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Ezra Pound - In the Old Age of the Soul

I do not choose to dream; there cometh on me
Some strange old lust for deeds.
As to the nerveless hand of some old warrior
The sword-hilt or the war-worn wonted helmet
Brings momentary life and long-fled cunning,
So to my soul grown old - 
Grown old with many a jousting, many a foray, 
Grown old with namy a hither-coming and hence-going - 
Till now they send him dreams and no more deed;
So doth he flame again with might for action,
Forgetful of the council of elders,
Forgetful that who rules doth no more battle,
Forgetful that such might no more cleaves to him
So doth he flame again toward valiant doing. 

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In the Old Age of the Soul - Comments and Information

Poet: Ezra Pound
Poem: In the Old Age of the Soul
Poem of the Day: Feb 23 2009

Comment 272 of 272, added on September 4th, 2015 at 8:19 PM.

Immeasurable study as to specific flies and their biological origin and metamorphism into mankind as nitwits with mental disorders via transition into Sigmund Freud’s ( Personality Suppression Complex Syndrome.” Civil servants occupations undetermined in the soiled brains of “ Blo-Fly “ panhandlers. In the name of Satan, dirty politicians and lawyers perpetually sponging off pauperized humanity is brought to light: Such parasites,custodians, and mind-bending parasites, are committed hoodlums in league ruling America. Never trust one in a public outhouse even though such sycophants are wearing a muzzle. BLO-FLY, the common identity of the human muck and mire and excrement, as to individuals in civil authority……. WIKI. The almost human son of “The Fly”, ( bastards ), as paraphrased, searches for a cure to his mutated genes, “ End quote: and further….” Upon scientific observation, of which is somewhat politically squelched, as to the origin of the common FLY through nitwits emerging with humanoids has been unearthed.” EVIDENTLY, the above contemporary national politician and shysters are plagues to humanity. This hoard of legal shysters and political orientated swindlers clearly harbors mental apathy, becoming self-mesmerized, as inspires familiar spirits. Civil parasitism is political dumpster diving and social plunder of honest tax-paying humanity. Brotherly incest at most. BLO-FLY is a noun, and an intellectual cornerstone of social activity.–a loathsome characterization of ancient indigent Neanderthal mind set in projecting the paleolithic journey of homo Sapiens trickle through life trying to sustain manhood. This fundamental activity surrounds subconsciously protecting the gonads of lunatics as recorded 1875-1880. Until the year 2015 the threat of mankind’s central anxiety in the loss of procreation is the base of gonad security’
. These opinionated BLO-Flies, political insects, thrive from putrid-dead tissue and human excrement, of an opposition through designed sublimation. It is redundant to classify most politicians and mind-benders less, nor more, than as mutated BLO-Flies. There is a John Birch Society, “ The Blue Book.” It absolutely declares that mankind descended from apes that washed upon the slime along river beds, took on evolving into the gorilla.This social outlet believe in the protean/amoeba theory that mankind originated from apes, rather than apes descending from mankind. This gang has another book named, “ The Politician. In so many words, Eisenhower a BLO-FLY, was a sorry bastard. Yes, Ike was a politician, and not intelligent enough as to become a demented shyster. Obviously, he may have some Fly genes within his ancestry. All in all, from the nitwit to the opponent’s word of flies,, Ike becomes a prime example of political dementia. This man was far below the FLY that consumes rotten flesh and excrement from animals and mankind. When some speaker speaker, sycophant,, of both houses of Congress steps to the podium’s roost, he become as the fly.
Here, as a Nat, in gassing, a fool evolves into a nitwit, a pest , and the latent BLOW-FLY instinct that had lain dormant, transmits as repression, then an unconscious dissertation comes forth orally. gassing, speaking, brings mother nature into activity. Flatulation becomes natural after any political plant downs hard whiskey, fills the gut in slopping down food, in getting ready to bamboozle with brilliance the mummies of which are dull-minded and bribed to hell and back, sleeps off a nights drunkenness. But, let’s not defray the issue at hand. Too much gassing, lying and held in check by fraudulent education always brings on reverberations. Most of these half-house scoundrels are associated with their gang behind the scenes as allied with Satan.
The instititional vegetative chemical reaction to the brain of absent-minded political hacks suddenly comes to life. Any office-holding fool becomes somewhat untalented, when flatulation unconsciously comes into play. But, gassing on both ends of a human torso is inverted oxygen creating a colon blogged. And the lying politician has become two-blocked, and mother nature is thwarted. . A lying freak of nature becomes bloated and unhinged. .
That our Republic is nothing but a collection of misunderstanding masses as cattle put to pasture cleverly concealed; and when such hindered political hand-me-downs fall into the BLO-FLY consumption of Nat like intelligence. It is master criminal act whenever a specified BLO-FLY stands before congress unconsciously speaks a truth. Eisenhower in full dementia claim that Congress supports communism. A great moment of silence fell upon all members as fingers covered nervous lips—Shoooooooooooooooooo. The silence of these sheep is absolute astounding when the hand of truth is put forward. AMERICA HAS BEEN OVERTHROWN! BLO-FLIES and WEASELS——-a small, slender, carnivorous mammal and
a deceitful or treacherous person. Only damned fools tackle ballot boxes. POLITICAL BOOTLEGGERS AT MOST!

hogorina from United States
Comment 271 of 272, added on August 26th, 2015 at 3:22 PM.

The old maxim that waste products can be rejected from one’s torso through the expidition of useless stored up wastes contrary to individual consumption will releave a democratic fervor via unloaded gobble de gook legislative blockage. One legislator used a trial one that failed, : “ Hello,
i just tried a coffee enama. An expelled everything, but i have a question. Throughout the day i would feel like i would have to go. And the onlt thing that would come out would be this mucous looking stuff, like little globs of it.
What is this, intestinal lining, intestinal mucous, or Candida. Is this a good thing to expell ? “ ( In parahrasing, Hogorina would suggest that prior to belly wash and colon flushing such political plants must understand that their psychic process is not an alien misgiving mind-bending mental process to be separated from the all over vegitative cognition as aliened with the gut. We might add in borrowing from psychology today. To be plagiarised: Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and ( paraphrased. Congress is a group and collected individuals of which suffer IRANIANITIS. Our nation is in the hands of hand-picked political idolatry. This is the belly-wash that that clings to colons. Too, a mind-set to protect the state of israel. Under this alien influence is the gut-wrenching in concealing that Congress is a syndicated nest calculating scoundrels. primenister Netanyahu and Obama wades through both houses as a mud-puddle. Under pressure that Vladimer Putin of Russia has no colon stoppage. His canals has been flushed into the Cremia. Nato has become a thorn in its overstepping its illegality through falce implications of pesuing internationalism. The Near and Middle East is armed by the influence of oil-seeking Western-world mongols, Again, Congress is bowel-locked because of collective nervous dysfuntional personality suppression. The adrellinin and potuitary glands are over-reacting in creating intenal bowl functioning. We wonder why Congress is fighting to maintain inlaid corruption. Constipation is natural when nervous systems become chemically disruped. Our Congress suffers from elephantisis. It reminds our nation of the crockergator. This beast is the meanest creature upon the earth. This is because it has a tail on each end of its body and cannot get rid of waste. Good advice to Congress is to keep a crate of Equate Enema on hand--Saline Laxative. And before sending drones and stingers over Iran that kill both Christians and ISI elements please remember that Netanyahu has no intestanal problems or worms.

hogorina from United States
Comment 270 of 272, added on August 23rd, 2015 at 9:51 AM.

By drbhelthi, March 28 at 11:39 pm . BASE CRIMINALITY
Hogorina, how dare you be so comprehensive and accurate in your responses ! What are you trying to do? Placing an accurate focus on the basic values that have developed mankind to the current position of stagnated progress, by revealing a few persons who have been major de-railers along the train tracks, via their distorted value systems, and whose progeny continue their inhumane behaviors, might enlighten a few people. However sadly, too few.
Shenonymous, there is come accuracy in your synthesis of the two basic “schools” of hypotheses regarding the topic, “schizophrenia”. Simply marvelous, how medicine has developed psychiatry into such a large industry that employs so many people. With a few accidental successes, the drugs prescribed by this group reap billions in annual profits for the pharma industry. While, the side-effects of the artificial, crude-oil extracts that are prescribed, provide a multitude of patients for their colleagues, who hold only the MD degree. Whose prescriptions of artificial preparations perpetuates the income of the pharma industry – and its employees. Then, there is the oncology industry, with its many thousands of employees around the world. My statistics indicated that the failure rate for chemotherapy hovered around 92%. However, a world-famous physician recently published the figure of 98%. He also clarified that most of the victims do not die of cancer, but rather from organ failure generated by the poisons that oncology injects into the bodies of its victims, under the guise of “chemotherapy.” Genuinely weird. Nitrogen extracts of mustard gas, and other poisons, are supposed to cure cancer, which chemicals have been used for a hundred years or longer to kill people? And the citizenry does not notice the disparity?
Just look at the profits generated by oncology, and the hundreds of thousands of corpses sent annually to the undertaking industry, increasing its business. And, is it not wonderful, the pharma industry has isolated and extracted one element in a natural tree-bark that, it alleges might be useful in cancer treatment but which of course, “requires additional research,” and will not hit the market for several years. Meanwhile, the native population has used tea from this bark to cure cancer and a host of other illnesses for a couple thousand years. Is it not wonderful how psychiatry, allopathic medicine and the pharmacy industry provide so much employment around the world, while pursuing the habit of killing off its victim-patients under the guise of “medicine” ?
NO. Quite the opposite !

hogorina from United States

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