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Biography of Philip Levine

Philip Levine

Philip Levine (1928 - Present)

Philip Levine was born in 1928 in Detroit, Michigan, where he was formally educated in the public schools and at Wayne University (now Wayne State University). After a succession of industrial jobs, he left the country before settling in Fresno, California, where he taught at the university there until his retirement. He has received many awards for his books of poems, most recently the National Book Award in 1991 for What Work Is, and the Pulitzer Prize in 1995 for The Simple Truth.

Biography by: http://www.randomhouse.com/knopf/authors/levine/

94 Poems written by Philip Levine

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"Hill of Jews," says one,
"I've been where it hurts." the Kid Comments and analysis of Sierra Kid by Philip Levine 7 Comments
19 years old and going nowhere, Comments and analysis of At Bessemer by Philip Levine 16 Comments
2 a.m.
3-foot blue cannisters of nitro
"...his poems that no one reads anymore become dust, wind, nothing, Comments and analysis of The Red Shirt by Philip Levine 1 Comment
after Juan Ramon
from an officer's diary during the last war
from St. Ambrose
On March 1, 1958, four deserters from the French Army of North Africa,
Vous êtes sorti sain et sauf des basses
A blue jay poses on a stake
A good man is seized by the police
A man roams the streets with a basket
A solitary apartment house, the last one Comments and analysis of Then by Philip Levine 6 Comments
All afternoon my father drove the country roads
All the way
Along the strand stones,
April, and the last of the plum blossoms Comments and analysis of A Sleepless Night by Philip Levine 2 Comments
Beaten like an old hound
Brooklyn, 1929. Of course Crane's
Can you imagine the air filled with smoke? Comments and analysis of Smoke by Philip Levine 11 Comments
Dawn coming in over the fields
Early March.
Earth and water without form, Comments and analysis of Berenda Slough by Philip Levine 9 Comments
Filaments of light
First light. This misted field
Four bright steel crosses,
Green fingers
He made a line on the blackboard, Comments and analysis of M. Degas Teaches Art & Science At Durfee Intermediate School--Detroit, 1942 by Philip Levine 40 Comments
Here in February, the fine Comments and analysis of Bitterness by Philip Levine 7 Comments
Hungry and cold, I stood in a doorway
I bend to the ground
I bought a dollar and a half's worth of small red potatoes,
I call out a secret name, the name Comments and analysis of Making Light Of It by Philip Levine 10 Comments
I walk among the rows of bowed heads--
If the shoe fell from the other foot
If you were twenty-seven
In borrowed boots which don't fit
In Havana in 1948 I ate fried dog
In Lake Forest, a suburb of Chicago,
Iron growing in the dark,
Is it long as a noodle
It's wonderful how I jog Comments and analysis of Animals Are Passing From Our Lives by Philip Levine 56 Comments
Last night, again, I dreamed
Lately the wind burns
Look, the eucalyptus, the Atlas pine,
Los Angeles hums
Los Angeles hums
My brother comes home from work Comments and analysis of You Can Have It by Philip Levine 48 Comments
My father and mother, two tiny figures,
Numb, stiff, broken by no sleep,
Out of burlap sacks, out of bearing butter, Comments and analysis of They Feed They Lion by Philip Levine 45 Comments
People sit numbly at the counter
Pond snipe, bleached pine, rue weed, wart -- Comments and analysis of Voyages by Philip Levine 8 Comments
Rain filled the streets
Remember how unimportant Comments and analysis of Milkweed by Philip Levine 1 Comment
Seven years ago I went into
Shake out my pockets! Harken to the call
She wakens early remembering Comments and analysis of A Woman Waking by Philip Levine 14 Comments
Since I don't know who will be reading Comments and analysis of Picture Postcard From The Other World by Philip Levine 11 Comments
Some days I catch a rhythm, almost a song Comments and analysis of Call It Music by Philip Levine 16 Comments
Someone was calling someone; Comments and analysis of In A Vacant House by Philip Levine 10 Comments
Something has fallen wordlessly
Still sober, César Vallejo comes home and finds a black ribbon Comments and analysis of Black Stone On Top Of Nothing by Philip Levine 11 Comments
Take this quiet woman, she has been Comments and analysis of Coming Close by Philip Levine 13 Comments
The air lay soffly on the green fur
The alder shudders in the April winds
The day comes slowly in the railyard
The doctor fingers my bruise.
The first purple wisteria
The first time I drank gin
The gates are chained, the barbed-wire fencing stands, Comments and analysis of An Abandoned Factory, Detroit by Philip Levine 3 Comments
The last of day gathers
The long lines of diesels
The magpie in the Joshua tree
The river rises
The ship that took my mother to Ellis Island
The stone says "Coors"
The sun came up before breakfast,
The winter sun, golden and tired,
This harpie with dry red curls Comments and analysis of Red Dust by Philip Levine 209 Comments
This poem has a door, a locked door,
Torn into light, you woke wriggling
Unknown faces in the street
We stand in the rain in a long line Comments and analysis of What Work Is by Philip Levine 2 Comments
We stripped in the first warm spring night
When Nellie, my old pussy Comments and analysis of A Theory Of Prosody by Philip Levine 5 Comments
When the Lieutenant of the Guardia de Asalto Comments and analysis of On The Murder Of Lieutenant Jose Del Castillo By The Falangist Bravo Martinez, July 12, 1936 by Philip Levine 10 Comments
Words go on travelling from voice Comments and analysis of Another Song by Philip Levine 2 Comments
You pull over to the shoulder

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