I’m Nobody! Who are you?
Are you — Nobody — Too?
Then there’s a pair of us!
Don’t tell! they’d advertise — you know!

How dreary — to be — Somebody!
How public — like a Frog —
To tell one’s name — the livelong June —
To an admiring Bog!

Analysis, meaning and summary of Emily Dickinson's poem I’m Nobody! Who are you?


  1. Willem Ernst says:

    I think Emily is right in that everyone is inclined to call Dickinson just Emily, because she is a woman. I find it curious then that you present yourself as jus t Emily 😉 In my comment on her poem Blossoms will run away, I address her as Miss Dickinson …

  2. ivah says:

    our english teacher told us about that poem..and its so cool!

  3. marie ann says:

    ivah is my classmate she’s right our tchr. gave us this assignment about the poem of emily dickinson

  4. frumpo says:

    Popular people are shallow; the nobodies can experience real friendship.

  5. ROSHAUNDA says:


  6. Karen says:

    I’ve loved this poem since first read some 40 years ago. It has never been truer than now. Absolutely prophetic.

  7. Subrata Ray says:

    Dickinson unlike Wordsworth researches her true self .The background without and the within her had an incessant battle till her demise .She was spiritually throbbed ,even having no religious cult .Hers was a life of seclusion ,austerity ,ordeal ,and non attachment .
    In “I’m Nobody ,Who are you” ,the poetess signals a
    few words as ,- Bog ,Frog ,June and advertise .In those four words she reveals her mystic -feelings and warns the blunt headed worldly- religious-people who like a toad jump here and there knowing never not the truth .God needs no advertise .The apparent world itself is His canvas .To a seer He gets mirrored as “the livelong June” ,calm ,fresh ,and beauteous .Living in marshland , the frog-like fanatics announce the merits and demerits of their profit-reasoned religion.
    Emily’s realisation is certainly an aspirant’s feeling .In fact we are none to display , advise , and command
    Every one of us is in his/her own platform .
    Subrata Ray .Mousumipara.Uluberia .West Bengal .India

  8. David Garnes says:

    For those who were concened about the “word changes” in the version of “I’m nobody” that was posted: “Advertise” and “June” are actually Dickinson’s words from the original manuscripts. She may have suggested “Banish us” and “bog” as alternates, but in the latest edition of her complete works, the editor Ralph Franklin has opted for “Advertise” and “June” as her preferred choices. Remember, she never had a chance to do the editng of her work. The original published poems were edited by others.

  9. James Onfriday says:

    Who is the miserable jerk-off who changed Emily’s words? These are not the original words. Emily said nothing about “advertising.” She did say “They’d banish us, you know.” Thus the poem is about isolation, not being made publically exposed. For Emily, banishing was good. She liked that. Because, as the poem says, she wasn’t a part of all the stupidity all around her. Sounds lika a good sentiment for today!

  10. noor says:

    i really was inspired by this poem especially this one. wht can i say to the whole world :


    just fight for ur own rights dnt do wht society thinks is right ,they just think being like evr1 is da right thing to do ,oh no thy r wrg at tht point.

  11. yara says:

    im no body means that she is against fame she isolates herself from this society cares only 4 outer appearance and showing off so some body is the opposite of no body as somebody is this showy peson she appreciated hard work so u can evaluate one by his work and his innerself also speaking about her personal side she defends herself as she was attacked in her writtings so the title shows her confidence its her own experience in life the poem is very deep has a moral lesson

  12. imen says:

    this is a very funny poem it epitomizes the poet’s humor; it reveals Dickinson’s tendency towards concealment and evasion, it also consolidates her preference for disguise as she eschews public scrutiny and flees social exhibition. She is a private poet and she conveys this through this poem

  13. Rissaa says:

    So I really found this poem interesting.
    I agree that I feel this poem is saying “Yea! I’m a nobody! Who cares?”
    I also found the frog part interesting, but what I don’t understant is “the livelong June” is there a reference I am missing?

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