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Biography of Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850 - 1919)

Ella Wheeler Wilcox (November 5, 1850–October 30, 1919) was an American author and poet. Her best-known work was Poems of Passion, and her autobiography, The Worlds and I was published in 1918 shortly before her death.

A popular rather than a literary poet, her poems express sentiments of cheer and optimism in plainly written, rhyming verse. Her world view is expressed in the title of her poem "Whatever Is—Is Best" (suggesting an echo of Pope's "Whatever is, is right."). None of her work was included by F. O. Matthiesen in The Oxford Book of American Verse, but Hazel Felleman chose no less than thirteen of her poems for Best Loved Poems of the American People, while Martin Gardner selected "Solitude" and "The Winds of Fate" for Best Remembered Poems.

She is frequently cited in parody collections (Pegasus Descending, others). Sinclair Lewis indicates Babbitt's lack of literary sophistication by having refer to a piece of verse as "one of the classic poems, like 'If' by Kipling, or Ella Wheeler Wilcox's 'The Man Worth While'".

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165 Poems written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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First LineComments
I have written this day down in my heart
In the rapture of life and of living,
A little leaf just in the forest's edge,
A maiden sat in teh sunset glow
A trusting little leaf of green,
A yacht from its harbour ropes pulled free, Comments and analysis of A Marine Etching by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 7 Comments
A yacht from its harbour ropes pulled free,
After the fierce midsummer all ablaze Comments and analysis of Friendship After Love by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 3 Comments
Ah yes, I love you, and with all my heart;
All in the beautiful Autumn weather
All in the dark we grope along,
All roads that lead to God are good. Comments and analysis of All Roads That Lead To God Are Good by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 2 Comments
All that I ask, 'says Love, 'is just to stand
An idle rhyme of the summer time,
Are you loving enough? There is some one dear, Comments and analysis of Are you Loving Enough? by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 18 Comments
As I go and shop, sir! Comments and analysis of A Suggestion by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
As we hurry away to the end, my friend, Comments and analysis of A Grey Mood by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 8 Comments
As when the old moon lighted by the tender
As yon great Sun in his supreme condition Comments and analysis of Love's Supremacy by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 11 Comments
At morn the wise man walked abroad, Comments and analysis of Philosophy by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Because of the fullness of what I had,
Before this scarf was faded,
Begin each morning with a talk to God,
Beside a crib that holds a baby’s stocking,
Bohemia, o'er thy unatlassed borders
BOOK FIRST. Comments and analysis of Custer by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 10 Comments
Build on resolve, and not upon regret, Comments and analysis of Resolve by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Changed? Yes, I will confess it – I have changed.
Columbia, fair queen in your glory!
Dear love, if you and I could sail away,
Do you remember the name I wore –
Don’t look for the flaws as you go through life;
Every morning, as I walk down
For many long uninterrupted years
Friend of my youth, let us talk of old times;
God, what a joy it is to plant a tree,
Good-bye – Yes, I am going,
He never made a fortune, or a noise
He said he loved me! Then he called my hair
Here in my office I sit and write
Here, in the heart of the world,
Hers was a lonely, shadowed lot;
How baseless is the mightiest earthly pride,
How can I wait until you come to me?
How does Love speak?
However the battle is ended,
However the battle is ended, Comments and analysis of Settle The Question Right by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
I and new love, in all its living bloom,
I called to the summer sun,
I hold it the duty of one who is gifted Comments and analysis of Noblesse Oblige by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
I knew it the first of the summer, Comments and analysis of Platonic by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 3 Comments
I knew that a baby was hid in that house,
I love your lips when they're wet with wine
I must do as you do? Your way I own
I prayed for riches, and achieved success;
I see the tall church steeples,
I sit in the twilight dim
I think that the bitterest sorrow or pain Comments and analysis of Desolation by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
I told you the winter would go, love,
I wandered o'er the vast green plains of youth,
I want more lives in which to love
If all the end of this continuous striving
If all the ships I have at sea Comments and analysis of My Ships by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
If all the year was summer-time,
If any line that I ever penned,
If I could clasp my little babe Comments and analysis of Mother's Loss by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
If I should die, to-day,
If one poor burdened toiler o’er life’s road, Comments and analysis of Does It Pay? by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 2 Comments
In the dawn of the day when the sea and the earth
In the long run fame finds the deserving man.
In the midnight of darkness and terror, Comments and analysis of Delilah by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
In the warm yellow smile of the morning,
It is easy to sit in the sunshine Comments and analysis of Preaching Vs Practice by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
It seemeth such a little way to me
I'd rather have my verses win Comments and analysis of Lines from by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 8 Comments
I’m pardoned out. Again the stars
Last night I knelt low at my lady’s feet.
Last summer, lazing by the sea,
Let me to-day do something that shall take
Let no man pray that he know not sorrow,
Let the old snow be covered with the new: Comments and analysis of A March Snow by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 2 Comments
Let there be many windows to your soul, Comments and analysis of Progress by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Let us begin, dear love, where we left off; Comments and analysis of Reunited by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Life is a privilege. Its youthful days Comments and analysis of Life Is A Privilege by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Long have the poets vaunted, in their lays,
Love is enough. Let us not ask for gold. Comments and analysis of Love is Enough by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 27 Comments
Love much. Earth has enough of bitter in it. Comments and analysis of Love Much by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Love thyself last. Look near, behold thy duty
My heart is like a little bird
My soul is like a poor caged bird to-night,
My thoughts soar not as they ought to soar,
Not like a daring, bold, aggressive boy,
Not quite the same the springtime seems to me,
Now ere I slept, my prayer had been that I might see my way
Of all the waltzes the great Strauss wrote,
Oh, you who read some song that I have sung –
On the white throat of useless passion Comments and analysis of Ad Finum by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 3 Comments
Once in the world’s first prime,
One moment alone in the garden,
Out from my window westward
Over the banisters bends a face, Comments and analysis of Over the Banisters by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 2 Comments
She had looked for his coming as warriors come,
She sits beside the window. All who pass
Sing to me! Something of sunlight and bloom, Comments and analysis of Sing To Me by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Sitting to-day in the sunshine,
Smile a little, smile a little, Comments and analysis of Smiles by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 2 Comments
So vast the tide of Love within me surging,
Soar not too high, O bird of Hope!
Somebody said, in the crowd, last eve,
Sometimes, when I am toil-worn and aweary,
Straight through my heart this fact to-day,
Thank Fate for foes! I hold mine dear
That which we had we still possess, Comments and analysis of Possession by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 29 Comments
The band was playing a waltz-quadrille,
The day will dawn when one of us shall hearken Comments and analysis of One Of Us Two by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
The first flower of the spring is not so fair
The longer I live and the more I see Comments and analysis of Love by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
The meadow and the mountain with desire
The stork flew over a town one day,
The subtle beauty of this day
The uses of sorrow I comprehend Comments and analysis of Sorrow's Uses by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
The Wife
The winds came out of the west one day,
There is much in life that makes me sorry as I journey
There is nothing, I hold, in the way of work
These quiet Autumn days,
They say the world is round, and yet Comments and analysis of Life's Scars by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
This is the place that I love the best,
Though with gods the world is cumbered,
Time’s finger on the dial of my life
Too sweet and too subtle for pen or for tongue
Toward even when the day leans down, Comments and analysis of Leudeman's-on-the-River by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Under the light of the silver moon
Upon the white cheek of the Cherub Year Comments and analysis of Guerdon by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Walking to-day on the Common, Comments and analysis of Going Away by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 227 Comments
We must not force events, but rather make
We two were lovers, the Sea and I;
We walk on starry fields of white
We will be what we could be. Do not say,
We will lay our summer away, my friend,
Well, Mabel, 'tis over and ended---
Whatever is a cruel wrong,
When Christmas bells are swinging above the fields of snow,
When I shall meet God’s generous dispensers
When my blood flows calm as a purling river, Comments and analysis of Communism by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
When shall I hear the thrushes sing,
When the soft sweet wind o' the south went by,
When this world's pleasures for my soul sufficed,
When Tom and I were married, we took a little flat;
When your love begins to wane,
Whenever I am prone to doubt or wonder -
Wherever my feet may wander Comments and analysis of My Vision by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
Whoever you are as you read this,
Why are thou sad, my Beppo? But last eve,
Why sit ye idly dreaming all the day,
You are the moon, dear love, and I the sea:
You call me an angel of love and of light, Comments and analysis of Angel Or Demon by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 28 Comments
You left me with the autumn time;
‘Anticipation is sweeter than realisation.’
‘By-and-bye, ’ the maiden sighed – ‘by-and-bye Comments and analysis of By-And-Bye by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 1 Comment
‘Tis time to dress. Dost hear the music surging
‘Twas just a slight flirtation,

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