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Ezra Pound - In the Old Age of the Soul

I do not choose to dream; there cometh on me
Some strange old lust for deeds.
As to the nerveless hand of some old warrior
The sword-hilt or the war-worn wonted helmet
Brings momentary life and long-fled cunning,
So to my soul grown old - 
Grown old with many a jousting, many a foray, 
Grown old with namy a hither-coming and hence-going - 
Till now they send him dreams and no more deed;
So doth he flame again with might for action,
Forgetful of the council of elders,
Forgetful that who rules doth no more battle,
Forgetful that such might no more cleaves to him
So doth he flame again toward valiant doing. 

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In the Old Age of the Soul - Comments and Information

Poet: Ezra Pound
Poem: In the Old Age of the Soul
Poem of the Day: Feb 23 2009

Comment 151 of 151, added on September 15th, 2014 at 8:37 PM.

Quite a post on how not to become a lunatic. One uppermost
consideration in sustaining a normal disposition is to stay away from
lawyers, and any atmospheric condition that smells of these legal body
snatchers. Collectively, this profession is a mental disorder housed
within the bodies of the living dead. Their prolonged disposition is to
attach individual desires, in procreating, transposing, nature into a
look-a-like, corpses, hustling along with valises, filled with torts
that guarantee outright robbery of helpless souls. Socrates, ( 382 BC ),
denounced these vipers, as plagues of society and idle vampires.
The late, Clarence Darrow, internationally known criminal trial lawyer,
noted: Never trust a lawyer! The most upper thought of these body
snatchers is to never give a sucker an even break, nor a chump another

One must inquire as to the relationship of demons, and this shabby class
of professional liars have in common with national organized crime.
While supposedly protecting clients in, general too, health departments
should monitor these symbolically dilapidated souls ,as the walking dead.
An old maxim, ‘ the dead know nothing’, is contrary to reasonable
attention. A soul dead in heart and consciousness is a walking zombie.
Observe many of these creatures slurking from bar to bar thirsting for
alcohol. The above average lawyer, and eventually to become judges, are
known as a quart-a-day shysters. The only contribution to the living is
to literally suck the blood from the ignorant and super ignorant and the

It is pertinent that level-headed citizens be forewarned of this
legalized iniquity out of hell, thrust upon any civilization. Some years
past, a celluloid flick was on the market, ‘ The Walking Dead’. It was
well known that no lawyers would be hired as stand ins. NO STIFFS.

The producers wanted people acting as they were dead, not actually
deceased individuals, of whom were spiritually dead already. Stick to

mother nature’s eloquent advice, as to a healthy life via dodging
scoundrels in pinstriped suits. Most congressmen are Ambulance

hogorina from United States
Comment 150 of 151, added on September 12th, 2014 at 8:57 PM.

The holy land stops all the machinery of public commercialism-stultified,
with investors heads bowed, as President Netanyahu hopefully awaits Iran to commit
another genocide act against the state of Israel. An excuse is needed to commit
murder, in the name of population expansion, and a political reverberation reacting
towards undaunted selfish rule, as personified idealism backed by NATO and WALL ST.
Stinger rockets and grenades aimed at Israel or Gazi populations, or individual clans, is nothing but open slaughter, that illicit investors over the globe pocket monetary proceeds, from suffering humanity.
Since the era of ancient Egypt are still lurking in the minds of man in the
hemisphere, we have Osiris, Isis, and Astardi.
investors over the globe pocket monetary proceeds from suffering humanity.
since the era of ancient Egypt are still lurking in the minds of man–in the
hemisphere we have Osiris, Isis, and Astardi. These are phallus worshiping gods.

America should dump all three of these man-made gods, as the great Golan
Monster, collectively, hanging over Europe, that lurches over all pseudo near and Middle east populations,
overlapping european commercial industry, reaching back into the Bank of England and
thus into the Disunited States of America. Obviously, we have a triangular
configuration of three religious monopolies, Zionism, Catholicism, and
protestantism, caught amidst this entrenched net in an alliance to actually dumb-down all mankind; to fall in
line with questionable origins of manufacturing, what is to be put forward
on Heaven’s platter via sent forth from podium to state operations; in
covering up for global illicit investing through any and all states, that
thrive from the open robbery of all productive people. This operation of
commercial slaughter of innocent nations around the universe coincides with
human global genocide and nothing else.

Taking all things as a whole, of which leads to any sort of genocide,
starvation or incineration, whether in Jerusalem or Iran, blinds the cruel
act of political crime and unthinkable inhumanity of the present
administration. One of the greatest acts against a hand full of religious
followers was the mass murder of Christians at Waco, Texas. Attorney
General Janet Reno and Bill Clinton actually slaughtered women, men, and
children, because David Koresh’s biblical theory did not coincide with
national oppositional religious configurations, including oriental religious fundamentalism
and would not take freebies from the IRS. Well, FEMA, SWAT, and civil authorities had a
field-day in using tanks, gas, and armed troops, in dealing out unchained
Hell against innocent citizens. The same gang that controls Netanyahu and waylays Arabs.

hogorina from United States
Comment 149 of 151, added on September 10th, 2014 at 7:07 PM.


Why should we let the dead legislate to the living. Three political gangsters in 1945 sat up The North Atlantic Treaty Organization--Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill. Of course,
this brought in other nations of Europe. Small-fry Third World nations
are a combination of banana republics. Opposite red-neck liberals shaded via Marxian intellectual mind juggling grab hold of the Constitution as a first resort in opposition when the NATO gang moves towards global imperialism, as Vladimir Putin has stalled such intentions by moving into the Crimea. Israel hates Netanyahu as an anti-social gangster. This mad-man is glorying in the Gaza strip affair, in that his scheme for a third WW is in line with NATO illegally interferes with specific Middle Eastern states. Somewhere within this twisted situation
Unified pall bearers will be needed on both sides and the dead will remain without a voice against war crimes being committed against innocent nations.


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