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Ezra Pound - In the Old Age of the Soul

I do not choose to dream; there cometh on me
Some strange old lust for deeds.
As to the nerveless hand of some old warrior
The sword-hilt or the war-worn wonted helmet
Brings momentary life and long-fled cunning,
So to my soul grown old - 
Grown old with many a jousting, many a foray, 
Grown old with namy a hither-coming and hence-going - 
Till now they send him dreams and no more deed;
So doth he flame again with might for action,
Forgetful of the council of elders,
Forgetful that who rules doth no more battle,
Forgetful that such might no more cleaves to him
So doth he flame again toward valiant doing. 

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In the Old Age of the Soul - Comments and Information

Poet: Ezra Pound
Poem: In the Old Age of the Soul
Poem of the Day: Feb 23 2009

Comment 231 of 231, added on February 18th, 2015 at 12:51 PM.

The principle of political rule within our pseudo-democracy depends on the level
of one nationwide political benevolence of subtilbility to wrestle with inarticulate mob restlessness, Keeping in mind, to succeed with the levity of
bushwhacking this herd through the art of bamboozlement, via baffling the masses oratorially, in the art of brilliancy, or to sway humanity with a line of bull manure. The national news media parallels such hypocrisy with journalistic prostitution. The very basis of socio psychological engineering factors into the ideological issue that stolen political and private wealth holders owns and controls police powers. This setup is to actually guard the stolen wealth of the various states in the hand of ruling classes. This cyclorama of plundering society is a tunnel vision into the presidency, in being upheld through political perversion of corruption in gerrymandering the confusion of rule on a platform of lies and perjury. The state becomes of parasitic origin.

Democratic and Republican In-party perjury is pronounced, for sure, when the black-mailed late President Woodrow Wilson was shoveled into office in 1917. Outwardly, his machine was inclined to unravel with foreign affairs. But lo and behold, the optom for Zionism was greased lightning.
The Chief Justice of the supreme court compelled Wilson to lay his left-hand upon the Old Testament. The right-hand was raised aloft. This act clearly demonstrates that the Israeli Sanhedrin really controlled our national judiciary system. This Wilson was a master-liar and mass-murderer, that agreed to make war on Germany causing the youth blood, the flower of America, to be spilled on alien soil. Sworn in via perjury, this schizophrenic induced personality, with Satanic confederation, to obey London’s Lord Balfour’s declaration, that was to set up counterfeit Israel in 1948. This act was put into force by global Zionism. The result consummated WWl.

The high treason was not far-fetched, for we have had two traitors, unelected Presidents, Harry solomon Truman and a Mr. L.B. Johnson. Both of these pro- socialist confidants betrayed this republic -- two different manners. Truman betrayed a country while Johnson betrayed a nation. And how did these two political swindlers commit perjury, in being sworn in, in the name of God. SIMPLE: they were agents of a master-minded international network of communist gangsters. The Council on Foreign relations interveined.
Both of these pro- confidants of dishonesty put Jesus down and delivered our republic into the vials of Bolshevism, betrayed in two different manners. And how did these two political swindlers commit perjury in being sworn in, in the name of God. SIMPLE: they were agents of a master-minded international network of communist gangsters.

Correspondingly, Alien spies such as Alger Hiss, Russian spy, and Harry Dexter White, Russian agent, Worked tirelessly with Harry Hopkins, through Truman, in betraying a country while L.B. Johnson betrayed a nation. And ln what manner did these two political swindlers commit perjury in being sworn in to coy to a network of communist gangsters. Truman betrayed a country while Johnson betrayed a nation. And how did these two political swindlers commit perjury in being sworn in, in the name of God. SIMPLE: they were agents of a master-minded international network of communist gangsters. Truman in the palms of an elite Russian communist oriented aristocracy, forced Truman to atomic bomb two defenceless cities within Japan, composing of women and children. This criminal act completely destroyed America’s fate, as to isolationism. Our governing body now pursues imperialism, as propelled forward in the hands of NATO versus Russia.israelisrael confidents

Nevertheless of presidential misconduct, the matter of perjury is weighed against two naive characters, by way of sworn oath that a specific gang of people were of Jewish ancestry. Laying hands on the Old Testament solidified this artificial presumption.

Their sworn word before God was a broad-faced lie. It was Bolshevism over capital. Leon Trotsky, a Jew by coincidence, in his narrow biography, ( Leon Trotsky ). Trotsky was in alliance with I.V. Lenin and Joseph Stalin in the 1917 communist overthrow of Christian Russia. Trotsky absolutely declares that there is positively no ethnic nation or ethnic race of people known as Jews. Trotsky was an internationally known revolutionary communist. The phony Jews of Russia murdered him in Mexico in 1939. Trotsky is the horse’s mouth.

This band of mixed ancestry took over Palestine seven hundred BC and opted to be called Judeans. Backing up Trotsky is bonafide in that the word Jew did not appear in world literature until after the American Revolution. From Teddy Roosevelt until the present era. Its one presidential liar on the other, all fronted for a counterfeit class of people that have never been a nation. L.B. Johnson betrayed God’s chosen lineage while in congress. He revolutionised mother nature in that the royal seed line is now a rainbow coalition. Yes, organized confusion and perjury is the game.

hogorina from United States
Comment 230 of 231, added on February 16th, 2015 at 4:22 PM.

In supposition, national government has an unanchored mindset that the present administration is nourishing the theory of absolute isolation. At times, such imagination of political iniquity is not discovered within the Pentagon. The presidency hammers away the fact that imperialism is only a fox-hunt within the Near and Middle East, of which will dissipate when Iran will eventually roll over and play dead. Netanyahu is head hunting for Iran.

Correspondingly, a Combined trio, caucus, Israel, Britain and our grand old republic, America, collusively cultivate global unification of collectivism, to be garnished with an aggregate of cultural, economical and social amenities. international proletarian motivation to revolt shares a mind-set in line with the universal Marxian concept of a world, one-state utopian spinoff alliance. This worker’s icon, hammer and sickle, as a Golan monster, to be spiritualised and globalist political monstrosity representative is to be visualised globalist political monstrosity, in line with communism and I.V.Vladimir Lenin’s premature unveiling of future Bolshevism. The socialists “ First International “ meeting steamed-rolled through decades winding up on the ground floor of
the Eastern End of New York City. Technically, The United Nations Organization is a communist front.

The Israel of 1948 is a Counterfeit state. It has become a leech and of a parasite on the back a vultured administration, in league with professional racketeers. Israel is a hock-shop, operation in winding down an impulsive pseudo-intelligent gangsters grip on the back of Uncle Sam. This self-spawning nest of professional criminality palming itself off as a so-called ally of the West, USA, specifically and Indirectly, using congressional panhandlers, in tightening down a pinpointed dedicated drive to destruct Iran through a maze of national news media in the hands of universal printing bandits. Politico/religious gangsterism urges masses of Americans to approve mental slavery and nihilistic temperaments through ballot-box political surgery, in the hands of Lucifer and his agents of Satan. Our state dept is a caged animal without a growl, while stringing along the Israeli land-poachers and Assyria religious factions. In the name of pseudo democracy a fifty-state mob machine, like a lamb, is led to the slaughter as being fed on the opium of fiat currency. While NATO plants troops into alien soil and the ever expanding free-loading operations here at home, then the conclusion is that illicit invasions and homestead cuddling alien invaders is a revolution on its own. WE have troops in forty lands and fools in national office, in an attempt to ready a civil war, a revolt throughout the country. The destabilization of America runs deeper, as to the communist takeover is near completion. Oil is used to manipulate the pro-communist ruling elite in the District of Columbia. This is a special elite of aristocratic putrefaction being alienated from all fifty-states. These scoundrels are the leading proponents in controlling all state offices, including their appointed presidency. All Near and far east nations fear and tremble as drones and stinger-rockets with the inclusion of nuclear weapons hold them in line through fear, while slave-labor and natural resources are imported become ambivalent as to the GNP.The trashing of American production in unleashing poverty is well-lain path into the royal arms of incipient communism, bolshevism, and a One World confederated nest of anti-christian bastards, of whom nailed our saviour to a tree.

Contrary to belief, pedigreed villainess blood lines are thicker than water. Indeed, an animal cannot change its spots. For sure, multitudes of hybrids, inter-mixtures of multiple gangs of nomads and vagabonds, drifters, swarmed into ancient Judaea, to be hauled off, These people as historicity reveals, were classed as mud-people-- were hauled off into the north into region of Assyria. The council on Foreign Relations satisfies Netanyahu’s religious options encouraging military action against Assyria. This always a pretext in pulling Iraq into the affairs of Iran. This situation has existed for hundreds of years. Several military induced societies are correlated into one grand alliance--one blood line The state Dept is upside-down in that three countries are united with a winner take all. American troops are occupying in and near these nations, for no other reason than a specific religion, oil and sustaining petro-dollar. NATO illegally invades alien territory.
Slandering three associative rebellious patriots with implicated names brings no division amongst one united blood lineage.

The present administration is stagnated with no prospects of military might to pull its chestnuts out of the fire. Over a period of hundreds of years invaders, crawlers from a global sewer of human excrement, have wormed their parasitic venture right into the armpit of western civilization. Their stagnated cultures have politically decimated any nation offering them a seat into civilised western-world pseudo-democracies. China, Assyria, Iran, Iraq will fall in line with all caliphates of Arabia that are not bribed to protect Arabia oil production. The split will remain. The attempt to control the Crimea shows where Russia is committed. The present administration is a bungling tool with no one at the helm of state. Israel, a counterfeit state, being jaw-locked over diverse religious infatuations willingly, as a team, rape, loot and invade governments, of which have ethnic and a prised national inertia of concrete existence, rather than to serve a future world-state as a cross-road politically designed commercial trading center. NATO and the Pendragon professionals should pull in their claws. Our state department should mull over this. The aristocracy of occult rule via london and the D.C. should be rounded up and imprisoned as to their regard to all children. If not, then America is finished

Comment 229 of 231, added on February 4th, 2015 at 5:14 PM.

Astounding as it may appear, selected souls sit in on judgement of their fellow man. This is a master crime
concocted by political gangsters, in brainwashing innocent citizens to do the dirty-work of low-life bastards.
It is common knowledge that court houses are devil’s lairs, where the excrement of lawyers and judicial parasites wallow in legalized plundering through anti-social dirtbag activities, in humbugging as carried on in civil roguery-- so-called, as a collective sewage system. God help innocent souls that are legally sucked into any all so-called jury iniquity. Satan has no greater comfort than to enjoy the twelve-victim system, that he he had formerly sat up, in trapping ignorant souls, when sworn into victimized seductiveness as a coma opium covering civil political idolatry. Fools become mesmerised to identify with state police powers.

The National psychiatry industry admits that at least sixty million citizens are actually zombies. The claim is that chemicals in food and water fluoridation has victimized millions, of which are literally ignorant, as to what end is up and have become nihilistic. Within a matter of time, our major republic is being threatened with an inhibited terror that national political whoredom is becoming a well-entrenched nest of confederated fools. Actually, our nation is cursed through the rebellion of the legal syndicate, as criminals are moving into authoritative circles of all states, and suckers on jury call are becoming wise to a nationwide criminal syndicate in the hands of glorified scoundrels. This case can be made when studying WW11, and the Nuremberg judicial claptrap. Further, Waco, Ruby-Ridge, Heaven’s Gate and David Koresh, the Jim Jones’ cult. Too, if we throw in 911. Jesus Christ did not face a jury. Christ was tried four times with no jury inclinations. The Sanhedrin that brought Christ down was composed of High Priests. The jury system was criminally installed in our republic after 1776. This was Satan’s and the bank of England, as allied with Art.6, Sec.6, of the bill of Rights on Treaties.This radicalism was shoved into force after the Constitution was ratified. It is geared to state slavery, for the rotten scoundrels that sucked helpless souls into a life of misery. This was a master crime originating under the wings international finance. The jury system is a master criminal manufacture of Lucifer and and his family of devils. The American productive industry ( citizens ) are sucked-down as legal parasites drain poor and ignorant souls through control of their jury systems. Comatosed is the jury’s acclamation.

The National Lawyer’s Association has a code “ Never give a sucker an even break, nor a chump another chance” These agents of Satan coin that juries are blockheads. Countering this, the suckered juryman thanks God for a chance to judge fellow beings, in mis-comprehending that complete fools uphold absolute compliance of political banditry, in accepting class hoodlism. Christ warned, “ Beware of lawyers and Doctors of divinity”. Socrates warned of being comotosed by the agents of Satan

Twelve chosen blockheads from the lowest depths of social stagnation receive a form implication them into jury duty. Beforehand, an appointed shyster rides herd on obedient incidentals.
This lackey gets off his binge long enough in attempting to to dazzle all meatheads with his line of brilliance, if not-- Baffle them them a line of Bull-manure. Lawyers primary responsibility is to guard the fraudulent system of stolen wealth, as garnered through commercial, industrial, loan-sharking and the trickery of home taxation. Usually, tax collectors are political-dragging burnt-out ex-drunks, with little experience as Notary Publics, and a shyster’s dream of stealing.

In proposing that a jury of 12 ingrates have been seated and prepared to exercise revived brain cells previously put to rest via TV brainwashing, a coma moves in. The state rests its case as to the defendant, drunkard, had been shot in the fracas, in attempting to put the make on a barfly. The jury had been hand-picked, composed by a body of farmers, social engineers and firemen. Democratised, pillars of society, Ballot-box ringers, in being qualified to rack up an opinion, as to who fired into a defendant’s frakas. The state appointed attorney, Oscar Hammerhead, a free-lance drunk, attempted to to explain where and what was a fracas, instead of the entrance of a bullet-hole. After two hours, the jury’s eyes became dilated and wobbly.and the the jury falls into a coma. The shyster was surviving on a temporary visa from Hunglo, Poland, and had previously took a six-month crash-course in law. The jury was liberally minded, as beneficiaries of state, in trying to match illegal entries in milking national society in seeking grub by-way of gathering up freebies from the taxpayers hide. Living in some slum-master’s professional clapboard rentals and voting for rights was better than sleeping under bridges or park benches. Jury duty was a dead-end as allied with nursing homes. The jury was queried for two weeks. Back before the judge pronouncing a hung jury verdict.. The fundamental issue was that twelve icons were comatosed. This crew did not know what a fracas was, or is. Questionable intellects had been ignorant as skeletonized as to human pathology. It seemed that such jurors and a shyster would learn more about life in some reform school in attempting understand what was a frakas. The judge happened to be sober, as he too was a quart-day shyster. Calling in professionals in the field of biology, anthropology, pathology, psychiatry and Gypsy fortune tellers-- a well-rounded combination of court-house interlopers, looking to loot the state treasury in the name of justice. Stepping forth, and under oath an anthropologist of German descent, a frakas lay between the navel and the hip joints. The ( arse ) was never hit. Thousands of dollars of taxpayers money spent on a barfly and a drunk from a shot in the leg, of which completely missed an arse. It is deemed here that America has too many bastards using the art of legal theft in robbing helpless souls, and of which thrive in their own sanctuary of hell on earth. The mentioned shyster did not know his arse was finished as a state-appointed parasite.

hogorina from United States

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