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Biography of Charles Simic

Charles Simic

Charles Simic (1938 - Present)

Charles Simic (born May 9, 1938) is an American poet. Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, he immigrated to the USA in 1953. His first collection of poems What the Grass Says, was published in 1966. Since that time he has written prolifically and, in 1990, won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry for his collection The World Doesn't End: Prose Poems.

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33 Poems written by Charles Simic

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Page ViewsPoemComments
38131 The Wooden Toy Comments and analysis of The Wooden Toy by Charles Simic 4 Comments
9865 White Comments and analysis of White by Charles Simic 33 Comments
7376 Watermelons Comments and analysis of Watermelons by Charles Simic 2 Comments
5454 Mummy's Curse
5078 Talking To Little Birdies Comments and analysis of Talking To Little Birdies by Charles Simic 1 Comment
4491 To The One Upstairs
4173 Eyes Fastened With Pins Comments and analysis of Eyes Fastened With Pins by Charles Simic 266 Comments
4097 Hotel Insomnia
3759 Poem Without A Title Comments and analysis of Poem Without A Title by Charles Simic 1 Comment
3665 A Book Full of Pictures
3639 The Oldest Child
3560 Read Your Fate Comments and analysis of Read Your Fate by Charles Simic 2 Comments
3434 Summer In The Country Comments and analysis of Summer In The Country by Charles Simic 4 Comments
3414 Clouds Gathering
3220 Paradise Motel
3205 Country Fair Comments and analysis of Country Fair by Charles Simic 3 Comments
3173 Heights Of Folly
2721 The School Of Metaphysics
2573 This Morning
2563 The White Room Comments and analysis of The White Room by Charles Simic 213 Comments
2560 Private Eye Comments and analysis of Private Eye by Charles Simic 1 Comment
2492 The Supreme Moment Comments and analysis of The Supreme Moment by Charles Simic 4 Comments
2489 The Something Comments and analysis of The Something by Charles Simic 1 Comment
2221 The Initiate Comments and analysis of The Initiate by Charles Simic 10 Comments
2040 Pocket Theatre Comments and analysis of Pocket Theatre by Charles Simic 1 Comment
1996 Wherein Obscurely
1911 Coal
1895 The Bather
1745 How To Psalmodize Comments and analysis of How To Psalmodize by Charles Simic 194 Comments
336 Against Winter Comments and analysis of Against Winter by Charles Simic 233 Comments
288 The Partial Explanation Comments and analysis of The Partial Explanation by Charles Simic 72 Comments
287 Errata Comments and analysis of Errata by Charles Simic 1 Comment
227 Inner Man Comments and analysis of Inner Man by Charles Simic 29 Comments

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