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Biography of Major Henry Livingston, Jr.

Major Henry Livingston, Jr.

Major Henry Livingston, Jr. (1748 - 1828)

Major Henry Livingston Jr (1748 - 1828) was born into a prominent family in Poughkeepsie, New York. His father was from Scotland and his mother was Dutch. He married in 1774 to Sarah (or Sally) Wells. A year later, right after his first child (Catherine) was born, he joined the American Revolution. Henry suffered greatly from the death of his wife in 1783. This tradgedy left him alone to raise their four children. On the ten year anniversary of his wife's death however, he remarried. He and his second wife (Jane Patterson) had four children together. Then in 1828, at the age of eighty, he died. Some of his decendants have stated that he is the true author of A Visit From St. Nicholas.

Unlike the man who has been recognized by most people as the true author of A Visit From St. Nicholas, Clement Clarke Moore, Henry Livingston was not well known. Most of his peotry was written for himself and his family and therefore was not published. His published works were clever, amusing, funny and good natured. He was an imaginative and creative person who it is hard not to like. His personality is a big part of Donald Foster's argument in Author Unknown in which he states his opinion that Henry Livingston is the true author.

Although Henry Livingston never claimed authorship of A Visit From St. Nicholas many of his decendants, such as his great great great great great grand daughter Mary Van Deusen, are determined to prove that he wrote it. Some of his other works have also been promoted by those who want to prove his authorship.

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A gentle spirit now above
A vine from noblest lineage sprung
An elegy on the death of MONTGOMERY TAPPEN who dies at Poughkeepsie on the 20th of Nov. 1784 in the ninth year of his age.
Believe me, dear patrons, I have wand'red too far, Comments and analysis of 1819 New Year's Carrier's Address by Major Henry Livingston, Jr. 3 Comments
BEYOND where billows roll or tempests vex
Children Comments and analysis of Dialogue by Major Henry Livingston, Jr. 2 Comments
E v'ry grace in her combine,
L ove and truth and friendship join,
I n one source without reserve,
Z ealous all her friends to serve,
A nd diffuse true harmony.

H appy nymph of chaste repose,
U nsullied as the vernal rose.
G ay -- majestic -- yet serene,
H andsome, with a graceful mien;
E v'ry charm in her appear,
S he is lovely, chaste and fair.
Hail sov'reign love that first began,
I rise when I please, when I please I lie down,
In long gone years a fox and crane Comments and analysis of The Crane & The Fox, a Fable by Major Henry Livingston, Jr. 13 Comments
Master Timmy brisk and airy
My very good landlady, Mistress Van Kleeck,
Of RISPAH. (who had been the concubine of King SAUL) when DAVID hanged her children, because their father had done amiss.
On this thy natal day permit a friend -
Take the name of the swain, a forlorn witless elf
The legislators pass along
To his charming black-eyed niece
To my little niece Sally Livingston, on the death of a little serenading wren she admired.
With the ladies' permission, most humbly I'd mention
'Twas summer, when softly the breezes were blowing,
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house, Comments and analysis of Account of a Visit From ST. Nicholas by Major Henry Livingston, Jr. 10 Comments

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