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Analysis and comments on In the Old Age of the Soul by Ezra Pound

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Comment 271 of 271, added on August 26th, 2015 at 3:22 PM.

The old maxim that waste products can be rejected from one’s torso through
the expidition of useless stored up wastes contrary to individual
consumption will releave a democratic fervor via unloaded gobble de gook
legislative blockage. One legislator used a trial one that failed, : “
i just tried a coffee enama. An expelled everything, but i have a question.
Throughout the day i would feel like i would have to go. And the onlt thing
that would come out would be this mucous looking stuff, like little globs
of it.
What is this, intestinal lining, intestinal mucous, or Candida. Is this a
good thing to expell ? “ ( In parahrasing, Hogorina would suggest that
prior to belly wash and colon flushing such political plants must
understand that their psychic process is not an alien misgiving
mind-bending mental process to be separated from the all over vegitative
cognition as aliened with the gut. We might add in borrowing from
psychology today. To be plagiarised: Psychology is the study of mind and
behavior. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks
to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and
( paraphrased. Congress is a group and collected individuals of which
suffer IRANIANITIS. Our nation is in the hands of hand-picked political
idolatry. This is the belly-wash that that clings to colons. Too, a
mind-set to protect the state of israel. Under this alien influence is the
gut-wrenching in concealing that Congress is a syndicated nest calculating
scoundrels. primenister Netanyahu and Obama wades through both houses as a
mud-puddle. Under pressure that Vladimer Putin of Russia has no colon
stoppage. His canals has been flushed into the Cremia. Nato has become a
thorn in its overstepping its illegality through falce implications of
pesuing internationalism. The Near and Middle East is armed by the
influence of oil-seeking Western-world mongols, Again, Congress is
bowel-locked because of collective nervous dysfuntional personality
suppression. The adrellinin and potuitary glands are over-reacting in
creating intenal bowl functioning. We wonder why Congress is fighting to
maintain inlaid corruption. Constipation is natural when nervous systems
become chemically disruped. Our Congress suffers from elephantisis. It
reminds our nation of the crockergator. This beast is the meanest creature
upon the earth. This is because it has a tail on each end of its body and
cannot get rid of waste. Good advice to Congress is to keep a crate of
Equate Enema on hand--Saline Laxative. And before sending drones and
stingers over Iran that kill both Christians and ISI elements please
remember that Netanyahu has no intestanal problems or worms.

hogorina from United States
Comment 270 of 271, added on August 23rd, 2015 at 9:51 AM.

By drbhelthi, March 28 at 11:39 pm . BASE CRIMINALITY
Hogorina, how dare you be so comprehensive and accurate in your responses !
What are you trying to do? Placing an accurate focus on the basic values
that have developed mankind to the current position of stagnated progress,
by revealing a few persons who have been major de-railers along the train
tracks, via their distorted value systems, and whose progeny continue their
inhumane behaviors, might enlighten a few people. However sadly, too few.
Shenonymous, there is come accuracy in your synthesis of the two basic
“schools” of hypotheses regarding the topic, “schizophrenia”. Simply
marvelous, how medicine has developed psychiatry into such a large industry
that employs so many people. With a few accidental successes, the drugs
prescribed by this group reap billions in annual profits for the pharma
industry. While, the side-effects of the artificial, crude-oil extracts
that are prescribed, provide a multitude of patients for their colleagues,
who hold only the MD degree. Whose prescriptions of artificial preparations
perpetuates the income of the pharma industry – and its employees. Then,
there is the oncology industry, with its many thousands of employees around
the world. My statistics indicated that the failure rate for chemotherapy
hovered around 92%. However, a world-famous physician recently published
the figure of 98%. He also clarified that most of the victims do not die of
cancer, but rather from organ failure generated by the poisons that
oncology injects into the bodies of its victims, under the guise of
“chemotherapy.” Genuinely weird. Nitrogen extracts of mustard gas, and
other poisons, are supposed to cure cancer, which chemicals have been used
for a hundred years or longer to kill people? And the citizenry does not
notice the disparity?
Just look at the profits generated by oncology, and the hundreds of
thousands of corpses sent annually to the undertaking industry, increasing
its business. And, is it not wonderful, the pharma industry has isolated
and extracted one element in a natural tree-bark that, it alleges might be
useful in cancer treatment but which of course, “requires additional
research,” and will not hit the market for several years. Meanwhile, the
native population has used tea from this bark to cure cancer and a host of
other illnesses for a couple thousand years. Is it not wonderful how
psychiatry, allopathic medicine and the pharmacy industry provide so much
employment around the world, while pursuing the habit of killing off its
victim-patients under the guise of “medicine” ?
NO. Quite the opposite !

hogorina from United States
Comment 269 of 271, added on August 10th, 2015 at 11:25 PM.

Crime, corruption, poverty and disease plus poisoned food, water, and
medicine, is a mater of indifference to a pack of develish political
rogues, in nailing down our contemporary state under Idumean influence
and; their major weapon of pseudo democracy, in being occupied by
national political religious banditry. Our republic is in the hands of a
low-class elite sons of bitches. Political whoredom holds our national
government under control as an international wire-pulling syndicated
financial social and fascists monarhism.
Absolutely, one must take a singular view as to the
manner of a gaugantian cyclops’s’ control of Wall Street and its grasp in
line with the Bank of England’s influence. The founders of Wall Street
were former money-changers. This brotherhood of Mafia orientated investing
criminals are allied with the federal reserve.
Naturally, the treasury dept. is only a set-up to
deceive the public. This most inconspiculous operation commites frogery and
collusion as the Bank tof England by-passes this institution. No Presdient
has ever come down on this corrupt operation. But, several congressmen
warned of this fradulent machinery of mental and physical perversion in
high seats of national government are merely professional deadbeats….
During the recent Presidential conclivity nine
appointees spoke on inconclusive presumptions. No margin of thought, as to
the Collective religions over burdening all fifty states working in cahoots
with the Internal Revenue Service. It is an established fact that the
governmental supported religious empire is the mast key in dumbing-down a
nation of idle-minded alien indoctrinated philosophies through imported
liberalism. Collectively, Congress must commit subterrainian inverted
socialism as a cover for liberalism. This is a form of high treason.
Actually, in thr past, when a Presidentail tool had wormed his way into
office, he lay his hand on the Old Testament and took an oath to sustain
Israel. This is about as to treason as one can get. But, then, this
in-house betraying has been the case back to the late Woodrow wilson. This
man was an artist at being a traitor. And of course, this will all ways be
the case.
Nine men came forward and spoke with tongue in
cheeks. There’re either fools or take rwenty-one million souls to be
uninformed and slaves to a comie inspired nationalal news industrie’s
rampart disrespect and news extortion of public figures, involved with
political whoredom and possibly criminals . Maybe, one or two may be tied
in with professional parasitism through office procedure as bag-men for
some charitable syndicare.
America is under military occupation through
FEMA, SWAT, and CIA agents spying on industries Traitors within the State
Department through a Global drug cartel nest right into the busom of
misled citizens to be politically fondled, and to arouse innocent souls
to actually vote some damned fool into national office of a pro-commie
national confederation of incomparable comprehension, as to how America
has been betrayed in the past and treated as common swine today.

OCCUPIED from United States
Comment 268 of 271, added on August 8th, 2015 at 6:21 PM.

Recently, over twenty million souls were soft-soated into an electronic
transmission to become temporarily mentally crippled. Ten individuals stood
shoulder to shoulder, just as bowling balls are set for an approaching
object. However, nothing of political value rolled forth from the jaws of
nine candidates for the presidency. It is the same old story, dazzle
proposed constituents with brilliance, or baffle them with B---S---. One
individual drifted from this staged dung-hill to stand alone. Nine
political rustlers still held their collective bull by its horn. These
soft-shoe blockheads were upstarts and climbers. This circus did not come
forth with any objective view, in wrestling America from the jaws of
national liberalism.
In fact, it was a holiday for clowns.
Peradventure, nine individuals were wired and scripted
context. But one stood alone; as the thought of Andrew Jackson of the
Civil War era, stood like a brick wall. General Lee made this statement.
The possibility of another Jackson, or Patton has been discovered. Donald
Trump stands tall before all Americans, while this lone individual has lain
bare his political war chest, in rescuing our American Republic of which is
in the hands of an elite ruling class of universal communist gangsters.

Comment 267 of 271, added on August 7th, 2015 at 11:31 PM.

A good idea would be to drop this into journalism’s lap. Sure, a little
repetitive, but life is one eternal round in battling the forces of the
world, either with a sword or printed words. The truth must be spread one
way or another. In a layman’s term not so easy. But then again, a word here
and then will eventually grow from a mole hill into a mountain.

Hi, an E-mail original sent to interested parties! Please forward!
Reading your letter regarding a preselected voice to bench on the Supreme
Court was only shocking in that it is unusual to learn that citizens are
awake, as to how our Republican system is being destroyed with the likes of
specific individuals invading the highest court in America. However, this
has been the trend since Abraham Lincoln was betrayed by Chief Justice
Taney in bringing on Lincoln’s assassination. Shakespeare surmised, ” Oh,
truth where is thy sting.” ;

the very kernael gist, of all we witness today can be discovered in Art.6,
Sec.6 of the United States Constitution under Treaties. Yes, this was a
plant by British financial imperialism’s a pay
back from the Founding Fathers. Through this simple under-handed act, was
the over throw of this government planned well in advance. Any intelligent
personality can readily see how the enemies of all republics’ since
Socrates, a ( Democrat ), had been attempting to awaken citizens, as to how
genuine democracy was the best life, and of which republicanism was the
origination of a free capitalistic society. The only way out of our present
system of emerging universal socialism is to ring the bell of truth, that
this tone will fall onto ready ears that love and seek truth for the future
posterity of a nation’s soul;

and speaking of souls, citizens have been blinded as to the manner that our
Supreme Court is used to actually control three-hundred million Americans,
by seating nine members as a front, one member holding the master key, in
breaking a tie on any national law, that is binding on the people, or
against the Republic. It would take a complete fool that would ignore this
simple matter as stated. The upcoming pre-selected personality that the
American Bar Association has recommended to our President
is just another plant. Is this person another tie breaker? Apparently, we
have a winner coming from the mobocratically-tuned Democratic wheel, that
rolls on, bringing on the death knell for a dying Republic!

Comment 266 of 271, added on July 27th, 2015 at 9:35 PM.

Living heroes do not die, they just fade away. well, if not deseased, now
and then one might stick around. And this is America’s national news
media’s hang-up. This gang of anchored down pinheaded clowns, claiming to
harbor a hang-up on a professional agitator, that has literally parasited
off of uncle sam, from the day of birth. Oh, sure, we have a heroe among
us, and well groomed for years under the Tax-payer’s coat-tails. But, is
this Presidential material? If hugging up on Netanyahu carries weight, it
would be possible, but this pro Zionist agent ( a thorn of Zionism ), is of
alien intrusion from Asia. Palistinieans deplore imported Zionism into its
territory. Well, Netanyahu has his ( heroe )
fully charged in maintaining a Congressional seat. Naturally, this
political prostitute would love to climb higher, however, the need is to
skirt non-heroes is clear. This is one lead balloon that will not fly.
America does not need another world war. Maybe this heroe should find a
decent life of privacy.

h from United States
Comment 265 of 271, added on July 22nd, 2015 at 3:35 PM.


Politicians are very clever in concealing mental degeneration and
dysfunctional disorders. In born
disturbances as hereditary thieves and lairs is an opium from the womb to
the tomb. Debating this
. observation would be foolish, because it is in full clarity,
whenever national conventions are held.
Whenever a barrel of these sons of bitches binds with lies, it is
impossible to undo Satanic intoxication rolled into the national
politically devised Electoral Voting System. a specific log-rolling
senatorial scoundrel now running for president mind; however, education
opens up individual perception and conception, in every direction of newly
discovered pathways, to merge in the future.
Bringing up Dr. Freud’s Oedipus syndrome, we must conclude that a specific
and particular tribal psychoneurosis is being repressed, within the very
depths of this man’s [ his [ known inhibitions, of which forces having a
tribal related international hysteria.
This psychoanalyst in the early twenties toured America outwardly
proclaiming that all citizens in this state demands that theft through the
electoral system be retained.. This bastard, and most in his parasitic
notion of living in office, are professional mule-Skinner and bonafide
liars.But then again, being suspicious of politicians, is a class
perception. This is the lowest rung of nature’s struggle. The interlocking
of political infiltration and devil worship is loosened sexual deviation of
neurotic impulsiveness. We must now regress to dis- intern Homo Sapiens as
neanderthal’s by-products. When plants produce carbohydrates oxygen is
released. As a class, when oxygen is inducted through political
prostitutes, a putrefaction of flaturation rebounds in gassing
unsuspecting constituents. We must reach into the love affair, the
fraudulent aspirations between pseudo democracy and a fraudulent
Is it possible that dedicated
politicians are mentally unstable. We know that Dr. Sigmund
Freud, just as Dr. Albert Einstein, Max Nordave, and Theodore Herzel,
proponents of so-called f Zionism, have been co-collaborators, as
contemporary partisans, while residing in Vienna, during the early
eighteen-hundreds. Several of Freud’s co-workers went their ways, because
they realized that the Oedipus Complex was death to psychoanalysis. But the
love feast under democracy and republicans is open rape in observation
The political Oedipus conception, phallus, or party worship, covers
thousands of years from the past. And began ro resurface into political
prostitute, .the nature as one being absolutely spell-bound by some sort of
emotional fixation being tied to individual erotic desires. In essence,
this bright man Freud , was actually using specific by-words to cover his
own religion. Political bastardization is compounded religious/politics.
The Electoral system is a pig in the Polk measure, to assure that gangsters
will become presidents..We know that Dr. Sigmund Freud, just as Dr. Albert
Einstein and Theodore Herzle, so-called founder of Zionism, have been
co-collaborators, as contemporary partisans, while residing in Vienna
during the early eighteen-hundreds. Several of Freud’s co-workers went
their ways, because they realized that Oedipus complex had rested upon sex.
The late Dr. Ben Friedman declared phallus worship covers thousands of
years from the past. And began to research into Freud’s ancestry to
discover phallus worship covers thousands of years from the past. And began
to research into Freud’s ancestry to discover phallus worship covers
thousands of years from the past. And began to research into Freud’s
ancestry to discover phallus worship extends thousands in the past.

We know that Dr. Sigmund Freud, just as Dr. Albert Einstein and Theodore
Herzle so-called founder of Zionism, has been co-collaborators as
contemporary partisans, while residing in Vienna during the early
eighteen-hundreds. Several of Freud’s co-workers went their ways, because
they realized that Oedipus complex
rested upon sexual intuitions.

Actually, the psychiatric
world has dropped the word schizophrenic from its nomenclature, on mental
instability. Decades past, a radio personality, Major Bows, came on line
with the words: ” Round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody
knows.” Generally, this applies to our national citizens for sure, when
anxiety steps forward before Congress, unannounced, in exploring the public
utility of conquering mother nature. Masterful criminality washes away
socially engineered bamboozle.
Yes, indeed, when an erotically inspired
individual takes a public stand in trying to shield repressed and socially
uncontrolled inhibitions, of personal proclivity to wander the
psychoanalytic path ” The Personality Suppression complex Syndrome.” This
is a natural inclination for any bastard in seeking bread via political
A two-party gang- bang , political front,
democrat/republican, this is a pure herd instinct, in seeking some pleasure
principle, is under the spell of a Personality Suppression Complex
syndrome. As a tie-in with
religious indoctrination the Oedipus stultification heads for the nearest
cliff for swine diving.

Political contraceptives need no Viagra. This
gang in office is in inhibited with repressing untruths, self-induced
masochism, or the magnetic public venture of spouting the greatness of
contraceptive safety,in attempting to shield suppressed erotic desires of
bought into anxiety. The political rape of America is at its apex.
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Comment 264 of 271, added on July 17th, 2015 at 10:36 AM.

The study of mother nature respectively as to unpolluted water and its
vital necessity in protecting the lower animal world against man’s various
activities, —- lead to passing off deadly mentally cultivated bacteria via
spheres contrary to healthy living must be considered. The loath some
disease of political whoredoms’ party augmented devised mental syphilis of
organic poisoning brought on by excessive alcohol with the consumption of
unregulated bacteria loaded processed foods; and most of all, struggling
through life with a hobo’s mentality of degradation in official
prostitutional whore mongering is a direct duality between bacteria and
water poisoning because bribes in all industries contributing directly in
ruining the nation’s pure water supply are passed onto organized thieves
turning their heads in protecting public health and the lower animal
First hand experience with an industry in the ship-build field is the
guiding light in making accusations against OSHA as one governmental
orientated department supposedly having an interest in the area of any
industry with ship building or repairs. Observation was that for years oil
and manure was flushed into a local river in poisoning ocean life and
killing wild animals and birds while heads were turned the other way. One
could observe human feces and oil drifting along year after year. The most
harbored and obnoxious thought against local political syphilis was to
watch fish netted and put on the local market. Much bottom feeders such as
mullet found their way into local tourist traps. Openly we can note the
political connection between bacteria and scoundrels being bribed in high
office. The saddest thing is to note as to how OSHA wore blinds! and
millions that were passed to localized political whoredom through bag men
or ladies.The-Red-light districts had more to offer tourism than bacteria
loaded mullet; customers could enjoy river food from the local sludge
Nationwide such assertions can be made. There is no confidence within many
states with whom are allied with public serving rogues in feathering their
own nests while helpless citizens can go straight to hell! The only answer
to this whole riddle of bacteria and political whores is to go out and vote
the inefficient fools back into office. By nature, humanoids are more
disposed to suffer evils ( pollution ) while evils ( politicians ) are
sufferable. If the national sewer of political syphilis is allowed to
expand through herd-like dispositions of a mob-like cancerous expansion
then America will gradually become a national disaster of wide spread
bacterial implosion. Political whoredom and enhanced biological (
will be the eventual death and decline of a republican / democratic system
will continue to roll over into a national metropolitan sewer in the hands
of sickened political whores fastening onto the innocent hides of
tax-payers’ Eradicate them ! back to the rural outhouses where many leaned
that mother nature cannot be aborted on either end; the master political
prostitute ends up as a fish out of water which he helped to pollute!

hogorina from United States
Comment 263 of 271, added on July 14th, 2015 at 9:19 PM.


A product of Harvard, Lillian Epstein, of Poland, attacks Hogorina for
questioning the upside, downside, hand-clasping back-slapping congressional
upstarts, in becoming a watering hole, as an orchestrated machine of
collectivized melancholia, in giving Potus a shot as a paid seat warmer.
Here we have a Jackal and Hyde saddling a donkey between Israel and Arabia
being addressed as a Semite. It has become an alien unfortunate religious
misgivings, for any upright citizen to question many socialist
revolutionaries, of whom now have pretty well bedded-down with Uncle Sam.
Drag one out into the light of scrutiny and hell breaks loose. Hog is put
on notice.

Out of rage and an unsound mind, she blurts “ So you’re saying that you’re
anti-Semitic.” “ Who are you ranting about and against.” end quote. I would
suggest that this remarkable lady return to Berkeley. If not, she has had
her brains dug purse .

You ARE aware that POTUS is a Muslim, a Socialist, and a Communist rolled
into one chain smoking, beer guzzling, golf club swinging, vacationing
package, right?
There are Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Jews, African Americans,
Christians, atheists, agnostics, Catholics, Protestants, etc. in Congress.
So tell me just who or what you are biased against. LILLIAN the
liberal, has given a good cross-current of a congressional exponent y
bogged down in the lap of pseudo democratic Marxian infiltration. This
nurture of instilled individual self-hate simply failed to include that
Potus also was an inspired self-hating scoundrel and a dammed fool.

hogorina from United States
Comment 262 of 271, added on July 13th, 2015 at 10:08 PM.

The rear-seat invisable rule of the universal stock exchange social
engineering financial rulership are at it again, once shady deals of the
past in dealing with Third-World communities slowy looses ties through the
National Monetary Loan and its subsituary global inclnations, in attemting
to regulate affairs of indigent nations and implanted dictatoships. This
scheme has halted and will fail just as a lead-ballon will not fly.
Most of all,l our State Deparment is nothing less than a burnt out pack of
political rogues headed by a chief sycophant, John Kerry, who usually has
no idea of foreign affairs. Since 1933 this operation has always been a
hand-me-down path into political oblivion, just as it is this moment.
Generally, any party-hack would actually marry the Devil for an ambassador
at large into france in order to visit red-light districts and pick up
Holy water is now spouted from this seat-warming-- operation, in dulling
the minds of governmental affairs in keeping cool, as this country,(
America ), has gained a new quick track method pushing our nation towards a
narrower path to further the dream of internationalism.
And how is this to be accomplished. Simple! by psychological warfare
created among selected members on the Council of Foreign Relations.
Presidents hand-pick these individuals through their past experience, as
tied to political and private organizations, linked with the Federal
Reserve and the Treasury Dept. This hiarchy of a gangeters bureaucracy of
global-minded traitors seek orders directly from invisable rulers via an
under world Mafia. This set of professional criminals toe the line, in
racketeering, while bowing down behind ruling financial thugs, as allied
with the Bank of England in line with the International Monetary Fund, the
World Bank, Wall Street, Treasury dept, and an illegal investment
industry. But this is not all. President Vladimir of Russia is in league
with this gang, and has bamboozled the West, and the machinery of financial
rape rolls along. The state department within London beds down with fellow
communist party organs in Washington and moscow.
It is well established that at least ten foreign nations, governments are
to be dumping the Rothschild banking system from their lands. We witness
China, Russia, Egypt, Iran, Hungary etc. This white washing is put forth
with he same collusion, as in the past–delusional political drum-sticks to
dazzle the ignorant and the super ignorant, that America will never loosen
its nationalism. Well, the dye has been set, for this nation’s days are
numbered! Natinalism has been lain to rest. It is now, The Disunited
States of Americka. Internationalism has been estabalished and innocent
people have been drummed down into internationalism. BOLSHEVISM!

hogorina from United States

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