so harbored, ( We must get to the lord root of the
matter; fingering out,( Harry the hop ), as Roosevelt named his personal
pro-commie watch dog, is like shooting at one mullet in a barrel. It would
be wise to trash all of the posted information, into file 13, to be
completely forgotten. Truth stings. To the above average journalistic whore
it falls by the wayside. No man of public venture will **** truth. As
Shakespeare surmised, ” Oh truth, where is thy sting”. Momentarily, one
must ponder ancient Egyptian civilization several thousand yesteryears into
the mystery of Israel;Genesis gives a history of Jacob and his twelve sons.
From this we learn that Jacob and his sons were known as Israel, then,and
as of presently. Jacob had a twin brother, Esau. Eventually both parted. To
day Esau’s descendants through Ishmael, the Arabs, first cousins.to the
original Palistinians, are separated on the issue on Mohammad and the God
of Judah.to be more specific and to a conclusion, is to examine Israeli
trek from ancient Egypt to the fifty United States. Israel has been
perpetually divided since the crossing of the Red Sea. In essence we have
two Israeli in existence proclaiming divine jurisdiction. In finality.
America is a fifty state divided Israeli puzzle. Blaming this on a
gentleman called Satan is to belabor the issue that all fifty states are of
Israeli extraction, for there are numbers of nations with their own man
made Gods. In conclusion, division is to control. America is now Commie
controlled,( thought controlled;fifty states with the Israeli heart torn
out and politically decimated through several wars as devised through
motherEngland. Herbert Hoover, late President of the United States of
America, surmised in his 1947 autobiography: America is following the ways
of ancient Esau. To better comprehend this statement is to read Art.6, Sec.
6 of the Constitution under treaties. The followers of Esau makes it
clear,America and Russia had been in bed when the founding fathers had
taken a nap. Nikita Khrushchev made it clear to pro-Commie Eisenhower: We
will take America without firing a shot!

hogorina from United States
Comment 11 of 155, added on October 31st, 2012 at 3:31 PM.


Shamefully, man-made religions are open to so-called inquiry, as these many
saving machines, so often front for a national empire of wealth being tied
directly to the IRS.
Here the innocent worshiper is lulled into a network, where souls are to be
saved, as these flocks
of believers put forth money, and guaranteed a future in the hear in after,
which is just as
solid as the Rock of Gibraltar sits. A spiritual being [ DEMON ] described
as the Serpent, has
its coils over the globe. Its final resting place is right here in the
midst of America. The tool of
this [ LUCIFER ] is to play to play the race card and to fermate racial

Do doubt about it, Racial misunderstandings is getting the best of, and all
people, of whom have
been deceived by man-made religious functionaries from the ground up.
America is a combination
of many individuals of multiple cultures. Imposters of eastern Europe.
Floods of Asiatics formerly
sat up a system of a one-class imperialism, This took years before Russia
was a state. This tribe
of people were formerly known as [ Mongols ],or Khazars, before the Russian
state originated.”

hogorina from United States
Comment 10 of 155, added on October 29th, 2012 at 6:48 PM.
Political poetry


So much bureaucratic riff-raft in regard to watering down both
sides of the welfare hordes in both America and Russia, until an updated
politically loaded metamorphism takes hold addressed as gratuities. No
doubt, Moscow and its subsidiaries are experiencing this ideal situation of
economic trolling. This is a small world, so let us correlate allied
nations, as global hunger is to be dealt with. No nation is an island now.
Russia saved the West during WW11, especially England and its providence,

Since the political ramifications of pervading hunger is reverting from the
Oriental world down through eastern Europe, we must examine America’s
plight, as emanating from illicit investors in control of the
New York Stock Exchange. Too, through the issue of fiat monies by the
Federal Reserve.

The sane approach to economic consistency is to keep a borderline residue
of surplus labor on hand nationwide, as a guardian of industrial freedom.
Over production through less pay and longer hours have increased nationwide
industrial serfdom through the weils of fascism. This economic disaster has
increashed millions of workers to unacceptable poverty–a corrupt congress
in alliance with PAC influences, along with Wall Street insiders, has
crippled the nation’s labor supply. And now, the mob mentality becomes a
threat as politically devised paupers.

Of course, the key to unraveling this not-so-outrageous, but well
comprehended quagmire, is to recognize this give away nourisment ( food ),
is a major blight of political prostitution, in fronting for well-nested
governmental gangsters that hold a menacing grip over helpless souls, of
our nation. But then again, could the nation’s society co-exist between an
upper level society vs growing pauperism, and a fraudulent interest
system.No! Indeed, as open robbery of all productive wealth continues to
furnish a feeding trough, and siphoned off in order to feed a professional
parasitic class of leeches, breeding from exploited productive labor.
Pauperism will continue to abound as labor is exploited, being palmed off
at inflationary scams, as produce fall into economic control through
criminals, in the echelons of national government.

Comment 9 of 155, added on October 16th, 2012 at 10:28 PM.
War on truth


Important people keep using the phrase “our families " What on earth are
they speaking about?
The political gangster, Earl Warren, stole our children and completely
destroyed national family relationships in 1954. We must accept the literal
fact that; this coward’s seed line goes back into ancient Egypt’s ( manner
) , of following subconsciously, spiritually magnifying mental disorders
based upon the allied Gods Osiris and Isis. In essence, we must perceive
that the likings of Earl Warren stepped from the lowest rung in hell, to
appear as Lucifer’s chief representative, to make war upon inarticulate
people, as mental slaves , being rounded up to serve a One World Order in
cahoots with a universal syndicate of finance, in tracking western
civilizations into the global machine of internationalism. Observation is
that Warren and Eisenhower were agents of Satan, that were inspired by
greed, to wreck our occidental nations. These two civil servants made war
on America’s decent and productive citizens. The jaws of incipient
socialism is at our doors. The total destruction of innocent families
through two political whores has doomed our Republic.

hogorina from United States
Comment 8 of 155, added on October 15th, 2012 at 7:48 AM.
Political poetry


The race is on for the national republican/democratic conventions. Here is
where the hidden wire pullers will pay millions for votes of both party
deligates Indeed, this is where Lucifer will barter for the souls of men
and at times ladies. This class of obliging political whores will sell
their souls to Satan’s well planted insiders. Whichever sycophant of either
party is selected, and finally lounges upon the dome of Washington, will
bring his gang of hustlers to join the so-called Chief of State in his won
position, enjoying each other’s after party flatuations. Thank goodness
that this crew will never hold the keys to our two pseudo-partie’s treasure
vault. No political whore should ever be trusted to enter any public
outhouse without wearing a muzzle. Yes, all such characters are most like
bandits of outhouses. Recollection reminds many of the late Niccolo
Machiavelli in his ‘ PRINCE. ‘

And the present condemnation of scoundrels on our national political stage
continues to move the circus of political whoredom to the limits; our
Republic is in grave danger. America is absolutely commie controlled. to
the highest alien bidders of universal finance. Karl Marx’s dream has come
home to meet him. for his call for the workers’ of the world to unite for
you have nothing to loose but your chains. SOCIALISM !

Speaking from his tomb Machiavelli cries through a contemporary surrogate
E.C.Knuth 1946 in his (The City ). This indicates modern Machiavellians in
having their own stalking horse grasp the leadership of their opponents,
and then as their own veiled and hidden action is gradually unfolded, have
their Pied Pipers oppose them on spurious and superficial reasons in such
away as to obscure and conceal as far as possible the real reasons and
objectives; thereby confusing and confounding the real opponents and
leading them into a swamp of futility. Absolutely, this is the Disunited
States of Amerika. Our national Temple of Democracy was never for sale, but
now has been sold to an encroahing global machine of progressive
Orientalism’s despotism.

hogorina from United States
Comment 7 of 155, added on October 6th, 2012 at 5:47 PM.



and no polished sycophant, not ignored during life, as brother of a
president, was a

self-made man. This gentle personality was no brush off, when meeting
preselected political whores huffing it off at tax payer’s expense in
D.C., nor a sucker to be glorified by many curious tourists. He was a
man of men. He made it clear, in so many utterances, that he would
rather sleep in his filling station than the White House! Yes, far ahead
of his time, a bottle of beer was more precious than being forced into
shaking hands with some low-life creep serving within the State
Department, or meeting scoundrels strolling along Pennsylvania Ave.

In essence, the vast majority of Americans could care less in staggering
around the White House in viewing portraits of past presidents. Billy
was compelled to question political whores, of whom actually made it to
the the top during the yesteryears. We can begin with Woodrow Wilson, a
troubled man that sent our flowering young men over seas to be
slaughtered, in the attempt to sell out our nation to the European
League of Nations. Failing, brought him a miserable death. And there was
the late Franklin D. Roosevelt, a traitor, in allying with Communist
red Russia in 1933. His follow up was the late Harry Solomon Truman, who
tried to conceal his ancestral background with an S for a middle name.

The old saying, ” What’s in a name.?” Ask Harry. Harry worked well with
his buddies, red Russian agents, in laying the ground work for a then
future United Nation’s Organization, of which basically is a front for
an approaching global socialism. And this goes on for ever, when a
political hack is wheeled into office .Now getting back to Billy Carter.
He knew as to what specific nation in the near east that was up to its
neck in fighting off international banksters. No matter who makes it to
the White House, and even before the present, all are merely tools of
universal gangsters, using the global empire as a front for an ancient
religious order, that needles its octopus like methods to gain control
of any and all lulled into its net. A man like Billy Carter would never
betray his manhood, by grasping hold of one octopus tentacle that
reached from afar, right into the center fold of Washington’s political
whoredom. Incidentally, it was rumored that Billy was hauled via a
military aircraft to a clinic for a rest, being forced against his will,
to be socially indoctrinated, politically. Nevertheless, Billy was
faced with a hive of his brother’s insiders. Many Americans believe that
Billy had received a chemically devised lobotomy from the identical
better part of professional of hoodlums that originally drove him to the
bottle. Mr. Billy Carter should have been Secretary

of State; for this gentleman could have met more alcoholics, passive-pseudo

bandits and fraudulent personalities. Billy would never have pro-scripted
any [deadbeat] or

absent-minded fool, as an ambassador at large, in lugging a briefcase
filled with torts. True indeed, most alcoholics within the State
Department would marry the Devil for a shot at visiting some of Europe’s
red-light districts. America says heil to the late Billy Carter, as a
man of his word.

hogorina from United States
Comment 6 of 155, added on September 25th, 2012 at 5:56 PM.

The glory of God is intelligence; intelligence fills the immensity of
space. Poetry reaches forth into ones heart, in refreshing moments that the
soul relinguishes,
momentarily self-perception , to be in harmony silently, with the world of

hogorina from United States

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